The Fashion Designer

By Kahna Kahn All Rights Reserved ©

Romance / Erotica


"Tell me Michael did you sleep with her." Her question baffled me. How was I to answer. My face probably had guilt written all over. "Michael, you did!" I didn't answer and she took that as a yes. "At least deny it please." Her sobs only made me feel regret. "Hit me, punch me, slap me I don't care. I deserve it." Dana took that opportunity to throw slap after slap when she suddenly flinch. "Is that..." Slowly she pulled back my collar, "Take it off." "What?" "Your clothes off now." In a haste Dana removed my clothes only to find evidence planted on my chest and neck. Scratches and bite marks. "You, had sex during our wedding." I could hear the shocking gasps in her voice. "Tell me Michael, when, was it before or during." I couldn't lie to her I didn't want to lie to her, "Before and during." I answered truthfully. "Michael Black, how could you. How long." "How long what?" "How long have you been sleeping with my sister?"

Chapter 1: One Night


Holding the now empty shot glass in my hand as the drink flowed down my throat with a burning sensation.

“Another.” My voice to which I hardly recognize spoke.

The man also known as my new best friend called the bartender, I’ll make a note to ask him for his name later, poured me another shot of whatever I was drinking. I lost count after who knows how many I drank.

All I know is I walked in when the sun was still out, now the sky was painted midnight black.

“What’s troubling you man?” The bartender asked.

“What?” It was hard hearing him speak not that I had something wrong with my hearing but the noise of this place held was a bit over the top as the music came blasting down the roof.

“You seem like a man with all sorts of problems.” He this time raised his voice, “Let me guess it has something to do with a woman?”

He was spot on right. I bet he’s probably used to stranger’s sad pathetic story they called life.

“You’re not the only one with woman problem now tell me.” I just gave him an inquisitive look.

“You think you are the first one who come to a bar like this with problems.” He continued, “Look man sometimes it helps letting your frustrations out on a complete stranger. I won’t judge so tell me.”

I took another shot before answering, “I’m getting married.” Just that one sentence made it all too real. Don’t get me wrong but the woman has been my 4-year girlfriend well my now pregnant girlfriend.

I remember when she had told me she was pregnant. Was I happy? I wish I could say I was. I know I should’ve been but I just can’t seem to wrap the idea of me being a father. I’m only 24 for god’s sake. In fact, all this time I thought I had been careful. I guess condoms aren’t 100% safe. Another reminder, to sue the condom manufacture.

“I see.” The bartender only raised his chin hoping to hear more.

What the hell? So, I began well not in so many words to explain on how I ended up here. All that I spoke is that I got her pregnant and her father is forcing me to be responsible and marry her.

How hard could that be right? After all we have been dating for four years. The question is do I love her enough to marry her.? That is the million-dollar question.

“Do you love her?” As if reading my thoughts, he asked me the very same question I had asked myself a thousand times.

“I ...I guess?” It sounded more like a question than an answer.

“Well don’t sound too happy?” He sarcastically mocked.

“I mean what’s not to love. She’s beautiful has the body of a goddess.” I stopped. Was that there is to her? Now that I think about it why was I with her for so long?

Thinking back, I was in it for the sex. She was truly a sex maniac. The wonders she could do with her hands. The flexibility in every move she makes.

I hadn’t realized a smile crept upon my face as my past runs through my head like a slide show.

“Well, guess you do?” The bartender smiled as he poured me another drink before tending to the rest of the customers.

Did it seem like I did? When did it all start? As if diving back into the past I do recall her older brother, my once best friend telling me to take care of his sister right before he died. Maybe it is out of obligation. Who knows cause I sure as hell don’t.

Shaking my head from all thoughts of our earlier conversation burst into my head.

We had argued about a nonexistent trivial matter and I was the one at fault or so she says. I guess defending another girl who I have not yet met would be grounds for sleeping on the couch.

I haven’t met her whole family well all but one. Recently Dana would complain about her half-sister she found out three month ago. Seems her father’s affair came out in the open when his illegitimate child appeared on his doorstep after the death of her own mother.

She has no sympathy for the poor child. She just lost the only parent she has known and now she has been thrown into another family who are complete strangers. When I had told Dana to give the girl a break she blew a vein. It is not the girls fault, it’s more like her father’s fault in the first place.

How can a man be so unfaithful to his wife?

Sighing, tomorrow is the rehearsal dinner and everyone should be there including my parents.

Just then I felt my phone buzz. Looking at the caller ID it read Dana’s name on the screen. My girlfriend soon to be Mrs. Black. What a weird thing to say.

I should answer the call and give her my answer. That I would love to be her husband. We will be a happy family, right?

My fingers hovered above the answer call when a brunette pulled up a chair next to me, “Is this seat taken?”

Putting my phone away I shook my head no.

Calling for the bartender she asked for a martini before taking the empty seat next to me. There are other empty seats around but why she chooses to sit next to me is beyond me. I probably wouldn’t make good company to be around anyway. Couldn’t she feel the vibe coming off of me. Surely this woman can find another man to sit next too if she is here looking for a good time. Isn’t that why woman go out especially dressed like that.

She was in an alter top, her hair cascading down her back side and I am sure her face is a colorful canvas.

Clearing her throat, she turned towards me and looked at all the shot glass I just had, “Well someone is having a party on their own.”

I gulped facing her. My eyes working overtime trying to get a clear picture of her face. Sadly, the lighting here were too dimmed.

But I am sure if I had seen her smile it would’ve been angelic to match her melodic voice. Makes me wonder what she looks like. She may have dressed to attract unwanted attention but her voice says otherwise. It was sweet and innocent probably just like the owner.

Two hours later and I’m still here having a wonderful conversation of the opposite sex. It was hard considering Dana’s jealousy. Sometimes her jealousy can be overwhelming. The girl whose name I still do not know brought out her wallet.

“Nah, this is on me.” I slurred. I was completely drunk.

“Are you sure?”

I nodded my head in an attempt to take out my wallet yet fail.

The girl chuckled, “No worries.” Before she handed her credit card.

“Should I call a cab for you?” The bartender gave me a worried look.

Shaking my head, no once again I stumbled out of my seat before tripping over my own two legs. Luckily this pretty lady who smells so sweet had caught me.

“Boy your heavy.” My arms automatically slipped around her shoulders pulling her closer to me as if she fits like a puzzle tucked under my arms and trying at the same time not to put all my weight on her for fear of crushing her.

“Do you need any help miss?”

“No, I got it. Thank you.” She waved to the bartender then directed her attention towards me, “What’s your address, I’ll take you home?”

I must’ve not heard her because my chin was placed on top of her head which was killing my back considering how short she was compared to my 6-foot 2 inch in height.

“After telling me your life as a child you couldn’t at least put two cents in of your address.” She stifled a laughter.

Well at least someone finds this amusing.

Hailing a cab, we both got in and an hour and thirty minutes I found myself stumbling into a hotel room.

“Sorry this will have to do.” Her voice coming out in all sorts of sweets.

The lights here were much better and if I wasn’t too drunk I’m sure her face would’ve been easily pictured in my mind.

She then turned around where as I grabbed her by the wrists pulled her towards me flipping her around and ever so slightly kissed her soft lips hoping she would not slapped or yell out rape. I didn’t know what had gotten into me but at that moment I wondered if she tasted as good as she smells. And holy fuck she does.

I felt her return my kiss. Taking this as a cue I deepened it letting my tongue dance in her mouth.

The taste of alcohol lingered on our lips. Not once taking a breath, she pulled me down along with her till we fell on the bed. Her hands gripping my shirt while my hands roaming around her hips.

She moaned in my mouth. Her soft lips quivering.

We were both drunk, I could tell. While we were exploring each other with our hands we didn’t stop. We should’ve but we couldn’t. It was as if all our common sense flew out the window and the need to satisfy grew rapidly. Even though we both knew it was wrong but let’s just blame it on the alcohol for now.

Breaking the kiss, we both now gasping for air as I lowered lifting up her dress and sliding her panties off.

Without a second later I plunged my tongue into her. Her moisten folds trickled down my lips. She was in deed ripe for the taken.

“Oh fuck.” Her sweet voice rang out. Her hands now gripping onto my hair tugging it in the process.

Silently I heard my phone buzz, ‘fuck Dana’. I reminded myself. Just as I was about to leave her, she grabbed my head and push me further unto her. Her smell was intoxicating that I just had to take her.

However, my phone continued to ring. Reaching out for my phone while my face was buried deep between her legs I answered with a hum seeing my mouth was full. I wasn’t going to pass this up.

“Mikey.” Her voice squealed through the receiver. What the hell was I doing? Talking to my future wife while I had my tongue deep inside another.

The woman moaned so I instantly covered the phone hoping it was not heard.

“Where the hell are you?”

Just before I could reply, the woman on the bed clenched her muscle and just before she could moan even louder I hung up on my future wife.

I felt the woman orgasm before me. Tasting her, pleasure her, listening to that sweet angelic voice. Not only did she smell sweet but she also tasted sweet and I wanted more.

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