Love is Death

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Addy couldn’t stop wringing her hands as her mom waited impatiently for the news. “Mom, it’s… it’s Amous, he’s dead… ” She broke down onto the floor again and her mom raced to comfort her.

“Sweetie, it’s okay. It’s going to be alright darling, just tell me what happened.” Her mom guided Addy to the couch and Addy told her everything that happened. Addy’s mom hugged her tight, “I’m so sorry baby.”

“Everything I love is dying Mom.”

“Shh it’s not your fault sweetheart, none of this is your fault.”

“It’s all my fault… ” Addelyn disappeared into her room and hid under the blankets. She held her dog stuffed animal tight against her chest, begging her mind to pretend it was Amous. I felt the overwhelming sense of sympathy recreating my physical form. I climbed beside her under the covers and held her tight. “It’s all my fault Dominick.”

“None of this is your fault Addy, don’t you ever let yourself believe that.”

“What else am I supposed to think, everything I touch is dying.”

“Nothing is ever gone completely Addy,” I wiped her tears away and kissed her cheek.

“Sometimes it feels like that’s worse than losing someone entirely.” Her words shattered my heart, at least if I had one anymore it would have. I could feel my physical form shrivel away until I was no more than a cloud of a distant memory. “No Dominick! I didn’t mean it! Please… come back to me…” I watched from the mirror as she dragged herself to and fro until she settled on the floor facing me. Her eyes were distant but the smile on her face was cynical. “Dominick, I know how to fix it. You’re right, it isn’t my fault. None of it is, but it still hurts me.”

Addy stood up, her hands were shaking and tears started overflowing out of her eyes. “I’m so sorry Dominick.” I shook my head frantically trying to scream “No!” Addelyn made a fist and shattered the mirror, shutting me out entirely.


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