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Hi! I'm Audrey. A pretty average girl. At the age of 19 years old I have mastered the amazing degree of Sarcasm, Annoying the crap out of people, and being an awesome human being. xoxo

Romance / Humor
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Chapter 1

Audrey's Pov:

I groaned as I leaned on the alleyway's wall. I felt trickles of sweat, fall down my cold face as I shivered.

I tried not to think of how dirty this wall was. But right now I needed the wall. I was almost out of strength to barely stand up.

I started counting in my head:






I winced as I pushed myself as far as I could to get an Uber or anything.

I turned my neck to check my purse, just to realize that I lost it in the bar.

"Shit," I cursed under my breath. " How the hell am I going to get home,"

Classic Audrey! Leave it to me to fuck up my life. It wasn't like I had a home. Last thing I wanted to do was go back to that hellhole.

And it's not like I had anything valuable in that purse. I shrugged, it was basically just aspirin, tissues, and a 5 dollar bill.

I frowned not knowing where to go. Some hard figure slammed into my shoulder, causing me to get thrown onto the, cold, wet, dirty, ground.

I sighed as I ripped my coat off, the only source of warmth I had left. But it was useless drenched in mud water.

I felt something warm enclose around me. Then I saw pitch black.

There was this vicious pounding in my head, I groaned as the memories of last night hit me like a truck.

I cracked my eyes open as the light blinded me. I squinted and rolled off the bed.
I dropped on the floor with a heavy thud. I grunted, I tried standing up, but found that some restraint was holding my body together.
I franticly started pulling and trying to escape with my eyes still shut closed. I didn't want to open them again. I don't want to become bind.
Shit! Yesterday I was kidnapped!
I whimper, as hot tears start streaming down my face.

Audrey: Thumbs Up If You Want Me To Survive
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