Last Chance

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Chapter 21


Stephen was playing the piano I thought as I sat up still not all the way awake. I looked at my phone it was 3:15 in the morning. Why wasn’t he asleep? I got out of bed and pulled my hair up before making my way downstairs. I watched him from the entry way his face so caught in emotion I was sure he was trying to shake off the ugliness of last night. I walked over to him slipping onto the bench next to him without a word.

He smiled but kept playing never skipping a beat.

“I’m learning more and more about you Mr. De La Cruz. Like the fact that you enjoy playing at all hours of the night.” I teased smiling up at him admiring just how handsome he really was.

“It helps me clear my head. It also helps me relax. After the night we just had I could play for hours. Plus the last few times I’ve managed to summon you.” He grinned. “That’s always a good thing. Your beautiful face has me enchanted.

The sound of whatever song he was playing had me mesmerized. He was so gifted.

“Have you written anything?” I asked curious.

“Of course,” he smiled.

“Will you show me?”

His fingers lifted from the keys and he turned to look at me pondering my question.

“Okay,” he said placing his hands once more on the keys.

The melody was beautifully daunting just like him.

“Its beautiful,” I gushed making him smile.

“Why didn’t you do this professionally?”


“I don’t understand.”

“My family’s company won’t run itself. I’m the only one who can take us into the future. My parents are not fit to be in control. My Abuelos are waiting for me so they can retire.” He said no trace of sadness or regret in his eyes.

“Seriously what have you done with my best friend? How did you suddenly get so mature?”

He laughed pulling me into his arms.

“Do you honestly miss that knuckle head?” He laughed.

“Yes, I do. He happens to be awesome.” I grinned knowing that I loved both sides of him equally.

“I’m sorry about tonight Sky. My parents were way out of line.” He said anger marring his face.

“No one is going to scare me off Stephen. I care about you and I really want us to work.” I said placing my hand on his cheek to reassure him that I was just fine.

“Good.” He said touching his forehead to mine.

“You ready for your first day of classes?” I asked changing the subject.

“Are you?” He grinned amusement dancing in his eyes

“Only because it’s my senior year. So many dances and events to plan for.” I said feeling excited.

“Promise that you will come be my date for all the important stuff.”

He pushed a strand of my hair behind my ear and meet my eyes.

“I swear that I won’t miss a thing. This guy owns a jet.” He grinned.

“I’ll come down next weekend and we can look at houses for me.”

My eyes widened at the realization that he was going to buy a freaking house for when he came to visit.

“Hotels are not favorite. I prefer to have my own space and privacy. Plus, I have a feeling I’ll be spending all of my free time with you.”

“Honestly I’m not ready to be away from you for so long.” He admitted with a sheepish grin.

“Yeah that’s going to suck.” I said turning to look at him knowing that I was going to miss him too.

“Why am I not suppressed you can play like that.” Trevor said pulling our attention to him.

“You two are up late.” He said meeting my gaze.

“I could say the same for you,” I replied wondering what he was thinking.

“I’m always restless when I’m under the same roof as you.” He said shocking me.

My eyes meet his for a second before he looked away and left Stephen and I alone again.

“Go after him,” Stephen said like he knew something I didn’t.

I hesitated for a second not sure that I should.

Stephen put his hand on my shoulder and met my eyes” until you truly resolve what you feel for him, he will always be between us.” He said looking tired.

He was right. I hugged him goodnight and hurried to catch up to Trevor. I caught him outside his bedroom door.

He turned to look at me surprise on his face as I called out his name.

“Why do you have to do things like that?” I accused angry that he was deliberately trying to come between Stephen and I.

“Do what Sky? Tell the truth. I lost you because I was afraid of your rejection. I’m done pretending that I don’t love you. That I don’t want you.” He said eyes blazing with emotion.

“You would be mine right now if I hadn’t been stupid.” He says lifting my face up towards him his blue eyes meeting mine.

“That’s not true,” I said looking away

I didn’t even know what the truth was right now I was so tied in knots.

“You’re a liar Sky and we both know it. If only you had just let me walk away that night, but you didn’t and now here we are. You’re the reason I haven’t let you go.”

He took a step towards me and I swallowed nervously making him smile.

“I hate you,” I said looking up at him.

“So you’ve said. More than once now.” He grinned.

“What you feel for me is called something else, when you’re ready to admit it I’ll be here.” Trevor said going into his room leaving me there alone to think about what he had just said.


Today was the day of my party and I was anxious. Sky would be going home tomorrow and me not being ready for her to go was an understatement. Her presence was good for me. She kept me calm and grounded. I always gave her the best of me, something a few were privy to. I watched the workers set up everything by the pool happy with my choices.

The food and alcohol were going to be arriving in the next hour along with the dj. I headed up stairs to shower and get ready.

“You ready,” Sky called from outside my door.

“Come in,” I yelled.

“Hey,” she says stepping inside.

“How do you manage to always take my breath away?” I asked the words falling from my lips.

“I know I look good.” She laughed amusement dancing in her eyes.

“Yes you do.” I grinned up at her as she twirled around in her sundress.

“Don’t look so bad yourself.” She smiled looking around my room.

I watched her closely as she took everything in.

Her eyes stopped on a photo of her on my nightstand a grin spreading across her face.

“Not at all what I thought it would look like.” She grinned.

“Really?” I said meeting her eyes.

“What were you expecting?” I asked curious.

“I didn’t expect for you to be so neat. But I guess I shouldn’t be surprised. It’s immaculate just like you always are.” She said with a small frown on her face.

“Does that bother you?” I asked suddenly needing to know.

“It’s not that it bothers me, it’s more that I find myself wondering what you look like when you first wake up. I can imagine your pajamas wrinkled and your hair disheveled by sleep. Your already gorgeous face still unshaven making you look a whole new level of sexy.”

“Don’t play with me like that Sky.” I said my heart racing in my chest at her words.

“This you,” she said waving her hand up and down my body, “Is who you choose to show everybody else. Show me who you really are. The vulnerable you.” She said taking a step towards me.

“How about I let you choose what I wear tonight.” I grinned knowing she was going to love the idea.

“However, I want?”

“However, you want.” I echoed.

After a few minutes of rummaging through my closet she chose a white tee with a light wash jean that rode low on my hips. The pair of white converses she handed make me smile. She had given me all those things as a gift for last Christmas.

She handed them to me and I walked into my walk-in closet to change. I grabbed a cap on my way out putting it on before I stepped out.

“You like?” I teased.

“I love.” She said heat in her eyes.

The way she was looking at me had my palms sweating and other parts of my body reacting to her.

“We better get downstairs.” I said taking her hand in mine and leading her out of the room.

I couldn’t handle being alone with her right now and she knew it.

She was liking getting a reaction from me and I had to admit that I liked that she liked it. We headed downstairs in silence heat swirling between us. This night was definitely going to be interesting.

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