Love is Death

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La Crème Glacée has always been Addelyn’s favorite place to go, even during the winter. I don’t know how this whole ghost thing works but I rode with them both from the hospital in the back seat. I swear her dog Amous could see me; he looked at me with those same puppy dog eyes as he did when I was alive. I scratched his stomach the way he liked it and he actually rolled over! Does this mean I can make contact with animals? Or humans!

“Amous what are you doing?” Tasha’s voice startled us both and Amous flipped right back over. Okay. it might just be petting the dog, but it’s a start. Maybe I can find a way to make this ghost thing work. Addelyn’s mom left, to get some ice cream I’m assuming, and Addelyn was left alone in the passenger seat. She crawled into the back seat and snuggled with Amous.

“At least you haven’t left me too Amous.” Addelyn hugged him tightly and Amous licked away her tears. Amous started to whimper and look in my direction, but Addelyn couldn’t see me. I don’t know who it frustrated more, him or me. “There’s nothing there boy and Dominick isn’t coming back to take his usual spot!” I tried to reach out and cup Addelyn’s cheek, but she couldn’t feel a thing. Oh Addelyn, I wish you knew how much I miss you. I wish I could tell you that I’m here. Addelyn glanced in the rear view mirror and paused for a moment, her eyes wide. She looked again, more carefully this time, and had to cover her mouth to keep from screaming. In the mirror she could see me sitting in my usual seat, petting Amous with the same wide eyes as her. “Dominick?” Addelyn asked with a quivering voice.

She can see me, but only in the mirror? Who designed this ghost system because this sucks. I waved at her and she gasped, tears threatening her eyes once again. “Dominick, but… how? What are you doing here? I… I was so scared that I had lost you.”

All I could do was shrug; she knew about as much as I did at this point.

“Okay, so I can’t see you but I can see your reflection?”

I nodded and gave her a thumbs up making her chuckle through the joyful tears covering her cheeks. There must be some way we can communicate better than this.

“I got you your favorite! Mint chip with caramel turtle candies!” All three of us jumped back as her mom slid into the car. “What are you doing?”

“Just… hanging out with Amous, obviously,”

“Oh, okay darling. You can stay back there if you want; we’re almost home anyway.” Tasha got into the seat and adjusted the mirror, no jumps or anything. I exchanged a glance with Addelyn and she was as surprised as me.

“So, anything new with the car Mom?”

“Well I did get the entire car cleaned, inside and out.”

“That’s all? No smudges on the rear view mirror or anything?”

“Nope, perfectly reflective.” Tasha studied the mirror checking for any imperfections but soon afterwards she pulled out and started on their way home. Addelyn kept studying me in the reflection and there was something in her eyes I’d never noticed before. I could tell she was struggling to keep herself from grinning like an idiot, but she could never hide the twinkle in her eyes. Addelyn left her hand sitting on Amous’ side and I laid my hand over her; I swear I could almost feel the heat from her hand. When we got to her house, Addelyn pulled out her phone and used it to keep me beside her as we walked inside. “Sweetheart, if you ever want to talk about-” Tasha started to suggest, but Addelyn quickly ran up the stairs and slammed her bedroom door shut behind us.

What are you up to Addy? She was digging in her closet, throwing clothes onto her bed when she finally stopped, seemingly content with her find. Addelyn pulled out a full-sized mirror and placed it next to her bed, then she sat on the bed facing it.


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