Love is Death

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Dominick hadn’t looked at me the same since the incident, he grew very protective. He started following me to school as well. I know he means well but this is just making it worse. Dominick’s ghost was just a constant reminder of how much I missed being with him. Not to mention I couldn’t talk to him while in public, and Brittany wouldn’t let me off her torture bus. I was sitting under a cypress tree when the torture bus stopped out front.

“Whatcha readin’ Addelyn?” Brittany sneered between her obnoxiously loud gum chews.

“A book,” I started reading books about ghosts and the afterlife so I could hopefully find a better way to communicate with Dominick.

“Oh is that your ghost book? Hoping to conjure up your boyfriend?”

Don’t take the bait, “Of course not!” Dang it.

“Don’t worry, I won’t tell. It will be our little secret.” She whispered to her friends, casting the occasional glance in my direction. “Maybe you’d like a secret in exchange?”

“If it’s a secret of yours the whole school probably knows it,” I chuckled to myself, little miss gossip girl.

“Oh trust me, this one is new. I couldn’t tell anyone, Dominick’s orders.”

“Why would Dominick be involved?”

Brittany chewed her gum thoughtfully, preparing her next attack with the usual wicked grin, “Wouldn’t want his precious Addy to know about him and I”

“There is no you and Dominick,”

“Oh but there was, back in eighth grade. Dominick and I had been dating for two months before you interfered. Then one day he comes up to me and says ‘Brittany I’m sorry but there’s someone else.’ Before trotting off with you for the rest of his life!” Her hands are clenched at her sides, knuckles completely white.

“Brittany, I never knew, I didn’t even know Dominick liked me until this year.” He really ditched Brittany for me?

“Ya know what Addelyn, maybe you should just kill yourself and go with Dominick,” she started walking away but not before muttering under her breath, ”The world would be better off without you anyway.”

“I… I’m sorry Brittany…” It was no use, Brittany was long gone. I bolted off campus into the woods, Maybe the forest will help me clear my head.

The luscious greenery of the trees has always been a comfort to me. The trees, mixed in with the occasional note of a bird hidden in their branches, create the secret song of the forest. Out here I was truly able to be by myself, the only source of reflection was the gentle stream and I could easily avoid that. I settled under a glorious redwood tree and continued reading my book, What we Know of the Afterlife.

“Stories of the afterlife differ between each religion but a place of common ground is unfinished business. If someone dies with unfinished business in their life, or some other form of uncompleted task, their ghost must remain on Earth until they find a way to complete it.” I guess that would explain why Dominick is only attached to me. Ugh, it’s too hot. I’ve had to wear long sleeves ever since the incident, but the scar was healing much faster than before. I imagined Dominick kissing my wrist after putting the bandage on and I couldn’t help but grin. Oh Dominick, stop making me love you.


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