Skin of the Night

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Chapter 9: You're Not Shag-Mate Material

After roaming across my moist skin, his hands closed around my upper arms. Then, he manhandled me onto my stomach beneath him. With my eyes on the beige headboard of his bed, I felt him lift solely my derriere.

“I’ll be coming with you this time, but it won’t be the last,” he warned.

Without further ado, he pushed forward until he reached the very end of me. Hissing through grinding teeth, I fisted his bed sheets so hard that my knuckles grew numb and white. As he made his retreat, he leaned over me, and the intimacy of his action struck me hard.

Strong like a fortress, he hovered above me as his lips blessed my neck. Making his way toward my ear, he whispered, “This is going to get a bit rough, love. Tell me to stop if I’m hurting you.”

My eyes widened and I swallowed, nervous. Just what did he have in mind?

Sneaking his hands under my body, he found my wrists, locked them within his grip, and dragged my arms to behind me, successfully lifting my torso from the huge mattress. When he thrust again, I realised what he’d meant. I barely managed to stifle my whimper. Like this, he was using my arms to balance out his weight. With each thrust, he’d drag me toward him, and it made him reach a depth that no man before him had.

How it was possible to fuck anybody so well was beyond me. He must have been designed to pleasure women into insanity. Though it hurt faintly, it was undoubtedly a pleasurable pain. Never, in my life, had I been dominated like this, and I relished it. Granting him power over my pleasure was easily the best decision I’d ever made, sex-wise. He knew exactly what to do in order to unravel my sexual demons. Since he was introducing me to a whole new dimension of sex, I feared I’d never be sufficed with anything less ever again.

“Ah!” A bottled up cry poured out of my mouth when he continued to slam into me. This tension was intolerable. I couldn’t last much longer. It was far too powerful. He was far too powerful, and so my shivers started. Oh no.

“Not yet, Sandra,” he scolded and released my right wrist to spank my bum. The sting of his palm made me hiss. What he’d done had been counter-productive, as my drenched, quivering walls clenched down on him as if to reject him. Even so, he forced past them.

“Don’t you dare,” he growled. “We’re coming together this time.”

The sound of our flesh parting and meeting echoed through the room as the most erotic thing I’d ever heard.

“Please,” I bleated and shook my head to myself. An entire night of this was out of the question. I wouldn’t survive it. I was sure.

“Nearly there,” he consoled me and released my left wrist as well. Instead, he grabbed my hips to hold me in place. Desperate to release at least a portion of the tension within me, I tugged my own hair while I silently pleaded for him to come.

Finally, his thrusts switched rhythm. They grew slower, but harder.

“Fuck,” he groaned through grinding teeth and dug his fingers into the flesh of my lower cheeks. “Come for me, love,” he commanded, and I instantly obeyed.

Allowing myself the release, I shuddered through my intense climax, lost to the world. He closed over me immediately, confining me to him. With strong arms around me, he performed his final thrust and spilled himself within me.

Lost to oblivion, I fell limp in his arms and heaved for air, breathless. I barely noticed that he rolled us onto our side where he withdrew from within me.

We recovered in silence. Though I couldn’t speak for him, I was not only recovering from my row of orgasms, but from mild shock as well. Surely, I’d never had better sex, nor met a man more compelling.

His eventual sigh broke the quiet. While squeezing me against him, he planted a solid kiss to my neck, and afterward, he nuzzled his face in the crook of it. “I’m gutted you don’t want to do this again some other time,” he murmured against my skin.

I didn’t reply, because I couldn’t find my voice. I was much too overwhelmed.

An invisible fire, in the form of his hand, travelled up and down the curve of my waistline. “You’re bloody gorgeous, love. Do you know that?”

I cleared my throat and turned to look at him. Hoarsely, I replied through a smile, “Now that’s how you pay compliments, William.”

He smiled lopsided. “I’m a quick learner.”

I rolled my eyes at him. “You’re conceited, is what you are.”

“To what do you owe your apparent knowledge?” he challenged, unimpressed. “You hardly know me.”

“Cocky, at the very least,” I persisted and turned my face away from him again.

“Well, you’re bloody irritating.”

“And yet here I am,” I teased.

“Shocking, is what that is,” he grumbled.

I snickered. “If you want me to leave, I can.”

He tensed against me. “Don’t.”

“All right. All part of the deal, I suppose.”

Propping himself up onto his arm beside me, he studied me for a while.

“Sandra, I’m curious. You don’t strike me as sexually inexperienced. Frankly, you come across as being on the liberal end of the spectrum. That makes me wonder how frequently you do this sort of thing. I realise that it’s none of my business, but...”

I smirked to myself. “Well, how often do you do it?”

“Random one-night-stands? Every leap year, maybe.”

Disbelieving, I faced him, but there was no hint of a lie in his eyes. “I find that hard to believe. With your talents, as well as stamina, you must be getting your fill somehow.”

He chuckled. “Right. If I answer, will you?”

I narrowed my eyes at him. Again, he drove a hard bargain. I was desperate to know now. “Fine.”

Nodding, he looked away from me. “I have regular sex, but with the same partner,” his eyes darted toward me again, “...Usually.”

“Elaborate,” I demanded.

He scratched his stubble for a moment, thinking. “I’m not in a relationship, but I do have an agreement with another woman. A sexual one.”

“Ah,” I uttered, understanding. We were in similar situations, I supposed. I had Robby for that. However, regardless of my arrangement with Robby, I didn’t shy away from the occasional one-night-stand. The only condition was that I used a condom, so that Robby wouldn’t have to, and frankly, I’d do it anyway. Collecting sexually transmitted diseases was not a hobby of mine.

“Your turn,” William reminded me.

“Well, same as you, I suppose. Though, whatever regards one-night-stands, I suppose I indulge five times a year? All depending on the person, to be honest. I don’t go out of my way to sleep with a stranger.”

“Today, I did,” he declared through a smirk.

“You surely did,” I agreed and giggled at him, but my amusement died a violent death when an idea occurred to me. “Is your partner going to mind?”

He scoffed. “She hasn’t got a right to know.”

“That’s not an answer, William,” I countered strictly.

He sighed. “I’m not sure. It’s implied that I’m allowed to do this sort of thing, but predicting a bruised ego can be surprisingly difficult.”

Right. That made sense. In the end, it was exactly the reason as to why Robby and I had agreed not to mention other partners to each other.

Suddenly, a frown occupied his face. “Wait, did you say ‘same as’ me? You’ve got a regular partner?”

I blinked up at him, surprised by his sudden display of disapproval. “Yes?”

Gripping my jaw, he glared into my eyes. “Then what’s the fucking problem, Sandra? Clearly, you have got time. Discard that wanker. Instead, you’ll reserve that time for me.”

My jaw clenched. “Of course I won’t do that. The arrangement I have with Robby is perfect. I hardly ever pay him a thought. He’s so low maintenance that he might as well be air, and I have a funny feeling you won’t be, Will, but it’s not your fault. It’s just that you’re new. Robby’s familiar. New, right now, is bound to mess with my head for a while, and I don’t want that.”

He moaned and collapsed onto his broad back beside me. “You’ve got to be kidding me.”

His reaction made me pout. “I’m not. I’m sorry.”

“How about this, then: give me your number, and I promise I won’t reach out to you till you’ve completed your exams – so in about two months.”

Awfully annoyed, I frowned to myself. It became apparent that I would need to be brutally honest with both him and myself, so after reeling in a deep breath, I mustered the courage to place myself in a vulnerable spot. I’d never been this transparent with a mere stranger before, but William surely made it difficult to avoid it.

“William, I’m sorry, but you’re not shag-mate material. You’re boyfriend material. I’m a bit too compelled by you. Meanwhile, Robby doesn’t intrigue me at all. He’s just... there.”

“I can’t believe this.” He moaned to himself. “Are you seriously saying I’m too interesting?”

I grimaced. “Well, sort of. I’m not at a point in my life where ‘too interesting’ is worth risking my attention for. I’m very sorry, but I have to be rational about this. What I’m doing is damage control.”

“Fuck this,” he muttered. “I’m done.”

I tensed. “‘Done’ as in you want me to leave?”

“No, but I’m forfeiting. You’re clearly not going to change your mind.”

I sighed and crawled toward him. With my hands folded under my chin, I rested across his muscular chest and held his gaze. “Sorry.”

“I’m over it,” he assured me, nonchalant.

“I’ll give you a blowjob, if you want, for compensation.”

“Sandra, you’d do best to stay silent, I think,” he muttered, but there was an erotic twinkle in his gorgeous eyes. It hurt to look at him now. He had better be worth rejecting.

“I don’t know what your partner is into, but I don’t tend to speak much when I’m performing fellatio. It might have to do with having a cock in my mouth, but what do I know?” I teased and trailed soft kisses down his robust torso. The slabs of muscle flexed beneath my mouth, causing me to grin. Was he ticklish?

Reaching forward, he buried his large hands in my hair and dragged me back to his face. “What are you? The devil?” he asked and glared into my eyes.

I smiled wryly back at him. “It’s your night. I’ll be whatever you want.”

“Mine, then,” he said, leaving my heart to falter and my lips to part. Had he truly just said that? Again, the strangest feeling poured through my chest, but I couldn’t fathom the nature of it. All I knew was that it felt awfully sweet, though with hints of bitterness.

“Oh, but you already are,” he teased and reclaimed my mouth.

I pushed him away, irked. “I’m not.”

“You just said it yourself. I’m boyfriend material,” he argued amused.

“And you’re also an idiot.”

His left eyebrow arched. “My degree begs to differ.”

“Cambridge,” I muttered with a roll of my eyes. “Quite the card, that is.”

“Yep,” he confirmed and shoved his arms beneath his head. Lying beneath me, he resorted to study me, seemingly fascinated. “I hope I’ll forget you.”

I blinked at him, struck by his brutal words. “Why?”

“Because otherwise, I’m going to lose my head.” He chuckled and wrapped his arms around me to fling us around. “But for now, I intend to take full advantage,” he continued and reached over for his nightstand. When I saw him withdraw another foil packet, my eyes widened. Already?

“I assure you, though, Sandra: I won’t give you a single reason to ever forget me.”

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