Last Chance

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Chapter 20


Stephen’s Abuela rushed to greet us as soon as she saw us. You could see the love she felt for Stephen all over her face.

“Mijo, you made it.” She smiled.

“Of course I did Abuela.” Stephen said pulling her into a hug.

“This is Raven, Trevor and Jason.” He said introducing them all. “They are friends of Sky.”

“Nice to meet you all.” She said her eyes zeroing in on my necklace.

“Beautiful necklace Sky.” She said like she knew something I didn’t.

“Thank you.” I said my cheeks turning pink.

I was out of my element and I knew it. Stephen’s world was different than anything I had ever experienced. Suddenly I really didn’t want to be here. I knew that not everyone was going to be as nice and as excepting as Stephen’s Abuela.

To them I was the poor girl Stephen was dating.

“You got this beautiful,” Trevor said placing his hand on my shoulder encouragingly.

“No one here is better than you. Bet that.”

“He’s right.” Stephen said taking my hand in his.

“Look at you. Your breathtaking.” He said with a smile.

Abuela smiled at us and I knew that she didn’t care if I had money or not. She was happy her grandson was happy.

“Your Abuelo can’t wait to meet your girlfriend. Let me go find him.” She said hurrying away.

“This is insane,” Jason said looking around taking everything in.

“I can’t imagine growing up in this world.”

“No kidding,” Raven said sticking close to me.

“My abuela came from nothing. Her father started Blue Diamond when she was little. She took over when he died and her and my Abuelo turned it into what it is today. She always kept me humble. This world can be lonely. There’s a lot of shallow people and people who only want to be your friend because of what you can do for them.” Stephen said a frown on his face.

“Stephen,” Amber said walking up to us a flirty smile on her lips.

My fingers itched to slap it off her ugly face.

“Did you have to bring her?” She pouted.

“Of course I did. She’s my girlfriend.” He said a coolness I had never heard in his voice.

“Why must you insist on harassing my boyfriend?” I said looking at her.

“He has made it clear that he doesn’t want you.”

“Burn,” Raven laughed.

“Back off my friends man already.”

Trever and Jason both laughed at the shocked look on Amber ’s face.

“Let me show you guys this house.” Stephen said leaving Amber standing alone.

“Did you know she was going to be here?” I asked a frown on my face.

“Of course not,” he said turning to look at me.

“I would never do anything that made you uncomfortable.” He said taking my hand in his.

I smiled because I knew that it was true.


I was nervous. Why had Abuela invited us here tonight? My stomach was in knots at the anticipation of what was to come.

My face drained of all color when I saw my parents making there way towards us a scowl on their lips.

I pulled Sky to me wrapping my arms around her protectively.

“Why must you insist on keeping this girl?” My mother said looking at Sky with distaste.

“Marry Amber and keep this one as your mistress.”

“Wow,” Sky said unaffected by my mother’s rudeness.

“My name is Sky, not this girl.”Sky said.

“No man will ever call me his mistress.”

“I doubt that.” She sneered.

“That’s enough,” I said steel in his voice.

“You will speak to her with respect.” I growled out.

“Or what?” My father said smugly.

I balled my hands into fists and did my best to control the anger I was feeling.

“He’s not my dad I’ll kick his ass for you.” Jason said anger in his face.

Raven grabbed a hold of him before he could follow through.

“The apple fell far as hell from the tree in your case.” Trevor said placing his hand on my shoulder.

“Do you honestly think that your better than Sky, or us? We may not have money like you do but our families don’t do so bad for themselves. Our parents happen to be lawyers, doctors, and surgeons. So we are hardly destitute. We have it better than a lot of people. The difference between us and you is that our parents taught us to be humble, good hearted. Your son is the lucky one here. Not the other way around.” Trevor said taking Sky’s other hand in his.

“She didn’t come here alone, and she is not unprotected. We all love her and that includes your son.”

“Who the hell are you?” My mother asked glaring at Trevor.

“My guests,” Abuela said walking up with my Abuelo.

My mothers face turned white and she swallowed hard.

“I think it’s best if we left.” I said embarrassed by how my parents had acted.

“My parents have made it very clear that they will never approve or except Sky. I will not allow them to insult her one more second.”

Abuela turned her eyes to my parents and frowned.

“The last time I checked this was my house. How dare you treat this poor girl this way.” She said glaring at them.

“You promised that he would marry me.” Amber said walking over a drink in her hand.

“Why in the world would you think that Stephen’s parents have any say on who he marries?” Abuela said anger in her voice.

“But they said…” Amber trailed off.

“I don’t care what they promised you or your parents. Stephen has made it very clear to you that he does not want to marry you. He has made it clear to all of you.” She said looking between my parents and Ambers.

“This had better be that last I hear of this nonsense. There will not be a merger made by marriage. Have I made myself clear?”

“And you,” she said pointing at Amber “you better not let me find out that you pulled another stunt like you did at the restaurant the other day.”

“Check your daughter or I will be forced to stop working with your company.” She warned Ambers parents.

“Of course, she won’t be giving you anymore trouble.” Amber’s mother said looking at Sky.

My Abuelo just stood there a grin on his face. Abuela was a firecracker no one pushed that woman around.

“But, she’s a nobody.” Amber said defiantly.

“Shut up.” Her father told her dragging her away from us.

“You two better learn to treat Stephen better. We have decided that as soon as he graduates college he will be talking over as C.E.O. Our shares will go to him in our will. He will own the majority of the company one day.” Abuelo said looking at my parents.

“We support him dating whoever he chooses. You two better get on board and fast before we decided to write you out of our will.”

My parents made a quick escape reeling from the threat my grandparents had just issued. We all knew that they never made empty threats.

“Abuelo, this is sky.”

“Nice to meet you,” Sky said extending her hand to him.

He instead pulled her into a hug making her gasp in surprise.

“Your Abuela was right. She’s quite beautiful.” He said looking up at me approval on his face.

It warmed my heart at how excepting my grandparents had been. It was clear that they only wanted me to be happy. My Abuelo had also come from humble beginnings his parents worked the land farming when they had struck oil. They had been in the oil business ever since. My great Abuelo still farmed some of the land despite not needing to. He said he was made to work not sit around all day. I knew that he was getting up they’re in years and soon he would have to stop. Until that day came my Abuelo still made it a point to go help out a few times a month to help out.

“Always follow your heart mijio. Money is fleeting when you are forced to co-exist with someone you do not love.”

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