Love is Death

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My mom was pounding on the door after she heard the glass fall, but I was smart enough to lock it beforehand. Just make the pain go away and everything will be okay again. I studied the glass shards below my feet and selected the largest slice. The edges dug into my skin making my fingers bleed but I had become numb. I glazed the shard across my neck and I could feel my heartbeat slowing, my vision ceasing, and my mind fading away. I’m coming Dominick.

The weight lifted off my shoulders, everything was sharp and clear. My mom burst through the door and fell to her knees at the scene before her. “Mom, I’m sorry…” She couldn’t hear me, she didn’t even see me.

“Addy?” I turned to see Dominick waiting for me, Amous circling his feet like a puppy.


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