Welcome To Heartbreak

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Chapter 11

“Stop whining, Eva!” Adam shouted at me, as he now held me in his arms, “The horse won’t do anything to you, but if you keep acting like that, he’ll freak out!”

“I’m the one who’s going to freak out!” I yelled back at him, trying to force Adam to put me back in the ground, as I eyed the black stallion that was too close to me. In fact, I’d agreed with Adam that I’d try to mount him tonight. “I don’t want to do this!”

“You helped me taking care of the horses the whole week, Eva! You’ve seen they don’t do anything, unless when they sense you’re afraid!”

Adam finally let me go, and I stepped away from the horses, folding my arms over my chest. “You know what, it’s almost 3 AM! I should go back to the house.”

“You’re such a coward!”

Sulking, I just turned around and started walking towards the war out of the stable. However, I still yelled, “I’m sorry if I’m not as courageous as you when it comes to riding a horse, even if its inside the stable while you’re holding him!”

“Eva, come here right now!” I didn’t. And I also didn’t answer and just kept walking, annoying Adam even more. “If you don’t stop right now, I’ll never let you follow me to the stable, ever again.”

There. That did the trick. I slowly turned around, and rolled my eyes, trying to ease the atmosphere like if nothing had happened. “I didn’t know you threatened people when they wouldn’t do what you wanted.”

“Just shut up, Eva. Come on, you can do this.”

My hands rested now on my hips. “Can’t you see I’m scared of them, Adam? I know I’ve been helping you during the past week, but that doesn’t mean I’m ready to ride a horse. Especially one that looks that scary.” I complained with a childish tone.

“Ok, maybe I’m rushing you too much, but you have to understand they won’t hurt you, Eva.” Adam approached me, adding, “Besides, with you yelling like that, they’ll surely freak out.”

I sighed. “I really don’t want to do this now, Adam.”

He places his hands on my shoulders and he was now so close to me that, I had to lift my head in order to look into those icy blue eyes, seeing that he was so tall. “I understand. Next week, then?”

I frowned, and said, “I’ll do it when I’m ready. Get used to the idea, Adam. Anyway, I’m going. It’s practically 3 AM, and I have to go to sleep. I’m not rich at all to just don’t work and sleep till noon.”

Adam chuckled, and then said, “I’ll go with you, kid. Just let me put the horses outside and close the stable.” He turned around, doing what he just finished saying. Adam preferred to leave the horses outside, so he never locked them in the stable. Although he sometimes did, or so he’d told me, leave the stable opened, so that the horses could go inside whenever they wanted.

As he guided the horses, I just watched him with starry eyes.

Two weeks had passed since that day off, where I’d found Rick, and Adam had ended up... kissing me, thanks to what that stupid jackass, Rick, had said. During the first week, we’d decided it was better to stay away from each other, since his father could still be thinking about catching us together, again. Throughout the first week, I’d gotten over my panic attack, regarding what I’d said about liking Adam. Whenever that scene played on my head over and over again, I felt seriously embarrassed. I was really out of my mind because of his kiss, but at least I’d convinced myself Adam was right. I was just mixing my feelings. All I felt for him... was just friendship.

Then, during the second week, we’d met on the stable almost every day. I couldn’t come every single day, given that I needed to sleep at least a whole night to have a proper rest. But, I was actually getting used to it... to the whole thing of spending some time with Adam before going to bed, around 2 or 3 AM.

After Adam closed the stable, he turned at me, asking, “Back or arms?”

I couldn’t help but to laugh. I was really was getting used to this. Adam was badly spoiling me, since he now always offered to carry me back to the house, whether on his arms or back, though it depended on how sleepy I felt at the time. Since I wasn’t feeling that sleepy, I replied, “Back.”

Having said that, Adam turned and I ran for him, and settled on his back, wrapping my legs around his lean waist and my arms around his neck. Last, I leaned my head on his shoulder as his warm hands on my thighs secured me, as well.

“You’re spoiling me, Adam.”

“You’re the only girl I’ve heard saying that I spoil her by carrying her every night back to the house. Are you that happy with so little?”

“Well, I can’t have anything more from you, so...” I noticed he’d suddenly slowed down. I hurried to say, “I’m kidding Adam.” Once more, I caught myself thinking about him and his girlfriend. Adam had made her apologize to him during that first week we barely saw each other. I’d also heard through the maids that Rachel’s parents were still mad at him, given that Adam hadn’t apologized to them. Since he really didn’t talk much about his relationship with Rachel, I didn’t know much, other than what the maids gossiped every day.

We remained silent for quite a while, until Adam abruptly asked, “You know, I really don’t feel like going to sleep right away, and tonight, since you’re not looking that sleepy as well, don’t you want to see a movie with me?”

“At this time of the night?” I asked, surprised by such abrupt invitation. “And you do remember I have neither a DVD player nor a TV on my room, right?” At first, I’d thought about buying a small TV with my first pay-check, but I quickly reasoned that it was better to spend it on some new clothes. I hadn’t bought anything new to wear in a while, seeing that I preferred spending my money on going out with my friends.

“I know you don’t own any of those, kid. That’s why I was about to tell you that we could watch the movie in my room.” Adam disclosed, surprising me even more.

“I don’t know, Adam... What if someone-”

“It’s 3 AM, Eva.” He cut me off, with an annoyed tone. I knew he wanted an answer in that precise moment. “No one will go to my room at this hour. So, do you want it or not?”

I didn’t know what to choose. I really wasn’t that drowsy tonight, like Adam had noticed, but I was afraid someone would catch us. Other than that... yes, I wanted to go. I wanted to be with him, yes. However... “Are you really sure no one will go to your room? I don’t want to be fired.”

“I’m sure of it. Just relax.” He paused, offering me the chance to fret about it, again, but I stayed silent. “Anyway, what movies to do you want to-”

“What movies do you have?”

“Any you might think of. Just name it.”

“Hum... Do you have Transformers?”

“Yeah.” Great! I just loved that movie.

“Then, we can see that one. I was wondering if you had Cloverfield, but I’ve heard that’s a movie to see with an excellent sound system, which I’m sure you have, but at this hour, we might awake someone.” I’d rather see Cloverfield over Transformers, since I’d never seen the first. At any rate, I didn’t mind watching the second one. It was one of my favorites.

“Eva,” Adam started, with that matter-of-fact tone, “My room is the only one in the left wing of the first floor that has someone in it. Me. So we can pretty much see Cloverfield. I think it’s a great movie. Did you know the whole movie happens not only because of a monster, but because of love story going on between the lead characters? They-”

“Adam!” I poked his shoulder, cutting him off.


“I don’t want to hear any spoilers! I can already see you enjoyed the movie, but please, let me see it for my own eyes before commenting it with me, ok?”

“Yeah, yeah.” I noticed his annoyed tone because I’d interrupted his excited speech about Cloverfield.

Adam actually didn’t say a word to me throughout the rest of the way, but I didn’t care. The less he talked about the movie, the eager I felt to watch it. Anyway, we arrived at the backyard five minutes later. After we got in, Adam locked the door, like he always did when he came back from the stable. From that point forward, we didn’t talk at all, afraid someone would wake up. Not being able to keep it for myself, I whispered, “Are you sure this is a good idea?”

“If you don’t want to go because you’re afraid of being caught, just say it, kid.” Adam said with that exasperated tone.

“I want to... but I’m really afraid someone-”

“No one will catch us.” Adam reassured, again. “My family and the maids seldom come to my room during the day, let alone during the night.”

I said nothing else. If Adam was that sure, so be it.

When we got to his room, I finally slid off his back and stretched myself once my feet touched the floor. We could actually speak in a normal tone, since no one else lived in this part of floor, like Adam had said.

“I’m going to change into some shorts, kid. Do you want something?”

Confused, I asked, “Something?”

“Uh, yeah... Do you think you’re going to lie down on my bed with that pajama? I mean, you were laid on the hay! I don’t want my bed dirty.” Eyes wide-open, I looked down at myself. I was clean. Well, I had some stains, but nothing that would blemish his bed.

“For god’s sake, Adam, I’m not going-”

“Eva, I like my bed very clean.”

“Oh, Adam...” I complained, sulking, now. “I don’t want to go to my room just to fetch a new set-”

“I didn’t say you need to go to your room.” He said with that exasperated tone, while sighing. “I have some clothes from Rachel. If you-”

“Oh, god, no!” I said straight away, in a disgusted and scared way, though I didn’t realize I had spoken that way until Adam looked at me with an eyebrow arched. I decided to add, “I mean, no, I don’t want them. I prefer to go to my room.”

I immediately walked towards the door, when Adam suddenly grabbed me from behind, and pulled me to him, elevating me in the air for a couple of seconds. Boy, was I that light? “You’re not going anywhere. You might risk getting caught. If you don’t want Rachel’s clothes, though I don’t know why since she’d never know, you can take off those and put on one of my shirts. They’re big enough to cover everything you want, other than your legs. Besides, I’ve already seen them, so it’s nothing new to me.”

Everything Adam had said, I agreed. I could wear one of his shirts, and like he’d said, it covered what I wanted it to cover. My legs, like Adam had said, weren’t anything new to him, since he’d seen them when he’d made me fall asleep by simply moving his fingers around my hands, face, legs...

Shaking those thoughts away, I said, “Hum, ok. Then, where can I change?”

“You can stay here; I’ll change in the bathroom.” Next, I watched him reaching for a green shirt that was over his bed, and throwing it in my direction.

“Thanks.” I said, waiting for him to go to the bathroom. When he actually did go and closed the door, I started taking off my pajama and changed into Adam’s green shirt. He was right. I was really petite, and Adam was really big. I’d bet one more of me fit inside the shirt!

Minutes later, Adam got out of the closet wearing just some shorts. I’d seen him like that, so I wasn’t taken by surprise when I noticed his abs and the rest of his sculpted body, ready to... possess someone and... The moment I became aware of what I was thinking, I just shook my head. God, what a perverted thought.

“Come on, kid. Let’s put you in bed.” Adam said, approaching from behind. However, before I could move towards the bed, Adam just took me in his arms again, and led me to his bed, where he carefully put me down. I thought he’d follow, but instead he came close to his plasma TV, and put on the movie I’d chosen to see. Afterwards, he came back to me, with two more pillows in his arms, to better see the movie.

He threw one at me, and then said, “Move, kid, you’re in the middle of the bed.”

“Oh, I’m sorry.” I was too distracted watching him, but I did as I was told. I moved to the left and allowed him to lie by my side. Since his bed was too huge, there was an empty space between us, even though we’d slept together, I didn’t have the guts to fill that space close to him.

“You didn’t need to move that far, Eva. I’m not going to bite you or something.” Adam complained. I kept soundless, and drew near just a bit, though I still didn’t touch any part of his body. “You know, you’re close to me when I carry you on my arms. You even cuddle against me. What’s the matter now?”

“Well... It’s different, now.” I whispered, avoiding his questioning blue eyes.

“Are you afraid just because we’re in my bed?”

He was a good mind-reader; I had to give him that. But honestly, I didn’t know if it was because we were in his bed or not. I simply didn’t feel comfortable when that close to him, in his bed. Anyway, I didn’t have the time to say anything, because Adam just grabbed me tightly, and pulled to him.

“Adam...” I grumbled. I was like... really, really close to him. And he was still putting himself comfortable when he just put his arm around my neck, and my head automatically leaned on his chest. At that point, I decided it was better to neither talk nor move.

“Now that we’re settled, let’s see the movie.” Adam had the remote control on his other hand, so he just pushed some button and the movie started without ado. The first ten minutes passed and I didn’t move at all. I was practically petrified in that position, in his bed, with Adam. He must have noticed it, because at some point, he sighed impatiently, and asked, “What’s wrong, Eva?”


“It looks like you’re frozen or something.” Yeah, I was. “You’re not comfortable at all, are you?”

“No.” I admitted. Thank god I wasn’t looking at him, otherwise he’d see me blushing.

“Why? We’ve been like this once, when you asked me to lie down on your bed.” Suddenly, I felt his finger on my chin, forcing me to look back at him. Damn. “This is the same, Eva. You don’t need to be nervous or something.” I knew he was right, but that time had been different! It was my bed and I was feeling too sleepy!

“I’m sorry.”

“Pretend I’m just another guy or something, if it makes you feel more restful.”

“I can’t pretend that! I can only think it’s you!”

I easily notice he was losing his patience once he spoke again, in that exasperated tone. “Well, imagine I’m just Adam. Pretend I’m not your boss, that I don’t have a girlfriend, and that my dad isn’t really my dad. Pretend there is just the two of us, in this house, in this world. Stop behaving like if you was frozen.”

I found myself biting my lip. Should I do what he was saying? Well, if he was practically begging to put myself comfortable, then he really wouldn’t mind... Well, I completely avoided looking at him, once I made up my mind. I completely turned my body at him, and placed my leg over his, one arm over his chest and my head on his shoulder. Then, when I felt just fine, I notice Adam was playing with my curly black hair already.


“Yeah.” I lied, of course. Just because I physically felt good, mentally, I still felt uncomfortable. It was Adam, for god’s sake. However, when we started paying attention to the movie, I actually started feeling relaxed. Not only Adam was playing with my hair, but also because he’d started moving his fingers around my arm. I could feel the warmness of his body against mine... I could feel and listen to his soothing breathing...

The movie was being interesting. I was enjoying it, but I was more focused on Adam’s little moves on me. As time passed, my eyes started closing once in a while, despite the effort I was doing to keep them opened, in order to see the movie and pay attention to Adam. Now that everything seemed better, I liked being there with him, even if in my head I was still battling against the fact that we looked like a couple, just because we were watching a movie, in his bed, too close to each other.

At some point of the movie, it became impossible for me to think, to see the movie, or to even feel Adam. My eyes simply shut for once and for all, due to the tiredness I’d tried to back away from my body once I’d lain in Adam’s soft bed.


“Eva...” I heard a soothing voice, in the background. “Eva, you have to wake up...” The voice seemed just as tired as I seemed to be. In fact, I felt the weakest person in the whole world right now.

“Let me sleep...” I complained, cuddling against someone’s warm body.

“Wake up, kid...” As soon as my brain combined the work kid with that cultured voice, my eyes opened immediately. The first thing I saw was a naked chest, too close to my face, but when I looked up, I saw those icy blue eyes gazing at me. I was completely cuddled against Adam’s warm body, and... he wasn’t complaining.

“Adam? What are you doing here?”

“Here? You’re in my bedroom, Eva.”

When I heard that, I didn’t move. I thought of what had happened and was happening. I was in Adam’s room... Well, I remembered coming to his room to watch a movie, though I didn’t remember much of it. “Oh my god... what time is it?”

“Relax...” Adam let his head fall back and closed his eyes. “It’s almost 7 AM. I remembered to put the alarm clock when the movie ended.”

“Why didn’t you wake me up?” What if I’d find someone while on the way to my room?

Adam suddenly pulled me towards him and obligated me to place my head down on his chest. “Don’t talk that loud, kid... I didn’t wake you up because you were deeply sleeping. If I’d awoken you, I knew you wouldn’t have enough strength or wouldn’t even be capable to go to your room on your own, and I’d have to carry you. Since I didn’t feel like it, I decided to let you stay here and set the alarm clock.”

“Even now, I don’t feel like going to my room... God, I hate working for you.”

“Yet, you love being with me.”

“Oh, don’t get cocky. As far as I remember, you were the one who invited me to see the movie.” I said, and right after, I yawned. “I think I should go...”

“Yeah... you don’t want to get caught in bed with me...”

Tiredly, I tried to lift my body and started passing over Adam. However, the stupid silk sheet was wrapped around my foot, and when I tried to free it, I fell over Adam. “Shit!” I complained straight away, “I’m so sorry, Adam.”

“It’s ok, kid. You know, if I were to give one thousand dollars to poor kids every time you said you were sorry, it would be just a matter of time until they were richer than me. Come on, I’ll help you...” And then, I felt his hands on my ribs. As for me, I just gazed at his blue eyes. “What?”

“Nothing... Has anyone told you how beautiful you are?” In that instance, I felt the dumbest person on Earth. Why the hell was I saying that? This wasn’t a dream! “I love your eyes, your pink checks, your soft skin, your hair... You’re perfect, Adam.”

Adam offered me a smile, but I couldn’t see it that well, since my vision was slightly blurry. I was in desperate need to wash my face. Anyway, we were so close to each other that, I could feel his breath on my chin. “Thanks for the compliments, kid. I also like your eyes, you wild hair, the coldness of your legs against the heat of me body, cooling me down...”

I smiled, though I felt myself blushing. “Thanks for the compliments, Adam.”

I couldn’t help but to just stare at him. He was indeed the most beautiful man I’d ever seen and, this time, he didn’t seem arrogant and heartless at all. I dared to lower my head a little. Our noses touched. “Eva...” He started saying, “You have to go...”

“I know...” I whispered. I actually didn’t know what the hell I was doing. “But, I just want...” I didn’t know what I wanted, but I was sure I wanted something from him. But what? I had the audacity to lower my head even more.

Our lips touched. Adam didn’t do anything. I didn’t kiss him, and neither did Adam. I just... stroked his lips. My hand touched his face, caressing him like he used to do with me. In that moment, I felt his hands moving from my waistline to my lower back... Before I knew it, Adam forced me to fall over him again.

“You shouldn’t be doing this.” He whispered in my lips.

“Neither should you...” He’d been the one that had forced me to lie over him, hadn’t he? But I ignored his remark when I felt his heart beating. One thing I was sure - it wasn’t beating faster than mine.

Adam suddenly locked my hair on his hands. “If you want to do something, just do it, kid.”

“You shouldn’t be saying that.” Oh god, the last thing I needed was to be provoked... especially by Adam. He really shouldn’t... I couldn’t do anything. I couldn’t. He was a man I couldn’t afford doing this. “Adam... let me go.” I pleaded, now.

“You’ve come this far, so why not go all the way?”

I wasn’t the one who gave the first step. I wasn’t the one who forced me to lower my head even more and smash my lips against his, again. I wasn’t the one whose hands were desperate to feel the chilliness of my body.

For the second time, Adam had given the first step to kiss me. And, this time, no guy like Rick was here to provoke this.

He was kissing me with urgency, like if he needed something, when the one who really needed this was me. I had to understand my feelings. I had to make sure I hadn’t mixed up my feelings, like Adam had said. This wasn’t friendship, this was... that feeling! I couldn’t afford feeling this. I was forbidden to feel something for Adam! He was forbidden to me!

I was the one who broke the kiss.

Adam quickly opened his eyes to stare at me. I didn’t have the courage to say anything. I’d provoke this, but Adam had ended it, by kissing me. I simply passed over him and got out of bed. Afraid of the cold way he looked at me, I just reunited my stuff, and looked at him one last time. “I’m sorry.”

Then, I turned around and hurried to leave his room. Luckily, no maid was on the staircases when I was running to my room, still feeling Adam’s lips on mine. God, I was so freaking stupid... Why the hell had I provoked him? And why the hell hadn’t he yelled at me or something?

I finally arrived at my room, and the first thing I did was to take off Adam’s shirt, and wash my face. I shouldn’t have kissed him or let him have me like that, so easily. When I got out of the bathroom and started putting on the ugly uniform, someone knocked on the door. I prayed it wouldn’t be Adam. “Who is it?”

“Your aunt.” Oh, great. The last person I needed to see was my aunt. However, better my aunt than Adam. “Can I come in?”


And so she came in, and closed the door behind her. “Did you sleep well?”

“Uh, yeah, why?”

“Nothing,” She replied, smiling. “I just came here to tell you it’s my day off, and that I’m going to town. Is there anything you want me to bring?”

I shook my head, “Oh, no. Thanks, anyway, aunt.” Every time my aunt had a day off, she’d always come to my room early in the morning, to warn me about it and ask me if I needed something. That was nice from her.

I finished getting dressed when my aunt started picking up the clothes that were spread around the room - my pajama from last night and Adam’s shirt. “You really need to clean this room and take care of your laundry, Eva...”

“Yeah, I know.”

“Is this yours?” I suddenly heard her, and when I turned, I noticed she was grabbing Adam’s shirt. “This is a man’s shirt.”

“Hum, yeah... It belongs to Chris, one of my friends.” I lied. If Adam had plenty of clothing, then my aunt wouldn’t really know for sure if that belonged to Adam. Besides, why would she even think that belonged to him? “I sleep with it when I feel homesick.”

“You used it recently?” She threw it at the pile of clothes in her arm, buying my lie. “It smells good.” Well, it smelled like Adam... and Adam always smelled good.

“Yup. And don’t worry, I’ll start asking Glenda permission to dedicate some time to my laundry.” I said, laughing, though that was the last thing I felt like doing. “And I’ll start by today, so that you won’t lose any time with it.” I approached my aunt and took my clothes from her.

“Ok. Well, I should go. Anything you need, call me.” She started walking towards the door, but before she left, she turned and said, “Don’t forget to comb that hair and do the braid, Eva.”

“Don’t worry.” I tried to look relaxed when I just winked my eye and smiled. “Have a nice day off!”

“I will.” Finally, she went away.

As for me, I put my pajama on the basket with the dirty laundry and put Adam’s shirt on my wardrobe. I’d later find a way to give it to him, without really facing him. Looking into those icy eyes was the last thing I wanted to do.

After combing my hair and doing the stupid braid, I came down for breakfast. Most of the maids were there, and like every day, I just sat next to Becca and reached for what I felt like eating.

“Good morning to you too, missy.”

“I’m sorry, Becca.” I said, not bothering to look at her, “Good morning.”

“You’ve been really quiet lately.” The blonde maid remarked.

What could I say? I didn’t have anything to answer, honestly, since all my thoughts about me being quiet were about Adam. I just didn’t want people paying attention to me, so I’d made an effort and tried not to be under anyone’s radar. The only thing I could use to make a conversation with Becca was about Linda and Brad together. I sighed. That had been the night Adam had invited me to spend my day off with him. That had been the day off he’d kissed me for the first time, though last night’s kiss had been much, much better...

I immediately shook my head. I shouldn’t be thinking about that.

“Well, nothing interesting has been going on, so-”

“Oh, but today, you’ll have something interesting to talk about.” Becca cut in, and I immediately shot her a questioning glance. “I heard Brad talking to one of his friends last night, and apparently his little gang is coming today, and they plan on spending their afternoon by the pool.”

I couldn’t see where the interest was. Becca noticed my confused look and explained, “They always pick on us, stupid stuff, you know? Still, Rita and Linda love to serve them when they pay Brad a visit.”

“I bet they love to serve them...” I muttered under my breath. However, there was something I didn’t get. Rita had a crush on Adam, right? Then why did she sleep with Brad? I mean, that was clearly not one of the best ways to get into Adam’s good graces, I guess. I didn’t even know how I’d gotten his attention. The only thing I’d done was just to be on his way when he was going somewhere, or about to do something.

Anyway, I kept those remarks for myself and kept my mouth shut while Becca focused her attention on what Linda was saying. Oh well, I took that chance to eat in silence and enjoyed that moment, which lasted only fifteen minutes.

Afterwards, Glenda started distributing the chores for the morning. After I cleaned the main living room, I’d have to take care of everyone’s laundry. And by everyone’s laundry, she meant the maids’. Younger maids like me were forbidden to take of the Coopers’ laundry. Go figure. Maybe they were afraid we’d steal some of their expensive clothing. My aunt must have told something to Glenda about me taking care of the laundry, since I doubted this had been a coincidence.

Given that this time Glenda hadn’t instructed me to serve breakfast and lunch for the Coopers, I easily cleaned the main living room and moved on to the next chore, which was taking care of the laundry. I thought that would be an easy chore, but it really wasn’t. It sucked carrying around the others’ clothes and uniforms and then putting the rest back on its place. By the time it was lunch time, I still hadn’t finished it, which meant that after I’d had lunch, I’d still spent some time on that chore.

At 2 PM, some noisy guys arrived at the house, but thankfully, they immediately went to the backyard with Brad. Linda had been the one that had opened the door, so the moment she approached me, she started babbling about that. Couldn’t she see that I didn’t give a damn about what she was saying? Right now, I really couldn’t care less about what everyone else talked about.

The only thing I could think of was the kiss...

Around 3 PM, I finished doing everything, and so I started walking towards the place where Glenda was, the kitchen, when I suddenly heard, “Eva.”

I instantly looked at my right side and saw Adam sat alone in the dining room, eating. He’d only gotten off bed late, as usual, and was just having his lunch now. I stopped, but no words came from my mouth. I saw him getting up and I noticed the beach shorts he was wearing. He leaned on the door frame and didn’t take his eyes off me.

What the hell was he doing? Did he want to talk to me about the kiss here? Not only I didn’t want to talk about it, but we also couldn’t possibly talk about that where we were!

Adam broke the silence when he said, “I thought you’d look for me later.”

Me? Yeah, right. I’d spent the entire afternoon praying he wouldn’t see me! I didn’t know what else to say other than, “I’m sorry.”

“Will you stop apologizing for everything?” Adam suddenly snapped, giving just one step towards me. “Not everything you do is mainly your fault!” When he said that, I wondered if he’d realized he’d been the one that had kissed me, and not the other way around.

“What do you want me to say, then?” I let my head fall. Only me to be in this stupid situation.

“I want you to explain why the hell you left me after that!” Did he prefer I’d stayed there, speechless, staring at him? Did he expect me to say something about what he had done? Now, I had the guts to stare back at him, and hell, he looked furious.

“What did you want me to do?”

“I don’t know, Eva!” His tone of voice raised, and I caught myself looking around to make sure no one was eavesdropping. “Something! The last thing you should have done was to run away from me, don’t you think?”

“I didn’t know what else to do!”

“Everything but to run away!”

“What about you?” I decided to attack him, now. “Did you actually do or say something when you were really the one who kissed me?”

His eyed widened in shock, “You were the one who just fell over me, provoking me!”

Before I knew, I was the one yelling, “You were the one who forced me to fall over you! Your hands were the ones who moved under the shirt! I may have started it Adam, but you were the one who ended it! And then you expect me to just stay there after everything?” God, the nerve this guy had!

Adam was about to yell back at me, but he shut up straight away when the bell rang. Since I was close to the door, I reached for it and opened. I wished it was someone who could distract Adam.

And it was. I instantly faced the perfect Alexis, with a pale pink summer dress, and a white bikini under, or so it seemed by those white straps. Without no smile at all, I said, “Hello.”

She first came in, and then her eyes jumped from me to Adam, and then the other way around, like if assessing the situation. Her lips curved in an amused smile. “Am I interrupting something?”


“No.” When I heard Adam saying yes, I couldn’t believe it. Fuming, I kept going, ignoring him. “No, you aren’t interrupting anything. I’m glad you came, actually. I think Adam’s feeling very lonely today.”

“Oh, he is?”

“Yes.” I affirmed, closing the door behind her. I then looked back at Adam, and snarled, “I should get back to work. I’ll see you around.” I hoped not. Anyway, I just turned around and left to the kitchen.

The nerve Adam had! I felt so angry at him, right now! I still didn’t understand what the hell he wanted me to say! I mean, yes, I’d provoked him a little, but Adam had done the same! His hands had moved because he wanted! Not to mention he was the one who pulled me down and kissed me! I may have been a little sleepy at the time, but I still remembered everything we’d both said!

I simply couldn’t forget Adam’s words, ”You’ve come this far, why not go all the way?"

Shaking my head in disapproval, all I could think now was that if Adam had been so worried, why hadn’t he come after me? Why did it always have to be me going after him? Still... I was glad he hadn’t come, really. I wouldn’t have the courage to face him after that. That was why I’d run.

The moment I got in the kitchen, I immediately faced Glenda, “Oh, Eva, come here.” She called and I approached her, “Grab this and take it to the pool where Brad and some of his friends are.”

I had no time to say anything and just dashed out of the kitchen. On my way there, I found Linda coming from the backyard, giggling and blushing. Becca stood at her side, but she looked as if she really wasn’t in the mood to put up with Linda.

Moments later, I was by the pool and immediately noticed four guys sat down. They were all wet and wearing beach shorts. I wished I had their lives. When I approached them, I let my head fall, not wanting to draw any attention. I started off serving Adam’s brother. He took one drink from the tray, and I immediately heard, “Who is she?”

I looked at the guy that had spoken, and noticed he was sat right beside Brad. He had a cocky grin on his face, blowing me off with the impression he was a jock. With no interest at all, Brad replied, “Just another maid.”

“Just another one? Dude, she’s prettier than those two. Well, not prettier than the blonde one... What’s her name? Becca?”

“The one who simply won’t sleep with Brad?” Another one said, smirking.

“Yes, that one, Becca.” Oh, so apparently Brad had made a move on Becca, but she hadn’t accepted. That’s my girl, I thought for myself. “What about this one? Have you done her?”

When I heard that, I hoped they weren’t talking about me.

“No, I haven’t. Eva’s always in her own world.” Brad replied, still not interested. Good boy.

“Then why don’t you pull her to your world?” Was this guy stupid or what? When I moved on to the third guy, I heard the retard asking, “What’s her name, again?”


“I like that name... Hey, Eva!” When I finished serving Brad’s last friend, I looked at the idiot that had called me - the jock. “Come here, baby.” What the hell? Baby?

“Do you need anything?” I asked, not getting near the jock.

“Yeah, I need you to come here.”


“Well, I want to look at your pretty face, Eva. Come on, don’t be hard on me. Behave like those two, ok?” I was sure he was referring to Linda and Rita.

“No, thanks. Stupid jocks aren’t my type.” I retorted, getting ready to turn around. I immediately heard them whispering and whistling. As for Brad, I now had his full attention. “Now, if you’ll excuse, I have to go.”

The guy shut up, but I should know better. Now, Brad focused on me. “Wait a second, Eva.” He got up and came near me. In that moment, I became aware Adam and Alexis had come to the backyard, and for a while, I thought Adam would come to help me, but then they sat a few feet away from me and Brad’s friends.

I saw recognition in Adam’s eyes when he saw me in the middle of his brother’s friends, but he said and did nothing.

“What do you want, Brad?” I asked, just wanting to get the hell out of there.

He smiled, and then lifted my chin aggressively, saying, “You won’t speak like that, ever again, to any of my friends, understood, Eva?”

I tried to take his hands off my face, “I won’t talk like that if he doesn’t talk to me like that, as well. He’s not my boss.”

“Well, I am.” Brad said, tightening the grip around my arm, and pulling towards the jock. “You can look at her, now.”

“She’s feisty... I like that.” Brad once again forced me to lift me head so that I’d look into his friend’s eyes. I felt the jock’s finger sliding down my face. “And she’s pretty. I like her eyes.”

I tried to shake Brad’s hand off me, but I was too weak. I then resumed pleading, “Let me go, Brad.”

“Yeah, let her go, man. She’s not like those two. If she doesn’t want anything, just let her go.” Another of Brad’s friend said. This time, a nicer one.

“I’ll let her go once we’re finished with her.” Brad replied, laughing. “Besides, I wouldn’t let her talk like that with Louis!”

“Brad... let me go!” I repeated, just wanting to get out of there.

“You know, I actually never thought of you, Eva...” He came close to my face, and I felt his breath on my ear. “You’re actually pretty, and... although you have that ugly uniform, it really doesn’t hide those delicious curves. Curves I’d love to put my hands on...” He whispered, disgusting me.

Avoiding his eyes, I said, “Never.”

“That’s what you say now, but once I go to your room and seduce you, we’ll see who wins.”

“Brad?” I suddenly heard that deep voice, “What the hell are you doing?” Oh, thank god! I didn’t want to look into Adam’s eyes, but I was so glad he’d finally noticed what his brother was doing to me!

“Nothing. I was just... introducing this pretty maid to my friends.”

“Oh, really? And do you need to grab her like that?” Adam pointed at his hands on my arm and chin. “Let her go, now. As far as I know, Eva’s not like those you sleep with.”

Brad instantly let me go and completely turned to face his brother, as I practically run towards Adam and stayed put behind his back. Just like the kid he said I was. However, Brad still spoke, “You know her name, Adam?”

“Does that really matter?” It was a rhetoric question said aggressively, which Brad would do better if he stayed silent. As for Adam, he started turning, his hand on my shoulder, now. “Come on, Eva.”

“Have you changed, brother?” Brad suddenly asked him, “Because I’ve never seen you protecting a maid like that nor talking to one in such a... caring way.”

“Just shut up, asshole.” Adam snapped, looking over his shoulder. “If you don’t want your friends out of the house, right now, I suggest you behave like the man you say you are.” If I were Brad, I’d behave, because I believed Adam would be capable of doing what he’d just said.

Brad said nothing out-loud, though we heard him muttering something. However, Adam chose to ignore and walked up to Alexis with me by his side. When we reached her, she laughed in a mocking way, “How cute, Adam. The maids’ protector. Never knew you had it in you.”

“Oh, shut up, Alexis.” This time, he hadn’t used that aggressive tone. Maybe he was calmer, already. “I’ll be back in a few minutes, ok?”

“Oh, sure, take your time! I’m sure Eva needs her private security to take her back to the house safely.”

Ignoring Alexis’ remark, Adam just pulled me and guided me back to the house. At first, he said nothing, and allowed me to turn around. He was looking around us and when he finally decided we were alone, he pointed his finger at me, and said, “Don’t you ever get near Brad and his gang, understood?”

“I’m sorry, but Glenda told me to-”

“I don’t care what Glenda said! Just say you have something else to do! They’re assholes, Eva.” Now he seemed angry at me, as if I’d chosen to serve the idiots. “The moment they catch you alone, they’ll-”

“I think I got the picture, Adam.” I cut him off with a frown. “You don’t need to speak to me like that, you know. It’s not like I provoked them!”

“It doesn’t matter who started it!”

When he said that, my eyes widened in shock. “You think I provoked them? Me? Come on, Adam. You know me better than that! Just because you think I provoked you, it doesn’t mean I also provoked a bunch of guys that happened to be our brother and his gang!”

I watched his expression softening, but his icy eyes still scaring me. “I’m sorry, I’m exaggerating.”

“Yes, you are.” I folded my arms over my chest and stared at him like a grownup. Still, I wasn’t able to act like that for long. My arms fell to the sides, and I offered him a faint smile. “Anyway... thank you. If it hadn’t been for you, I don’t know how I’d have escaped Brad’s hands.”

“It’s ok, kid.” Oh, he’d called me kid! That was a good sign. When he called me kid, he was seldom mad at me. “Oh, and about what Alexis said... she didn’t mean to be unpleasant, but she tends to be really sarcastic sometimes.”

“Oh, it’s ok.”

“Well, I have to go.” Now his face became firm again, and he was about to turn without saying anything else. He was acting so cold at me since the kiss...

“Adam,” I called him before he moved. Biting my lip, I knew I had to say what was on my mind. Adam was the only one I could trust. “Hum, your brother, he...” I trailed off, listening to Brad again in my mind, saying he’d go to my room to seduce me. The thought disgusted me.


“He, hum... He said he’d love to put his hands on me, but I said never, but...” I felt so stupid. I was actually saying this to Adam, Brad’s brother. I mean, yes, he saved me from Brad, but... what about later? Would he do the same thing, or would he still be too mad at me? “He said he’d change that once he went to my room and-”

Adam interrupted me before I could finish, “Brad said that?”

“Yes, and he seemed pretty serious about it...” I knew I was being a coward, but hell, what could I do against Brad if he actually went to my room? What would he do?

“Don’t worry.” Adam said, in a determined tone. He drew near me and added, “I won’t let him do anything to you, kid.”

With that said, Adam simply turned around and left, leaving me staring at him walking away.

Although I knew Adam wouldn’t allow Brad to do anything to me, the way he’d said it, the hard way and the icy stare, made me think he’d suddenly change towards me... because of the kiss. Or maybe, it was just my imagination.

However, Adam knew damn well I wasn’t the only one to blame concerning our kiss.

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