The Truth (Book 1)

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Romance / Drama
Emily Cole
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Third Person POV

Louisiana New Orleans

Elijah King and his wife Scarlet King where walking down the street of New Orleans. As they were walking they passed an orphanage. Scarlet turned and saw a little girl and little boy playing. “Eli, can we go in?” She asked her husband. Scarlet has always had a bleeding heart when it came to children. He sighs and nods. He opens the door for his wife. “Alright after you.” They walk into the orphanage and see a little 2-year-old girl dancing with a little boy listening to some nursery music. A young lady with blonde hair and blue eyes smiles at them.

“My name is Mia and this is my orphanage.” They smile at her. “You own this orphanage?” She smiles. “Yes. That little boy is mine. His name is Sebastian. The little girl just came to us a few months ago. Her name is Nadya.” Elijah smiles softly as he watches the little girl and his wife. “She is up for adoption then?” Mia smiled. “Yes, sir.” Scarlet smiled at her husband. “She is the same age as Jayce our son.” Elijah smiled. “So if we were to adopt her, how would we go about it?” Mia smiled at the young couple. She could tell by their clothes that they are financially well off. She takes them into her office and gives them the paperwork. They were able to adopt little Nadya and took her home that day.

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