Love is Death

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Addelyn kept straightening the end of her dress the entire car ride. I squeezed her hand, Some day I’ll be able to comfort you again Addy and I won’t let you go this time. I smiled at her through the rear view mirror, but her returning smile was obviously fake.

Tasha interrupted us, “I think Rose and Andy have some things of Dominick’s they want you to keep.”

I wonder if my parents will be able to see me too.

“Never thought the first time I would see Dominick’s room would be the last,” Addelyn squinted at me. She’d always wanted to meet my family, but they work a lot so we always hung out at her house.

“Well Addelyn, not everything in life can be nice and peachy. Remember, you’re not the only one who got hurt in this incident.”

“You know it’s more than that Mom.” I eyed her suspiciously.

What aren’t you telling me Miss Addelyn? My house came into view and I could feel Addy’s nervousness radiating off her. Here goes nothing; good luck Addy.

My Mom never stopped doing something. I used to know if she was upset because the entire house would’ve been cleaned. She uses activities to distract herself from emotions, but I can’t imagine how she feels right now. I’m so sorry Mom. She embraced Tasha and Addelyn with a long hug, especially Addelyn. My mom knew about my plan for asking out Addelyn and she was almost as excited about it as I was.

“Dinner will be ready in just a few minutes and I made dessert as well!” My mom nearly shouted, trying to keep back her tears. She hugged Addelyn again, “It’s so wonderful to finally meet you sweetheart! I’ve heard so many things about you, and Dominick was spot on! You are beautiful!”

“Dominick said that about me?” Apparently even if you’re dead you can still blush like a tomato, because my cheeks grew red hot. Tasha excused herself to the bathroom, leaving Addelyn alone with my mother. Oh boy, glad she can’t see me in here.

“I’m surprised he hadn’t told you every day. Sorry if I’m rambling sweetie; it’s just how I’ve been able to cope with…”

“It’s fine, I’m all ears Mrs. Evan.” Addelyn held my mom’s hands and smiled at her, She’s so sweet. I shouldn’t have waited so long. Then I’d be still be there next to them.

“Addelyn, may I tell you a secret?”

“Of course Mrs. Evans,” Addy started to grip the end of her dress. Mom, you better not tell her about my plan.

“Dominick had this whole plan for how he was going to ask you to be his girlfriend. He was going to make a chemical mixture that made a heart cloud today in chemistry class, but he didn’t get to. I’m so sorry if this makes anything awkward but I don’t want his plan to go completely to waste. I did the right thing right?”

Addelyn just nodded, her body was frozen from the news of my plan. Why Mom? Why? Tasha came back and Addelyn practically jumped up, “I need to use the bathroom as well, sorry but please excuse me for a moment Mrs. Evans.” She disappeared into the hall, but stopped when she reached my bedroom door. Addy looked around and snuck inside, closing my door behind her.

Addelyn looked around slowly, but she had an ear-to-ear smile on her face. I got closer to her so I could hear her whispering to herself. “Oh Dominick, why’d you have to wait so long...” Wait, what? That sure didn’t sound like rejection. Addy picked up one of my photos, it was a picture of us walking along the beach. Addy had just made me laugh and was looking up at me, but the picture seemed different now. I stood behind Addy looking at the picture and she drew a heart around us in the dust. “You have no idea how long I’ve been shipping us. Domilyn was going to be perfect.” My heart was pounding out of my chest, She liked me back. All this time she’s felt the same and I hadn’t noticed. I’m such an idiot, how did I not notice?

The photo caught the light and Addelyn almost dropped the frame at the sight of me. “Dominick, you scared me.” Her cheeks were bright pink, You are so cute sometimes. I made a heart with my hands in the reflection and pointed at Addy, making her smile with that special twinkle in her eye. “I heart you too Dominick.”


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