Love is Death

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I turned on my music so my mom wouldn’t hear me talking to Dominick. “How are you here?”

He just shrugged. Ugh, there has to be a way to do this.

“Any ideas on how we can communicate past shrugging?”

Dominick acted out breathing against the mirror surface.

I motioned for him to turn around so it wasn’t entirely awkward and used my breath to steam up part of the mirror. He attempted to wipe away some of the steam with his finger. He wrote one thing, “hugs” and I almost fell apart right there.

I got up and hugged the mirror tightly, well as tightly as I could because mirrors are very awkward to hug. “This is much better than shrugs but I’ll pass out if I always have to steam the mirror up.”

Dominick thought for a minute and made that ah-ha moment gesture, He is such a dork.

He wrote in the steam “Showers make steam; use that whenever we need more.”

“Perfect idea Dominick!” He drew a winky face, which made me laugh way too long. “I still don’t understand why my mom couldn’t see you.” Dominick shrugged. “Or how Amous can see you by yourself. Wow, never thought I’d get so jealous of my doggy.”

He scribbled “Lol” into the steam.

“That’s not nice Dominick; you know you wish you had Amous.”

“He likes me better since I’m like this.”

I squinted at him, “Don’t make me wipe away your writing palate.”

His eyes went wide and he shook his head drastically.

“I was just kidding, why would I want to wipe away the only one I have.” Dominick winked at me. I swear he knows just how to make me tick, but then he makes me smile right afterwards. Ugh, why does he have to be so amazing.

“I can read your thoughts,” he wrote, almost giggling in the background.

“What!” I started to panic, He can’t know that, it’ll ruin our friendship. And I have no idea how in the world I’d be able to date a ghost.

“Jk, had to mess with you.”

“You are so lucky I can’t punch you anymore.” I wish I could though. My phone went off startling us both. “It’s my mom. She said I’m supposed to dress fancy because we’re going to dinner with your parents.” Dominick nodded, but I could tell the idea of his parents made him anxious. “Have you tried to see your parents?”

Dominick thought for a moment and wiped into the steam, “I can only stay by you.”

“That’s weird. Well I’ll go change in the bathroom,” I glanced at my dresses, “If I ever decide what to wear.”

Twenty minutes later I was down to two dresses and Dominick is giving me the final say.

“The black one.”

I picked up the black dress and looked it over. Dominick had gotten it for me after my scars had healed and I was finally confident enough to show my arms again.

“It’s perfect! You’re amazing Dominick!” I changed in the bathroom and spun for Dominick so he could give me the go. He stood there looking at me and I could feel my anxiety levels rising. “What do you think? Does it look bad? I should change... “

Dominick recaptured my attention and wrote in the little steam left, “You’re beautiful as always.”


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