Welcome To Heartbreak

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Chapter 12

It was about 3 PM and I was sat in the kitchen, alongside Glenda. I wasn’t talking to her; it was just that, for the first time, she really didn’t have anything for me to do. So I just sat there, while waiting for something to come up, since I wasn’t authorized to go to my room and do whatever the hell I wanted, so that I’d stop thinking about Adam and the fact that he hadn’t talked to me for a whole week, now.

I was sure it was because of the kiss, but for god’s sake, we were not kids, like he’d said once! We were grownups and we should be able to solve this without spending days in total silence! Anyway, I’d started to get used to Adam’s absence, though it still hurt me, because he was the one who distracted me from everything.

Suddenly, Rita came into the kitchen, and said, “Glenda, I need something for Adam and Vince to eat, now.”

Glenda didn’t reply. Instead, she just turned at the chef that was already taking care of the dinner, and gave him some orders. Next, she looked back at Rita and said, “I need you to go to the supermarket.”

“Why me?” She immediately snapped, “I have to serve-”

“Because you’re the only who isn’t too busy and has the driver’s license. Eva will take care of everything in your place, now.” Glenda commanded. I could see Rita shooting me deadly glances. Oh well, if it made her feel better, I really didn’t want to serve Adam and his friend. I didn’t want to go to him, and be a victim of his silence and icy stares.

Sulking, Rita disclosed, “They’re in their room.” And then, she focused on Glenda, again,” Give me the list so that I can get back in an hour.” She stretched out her hand, and Glenda gave her the list straight away.

“Don’t forget to bring everything’s that written there!”

Rita didn’t bother to say anything, but she did look at me and smiled meanly. “Have a good time serving Adam.” Then, she turned around and left the kitchen. As for me, I didn’t dare looking at Glenda. Bitch. She’d made it on purpose.

I acted like I really hadn’t paid any attention and patiently waited for the snack the chef was preparing for Adam and Vince. And so, minutes later, Glenda gave me a tray filled with food. It was kind of heavy, but I managed to take it. In route for his room, I tried to look the most normal as possible. I didn’t want him to realize I felt strangely lonely - or even sad - without him in my life.

When I reached his room, I found it hard to knock on the door due to the heavy tray on my hands. But, with effort, I managed to roughly knock and seconds later, without even asking who it was, someone walked towards the door and opened it.

Adam then stood in front of me, but he didn’t notice it was me, since he was looking over his shoulder, “Don’t be mean to Vince, baby.” Baby? Rachel was here? “Eva?” I heard him saying my name as I almost drifted off into those deep thoughts. I couldn’t believe Rachel was here... Every time she came here and had lunch or dinner with Adam and his family, I was always strictly forbidden to serve them or to even work near them.

“Hum... I came here to bring you the food you asked for.”

“I thought the other one-”

“Yeah, well, Glenda gave her another chore. I’m sorry if you’re disappointed to see it’s me, but I was forced.” I said, not allowing him to speak and staring back at him with the same coldness. However, I could clearly see he really didn’t expect to see me, let alone talk to me.

Anyway, he didn’t say anything and stepped aside so that I could walk in and place the tray in one of his desks. The moment I walked, I immediately sighted Vince and Rachel. The first had an amused smile, now Rachel... oh, if she could burn me with her green eyes, I’d be on fire, already.

“How are you, Eva?” Vince asked, walking towards me, “I haven’t seen you in a while.”

That’s because I haven’t been or seen Adam and you’re always with him, I thought to myself, though I then said, “Well, I’ve been busy.”

“Oh, Vince, don’t you know a maid is always busy cleaning up the house?” Rachel commented nastily, as she passed by me and reached Adam, who still stood next to the door.

I just kept my mouth shut. I had no right to answer to a woman of her caliber. However, Vince actually stood up for me in a very nice way, “Come on, Rachel, you should learn how to be nicer to people.”

I noticed her rolling her eyes in a cocky way, leaning her head on Adam’s chest and her arms around his narrow waist, now. “What can I say... Adam and I are perfect for each other.”

“Now that’s true. You should also learn how to be nicer to people, dude.” Vince commented. Then, his eyes jumped from the couple to me, and he smirked, “Nothing that I’ll say will make them change. It’s useless, they’re rich. I rest my case.”

I noticed Rachel lifting her head to look up at Adam, with starry eyes. “We’re perfect for each other, we’re beautiful, we’re rich, and we’re smart... the only thing that’s left for us to do now is...”

“...to get married. Yeah, yeah, we know it.” Vince completed Rachel’s sentence, only to then grab a sandwich from the tray, but before he started eating, he disclosed, “I’ve tried to make him change his mind about it, Rachel, but it’s hard.”

Adam just stayed there, listening to his best friend and girlfriend talking, but I knew his attention was on me. I could feel that icy gaze on me. I couldn’t take it anymore, so I just said, “I should go. Anything you need, just call me or another-”

“Don’t worry, we’ll call another one, so you can go back to whatever you were doing before.” Rachel cut me off, smiling, but the niceness was just an act. “Now, we’d like to be left alone.”

And so I lowered my head like the maid I was, passed by the couple without pronouncing a word, and walked out. Still, I looked over my shoulder to see Adam one last time, since it had been hard for me to look at him the whole time. If I thought I was someone important to him, I’d say he’s been avoiding me...

Thinking about that, I was on my way to the kitchen, when I suddenly heard behind me, “You have a great ass, Eva.” I couldn’t help but to spin over my heels and see who’d said such thing. My eyes immediately sighted Adam’s younger brother, Brad.

There he was, leaned on the wall, like if waiting for something - or someone. Besides Adam, my mind had also been busy with Brad. After all, he did say he’d go to my room to have me, just because I’d fought back against his stupid friend’s provocations. Because of him, I actually took more time to sleep every now and then, wondering if that would be the night he’d come. Thank god he hadn’t had the courage to do that so far.

“You know, I’d noticed you, but if my friend hadn’t called my attention to you, I really wouldn’t have thought about how pretty you are, especially without that uniform, I’m sure.” He said, smiling in a mysterious, though nasty kind of way. “You’re prettier than some of the maids around here. Not to mention you seem more interesting than some...”

I tried to laugh or smirk, to look as if I was relaxed, but unfortunately, I failed at it. “Yeah, well, I’m not, really. I’m just a normal poor girl.”

“You don’t have a high self-esteem, do you?” He asked with a penetrating look. He was right, though. I didn’t have a high self-esteem. “We can work on that, you know... I can make you feel as if you were worth one thousand dollars.”

Misleadingly - and stupidly - I giggled like Linda, and replied, “No, thanks, really. Anyway, I should get back to work.” And then I turned around and started walking towards the kitchen.

Still, I heard him say, “I’ll make sure we’ll talk again, Eva!”

I didn’t even turn around. In fact, I hastened to the kitchen, where I found my aunt and Becca, talking to Glenda and two more maids. I got in, trying to hide my heavy breath, hoping I’d never come across Brad while alone, ever again. So, I tried to join the conversation, and caught my aunt looking at me sideways. I wondered why.

At some point, they started talking about the dinner, and I discovered that Rachel would dine here, along with her parents. Oh well, it seemed I had nothing to do around dinner time.

Since I was free of chores for a while and just didn’t want to be there, listening to the maids gossiping, I turned around and left the kitchen. I started walking towards the stairs, when I then heard behind me, “Eva, wait!”

I recognized the voice as being my aunt’s. I looked over my shoulder and saw her walking towards me. “Yes?”

“Is everything ok with you?” My aunt asked when she came closer. Given that my mother’s death had been just one month and two weeks ago, I sensed my aunt was still too worried about me, but that didn’t explain the way she somehow looked at me every now and then. Like before, for example, when they were all gathered in the kitchen, talking about the Coopers.

“Why wouldn’t I be?”

“I don’t know, but you’ve been really quiet lately.”

“Probably because I don’t have much to talk about with anyone around here.” I replied. It was true. The only person I wanted to talk to was Adam. I wanted his company, I missed him calling me kid, treating me like one...

“Are you sure it’s just that?”

I rolled my eyes and pretended there wasn’t anything wrong with me. “I’m fine, aunt, you don’t need to worry, really.” I smiled, trying to reassure her, “Now, if you have a chore for me, warn me, ok?”

“Sure.” Since I didn’t want to stay there any longer on that weird atmosphere, I spun over my heels and walked up the stairs that were ahead of me. As for my aunt, I didn’t look at her, but I heard her walking away. I assumed she’d go back to the kitchen, where the maids would still be talking. Today had been a really quiet day. I hadn’t done anything that had tired me, and after lunch, things had calmed down in such way that, there wasn’t anything for me to do.

The moment I was about to go up to the second floor, I suddenly heard, “Well, you’ll be here next week, right? It’s my birthday, Robert.” It was Mr. Cooper’s voice. Hum, I didn’t know his birthday was next week! “Yes, yes, don’t worry about it. You’ll stay here, in one of the guest rooms, of course.” Since there wasn’t anyone talking besides Mr. Cooper himself, I supposed he was probably on the phone.

I was going to start talking, seeing that I shouldn’t really be probing, but when I heard him talking again, I immediately stopped. “I have something to tell you about Adam. No, we should talk about this in person... No, it isn’t serious. It’s been three weeks since it happened. Robert, really, we should wait to talk...” The serious way Mr. Cooper talked made me worry.

“Ok, well, I won’t get into details now, but I’ll give you a heads up.” Before I knew it, I was approaching the door, and seeing that Mr. Cooper’s office was the first door of the right corridor, it was easy for me to see if someone was coming.

“I caught Adam and a maid together at 3 AM.” And so Mr. Cooper paused, to probably listening to the other person’s response. However, I didn’t believe he was telling this to someone else. Why was he even talking about it? I mean, like he’d said, it had happened three weeks ago... “Yes, I didn’t believe it as well! Well, I talked to him and said he shouldn’t get near her, and then I punished the maid, of course. But what surprised me the most was the way I caught them, Robert! You know how Adam acts with the maids! Cold, yes, you’ve said it well. But, with that one, he knew her name, which is Eva, and he was actually carrying her on his back to take her to her room! At 3 AM in the morning!” At that point, Mr. Cooper’s voice was a mix of surprise and anger.

“I tried not to overreact, Robert, I really tried.” Eyes wide-open, I couldn’t believe Mr. Cooper was saying that. He’d tried? He’d tried? He hadn’t done anything to stop himself from overreacting! “You know how careful I am when it comes to Adam... I’ve tried to talk to him about asking his girlfriend to marry him, but... he doesn’t want to let go of his freedom. Yes, yes, I know better than anyone that I shouldn’t pressure him. Sometimes, I forget he’s just like me.”

Adam? Like Mr. Cooper? Well, now that I thought about it... Other than their physical resemblances, when it came to personality... hum, maybe Adam really was like Mr. Cooper. When they were both angry, they were... cruel. They were both cold, but... I had to admit Adam was nice to me.

“That’s the problem, Robert. He’s like me. I don’t want him to go through the- yes, yes... Well, she’s attractive, of course. Adam only has eyes for beautiful women, though I really don’t like the way I sometimes catch him looking at her. I don’t think she’s even aware of it... No, I don’t think they’ve been seeing each other without my knowledge... I reckon she took me serious when I said I’d fire her if she got near Adam, ever again.” When Mr. Cooper paused again, I caught myself thinking. I really hadn’t noticed any looks from Adam, so far... Oh, but maybe Mr. Cooper had noticed those looks one week ago, before Adam got pissed off at me, because of the damned kiss.

“Ok, I understand you have to hang up. Yes, I’ll make sure you meet her when you visit us next week. Right now, I just want to forget all about it, since they haven’t been together. Of course, Robert. I also have some work to take care of, so... Goodbye, my friend.” And then, silence.

This was the first time I’d heard Mr. Cooper talking about me and Adam with someone else. He’d probably talked about it with Mrs. Cooper as well, but I don’t know. It was just a feeling, but I think I didn’t like the way he spoke about what happened with that friend, Robert.

Anyway, I shook my head and turned to resume my walk to my bedroom. When I got there, I actually wondered if the looks Mr. Cooper had talked about were old or... recent. Still, I found it hard to believe Adam had looked at me that way, right in front of his father. Especially after the fight we’d had because of the stupid kiss.

With nothing better to do, I chose a book and went to my balcony. I didn’t want to think about Adam and Mr. Cooper’s conversation, so I just distracted myself reading and picturing everything I read in my mind.


I was so into what I was doing, so distracted with the characters in my mind, that I didn’t noticed all the hours passing by, until someone knocked on my door when the sun had almost set. “Who is it?” I asked, closing my book and walking inside my room.

“Becca. May I come in?”

“Of course.” I replied, then watching the blonde young woman walking in. I placed my book beside my bed, and then asked her, “Glenda finally has something for me to do?”

Becca smiled, “What can I say... it’s been a calm day. But yeah, she does have something for the both of us to do. She wants us to clean the dining room now that the Coopers and their guests have finished having lunch and went to the living room.”

Since I’d finally been given an order, I just walked towards the door, alongside Becca. “How did it go?” I asked, curious, as I made my way out of my room and downstairs. “Adam didn’t freak out this time? Did he father pressure him again about the marriage thing?”

“Everything was calm tonight. They didn’t talk about marriages. In fact, I don’t even think Adam talked, now that you’re asking. He just nodded when someone talked to him or referred to something about him. Adam’s been really quiet this week.” Becca commented, filling me in on Adam without really aware of it. Still, I liked to know these things when Becca was the source. Unlike the other maids, like Rita and Linda, she didn’t speak about it to gossip.

Well, I guess Adam was just as quiet as I. “I bet that if Adam had the period like we girls have, this would be that time of the month.”

Becca burst out laughing about my comment, and then questioned, “Well, now that you’ve mentioned it... are you in that time of the month?”

“Rest assure, I am not.” I said, also laughing along with Becca.

“I’m just asking, because you’ve been just as quiet as Adam.” Becca remarked, gazing at me with her green eyes. I immediately avoided them. I knew she was suspicious about something, though I didn’t know why. I mean, she didn’t know anything about Adam and I.

“Yeah, well... it’s a coincidence, I guess.” I told her, not adding anything else about that issue. The less I talked about Adam, the better I was. So, I changed the issue of the conversation to another one I’d thought about earlier today. “So... I heard Mr. Cooper’s birthday party was next week...”

Done. Becca bit the bait and immediately started revealing everything I wanted about that specific event. “Oh, I’d almost forgotten about his birthday... It’s like, the worst day of the year!” She complained.

“Oh, really? Why?”

“Remember the party Gabi threw up for Adam? Well, it’s much worse than that! Tons of people come to celebrate Mr. Cooper’s birthday. It’s awful, really! We even have to wear a different uniform!” Oh, I really didn’t have the patience to put up with more people... Those from Adam’s party had been enough. And the fact that I’d have to wear a different uniform... I was sure it was uglier than this one. “Lots of important and rich people come. Most of them are only social friends, if you know what I mean.”

My eyebrow rose, “What do you mean?”

“Well, he only throws a party mostly because of the social event it is, and because Mrs. Cooper wants it. As for the family, only his father comes, since he has no brothers and sisters, and his mother has died three years ago.” Becca disclosed. As I heard about Mr. Cooper’s mother’s death, I immediately thought about mine... “You know, deeply, Mr. Cooper’s just like Adam. They hate these social events. If they go, it’s because they were probably forced somehow.” Oh yeah, I knew Adam was like that. I still hadn’t forgotten about that argument he’d had with his father on my first work day, and how arrogant and mean Adam had been to me that day.

We were now walking through the corridor where the dining room was, when I suddenly heard Mrs. Cooper’s voice. “Yes, we have to repeat this, Sophie.” I realized the voice came from the main living room, which was close to the dining room. “It really went good tonight, didn’t it?”

“Yes, yes, Adam was much nicer and calmer tonight.” It took me a while to realize that was Rachel’s mother’s voice, Sophie. “Weren’t you, dear?”

The moment I passed through that room, I looked inside, and unconsciously slowed down. My eyes immediately roved around the room, looking for Adam, which was sat on a couch, next to Rachel, their hands touching. I say him nodding, and as Rachel’s father started talking, Adam actually looked in my direction, as if he’d sensed I was there.

His eyes were so cold that he froze me, and that moment, I realized the power Adam had in me... He could make me do anything. Still, the moment he then cleared his throat, I woke up from that briefly trance. He’d made it on purpose, I was sure. So, before anyone could see me, I walked away and joined Becca, who was just a few steps away from me... and still talking. She hadn’t even noticed I’d stayed behind for some moments.

When we arrived at the dining room we had to clean up, the things we needed were already there, so I supposed Becca or someone else had been nice enough to save me from that effort.

As we started cleaning, Becca continued talking about Mr. Cooper and his birthday, only that this time, she’d started telling me how his birthday had been last year. At first, I had my attention focused on what she was saying, but when she mentioned something about Adam... I could only think about what I felt for him... I mean, how could I feel something for him? For a guy like him? My life had been upside down since my mother had died, but after I met Adam and became friends... It got worse when I thought it could only get better. Why? Well, first of all, Adam was a guy I shouldn’t even be too close to; secondly, he made the mistake of allowing me to get into his life and vice versa; thirdly, he shouldn’t have kissed me in the first place; and fourthly, I was starting to like him.

Still, the fact that I liked him wasn’t my entire fault. Adam should’ve known that a kid like me would certainly fall for a handsome man like him. He should’ve just acted towards me the way he acted towards everyone else. Thus, I now wouldn’t have any problems, concerning him, other than the fact that he was an arrogant pain in the ass.

I didn’t realize time passing by, until I finished cleaning everything with Becca’s help and became aware of my aunt Deena outside the dining room, watching us doing our work. I then remembered to look at the watch - 10 PM. smiling, my aunt asked, “Feeling tired?”

“Yeah,” We both grumbled, while we grabbed everything to put it back on their place, in a room right next to the kitchen.

“Well, Glenda told me to warn you that your work is finished for the day.”

“Oh, so good...” I heard Becca grumbling, “I just want to go to bed and sleep.”

“So do I.” I agreed. Then, we got out of the dining room, with my aunt Deena by my side.

“Glenda also told me that your day off is on Friday, Eva.” My aunt disclosed. I didn’t answer, and imagined what it would be like if I also didn’t work during the weekends. It would be like having three days off. So freaking good... and impossible.

“You reminded me that I have to talk with Glenda about my day off.” Becca remarked. My aunt answered her, but I really wasn’t in the mood to pay attention to these conversations, lately. I just thought about my day off, and where I’d go - if I’d stay here, or visit my hometown...

After we put everything back on their place, I said, “Well, I’m off to my room, to get some sleep. I’ll see you tomorrow.”

They both nodded and smiled, saying, “Goodnight, Eva.”

And then, finally free, I turned around and walked up to my room, without disturbing anyone or calling someone’s attention to me.

When I arrived to my room, I immediately took off the uniform, undid the hateful braid and went to the bathroom to take a nice and hot shower. Afterwards, I put on a t-shirt and dried my hair with a towel. At last, I just lay down on my fresh bed, and my eyes automatically closed.

I soon drifted off to sleep, to dreamland, where I knew Adam would surely speak to me there, would definitely touch me, caress me... and kiss me.


I didn’t know what time it was when I just woke up in the middle of the night. I was turned at my balcony, so I could still see it was still too early, thanks to the night sky, to even think about getting up. I shifted position, and managed to look at the watch - 2:30 AM.

I rubbed my eyes, and once more shifted position and turned to the other side, only to just freeze right after. The bathroom’s door was closed, but the light was on. I knew I’d turned it off, not to mention I never closed the door!

Could it be Brad? No, it couldn’t. It couldn’t be! I mean, if he’d come to my room, he’d surely wake me up, right? He said that when he’d come, he’d seduce me or something like that, and he couldn’t do it while I slept.

I tried to get up without making any noise and when I was already up, I heard someone in the bathroom, flushing. I waited. Whoever was in there, had to get out, right? I heard steps, and finally, the person walked of the bathroom, at the same time the light turned off.

My eyes widened in pure shock. It was almost 3 AM! What the hell was he doing here? “Adam?”

“You’re awake?” Adam spoke, looking surprised, as well.

“I think I don’t talk or walk while I sleep, so yeah, I’m awake.” I replied, walking in his direction. It was dark, but I could still see his face thanks to the moonlight. “Why are you here?”

The answer was heard right away, “I did say I wouldn’t let Brad do anything to you.” My eyebrow rose. I didn’t understand. He was here because of Brad? “I’ve been here every night. When Brad says he’ll do something, he’ll really do it. In fact, I’m amazed he hasn’t done anything to you, yet.”

“You’ve been in my room, every single night, for the past week?” I asked, ignoring the reference to his brother. Adam nodded, and I added, “Why would you do that?”

“I’ve answered why, kid.” Adam said, already annoyed, “You’re still sleeping.”

“No, I’m not. I’m pretty much awakened, now. What I don’t understand is... You haven’t talked to me for the last week, but you’ve been in my room throughout that very week, every night. I mean, I thought you were still angry at me or something.”

“Kid, I’m fine with you.” And just like that, Adam passed by me and walked up to the sliding glass door that led to my private balcony. He opened it and walked out. I followed him, still digesting what he’d said about not being mad at me.

“You’re not mad at me? Then why the hell have you been ignoring me?” Now that he was here, I just wanted to know the whole truth. “I’ve been having these stupid ideas, you know? I thought you didn’t care about me anymore. I thought you simply wanted to forget about me, because of the... kiss.”

“That’s the problem, kid.” Adam stated, not turning to look at me.

Puzzled, I said, “I don’t understand.”

“That’s because you’re a kid.”

“Stop stalling, Adam.” I snapped, approaching him and stopping by his side. “What’s the problem? I really don’t understand.”

“The problem, kid... is that I’ve tried to do everything you just finished saying. I tried not to care about you anymore, but the more I thought about my brother coming to your room, I just couldn’t stand leaving you alone at night. I tried to forget about you for a while, because of the kiss, but it didn’t work out. That’s the problem, Eva.” He sighed, looking too exhausted. But then, he turned at me, and looked into my dark blue eyes. “I’ve been finding it too hard to just stop thinking about you.”

I let my head fall, feeling stupid, and now. “You’re not angry at me? I thought-”

“No, kid, I’m not angry at you...” For the first time in a week, Adam lifted his hand and touched my cheek. I couldn’t help but to close my eyes and feel his warm touch on me. “I realized it wasn’t your fault. You were right, really. I was the one who ended what you started... I was the one who gave the first step and kissed you.”

“You put me through a hard time, you know?” I grabbed his hand, though I didn’t stop him from caressing my face. “I mean, you were the one who actually let me live in a different world whenever you were around, and when you took that away from me... when you walked away...” ...I became miserable, I thought for myself.

“I’m sorry, kid.”

“That was why you didn’t go to the stable during the whole week?”

“Well, I visited them two days this week, during the afternoon, since at night I was pretty busy watching you, because of my brother.”

“You should’ve awakened me, Adam.” I said, now annoyed. I mean, we could have already been speaking to each other! I could have known already that he wasn’t mad at me!

“I didn’t want to look into your eyes and realize what I’ve been trying to deny myself this whole week.” Adam suddenly said, catching me too off guard. Not to mention that, for the first time ever, he avoided my eyes. “I’ve been trying to avoid you, to prove myself I could spend my days and nights without you, like before you came into my life, but... I was wrong, Eva.”

What the hell was he trying to say?

Thinking about his words, I leaned my head on his chest. I probably shouldn’t be doing this, especially when Adam had just finished saying that, but I missed cuddling against him or just... I don’t know. “Simplify it, Adam.”

“I’m not sure if I want you to know this.”

“I think I deserve to know... if it’s about me.” I really didn’t understand why he was being so evasive.

Adam lifted my head with his hand, and I had the chance to gaze into his icy blue eyes, wanting him to explain, which was what he did. “Ok, then. I’ll simplify it. You have got me feeling something for you.” There he’d said it, even emphasizing on certain words.

I remained silent, not knowing what to say. I mean... I totally didn’t expect any of this. Adam was... Adam! The rich and handsome young man of the Cooper family, the one that had a beautiful girlfriend and was about to ask her to marry him soon, I was sure of it. This was Adam, the one who didn’t give a damn about maids... until I came. No, no, no, I thought, shaking my head. “You have got to be kidding me, right?”

“No, I’m not.” Adam replied, almost as if sadly. This couldn’t be happening... Adam was like... neutral to me! He was good to me, nice and sweet, but he couldn’t like me! He shouldn’t!

I actually started feeling dizzy, thanks to what Adam had just told me and thanks to all of those thoughts piling up in my mind. “This is a dream, I’m sure. I’m definitely still sleeping.”

Adam’s hands moved to my shoulders and he shook me. “You’re not dreaming, Eva. This is true. Why would I lie about this? Do you think I’m happy with what I found out? I feel like shit! I have a beautiful girlfriend and now... I’m feeling something for you?” When he stopped talking, all I could think about was that what he’d just said, the way he’d said it... disgusted me.

I stepped back, forcing him to let me go. “Oh, so just because I’m me, you can’t... like me? Just because I’m not as pretty as your girlfriend, you’re not allowed to feel something for me?”

Now Adam seemed to be panicking, “I didn’t mean that way, kid, I-”

“Yes, you meant it that way, Adam!” I yelled at him, and he didn’t respond. He knew I was right. This was the first time I was seeing a defeated and sentimental Adam, but I couldn’t care less. “So, simplifying it, you can’t, and don’t want to like me, because I’m a maid, and not someone as perfect as Rachel!”


“Shut up, Adam! You know what, that hurts like hell! You think you’re the one who’s feeling something new?” I started walking backwards, in the direction of the glass door. “Guess what, you’re not! Do you think the kiss didn’t mean anything to me? Well, it meant! It made me realize you’re not just... someone I like to be with! You’re someone I like!”

Adam started walking towards me, “You don’t need to yell-”

“I said, shut up!” I really didn’t care if I was getting out of control. I wanted him to listen to me! I wanted him to realize how bad he’d just made me feel! “You think I don’t know we’re in the real world and not in a movie? God, I sure know how Rachel is much better than me, but you didn’t have to say it that way! In fact, I think you shouldn’t have even come here!”

I turned around and got inside my room. I walked up to the door and opened it. Pointing to the way out, I yelled, “Get the hell out of my room, Adam!”

“You need to calm down, Eva. You’re out of control.” He said when he reached the door, though he didn’t step out of my bedroom.

“I don’t care!” I spoke loudly enough to annoy him. “I just want to see you out of my room, right now!”

“You’ll wake up someone if you keep yelling, Eva!”

“I don’t care if someone hears me!” At the same time he tried to grab me and close the door, I kept yelling, “If they listen to you, the better! They’ll know how stupid you are! How mean you are, how...” I suddenly trailed off, when Adam just closed the door and engulfed me with his arms.

“Eva.” He said my name, and when he tried to wipe off my tears was when I realized I was crying. “I’m sorry.”

“Let me go, Adam... You’ve already caused enough damage.” I pleaded, lifting my head to look at him, though my vision was already blurry. “Go away... The less you’re with me, the better...”

All of a sudden, I felt this huge lack of energy, and if Adam hadn’t been grabbing me, I think I’d have probably fallen. Holding onto to him, I heard his pleas, “I don’t want to get out of here. I want to be with you, Eva. I’ve tried to avoid you this whole week and I just couldn’t! I had to come here every single night!”

“You can’t like me, Adam,” I whispered, “You can’t. You’re the only guy I like being with, the only one I’ve kissed after Rick and the only one who didn’t make fun of me! Liking you... you liking me... It’ll ruin everything, Adam, not to mention I can be fired.” One thing was me liking Adam... now the opposite way... This couldn’t be happening, because it would surely ruin our friendship! What if Adam started acting differently towards me after this? Knowing that he liked me, but couldn’t do anything... it would kill me!

“Stop crying, kid.” And then Adam suddenly lifted me up and carried me on his arms to my bed. He just lay me down, cuddled me like the kid I was acting like, and then I actually saw a glimpse of a smile on his lips. “You’re really a kid, you know?”

“Oh really? Why?” I really didn’t understand why the hell he was smiling and saying I was really a kid after the fight we’d just had.

“No eighteen year old girl would just let me carry her on my arms, lie her down and still cuddle her while she tries to stop crying, like if nothing had happened, though.”

“Oh, shut up,” I said, wiping off the last tears and becoming aware that my vision was almost normal. “You’re really an ass, Adam.”

“I know, kid, and I’m really sorry. I didn’t want any of this to happen. We were fine before...” Adam trailed off, not being capable of referring to the kiss.

“Yeah, I agree.” I told him. He was standing in front of me, so I asked, “Are you going back to your room, now?”

“I think my brother’s sleeping now, so...” After all of this fight, Adam had ended up carrying me to bed, and now he was going away, thinking of how childish I was.

Like if nothing had happened, and before he turned around, I suddenly said, “You could keep me company, you know... I think I won’t be able to sleep, now... You should have told me all of this during the day, so that when the night came, I’d just be too tired of thinking about it and would fell asleep in a second.” Honestly, he shouldn’t have told me any of that. I’d be happy if he’d just told he wasn’t mad at me! But, of course, I’d just be fooling myself...

“You want me to stay here.”


“Next to you?”

“If you don’t mind.” I said, then adding quickly, “I’ll make sure this is the last time you come to my bedroom and lay down next to me, cuddle me, wipe off my tears...” Before I could keep on with the list, Adam interrupted me when he lay next to me. It was now when I noticed he was just wearing a shirt and shorts. His skin was glowing thanks to the sweat. Damned this heat.

“Oh, shut up, Eva. I don’t want this to be our last time or something like that. I like being with you, but we just need to... not... be like this, if you know what I mean.” He explained. Yeah, I knew what he meant. He didn’t want us to be this close anymore, like we were now. We were turned at each other and since my bed was a narrow one, out bodies touched.

Anyway, I didn’t comment on what he said, and just stated, “You’re sweating.”

“It’s hot, kid.”

“You can take off your shirt. Like you said once to me, I’ve seen you without it, so...” Adam didn’t reply, but instead, he accepted my advice and took off his shirt, throwing it against my wardrobe. “I still have that shirt I wore when... when I slept in your room.”

“I know, I haven’t forgotten about it.” Without asking for anything, Adam then started doing what I simply loved. His fingers were now moving over my tanned skin, causing me shivers. They slowly slid lower, moving over my belly, reaching my naked thighs... “You really love this, don’t you?”

“Yeah, I do...” Too bad this was definitely going to be the last time, I knew it. My eyes closed and I could only imagine Adam doing that on my whole body. I tried to feel his warm touch on some other places other than my arms and face and I could almost feel it...

It was then when I had a crazy idea. An eighteen year old girl’s crazy idea, actually. I suddenly got up and Adam immediately asked, “Something’s wrong?”

“No, I’m just losing my mind right now and stop acting like a kid for a while, so that I can be the eighteen year old girl I am.” I answered when I grabbed my shirt and took it off in a second. I turned at Adam, and added, “I love it so much that I want to feel it on my whole body one last time.”

Adam didn’t say anything. He’d seen me like this, so I wasn’t that embarrassed, though his quiet and piercing gaze did bother me a tad bit. I mean, I knew what I was doing, and so did he. He had a girlfriend, and I was just provoking him, but to hell with that for now. I went to bed again, and completely lie down next to him, facing the ceiling. As for Adam, he lifted his head and asked, “You don’t mind?”

“No, I don’t.”

“Ok, then...” And so I closed my eyes, and moments later, Adam’s hands were on me, not only moving softly over my skin, but also caressing me, warming me... I felt bad. I felt bad for what I was allowing him to do. But, like I’d thought, this was the last time I was going to have Adam next to me, so might as well as enjoy it, right? Besides, he didn’t seem to mind... I thought I’d relax and fall asleep, like it always happened, but this time, I was reluctant to fall asleep.

All of a sudden, I felt more than his hands on me. I opened my eyes and Adam was now shifting his position. He was over me, but no part of his body was touching me, with the exception of his lips. Oh yes, his lips. At first, he just gently kissed my neck and moved onto my chest and stomach, while one of his hands travelled along my arms.

Then, his kisses turned into something more. Adam started licking my skin, unexpectedly making me feel good, sexy... ecstatic and excited. I felt surprised, actually, since Rick hadn’t even done anything like this to me when we... were supposed to have sex. We’d just spent some time making out, but nothing like this.

At some point, I caught myself griping Adam’s hair, forcing him to kiss me where I wanted him to. I ended up getting out of control when I tried to make him move upper. He was face to face with me, gasping for air. Oh god, I wanted to kiss him so bad... He made me forget about everything I’d promised myself, like the fact that I’d never let another guy touch me... Yet, here I was with Adam.

I found myself biting my lower lip. I was torn between the fact that I shouldn’t be doing this, so that I wouldn’t ruin anything, and the fact that he made me feel hot and excited, for the first time in my life.

Gazing at me, Adam read my mind, “You want to kiss me?”

God, yes! Still, uncertainty ruled my voice when I spoke, “May I?”

“You have me out of my mind, Eva... you really have me.” His icy blue eyes never left mine, “I never cheated on Rachel and believe many have tried to take her place or just use me, but you... you just did it all unconsciously... So yes, you can kiss me.”

I’d been the one to ask me for permission, but Adam had been the one to lower his head and smash his lips against mine. I felt wild, now. I felt ecstatic! I wanted more than that soft kiss! Maybe I was losing my mind too much, but... I really didn’t care.

Adam’s body slowly started falling over mine. He was careful, so that he wouldn’t hurt me in any way thanks to his enormous and heavy body, against my petite figure. I caught myself separating my legs as Adam shifted and put us in a more comfortable position, never abandoning my lips.

Still, I stopped kissing him when I turned my head at my right side, struggling for breath. Adam kept going, but instead of kissing my lips, he avidly kissed my neck. One hand of his held my head and the other moved from my waist to my leg, stopping when he reached my thigh. Out of the blue, I felt him trying to lift my leg, making me feel more exposed under him as my legs were too spaced out, now. Then, I found myself moaning, as his kisses moved onto my breasts and I started to be aware of these moves Adam was doing on top of me.

He might be losing his mind, but I was still conscious of what we were doing.

“Adam...” I said out aloud. Gasping for air, Adam looked at me. His face and chest were glowing thanks to the sweat, just like my skin was. “We have to stop here. We can’t go any further.” Not only because of us two, but... I mean, just a few more minutes and I was sure Adam would be taking off his shorts! If not, that was what it seemed. Besides, I didn’t... I didn’t want to do anything. Adam wasn’t Rick, but I just... I was still a kid!

Still, Adam didn’t pay any attention and just kissed me once more. At first, he was able to distract me, but then I grabbed his arms and started pulling him away, but he was much, much stronger than me, and me pulling him away, was nothing because I didn’t have any strength.

“Adam!” I almost yelled, and this time, Adam stopped kissing me, and looked at me, eyes wide-open now, as if shocked. Before I knew, he rolled over to my side. “I’m sorry, I know you’re used to someone refusing to do something with you, but-”

“No, no, you did well, kid.” I heard his husky voice and heavy breathing right beside me. “I was seriously getting out of control.” Oh, thank god I’d stopped him from doing anything else...

However, I dared to turn at him, and just like the night we’d spent on his bedroom, I placed my head on shoulder and my leg and arm over the rest of his body. This time, actually, I didn’t feel uncomfortable at all. “I didn’t think things would get out of control, I-”

“It’s ok, don’t worry. It’s not your fault that you almost made me lose my mind and forget about Rachel.” The moment I heard her name, I felt bad and guilty, but... I think he was just saying her name to remind himself of his girlfriend. It could be just a feeling, but... I think I was right about that.

“Still... I’m sorry.” I said, the moment I felt Adam fiddling with my hair.

“Let it go, kid. Just... try to sleep.”

“Are you mad at me?” I just had to ask that.

“No, I’m not, Eva.” I felt his hand on my chin, forcing me to look at him. “I have two feelings battling inside of me, and one of them is something new, something I can’t explain... All I can say is that a part of me, Eva, enjoyed every second kissing you and your body. When you want, you’re no kid.”

I blushed and tried to look away, but Adam wouldn’t let me. I said nothing. I didn’t need to say anything. We both knew this couldn’t happen again... Adam had a girlfriend he’d propose any time soon, and I was a maid that could be fired any time soon if father found out about this.

“Now, it’s time for you to sleep. I’ll only leave your room when you’ll be sleeping.” Adam said, finally letting go of my chin.

I remained silent and just held onto to him even harder. I didn’t want this night to end, I really didn’t. I knew that tomorrow we’d have to fight against the reality of what we’d almost done here, but... deeply, I was a kid. I didn’t want to think about tomorrow, about any possible consequence.

So, I just closed my eyes, and tried to relax my still frenzied body and mind, and allowed exhaustion take over me, finally drifting off to sleep with Adam by my side, again.

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