His Secret Wife

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What do you get when you have secret wife....a clingy girlfriend...an over bearing father....a decease grandfather with a Will that can leave your head for a spin...and what's that a child in the mix? "Oh really you could've fooled me with all that breathing and moaning, I'm not stupid. So why don't you sign the damn papers so we both can move on with our lives." "No way in hell I'm moving on without you. And I will never let you move on. Divorce or not you are mine and no one else." "Ha!" She chuckled, "I'm no one's property." "On the contrary If I have to, I will tattoo my name on your fuckable ass." She stared at me cold hard. "Tsk tsk tsk Ally, you must know baby girl you...are....it....for...me..." I breathe hard in her ear causing her to shiver. "Sorry but I don't want to stay married to a cheater."

Romance / Erotica
Kahna Kahn
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To those of you who read my story, please do not bash my characters. If you read my tags, this book has cheating in it. If you do not understand my characters then step off. You do not have to read, no one is forcing you.

Letting you know this book has cheating in them...if you don’t like it then move on but don’t tell me as an author how to make my characters.

I am the writer, this is my book...if you think you can do better then write a book yourself...no one is forcing you to read.

And FYI my book is never cliche. I hate cliche story, though my books are pure fiction I base them off real people.

The emotion is true, the feelings are there. I do my research people before starting a book so don’t come and tell me this can’t happen or that can’t happen because I’m not stupid enough to write something that is impossible but then again this is pure fiction.

I’m not lawyer or doctor, or CEO so I tried with the research and knowledge at least I tried. So please if you can’t say something nice about the author itself, then I rather you just get off my book.

Not to be mean but for those who think the female character is weak just because she gives in....let me give you some insight:

There are best friends, child hood friends, she is mature to a fault very observant. Though she does get angry she doesn’t hold grudges...Even if the man is sometimes a douche people make mistakes, no one is perfect and no one should be perfect that’s what makes us human.

We have temptations, greed, lust, among many others but as long as we learn from them is what helps us grow.

As for the female, she is not some whiny brat who feels pity for herself and him or someone who is indecisive, think about it, in real life, you either hold grudges and not talk to said person, or you stand up tall with dignity and pride. Which one are you.

To top it off, you do not throw twenty years of friendship down the drain, what would you do? I know what I would do, I’d show off to that said person of all my accomplishments and say this is what made me stronger instead of being petty.

Despite his fault, short comings, she still loved him. I have been divorce for more than five years because my so called ex had abandon me and my son. And yet despite that I still love him even if we did fight. It is what we feel and we can’t changed that. But because he came crawling back to me asking me to take him back with much courage i said screw you. It’s not about me anymore, it is about my child.

Sure if it was just me honestly I would have taken him back but because if I did when we have a kid...and he does something stupid, Child Services will not only take my child away from him but me too because I failed as a parent to protect my child thus my decision to not take him back.

So don’t tell my character she should tell her bff to fuck off because you can’t changed the way a person feel. Damn heart lol...if only we can kill that part off.

It’s been 9 yrs since my divorce and it hurt me when I found out from his mouth he remarried after he had promise me a life time.

Hope I sum it up.

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