Last Chance

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Chapter 14


I had just landed in Miami and I was nervous. Stephen was coming to pick me up and take me to his place. My parents had agreed to let me come for a week. Oddly enough my mom thought it was a great idea. If only she had spared me the awkward sex talk. I reminded her that I had only started dating Stephen, so it was safe to say I was not giving my virginity up that easy.

Plus, Raven was flying in tomorrow with strict instructions from my mom to watch me like a hawk.

Stephen and I had talked daily since we officially started dating. We didn’t spend hours on the phone, but he made a point to call me every night before he went to bed. I felt like every time we talked I learned something new about him. For instance, I would have never guessed that he liked to read but I should have. He was very intelligent.

He was always telling me about what ever book he was reading. I was seeing him in a new way. I found myself wondering what other things he didn’t share with me before.

“Excuse me,” a girl said pulling me from my thoughts.

“Sorry,” I apologized moving down the aisle.

I had been blocking her from getting past. I was one of the last people to exit the airplane. I was trying to give myself a little more time before I had to see him. I hadn’t seen him in person since that night he had asked me to give him a chance.

I laughed out loud at how crazy I was being. This was Stephen. He was one of my best friends and us dating was not going to change things. Right?

I made my way to get my luggage only to be told it was lost.

This day was not going my way at all. First, I had woken up late and like most teenagers still hadn’t packed a thing. I had run around my room like the devil was chasing me hoping and praying I wouldn’t miss my flight. Now this.

Stephen was the first person I saw when I came around the corner.

I walked over to where he was sitting beats in his ears. Eyes closed patiently waiting for me. He wore a white baseball cap a blue shirt and grey sweat pants. I had never seen him so dressed down.

I stood there for a few seconds before his eyes opened and he stood up quickly.

“Hey,” he said with a lopsided grin.

“Hey,” I said back.

“Where’s your luggage?” He said looking behind me.

“Lost, apparently. “I said with a frown.

“If you had let me send a plane for you this wouldn’t have happened.” He said with a grin.

“You my very beautiful girlfriend do not know how to take gifts well. Let me warn you now I plan on buying you lots of gifts. All good boyfriends do that.” He said lacing his fingers with mine and maneuvering us through the airport.

I knew that he was just being sweet, but it was weird to me when he gave me gifts that cost so much. It was going to take some getting used to. I could tell how much it meant to him to do things for me so if he wasn’t doing anything too crazy why not.

“Fine, but no cars or houses or crazy stuff like that.” I said adamantly.

“Deal,” he said with a grin. “Unless I feel like you really need a car or a house then all bets are off.” He grinned.

Before I could argue he stopped as we reached the exit and turned and looked at me.

“Before we go out there I need to warn you that there are paparazzi out there waiting on us. Apparently, everyone is in love with you. I can’t say I blame them.” He said chuckled amused.

I looked down at my sweats and frowned. Things were getting worse by the second. Those pictures were going to be interesting to say the least.

Realization finally hit me. He had dressed down for me. Clearly his dress down and mine were still not in the same galaxy but it was a very sweet gesture.

“One of the things that I love about you most is that you’re not afraid to just be you. You don’t see how stunning you really are. Your beautiful no matter what your wearing.” He said pushing a stand of hair out of my face.

My heart started to race at his compliment. What the hell was happening to me? I thought as my face started to heat up.

“Here we go,” He said taking his cap off and running his hands through his hair.

He smiled his messy hair making him somehow look even more handsome. He extended his hand to me and waited for me to place my hand in his.

We stepped outside, and he pulled me close to his side. Was that new cologne he was wearing? It smelt so good. Oh, my goodness was this what other girls felt when they came across Stephen De La Cruz?

“What’s it like dating a De La Cruz?” Someone yelled behind us.

Within seconds he moved through the crowd putting me into the waiting car.

“You okay?” He asked as his driver maneuvered the car out of the airport.

“Earth to Sky,” Stephen said waving his hand in my face when I didn’t answer.

There was no denying that he was gorgeous. But it wasn’t just his looks that drew you to him. How had no one managed to lock him down?

“Sky,” He chuckled.

“Is this what you do to girls?” I asked with a frown.

“What do you mean?” He asked confused.

“You know dam well what I mean.” I said giving him the evil eye.


If only she knew that my heart was beating as hard as hers. I laughed when she gave me the evil eye.

She was even more beautiful pissed off.

“Okay let’s back up a minute. Why exactly are you mad at me?” I asked curiously turning towards her.

I thought back and I didn’t think that I did anything that she would be mad about.

“Tell me what has you so upset?”

She looked up at me and she starting to laugh.

“It’s just so crazy.” She stated looking perplexed.

“What’s so crazy?” I asked.

“You, me, this.” She said waving her hand between us.

I took a much-needed breath and looked up at her.

“Talk to me Sky.” I pleaded pulling her towards me.

“It’s stupid,” she said not meeting my eyes.

“Let me decide if I think it’s stupid or not.”

“Fine,” she said looking up at me.

“I finally got hit with that De La Cruz charm that all the girls talk about. I can see why girls get so crazy over you. It’s just not right.” She said with a frown.

Was she saying what I thought she was saying?

“Okay let me get this right. Your upset with me because your attracted to me?” I said fighting a smile.

“Duh,” She said throwing her hands in the air.

“You,” she said pointing to me “are a hazard to girls.” She said putting her seat belt on.

“But, in my defense I only want to be a hazard to one girl.” I said meeting her eyes.

“You see,” She yelled.

I smiled and wiggled my eye brows at her and she laughed her nose scrunching up.

I knew that she thought that I was throwing game at her but that was the farthest from the truth. Every word that I said to her was the truth. I only had eyes for her from the time I realized how I felt about her. I was going to let her think what she wanted in time she would see for herself.

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