Last Chance

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Chapter 6


Stephen stayed holding me for what seemed like forever. I knew that letting him move on was the best thing for Jason and me, but it still hurt.

“You’re going to be just fine Sky, you’re a fighter and I know that soon this will be nothing but a memory. Go get into bed, tomorrow is another day.” He said walking up the stairs behind me.

“I’m glad you’re here Stephen,” I said pulling him into a hug.

“You always have a way of making my day better, whoever ends up with you is going to be one lucky girl.” I said staring up at him.

“How do you know that the girl won’t be you?” He said trying but failing to hold in a laugh.

“Whatever loser, you know that I’m way too good for you! It would never work, your just too darn good looking for me.” I laughed.

“All bullshit aside Sky, you’re a beautiful person. If one day we felt something for each other and we decided to give it a try I’d treat you like the princess that you are.” He grinned.

“Yeah right? Like you would ever date someone like me. I’m not your type,” I said laughing.

“Ok, keep joking but when I make you fall in love with me you’re going to be singing a different tune.” He said wiggling his eye brows at me.

I stood there for a minute thinking about what he had just said and if he was serious or not. I never knew with Stephen, he was so complex. What I did know though was when he was finally ready to be serious with someone I knew that he was going to be an awesome boyfriend.

“I’ll do my best to not let you put me under your spell,” I said hitting him on the arm and opening the door to the guest room.

“Do not leave without saying bye to me, ” I said walking down the hall to my room.

I sat in bed for a what seemed like forever replaying the conversation with Jason over and over in my head. It hurt to finally really be saying goodbye. I closed my eyes praying that sleep would find me, I needed this day to be over already. My mind refused to shut down though, so it was hours before I finally drifted off to sleep.

I woke up to my phone going off. I reached for it but whoever was calling had already hung up. I sat up in my bed and tried to get my eyes to adjust. My body felt tired and I knew I had to look like a zombie. I did my best to shake the tiredness away and looked down at my phone and frowned. Why was Trevor calling me?

I got out of bed and headed to the guest room to talk to Stephen, only when I got there he was gone. I was about to call and chew him out for leaving when I heard a crash down stairs. I ran down the stairs just in time to see Stephen trying his best to pick up all the pots that had fallen when he opened my mom’s over stuffed cabinet.

“It looks like you can use some help, ” I laughed.

He looked up and me and frowned, “have you seen what you look like? I’m going to go out on a limb here and assume you didn’t sleep good.”

“Is it really that obvious?” I said trying to fix my hair.

“Let’s just say that you’re never going to steal my heart looking like that. I’m looking for someone that can be my queen not Frankenstein’s bride.” He said laughing.

How could I be mad at that? No was wanted Frankenstein’s bride I thought smiling. I knew that I was going to be just fine as long as I had Stephen in my corner.

“Ha-ha you got jokes do you? It seems like those pots were kicking your butt when I walked in here Mr. Thinks he’s smooth.” I shot back.

“I was trying to cook me some breakfast since you don’t have kitchen staff.” He frowned.

“Trying and failing, “I said grabbing the pan from his hand.

“Move over and let me handle this, it’s obvious that you can’t handle it. I can teach you if you want?” I said pulling the eggs and bacon from the fridge.

I was surprised at how fast he picked up everything that I taught him, he was a fast learner. I loved that even though he was a so-called rich kid he was willing to get his hands dirty. I loved that he never looked down on me because he had money and I didn’t.

When it was time to take him to the airport I couldn’t help but feel sad that he was leaving me. I knew that he had things that he needed to take care of, but I was going to miss him being here to shield me from Trevor. I was not ready to deal with whatever the hell was going on with him.

We made the drive to the airport in silence. I tried my best to not look as disappointed as I felt.

“I’m not going to be gone forever Sky. I know right now you’re going through a lot. But believe me when I say I got your back. I got your back no matter where I ’am!” He said pulling me into a huge bear hug.

“I can’t breathe, ” I said trying my best to push him off of me. In the end it was no use, he was too strong. I just stood there and let him squeeze me till he got tired.

Instead of driving straight home I decided that I would stop by the hospital to see how Raven was doing. Walking to her room I prayed that Trevor was not there.

“I cannot believe that Jason had the nerve to show up at your house and try to defend that hoe. He better be glad that I’m stuck in this hospital bed Sky. Ewww he is so freaking lucky!” Raven said bawling her hands in her lap.

“Calm down killer,” I said laughing at the face she was making.

“I’m glad that he came over and I’m glad that everything that needed to be said was said. I had a missed call from Trevor when I woke up this morning. Your brother is throwing out some crazy vibes and I don’t know how to handle it.”

“Sky I know that you’re not that blind. Trevor has been into you for years. He’s never acted on it before because he didn’t think that you could ever see him as anything another other than your best friends older brother.”

I had never seen anything that would make me think that he was interested in me. He always had a beautiful girlfriend on his arm.

“There’s no way he’s into me!” I said refusing to believe it.

“There’s no way who is into you?” Trevor said walking through the door.

I was going to be brave for once. I took a much-needed breath and turned to look at him.

“Your sister here.” I said pointing at Raven, “seems to think that you have a thing for me.” I said holding my breath waiting for his answer.

“You know Sky, I’m kind of tired. Would you mind taking your conversation with my brother someplace else?” She asked fake yawning.

She was giving her brother the opportunity to speak to me in private. That had to mean that what she said to me was true.

I was scared to hear what he had to say. I pleaded with my eyes for her not to send me away, but she ignored it. She pulled me into a hug and whispered, “you asked the question please give him the chance to give you the answer.”

I nodded and walked to the door Trevor right behind me.

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