Welcome To Heartbreak

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Chapter 13

I woke up due to some annoying noise, but I just tried to forget about it as I shifted position to one where my arm and leg would over this giant body right next to me. I leaned my head on a warm shoulder and breathed heavily, glad that annoying sound in the background had stopped.

Unfortunately, I was wrong, because it started again. Aggressively, I lifted my torso and opened my eyes, becoming aware that the sunlight illuminated my room in such a way, that I found myself muttering, “Oh, shit.”

I kept listening to that annoying sound as I turned my head to my side and saw a half-naked Adam deeply sleeping. Then, I turned my head to the opposite side, and saw it was half past 8 AM. “Oh my god...” I was freaking late to work!

It was then when I realized that the annoying sound was probably a maid knocking on my door! Jumping off my bed, I tried to ask with a sleepy voice, “Who is it?”

“It’s Linda! May I come in?” Damn! Why did it have to be Linda?

“No! Wait a second! I’m... I’m practically naked! Give me a minute!” I yelled, though all the shouting didn’t wake up Adam, though he had to wake up. He had to get up and hid somewhere!

Kneeling beside Adam’s side of the bed, I started shaking him, at the same time I tried my hard to not yell, “Adam! Adam! You have to wake up!” I tried to talk in a way that Linda wouldn’t listen to me, but Adam wouldn’t wake up! I just felt like slapping him! However, I shook him even more, and started punching his arms. “Adam... oh god, you so have to get up!”

“Eva...” At last, his eyes opened! However, the next thing he said was, “Turn off the freaking light!”

“Shh! Adam, get up! You’re in my room!” I said desperately, hoping Linda wouldn’t dare to barge in, since I was taking so long to get dressed. “Linda’s outside my room, waiting to come in!” Oh, thank god he wasn’t like me, given that I’d probably think this was a dream. I was sure I wouldn’t believe him.

At first, he just stared back at me with his icy blue eyes, but then he got up slowly, “Are you serious?”

I didn’t need to answer. Linda’s voice made him believe, “Eva, do you know how late you are? Do you even know what time it is? Glenda’s going to kill you!”

“Quick! Hide in the bathroom!” I started pushing him, leading him to my bathroom, “Don’t get out until I say so!”

Adam nodded and did what I told him to. He got inside the bathroom and closed the door. As for me, I just grabbed my shirt and put it on me. Then, I dashed for the door and opened it. “Oh my god, Linda! I am so sorry!” I actually was, because I knew Glenda would probably pick on me. “I forgot to set the alarm clock!”

Without waiting for my permission, she just walked in my room and looked around. “You took that amount of time just to put on a shirt?”

“Well, I had to go to the bathroom to wash my face before you came in,” I giggled nervously, feeling pressured, “I hate to look into someone’s eyes looking like a monster, if you know what I mean.”

“Yeah, I know what you mean.” She said when I turned to reach for a new uniform in my closet. However, when I turned around again, I saw her reaching for something on the floor - Adam’s my god that was not happening to me! I caught myself running towards her and gripping the shirt from her hand. Unfortunately, she’d already seen too much. “I swear I’ve seen that shirt somewhere...” She said, looking deep in thoughts.

“Linda, this shirt isn’t exclusive to anyone. I’m sure lots of people have shirts like this one.” I said, rolling my eyes.

“In this house? I doubt anyone could afford a Gucci shirt.” She narrowed her eyes, too suspicious. Oh man, I was so busted. “Only the Coopers have such expensive clothing, not to mention that’s a man’s shirt.”

I pretended I was shocked and surprised when I said, “Are you saying I stole this from one of the Coopers?”

“No, I’m not saying that.” I knew she wasn’t. She was probably trying to say that I was screwing around with either Adam or Brad, but since Adam was known as the forbidden brother, I guess she thought I’d been with Brad.

“Linda,” I started, the moment I came up with the same lie I’d told my aunt the other day. “This shirt belongs to a friend of mine named Chris. He’s rich, too, so he can afford a Gucci shirt. He gave it to me when I moved here, so that I wouldn’t forget about him or my friends.”

“Oh, really?” She folded her arms over her chest, with this nasty smile on her face.

“Yes.” I assured her with a matter-of-fact tone.

“It’s nice to know that. I was starting to think you were sleeping around with Brad.” I knew she’d think that!

“Me? Brad? Oh, no, I have better tastes. Brad’s just a playboy.” I told her, knowing she’d understand what I was saying. “I’d never let Brad sleep with me. I mean, we all can see, by far, that he just wants to screw everyone, and then, dump them. I’m sure he’d do that to any of the maids, but I believe he isn’t screwing with anyone, is he?”

In that same second, Linda avoided my gaze, “No, he isn’t.”

“Besides...” I walked towards my door and stood beside it, so that Linda would get the message. “If I were to sleep with any of the Coopers, I’d try my luck with Adam. He’s much better than his playboy brother.”

Linda smirked, “Yeah, right. Adam’s forbidden, Eva. The few that tried their luck with him... let me tell you, he’s unbreakable.”

“Yeah, I know that...” I replied, somewhat sadly. “That’s why I said that if I were to sleep with any of the Coopers, I would try my luck with Adam. I didn’t say I was going to, did I?”

“Of course you meant it that way.” Linda smiled in a way that made me feel as if she could see through me, in that moment. “Well, I should go. Be sure to be downstairs in ten minutes, otherwise you’ll lose your day off.”

I didn’t bother to answer. As soon as Linda walked out of my room, I slammed shut the door and dashed for my bathroom. The moment I opened the door, and turned on the light, I sighted Adam standing in front of me, his arms crossed over his chest. I couldn’t help but to complain, “You should’ve remembered to grab your shirt!”

“Oh, don’t worry, kid. She even thought you were sleeping with Brad, not me.” And then, he gave a step towards me and placed his hand on my waist. What the hell? Was he forgetting this was a new day? “Anyway, I’m flattered to know you’d try your luck on me, other than Brad.”

“Please, Adam, don’t be cocky.” I said, rolling my eyes, “Any maid in this house would prefer to try their luck on you, and then with B-”

Adam aggressively cut me off, when he pulled me to him, making our bodies touch. “You think I’m unbreakable?”

I lifted my head to look into his icy blue eyes. Hopelessly, I replied, “Yes, I do think you’re unbreakable.”

Before saying anything in response to what I’d said, Adam just grabbed me and lifted me, taking us both out of the bathroom. “You just proved yourself wrong last night, kid.”

“Still, you do intend on continuing to be unbreakable from now on, right?”

I noticed his pace had suddenly slowed down. “I have to.” He said it like if he’d been forced to say it. “But, that doesn’t mean I’ll be able to remain unbreakable every time I’m with you, kid. I tried hard during this last week to not just come here while you were awake and tell you everything I told you last night. I tried my hard to not kiss you again, to even touch you, but like I said, I think you do it all unconsciously. You made me lose my head, last night.”

“And I’m sorry, Adam, I really am. I didn’t mean to make you lose your head, really!” All of a sudden, I just felt like I should apologize for everything I’d make him do last night. “I didn’t want you to just... kiss me, and... I didn’t mean to drive you crazy, I-”

“But, you do drive me crazy, kid.” Adam said, when he placed me on the floor again. With his hands, he obligated me to look up at him, knowing I’d want to avoid his icy gaze. “You know that can never happen again. I just have some feelings for you, but I love Rachel.”

When he said that, it felt as if someone had just shot me in heart, again. Lowering my head, I whispered to myself, “I don’t deserve this.”

“I know, kid.” He then hugged me tightly, warming me like he always did. “I’m really sorry. You don’t deserve something like this after what that asshole did to you.” Adam said, referring to Rick. And he was damned right. I didn’t deserve something like this! I didn’t deserve to fall in love for the most handsome man I’d ever seen! I didn’t deserve to fall for a rich man that would probably marry his girlfriend soon!

“Well, I have to get dressed, Adam.” I suddenly said, stepping away from him, not wanting for feel the warmth of his touch. I turned around and without anything else to say, I just started getting dressed, only to then notice Adam crawling back to my bed. “You know, you should leave my room, once I go downstairs, Adam. I know someone won’t come here, but who knows?”

“I will, Eva, I will.” Adam muttered, while shifting position in my bed, ending up with his head facing the balcony. “You should really buy some curtains. How can you stand waking up in the morning with all of that sunlight?”

“I like it. It helps me getting up in a good mood and, at night, it relaxes me to watch the sky.” I disclosed, when I finished putting on my uniform, and started working on the hateful braid.

“What are you doing on your day off?”

I was going to say I didn’t know what I’d be doing, but once Adam actually asked me, I had an idea. I was going to receive my first pay check today or tomorrow so... I could go shopping! Grinning thanks to that idea, I answered, “Shopping!”

“Want some company?”

My black eyebrow rose, straight away. I looked at Adam, but he had a pillow over his head, hiding his face from the sunlight. “Don’t guys hate shopping?”

“Well, I’m used to it. Rachel likes me to go with her when she goes off to shopping, so... She wants me to like pretty much whatever she buys.” God, wasn’t that boring? “So, do you want my company or what?”

“I thought we were supposed to-”

“Eva, you have to understand something. I want to be with you. The only problem is that we can’t, like, touch ourselves, like moments ago, when I just carried and hugged you.”

I just sighed, and turned around to go to the bathroom and brush my teeth. “Well, you’re the one who has to get a hold of yourself. As you said it, I do everything unconsciously. As long as you can control yourself, its ok, I guess. You’re the only one who sees it as problem.”

“Oh, and you don’t?” I suddenly heard him asking, “Do you want to be my lover on my free time, is that it?”

Before I started brushing my teeth, I squealed, “No! God, no! If I were to mean something to you... I wouldn’t like to be your lover. I mean... I wouldn’t be the woman of your life, I’d be just someone... you’d be with, when Rachel wouldn’t be around. That would just make angry! Because, I mean, I knew - and know - you didn’t like me as much as you liked her, yet I’d let you have me! Women who are other men’s lovers should be ashamed of themselves, honestly!” When I finished, Adam started laughing. I narrowed my eyes, and asked, “What?”

“You’re already angry, kid. Still, don’t worry, I’d never do something like that, regardless of last night. I will control myself from now on, because I want to be with you. But, right now, you should really hurry up, because I’m sure Glenda will be pretty angry at you. It’s almost 9 AM, Eva.”

And I did hurry up. After brushing my teeth, I just darted out of the bathroom and started walking around the room. I grabbed both Adam’s shirts and placed them at the edge of my bed. “Be sure to take this with you, when you get out of here!”

“Yeah, yeah, don’t worry, kid...” However, before I turned around, Adam grabbed my arm while I was still near the bed, and pulled me to him, in an aggressive manner, almost making me fall over him. “Promise me one thing.”


“Promise you won’t let me get near you like yesterday. Promise, Eva. I have a problem when it comes to controlling myself if you haven’t noticed it, already.” I hadn’t, actually. Wasn’t it normal when guys forgot about everything when they were with a girl?

Still, I promised him, “Ok, ok, I won’t let you get near me like yesterday.” After I said that, Adam let me go... slowly. I’d try my hard to not let him get out of control, but... what if I wanted him to? “Still, I want your company tomorrow. I just hope you won’t regret it!” I smiled at him, watching his lips curve in a faint smile, too. Then, I spun over my heels and darted out of my room.

I’d have to forget about Adam, for now, because, at the moment, I knew I’d have to put up with Glenda. But, nothing would make me feel miserable, today. Adam was fine with me. I didn’t care if I couldn’t let him touch me or the other way around. I didn’t need the physical touch. The only thing I needed was his presence in my life to survive every day in this house, otherwise I’d become the same empty person I’d been for the last week.

When I arrived at the kitchen, Glenda was there, with Rita and Linda. I wondered what those two were doing there. Still, I pretended they weren’t there and focused on Glenda, “I’m so sorry for being late, Glenda, I completely forgot to set the alarm clock, yesterday!”

“Your aunt should’ve already told you that I don’t care about the excuses people give me. All that matters to me is the consequences of their actions.” Glenda said coldly, stepping towards me.

“It was just this time. I mean, I think I’ve been a good maid ever since I came to work here!” I dared to say in my defense.

“A good maid, you say?” Glenda started laughing, making fun of what I’d said. “Please, child, a good maid does not go after her boss in the middle of the night and allows him to carry her to the bedroom at 3 in the morning!”

“It was just one time!” Why the hell was she even bringing this up? “It never happened again!”

“Of course it didn’t happen again. Otherwise you wouldn’t be here! Now, I’m sure you’ve heard Mr. Cooper’s birthday is next week.” I decided it was better to stay silent, so I just nodded. “We usually throw a big party on his birthday, with important people to spend the day with Mr. Cooper. Because I am good, and because it’s a very exhausting day, every year, I organize shifts. This means every maid only works during the morning, the afternoon or the night, depending on what I’ve chosen. But, because of what you did today, you’ll work the whole day.”

And so Glenda paused and the three maids looked at me, waiting for a heated reaction. However, I wasn’t surprised, because I thought we worked throughout the whole day. Still, I faked a surprised and angry expression, given that I didn’t want Glenda to punish me any more than that. “Now, I suggest you don’t get late anymore, otherwise it might cost you your next day off.” Oh, now I tried to control myself, again. My day off? The only day I had to get away from this house and these awful women? Oh, I’d make sure I wouldn’t forget to set the alarm clock every freaking night!

“After you eat something, make sure you clean the whole floor from the main hall, and next, the one from the left wing on the first floor.” Finally, Glenda turned around and pointed at Linda and Rita, “As for you two, Linda, you can clean the dining room and set the table for breakfast, and Rita, take care of Brad’s laundry, and then, like always, clean Adam’s room.”

After receiving Glenda’s orders, they left the kitchen. While Glenda went off to her own chores, I started looking for something to eat. I grabbed a bowl, plunged some cereals into the bowl, poured some fresh milk, and began eating.

Ten minutes later, I was on the main hall, ready to clean the whole floor, and that was exactly what I did for almost two hours. I was so tired that, I didn’t feel like working that fast. I seriously needed my day off. Anyway, I was getting used to the exhaustion, and I didn’t feel as worn-out as I felt on my first days here. Still, I’d go to bed early tonight, though I knew I’d stay awake for a while, thinking about last night...

Despite the fact that we couldn’t repeat it again, I wouldn’t forget about it, easily. I’d enjoyed every single caress, every single kiss... When I was with Adam, the last thing I could think of was the promise I’d done to myself after what happened between Rick and I. I’d promised I’d never let another man touch me, but Adam... God, how could this happen to me? How could I fall for a man like Adam and let him have me so easily, like last night? The only reason I could think of was that I easily lost my head whenever I was with Adam. But, like he’d made me promise, I had to bring myself and Adam under control whenever we were together.

“Good morning, miss sleepyhead.” I heard behind me, when I was getting ready to grab my stuff and set off to the first floor. I turned around and sighted a smiley Becca.

“Hey, there.” I grinned at her, something I now rarely did whenever things between Adam and I weren’t the best. “Did you have a good night?”

Becca didn’t answer my question, and just gazed at me with wary eyes while stepping forward. “Someone’s happy today, regardless of Glenda’s punishment.”

I rolled my eyes, “What can I say, despite the fact I got off bed late and won a punishment thanks to that, I think it’s a great and wonderful morning.” And it was. Waking up next to Adam felt good, in spite of Linda’s appearance. However, it could never happen again.

“You’re that happy because it’s a wonderful morning? Eva, you were punished, again!”

“Well, I’m also going to get my first pay check today, and my day off is on Friday! I admit those two reasons are what is cheering me, today.” Well, that wasn’t entirely a lie. I mean, I was about to spend a day shopping!

“Hum, I’m sure they are.” Becca said, and although she was smiling, I knew she was suspicious. “Anyway, I have to go. I have to take care of Mr. Cooper’s laundry.”

We headed out to the first floor, but we stopped when we almost reached it. I immediately froze when I sighted Adam coming from the second floor. Shit! I’d told him to come down earlier! And Becca was beside me, watching him coming down, half-naked! The moment his icy blue eyes saw us, he stopped.

“Good morning, sir.” Becca said politely. I looked at her sideways, and noticed she’d blushed. “Hum, do you need anything?”

“No,” Adam replied, in the same polite, but in a rather sleepy way, knowing we’d saw him coming from upstairs. I knew he’d come from my bedroom, but Becca didn’t! I was sure she was thinking why the hell he was coming from the second floor, only wearing some shorts, and holding two of his shirts on his hand! “Well, I’m going to my room.”

“I’m going that way,” I said straight away, “I have to wash the floor from that wing, so... I’ll go with you, Adam- I mean, sir!” I lowered my head, avoided Becca’s eyes, and pretended I really hadn’t noticed the way she’d looked at me.

Adam actually laughed, and the both of us looked at him. “Ok, well, let’s go, kid.” Then, he yawned and started walking, like if Becca hadn’t really been there watching the way he’d acted towards me. Still, I followed him, ignoring Becca’s disbelieving expression.

Once we were far from the stairs, I started complaining, “Couldn’t you have just come down naked from upstairs? I bet Becca thought you had come from a maid’s room!”

“As long as she doesn’t think I came from yours, we’re fine, kid.”

“Still, Adam, you could have put your shirt on!” I almost yelled at him, “During the time I’ve been working here, not once I saw you wondering around the house half-naked, and then you just come down from the upper floors, just wearing some shorts?”

Adam suddenly turned around, when we were almost reaching the end of hall, where his room was, and where I meant to start washing the floor. “Relax, kid. Do you really believe she’ll think I’ve come from a maid’s room? Every single maid knows I don’t do that. Besides, I don’t care about what they think of me. The moment they start getting on my nerves, I’ll make sure they’re fired. It’s simple and I don’t need to move a finger.” After saying that, Adam yawned again.

“You mean, getting on your nerves like I did, on my first days here? When I was... always in your way?” I smirked, “You didn’t make me get fired.”

Adam stepped closer to me, leaned his head down to get near mine, and whispered, “You know damn well you’re different, kid.”

“You didn’t know I was going to be different from the rest of the maids the day we met. In fact, you threatened me. I remembered you saying that if I ever touched any of your photos, ever again, you’d make me get fired!” I told him, reminding him, and myself, of that day.

“And I was serious when I said.” He paused, and lifted his hand to gently stroke my cheek with his thumb. “But, once we started to get close, I saw how different you were, and then, I knew I’d never make you get fired.”

“I believe you, now, but, you pretty gave me the wrong impression of you, Adam.” I grabbed his hand and pushed it down, so that he’d stop touching me. “You were really arrogant and mean, like if I’d done something really bad.”

“Like I said, I have control issues.”

“I’m starting to believe you’re really serious about it.” I’d never met someone who actually had control issues. I mean, that must be a hell of a problem to deal with. “Anyway, I have to start working, Adam, and you should go to-”

Suddenly, someone cleared her throat on purpose, and I found myself looking over my shoulder. I saw Rita standing there, looking at us. “Good morning, sir.” She said, as her eyes roamed throughout his naked torso. Then, they jumped at me, and turned from marveled to hostile. “You shouldn’t treat him by his name, Eva, don’t you know the rules?”

What the hell? Had she been there, listening to our conversation? I was about to open my mouth to retort, but Adam just shut me up when he placed two fingers over my lips and spoke, “Yes, she does know the rules, but I rather have Eva treat me by my first name. Only Eva.”

“I see.” Rita’s eyes darkened, and then, she said, “Anyway, I have to clean up your room, sir. Glenda told me to-”

“Tell Glenda I told you to clean my room later.” He cut her off in his severe tone, reminding me of his father. “Right now, I want to sleep and I really don’t want to listen to you in my room. You’re dismissed.”


“I said, you’re dismissed.”

I could see her almost exploding in that exact moment, as Adam treated her like that, in front of me. Still, she managed to contain her evident anger - after all, this was Adam - and just turned around, walking away with her stuff, and leaving the both of us alone, again.

“Well, I also have to start cleaning. I bet she’ll complain to Glenda about this.”

“If she gets you in some kind of problem, just tell me, kid.” He paused, waiting for me to say something, but I didn’t. I really didn’t want Adam involved in my problems. I might get into worse problems because of that. “Anyhow, I’m going to sleep just a bit more. I’ll see you around, kid.”

After he smiled at me, Adam turned around and went to his room, finally leaving me alone, so that I could get back to work. And I did start working. I started washing the floor, with a stupid and proud smile on my lips, realizing Adam did distinguish me from the rest of the maids. Still, it was both a good and bad thing. A good thing, because... oh well, being able to talk and be close to someone like Adam lessened my feelings of loneliness. As for the bad thing... I was in serious danger of getting fired for being this close to Adam, not to mention he had a girlfriend he’d been dating for a long time.

In fact, now that I thought of it, I actually wondering if the impact I’d had on Adam had been that big. I mean, he’d said that he’d never cheated on Rachel and that many have tried...

I bet no kids tried, I stupidly thought to myself, laughing of that childish reflection.

At any rate, I knew I couldn’t be with Adam the way Rachel was. Or the way we’d been last night, for that matter. I knew I had to be careful about his control issues and my own, but... it was just hard to ignore a man like Adam. In fact, I didn’t want to ignore Adam. That was the problem.

All that I really could say about this relation we both shared was that, it was a relation of unwanted attraction. I knew Adam didn’t want to feel anything for me, and vice-versa, but it was late to undo what we both felt, now.

The rest of my day was good, really. Why? Well, I hadn’t spoken to anyone. I hadn’t had the time to talk to my aunt, not even at lunch or dinner, since she always liked to speak with me in private. As for Becca, I think she eyed me in a different way throughout the whole day... I’d actually caught her and my aunt talking in the backyard, but the moment I’d arrived, they’d just shut up.

As for the Coopers... well, really, it seemed that everyone had just decided to look at me, like if I’d committed some kind of crime. Or maybe I was just paranoid. Anyway, lucky me, Mr. Cooper was out for a couple of days, and that was one gaze I really wouldn’t feel comfortable with. As for Mrs. Cooper, she actually commented that I looked happier today. Did everyone really notice the different? I mean, spending a night with Adam, feeling him so close to me and waking up beside me really had such an impact on my mood?

Unfortunately, I couldn’t say the same for Brad. He wouldn’t take his eyes off me, like many in the house, but his gaze was different from everybody else’s, who seemed to wonder why I was so happy. His gaze... it was weird and it scared me.

Still, that wasn’t enough to diminish my childish happiness, especially when I started seeing Adam, after he’d finally gotten out of his room, around 3 PM. We traded no words or touches, we just... smiled and looked at each other in a way only we could decode. God, I knew I should ignore him, but I didn’t, nor wanted to. Not even when Alexis was there when I served him something to eat, since Glenda had ordered me. Alexis seemed to be aware of what was going on, but she didn’t say anything all. She just stayed there, watching us with a very, very amused smile on her flawless face.

Then, I completely lost him when he went to have dinner out with Rachel, or at least, it was what I’d heard Alexis saying. It sucked being me, really. It sucked not being Rachel when she was with Adam. It sucked being a maid, sadly going to her room, at 11 PM, alone, thinking about a man she couldn’t possibly have.

“Eva?” I heard behind me, when my feet touched the final set of stairs that would lead me to my room. I turned around and sighted my aunt coming from her room in the maids’ floor. “Can you come here for a minute?”

I shrugged, “Sure.” I walked towards her and stopped when we were face to face. I wondered what she wanted. “Something happened?”

“Yes,” She replied, “To you, I see.”

“What do you mean?” I asked, puzzled.

“You completely turned into a different person since yesterday.” I didn’t say anything and let her continue. Everyone had noticed I was happier, but none of them could find out why. Or I’d be screwed. “You seemed really depressed for the past week, and I was starting to get worried. But, then, you simply changed in one night.”

I had no truthful answer to give her. I just stared into her eyes. What the hell was I supposed to tell her? I couldn’t possibly say, “Well, what can I say, spending a night with Adam makes me happy!” And this time, I’d really enjoyed it, because it had differed from the first night we’d spent together, when it was totally ruined because of our second kiss... since no one like Rick had been there to provoke it, but us both.

“I had a good night of sleep, that’s all. I, ah... I actually had been suffering from insomnias, but, last night, I didn’t.” I said quickly, trying to hide my tenseness. “That’s all. That’s why I’m happy today; I managed to sleep.”

“Are you sure that’s just it?” She eyed me with narrowed eyes, trying to see through me.

“Yeah,” I smiled to convince her, but my aunt wasn’t as easy to convince as my mother had been, unfortunately. I wondered why she always doubted me, especially when it came to Adam.

As soon as she became aware of how fake my smile really was, she simply smiled back in the same amused way, reminding me of Alexis, Adam’s best friend. “Did you know Adam seemed to be really depressed for the past days, as well? Mrs. Cooper even talked to us about it, to see if we knew why he looked like that, or if we’d noticed something out of the ordinary.” Oh, come on! My aunt couldn’t possibly be that smart!

“Oh, really?” I tried to look as relaxed as possible, but, unfortunately, I didn’t act well under pressure. “I didn’t notice Adam was depressed or something like that.”

“I see. Everyone noticed, but you.” My aunt actually started walking around me, like a dog sniffing for drug. “Not to mention we also noticed Adam’s sudden change, today. Pure coincidence, don’t you think? You and Adam, both depressed for a week, and then suddenly happy on the same day...”

“I do think it’s a pure coincidence. Adam and I-”

“Be careful with what you’re going to say next, Eva.” My aunt warned me, with a threatening tone of voice. “I already know about the special treatment and the different way he treats you.”

“S-special t-treatment?” I asked, stumbling on those two little words.

“Yes, special treatment.” My aunt repeated the words, pressuring me even more. “I know that, besides me and two or three older maids; you’re the only one that he allows to treat him by his first name, when he’s said that all the maids ought to call him sir. I know he calls you kid and knows your name.”

Damn, I knew it. Becca had told my aunt, given that she’d gotten suspicious after she saw the way Adam treated me in the morning, which she already knew about, and decided to talk to my aunt about it. Maybe that was why they were talking about in the backyard and had immediately stopped when I’d approached them.

Now, I really didn’t know what excuse to give her, so I just shrugged, smiled nervously, and said, “Hum, maybe he likes the way I-”

My aunt cut me off by lifting her hand and almost placed her fingers over my mouth. She slightly turned her head, closed her eyes and I heard her, “I don’t want to hear anything, Eva. I’m just going to tell you something.” I bit my lip once she looked back at me, again. “Don’t get near, Adam. Don’t pay him any attention. He isn’t the man for you and he doesn’t even belong to the same social status than we do. He’s cold, he’s heartless like his father, and he has control issues, when things get out of hand for him, actually making him dangerous at some point. Not to mention he has a girlfriend, and would never look at you the way you want.”

My jaw dropped. I couldn’t believe the stuff my aunt had told me, and the way she’d said them. Who did she think she was to tell me Adam wasn’t a man for me? As far as I know, poor people could date rich people! Not that I intended to have something with Adam, since I know it was impossible, but still! Adam could be cold, but heartless? Please! He had control issues, yes, but he didn’t seem to have any control issues to the point of losing his head for good! I knew he had a girlfriend, but my aunt was wrong! He did look at me in that way, otherwise we wouldn’t have lost out minds, last night!

I was speechless. I didn’t want to say any of what was going through my mint, so I just stayed put and bit back my words, keeping everything for myself. Still, I had to say, “I don’t like Adam nor do we have something going on. I know that’s impossible and I know the risk I’d taking if something actually happened. The fact that he calls me kid or knows my name means nothing. Nothing.” Would that be enough for my aunt?

“I don’t want to listen to any of it, Eva. I’m just warning you. I hope I’m wrong about my conclusion, but, for your own good, I hope you don’t get in the way of Adam’s life, Arthur Cooper’s son.” I couldn’t help but to notice the way she’d said Adam’s father’s name, like if he was the real danger here. Well, he was, but... something sounded wrong. Still, I didn’t want to know a damned thing about it. In fact, I was done with this conversation.

“Do you want to warn me about anything else?” I asked her, coldly. I wouldn’t comment on anything she’d just said. For how much it hurt me, Adam and I had nothing, and we could never have. He’d even made me promise it. Since my aunt just shook her head, letting me know she was also done with this, I said, “Have a goodnight, aunt.” And then, I turned around.

However, I still heard her behind me, “I was serious about everything I said, Eva. I know what happens when maids and bosses get involved.”

“Like if you’ve ever been involved in something like that to know.” I retorted. I knew my aunt was too severe with herself to allow something like that to happen.

“No, but I’ve witnessed an involvement.” I listened to her saying that, in a melancholic way. “And it was not pretty. It’s better to spend our lives alone, than to go through what I witnessed years ago.”

I decided it was better to remain quiet and headed off to my room, not looking back, to see if my aunt had gone to hers. The moment I reached mine, I just shut the door, took off the uniform, undid the hateful braid, and went straight to bed with just my underwear on, and my aunt’s words echoing in my mind.

It’s better to spend our lives alone, than to go through what I witnessed years ago. I wondered what she’d seen years ago that had made her say that in such a... sad and sorrowful way, since she wasn’t even the one involved. But, it had to be someone from here... I mean, I remembered my aunt saying once that she’d worked as maid for Mr. Cooper all her life. She wasn’t that old, but she was old enough to be Adam’s mother. Hum, now I was curious about it...

With that on my mind, it took me a while to fall sleep.


I didn’t know if I was dreaming or not, but I didn’t open my eyes when I felt someone sitting down by my side, on my bed. I didn’t turn around to see who it was. I didn’t need to think, did I? The moment a pair of warm hands touched my arm, I smiled to myself, though I still didn’t know if it wasn’t a dream.

“I thought we weren’t supposed to do something like this, ever again, Adam.” The hand that was moving over my arm suddenly stopped moving. Smiling, I said, “Now that you’ve started it, you have to continue, you know...”

I felt him shifting beside me and then felt his breath on my face. Then, I heard him, “I will continue, Eva, but I’m sorry if I’m not Adam.”

My eyes widened in sheer shock the moment I recognized the voice as being Brad’s. Horrified, my instinct was to turn around and open my mouth to speak, to yell, I don’t know, but, unfortunately, it was too late. The moment I moved, Brad grabbed me and covered my mouth with his other hand. I saw his mischievous smile, at the same time he said, “I’m sorry to disappoint you, Eva. Still, I’m surprised. Has my brother been cheating on Rachel with you?”

Brad moved his hand down, allowing me to say, “Adam and I have nothing!”

“Oh, really?” He paused, just to lick my ear, and then continued, “Why did you say those things, thinking I was him, then?”

“I thought... I thought I was dreaming.” I lied, though it wasn’t entirely a lie. Once again, I felt his hand moving, but this time, towards my inner thighs. I cried out, “What are you doing, Brad? Stop! Stop!”

He ignored me, and said, “I told you I’d come to your room to seduce you, Eva. If you’re really having something going on with my brother, then I want to know what he sees in you.” I tried to shove his hands when they touched my legs, but Brad managed to control me. “If you move it’ll only be worse, Eva.”

Oh god, no. He couldn’t... He surely wouldn’t...

Out of the blue, he started shifting us both, forcing me to lie on my own bed with him over me. The only thing that occurred to me was to yell. And I did yell, but Brad just placed his big hand over lips, again, having only the other hand to control my body. I struggled, trying to resist, but his heavy body over mine was an obstacle to my efforts to fight back. Still, I managed to bite his hand. He cried out, and I was able to yell, again.

“Shut up, Eva!” He grumbled, his ill-behaved smile revealing he was having fun with this. His hand returned to my lips, and he said, “You’ll wake up someone, Eva. It’s almost 2 AM.”

In that moment, when he lowered his face, I thought he’d make an attempt to kiss me, but instead he trailed kisses all over my neck, moving onto my chest and breasts. They had nothing to do with Adam’s kisses and caresses. His could be greedy and wild, sometimes, but, Brad’s were callous, unforgiving...

I couldn’t do anything. He had one hand covering my mouth, and the other had pinned my hands over my head, while his body effortlessly tamed mine, powerless under his.

Brad stopped for a moment, gasping for air. However, he spoke, “You know, I really don’t know why I didn’t notice you earlier. You’re prettier and hotter than some maids I’ve done.” He smirked, looking down at my body under his. “But, my brother noticed you, didn’t he?”

I moaned, since I couldn’t yell, louder, but it wasn’t worth the effort. My room was the only one on that floor, not to mention it was 2 AM and the odds of someone waking up and listen to my complaints... were minimum.

My eyes closed automatically, thinking of another way to get rid of Brad. He was so... disgusting. He thought he’d be able to seduce me like this? God, he clearly had the wrong definition of seducing. He was... he was practically abusing me! The thought of it... almost made me throw up.

All of a sudden, someone knocked on the door. Brad instantly stopped kissing me, and whispered, “Don’t whine, now.”

At that hour of the night, it could only be Adam. Adam. I noticed Brad didn’t dare to move and was totally focused on the door, as if getting ready to do something once someone walked in.

Unfortunately, the knocking on the door stopped. What the hell? He’d come to my room every freaking night, for the last days, to see if Brad would come, and now that his brother had actually appeared, he wouldn’t come in without my permission?

Still, I didn’t give up. No matter what could possibly happen, I cried out the loudest I could. “Shut up!” Brad ordered me, raising his tone just the enough to threaten me, but I didn’t surrender.

But then, he decided that having his hand over my mouth wouldn’t do anything, so the second my lips were free, I yelled, “Adam-” But, I was interrupted when Brad’s mouth covered mine, in an attempt to kiss and silence me, while I struggled to set myself free, wishing Adam had heard me.

Thankfully, my pleadings were heard.

Too into the kiss, too busy controlling me under his body, Brad didn’t notice the door opening. He didn’t become aware of his brother walking in. He didn’t see his brother’s icy blue eyes darkening, with anger, ready to explode, the way I saw.

When Brad finally realized I was too quiet, he stopped kissing me, and followed my gaze.

When his eyes met Adam’s, all color drained out of his face, while I just recognized, for the first time, how dangerous Adam could actually be, when he simply walked towards me and his brother, ready to burst out in a deadly way.

“Adam,” Brad nervously said, as he watched his brother approaching us, “What are you doing here?”

Adam didn’t reply. At that point, Brad smartly started moving away from me, but it was too late. When Adam reached us, he simply grabbed his brother’s shirt and threw him against the closed door.

“What the fuck, Adam...?” He cried out as soon as he landed on the floor. Now that I had the chance, I grabbed the sheet from my bed and covered my body. “Why did you do that?”

Although Adam spoke quietly, I could see his hands were shaking... with fury. “Get the fuck out of this bedroom, Brad. If I ever see you here, ever again, you don’t even want to know what I’ll do to you.”

“Adam, calm down...” Brad spoke carefully. His fear was written all over his face, now. “I was just-”

“Doing something that could make you go to jail.”

“Yeah, right.” He smirked, right in front of Adam’s face. “Who would believe her?” He jerked his hand in my direction, but I didn’t budge.

“She’d have my word. You can’t fight against that.”

“You’re my brother.”

“I’ll stop being your brother the moment you start raping girls. Weren’t you fine when you were having sex with the others? They want it, don’t they?” Adam dangerously stepped towards his brother. “Eva doesn’t. She’s not one of them.”

“How do you know? I guess she is one of them!” Brad’s voice rose, furiously. “The only different is that she hasn’t been having sex with me!” What the hell? Was he implying I was having sex with his brother?

Outraged, I couldn’t help but to say, “I am not having sex with Adam!”

“You’re supposed to make me believe you? You’re too late, now. You were too late to make me believe you the moment you thought I was Adam.” He was right in that. I’d handed myself in. But then Brad shut up straight away, when Adam got to him, again. Being the oldest, tallest, and surely the strongest, it wasn’t hard for Adam to put his brother back on the line.

“If we’re having an affair, it’s none of your fucking business. It’s between me and Eva.” Adam stated. However, maybe he should’ve really said we weren’t involved. “Now, get the fuck out of here, Brad.”

“I can’t believe you’re cheating on Rachel with her.” Brad spitted the words, crawling backwards when Adam grabbed him, again.

“It’s none of your fucking business, Brad.” Adam repeated, his tone a deadly one. “If I ever see you bothering Eva again, you’ll regret it. You know what I’m capable of.” And when Adam said that, the way he spoke, made me suddenly think about what my aunt had told me. I mean, I knew Adam was trying to protect me, but he was also threatening his own brother... “Now, get the fuck out of my sight.”

This time, Brad said nothing, got up, and darted out of my room, slamming shut the door behind him.

At last, we were alone now. And, for the first time, I felt all the adrenaline of what had happened between us three coming down on me. Adam didn’t turn around straight away. I could listen to him, taking a deep breath, and letting it out slowly, before looking into my eyes. I was sure he was trying to get a hold of himself before focusing on me.

The problem was... I needed him, now. I needed him before I broke down once my mind evoked all of what had happened - and could have happened, if Adam hadn’t shown up.

Finally, Adam spun over his heels and approached me, slowly but surely. He stretched out his arms, and said, “Come here, kid.” And then I jumped off my bed in his direction, desperately needing his touch. He engulfed me with his arms, making feel protected, letting me know Brad wouldn’t do that, anymore. I was in desperate need to be reassured and comforted.

The first thing I noticed, though, was that he was still shaking. And I couldn’t help myself but make my thoughts be heard, “Are you ok, Adam? You’re shaking...”

Adam smirked, trying to relieve the pressure around us. “You’re the one my brother tried to harm, and I’m the one who is supposed to answer that question?” I didn’t reply, and waited for his, instead. “I’m fine, kid. I just need to get a hold of myself, really. I get out of control too easily.”

“Yeah, I’m starting to realize that.”

“What about you?” One of his arms slid down my back and one hand forced me too into his eyes. “That asshole thinks he can do everything. I’ll kill him if he tries to do it again.”

“I’m ok, I guess...” I answered, feeling safe in Adam’s arms.

“I’m sorry I only came here, now, but I went out with Rachel and just came home minutes ago. The first thing I did was to check on you. Thank god I did.” Hell yes, thank god he’d come! If he hadn’t shown up... I wouldn’t know what else to do. I think Brad would have reached his goal... Just to think of it... it made me sick.

“I want you to stay with me tonight.” I held onto him, tightly. I didn’t want to be alone. I didn’t care about the promise I’d done to him this morning. I didn’t mean to break it, but... I didn’t care about it, in that moment. I just wanted Adam by my side, to make feel safe and protected from everything, even his brother.

“I wouldn’t do anything else, but that, kid.” Then, he tenderly kissed my forehead. “Well, go to bed while I just take off my clothes and go to-”

“You’re going to your room?” I asked, frightened. I didn’t want to be alone, even for minutes!

“No, Eva, I’ll take my clothes off here, don’t worry about it.” He reassured me, and let me go. I came back to bed before I broke down, since I felt weak.

I watched Adam take off his clothes right in front of me, leaving just his boxers on that sculpted body. Then, he went to the bathroom, but came back straight away. Without saying a word, Adam joined me in bed. The moment his hands touched my hip, I thought he was going to do something, but I was wrong. Adam just made me shift my body, ending up with my back turned at him. I thought he just... didn’t want to look at me or... I don’t know. But, I then regret my thoughts, because I enjoyed the way our bodies perfectly fit into each other, as two pieces of a puzzle.

Carefully placing his head over mine, and hugging me, Adam pulled me closer, if it was any possible, and asked, “Are you feeling safer, now?”

I smiled, even if Adam didn’t see it. “The safest person in the whole world.”

“You know, you really don’t need to worry about my brother anymore, Eva. He won’t try to do anything to you, anymore. I’ll make sure of it.” Adam stated, squeezing my hand with his.

“I believe you.” I wanted to, and I needed to believe him.

“Well, now you can finally go to sleep, kid. You’re safe with me.”

And it was exactly what happened.

Adam and I didn’t trade any words or touched each other that night. We just cuddled against one another and let the night go on. Besides, we weren’t supposed to do anything. We couldn’t do anything.

Still, I completely forgot about the promise, given that I only had in my mind that Adam was once again beside me. Thanks to that, I fell asleep with a faint smile on my face, even after what happened with Brad.

Adam was there, and like I’d said, I felt the safest person in the world, in his arms.

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