Last Chance

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Chapter 15


The car pulled down a long driveway and we stopped in front of an enormous house. It was breathtaking, I had never seen a house so big. It was several stories high with a wind around driveway. A beautiful fountain shot water into the sky making his home look twice as elegant.

“You live here by yourself?” I asked pointing at the house surprised.

“Yes,” he said as the driver opened his car door.

“Don’t you ever get lost in there?” I asked still amazed by how gorgeous and grand his house was.

He helped me out and turned to meet my eyes.

“At first, I did,” he chuckled amused by my reaction.

His house was amazing the living room was the size of my whole house and his kitchen was every bakers dream. Everything was state of the art. I gasped out loud when he showed me the ballroom that was used to entertain and throw parties in.

He introduced me to his staff making sure to let them know who I was. Linda the cook was especially friendly. She had worked for Stephen’s family for over ten years and had decided to come work for Stephen when he got his own place.

I followed him up a beautiful marble staircase. “That’s my room,” he said pointed to a room on our left.

“This is your room,” He said stopping in front of a door a few feet from his.

“I hope you like it,” He said opening the door.

“Wow,” I responded taking in all in.

“I’ve I got a few things to take care of. I’ll be back by in a bit.” He said leaving me alone in the enormous room.

Not surprising was all the clothes that were waiting in my room for me. How he had guessed my correct size still baffled me. More importantly how had he pulled it off in such a brief time? There were shirts, jeans, dresses, shoes, and anything else I would need. He had even thought to buy me a new set of luggage in my favorite color.

I wondered around the room curiously. On the wall was a collage of pictures of us. I smiled at all the memories that were flooding me.

Beautiful red roses in a big crystal vase sat on my night stand with a note attached.

The curiosity about killed me as I rushed to open the note.

“To: My girlfriend. From: Your Boyfriend.” The note said making me grin.

This trip was going to be interesting to say the least.

I walked out of the bathroom wrapping my wet hair in a beautiful fluffy towel. A note sat perfectly on my nightstand.

I picked it up and held it there for a second trying to imagine what it would say. I’ve learned in these last weeks that Stephen was full of surprises and quite the romantic when he wanted to be.

“I would love to take you on our first official date. Say yes!”

“Yes,” I texted him a smile curving my lips.


I smiled when I got her text. I had been planning what we would do since she told me that she was coming. I wanted everything to be perfect.

I knew that she had never seen the more serious side of me. If I was being honest most people had never seen that side of me. I desperately wanted her to see that there was more to me than just a spoiled playboy rich kid.

I was nervous as I made my way to her room. I stood outside her door flowers in one hand and a Winnie the pooh stuffed animal in the other. I knew how much she loved everything Disney. Before I could knock she opened the door.

She jumped back in surprise and almost fell. I caught her before she hit the ground.

“I guess I still got it. I’m just that good looking. I literally make girls fall out.” I said with a smirk not able to help myself.

She glared at me and smacked me on my arm before moving away from me.

“Please,” She said putting her hands on her hips.

“I’ve seen hotter,” She said looking up at me.

“Really? Like who?” I asked taunting her into telling me.

She smiled vindictively, and I knew who’s name she was going to say.

“Don’t,” I said knowing that she had won this one.

“Me (1) you (0).” She said amused.

I grinned loving this playful side of her.

“Thank you, Stephen.” She said pulling me into a hug.


Pulling into the parking lot of the restaurant Stephen hurried around the car to open my car door.

“You know that I can open my own door, right?” I said with a grin.

“I know, but why should you have to if I can open it for you.” He said extending his hand to me to help me out.

“Who are you and what have you done to my friend?” I teased.

“Too much?” He said with a lopsided grin

“No, it’s very gentlemanly of you” I said meaning it. Stephen De La Cruz was turning out to be a great boyfriend. I always knew he would, but this was just more than I expected from him.

“Who is all coming to your party this weekend?” I asked curious as we waited for our order.

“Friends from school mostly. You will remember a few from when you went to school here.” He said as the waiter placed our food on the table.

“Exactly how many friends from school did you invite?” I questioned worried about his answer.

“A few,” he responded with a grin.

“Well look who it is,” Amber said coming to stand next to our table.

“What is she doing here?” She snapped at Stephen.

“She has a name. I know you know it.” I said staring up at her.

“But if you really must know, I’m spending the week here with my boyfriend.” I baited her watching her face turn red in anger.

“Why must you insist on being with this little nobody. She’s only after your money.” She said glaring at me.

“I’m not you,” I shot back annoyed.

“My family has their own money for your information.” She answered back.

“Maybe they do, but I’m sure it’s not in the same ball park as Stephen’s family.”

She was seething, and I was enjoying it a little too much.

“Why can’t you understand that he doesn’t want you. He would rather be with this little nobody than you.”

Amber’s face turned red with anger and she picked up Stephen’s cup of water and threw it in my face with a satisfied smile.

I stood up and threw my chair back moving it out of my way. Stephen stood up and pulled me into his arms holding me tightly to him.

“She’s not worth it,” he whispered in my ear.

I knew that he was right, but my pride stung at how she had embarrassed me.

Stephen tilted my head up gently and leaned in and kissed me softly my eyes fluttering closed. I knew that he was making a statement with this kiss.

“Don’t bother showing up at my party. You are officially uninvited.”

Amber stomped away angrily. Leaving just Stephen and I standing there with all eyes on us.

“I think we better go,” He said grinning as he laid money on the table.

He gently wiped my face dry and then took his jacket off and wrapped me in it.

He placed his hand around my waist and held me to him protectively as he ushered me outside.

Cameras flashed all around us paparazzi yelling questions at us.

“Are you okay Sky?” Someone yelled.

“How long have you and Amber De Marco been feuding?” Someone else yelled.

“Did you steal Stephen from Amber?” Another voice shouted.

“You can’t steal something that was never yours,” Stephen said never looking up.

Stephen’s security team pushed the paparazzi back leading us to the waiting car.

“I’m sorry Sky. This was not how I wanted or envisioned our first date to go.” He said apologetic.

“Don’t be, none of this was your fault. What can I say my boyfriend is just that gorgeous? Everyone wants him.” I laughed making him laugh.


I was currently trying my best to not stare at Sky. She had come home and changed into a pair of fluffy pajamas her hair pulled into a high pony tail.

Every day I fell harder for her she was loving, and opinionated, feisty. The list went on and on. We were currently in the kitchen where she was making me a cake and it made my heart swell. No one had ever taken the time to bake me anything. She looked up and smiled at me and I dam near fell out of my seat.

“Here you go,” Linda said handing Sky the candles before she left for the night.

I watched with a smile as she carefully placed nineteen candles on the cake and lit them. She smiled up at me as she ran around the kitchen turning all the lights off.

“Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you.” She sang pushing the cake towards me.

“Make a wish,” She said patiently waiting for me to blow the candles out.

“Happy Early Birthday Stephen,” she said running over to me smearing frosting all over my face. Before she could get away I grabbed her around the waist and pulled her close to me.

“You’re lucky that I refuse to mare your beautiful face with this,” I said pointing to my frosting covered face.

“It looks good on you.” She chuckled.

“Smile,” she said coming to stand beside me her phone in hand.

Her fingers flew across her iPhone and she looked up and grinned.

My phone beeped, and I looked down at her. I pulled my phone out of my pocket and looked at my Instagram notifications and her captioned photo of us read. “Want to wish this handsome guy of mine an Early Birthday. Hoping all you wished for comes true.

Both of our phones beeped again, and she looked at her phone with a frown. I looked at mine and Trevor had liked her post and left a comment. “Missing you sweetheart! Glad to see you happy, even if it’s not with me.”

“I need to put my things away.” She said leaving me standing alone angry that he had ruined this moment for us. If he wanted to play dirty than game on!

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