Last Chance

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Chapter 23


One month later

I sat in my car for what felt like forever before I gained the courage to finally get out of the car every step closer to her door was torture.

“Hey,” Sky said rushing out of the house and into my arms.

I closed my arms around her wishing that I could hold her like this forever, but I knew after today it would all be over.

“What’s wrong?” She asked pulling away from me.

“You look sick?”

I stood there quiet for a few seconds trying to find the words to say what needed to be said.

“I’m going to be a father.” I said as I watched confusion and then realization flash through her eyes.

“You cheated on me?” She asked hurt in her voice.

“How could you?”

“I would never.” I said needing her to believe me.

“I was a mess over you long before I should have been, but I was in love with someone who I thought could never love me back. I was partying hard and having sex even harder. Meaningless one-night stands that I don’t even remember. I was fighting to push you from my every thought from my heart.” I said desperate to explain the mess I had created.

“She showed up on my door step a few days ago and I didn’t tell you right away because I wanted to make sure that it was even true. I have no memory of her or the night she said we were together, but doctors confirmed earlier she’s pregnant and DNA says the baby is mine.” I said feeling dead inside.

“We can get through this.” Sky said taking my hand in hers.

“I’m here for you no matter what?” She said meeting my eyes.

“It’s not that simple.”

“Why not?” She asked confused.

“In order for my child to have anything to do with Blue Diamond they have to be legitimate. I have to be married to their mother when they are born.” I said wanting to throw up.

“Your breaking up with me?” She said so low I barley caught it.

“Not because I want to,” I said pulling her to me needing to have her close.

“I can’t allow a child of mine to not be part of my legacy, their legacy.” I said not able to meet her gaze.

“I understand. That’s your child.” she said holding in a sob.

“Just let me know what I need to say about our breakup.” She said moving away from me.

“Wait,” I said pulling her back to me.

I wiped the tears from her eyes like I had done many times before. Hating myself for the way I was hurting her.

“I’m sorry,” I said falling to my knees in front of her. The weight of losing her finally too much.

“Please tell me you don’t hate me?”

“I don’t.” She said the truth in her eyes.

“This is too much for me right now.” She said turning to leave a sob escaping before she could stop it.

She broke down before she made it all the way inside. I wanted to run in after her and pull her into my arms and soothe her. I wanted to tell her that it would be okay, but it wasn’t, not for her and not for me.

The plane ride home was a blur all I could think about was Sky and how I had hurt her. Her gut-wrenching sobs would haunt me forever.

By the time I got home I was good and drunk. I barely made it inside when I saw that my Abuelos were waiting for me worry on their face.

They took one look at me in my drunken state and they rushed over to me.

“Nothing I say will help your heart mijio. I know your hurting; we know how much you love her. I know what it will do to you now that you have lost her.” My Abuela said a tear rolling down her face.

“You did the right thing Mijio.” My Abuelo said sadness in his eyes as they helped me up to my room.

I had broken Sky’s heart so that my child could have what was rightfully theirs. I had broken us both.

“I will marry the girl, but she will never have my love or loyalty.” I said knowing that it was true.


It had been months since our breakup and things were finally getting back to normal. I did my best to stay busy, so I didn’t have to think about him or his new life.

He had left it up to me to decide how the breakup would go so I took the easy road. We had broken up due to being so far apart. We just didn’t have time for each other, but we were and would always be good friends.

The truth was we had not spoken or seen each other since that night, and I was glad. I didn’t know if I could handle having him so close or hearing his voice.

Thinking about him still made my heart hurt.

The posts about his son’s birth had devastated me because I knew that he had already married her. I had cried for days all Ravens attempts to cheer me up had failed understandably.

Trevor and I hadn’t spoken since Stephens party and I suppose that was for the best too. I knew that he was home for the Christmas break, but I was going to avoid him like the plague.

Raven and Jason were currently sitting on the couch waiting for me to finally open the package that had come from Stephen.

“What do you think it is?” Raven asked picking the package up and shaking it.

“Open it and let’s find out.” Jason said with a grin.

“I can’t.” I said looking over at Jason.

“Do it for me.” I said meeting his warm eyes.

“Are you sure?”

I nodded and watched as he opened it reaching inside and taking a folded-up letter and a small black box out.

“Do you want me to read it?” He asked asking for permission.

“Go ahead.” I said sure I wouldn’t have the heart to read it myself.


We didn’t get to say a proper goodbye all those months ago and when I received your ring, I thought that it was now or never. This is my last chance to say everything that I need you to know.

The biggest thing I need you to know is that I love you and I will love you until I take my last breath no matter who I’m with.

You were a breath of fresh air in a world where everyone only wants to see what I can give them.

When you looked at me, I know you didn’t see my money or what I have you saw me and that is the greatest gift you could have ever given me.

Know that I will think of you often and that I will ALWAYS be here if you need me.

My biggest regret is that I hurt you. Wiping your tears that night hurt me because I knew that there was no one to blame but myself for them.

Lastly, I know you don’t like expensive gifts, but please make an exception in this case.

I can’t bear the thought of anyone other than you ever owning the ring I had made just for you. The ring you would have worn as my wife.

I hope it’s everything you dreamed it would be.

All My Love,

Stephen De La Cruz”

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