Welcome To Heartbreak

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Chapter 15

One week had passed. Mr. Cooper’s birthday party was tomorrow and everyone in the house seemed excited about it - even the maids, though there were some exceptions, like me and Adam. He wasn’t excited at all about his father’s birthday, and why, I didn’t know.

In fact, every time his father’s birthday party was a subject in our conversation, Adam would always avoid it and change the issue. I’d even tried to ask him what he was thinking about offering his father, since I was curious to know what a billionaire son would offer a father who probably had everything already, but even that question he’d evaded.

Oh well, it was none of my business.

All that mattered and worried me was Adam. He’d been quieter than the usual. He’d come to me, at night, after checking his horses sometimes, and would stay there until I fell asleep. Nothing much had changed between us, other than the fact I’d really forbidden myself to provoke him in any way. Just like it seemed Adam had restrained himself, too, though he still touched me sometimes and lay in bed with me.

I sighed, immediately having the Coopers attention on me. Becoming aware of their gaze, I lowered my head, embarrassed. Like always, I was serving the Coopers their lunch. Today, they had a guest - Alexis.

She looked weird, today... now. Well, now that I thought about it, I think she’d been looking at me in that weird, mysterious way for like... two days. She’d been there every day, locked up in Adam’s room, with him, and everyone had been forbidden to go there. It was a direct order from Glenda. When I’d confronted him about it, he’d dodged my questions.

After standing there for what it seemed an eternity, the lunch finally ended. All of the Coopers, along with Alexis, walked out of the room, talking about Mr. Cooper’s party. As for me, Becca, Rita and Linda, we began cleaning up the table and about twenty minutes later, the dining room was shining, so we all went to see Glenda, to be given new chores.

“We’re finished with the dining room, Glenda.” Becca said first, stepping once towards the older maid.

“Good, good. There’s plenty to do. Becca, go help Sarah cleaning up the rest of the guest rooms. Linda, you can clean the backyard with Rita’s help.” Then, she paused, gazing at the three maids. She was waiting for something, but we didn’t know what. I just stood there, waiting for my task. As I looked down, I suddenly heard her loud voice, “Why are you three staring at me? Don’t you have things to do, now?”

Afraid of her sudden frigid tone, the three maids immediately left the kitchen, abandoning me under Glenda’s angry gaze.

At first, she only stared at me, as if she was preparing herself to be mean to me. But then, her mouth slowly opened and she said in a rude and dismissive way, “As for you, Eva... you have the rest of the day off.”

My jaw fell open as I processed what Glenda had just said, shocking me. “I thought I’d only have my day off on Thursday.” I said, confused. “As far as I know, maids aren’t supposed to have any free time before-”

“Do no start babbling, child. If I say you have this afternoon free, it’s because you have it. Did I say you’re not supposed to have Thursday as your day off, anymore? I didn’t, did I?” My eyes narrowed, suspicious, while I stood there, watching the arrogant way Glenda eyed me, as if she’d been forced to do this.


“Go do what you’d normally do on a day off, Eva, and don’t talk about this. I’ve said what I had to say to you, so leave the kitchen. Now.” Then, she just turned around, avoiding my eyes. What the hell had just happened here? Why had she dismissed me in the middle of the day? And that still meant I’d have my day off on Thursday?

I spun over my heels and left the kitchen. I slowly walked up to my room, thinking about this. Something was wrong, for sure.

When I arrived to my room, I closed the door behind me, changed the uniform for the dark pink dress I’d bought when I’d gone shopping with Adam, and undid the horrific braid immediately. But then, I looked at the bed, and noticed a paper over my pillow.

Curious, I walked up to my bed and grabbed it. I hadn’t left it over my pillow when I’d left, not to mention I hadn’t written anything. I unfolded it and read it.

Eva, meet at the gate as soon as Glenda dismisses you. We have plenty to do.

Although it had no name, I knew who could have possibly made Glenda dismiss me, just like that. Adam. I mean, who else would be? I’m sure Mr. or Mrs. Cooper and Brad wouldn’t do something like that. Still, I couldn’t help but to wonder what he’d planned for the both of us...

With that on my mind, I hurried to comb my hair a little, washed my face, and brushed my teeth. Then, I grabbed my purse, and left the room, ready to spend the afternoon with Adam. Maybe this would ease the cold atmosphere that surrounded us ever since we’d come back from that shopping day. Adam treated me just the same, but the way he looked at me sometimes... something had changed.

I dashed out of the house, not wanting to see anyone, so that I wouldn’t have to explain myself. I mean, even before I knew this had been Adam’s fault, I saw Glenda wasn’t at all satisfied with what she’d done. If someone else had been there, they’d agree with me if I said she looked as if she’d been forced. And she had, I guess. So I was pretty sure she didn’t want me to babble about this to the other maids. Besides, they wouldn’t even notice my absence, since they were all too occupied preparing the house for tomorrow’s event.

When I walked out of the Cooper’s property and look at my right side, I saw a grey Mercedes parked there, and it wasn’t Adam leaned on it. It was a woman - Alexis.

“Hello, Eva.” She said, as I drew near, looking at her with distrust stamped on my face. “I’m glad to see you’ve read my note. It’s been there for a couple of hours. Adam didn’t predict you’d take this long to be dismissed.”

“You were the one who wrote the note?” Now, I was totally confused. “I don’t understand what’s going on.”

She chuckled, walking towards me. I could see those tight jeans and black bodice perfectly hugged her body, while the summer breeze blew in her direction, her blonde hair slightly swaying. “I understand your position. I’d feel just as confused as you, but I’ll explain you everything when we’re on our way.”

I frowned, feeling already angry at Adam for preparing something like this, without warning me at all. “What do you mean?”

“Well, we’re going shopping. We’re going to buy you a sensual dress and some nice heels, so that you can have dinner out with my best friend.” Placing her warm hands on my shoulders, I noticed how tall she was, now. But that was soon forgotten when she disclosed, “Yes, Adam told me about you two.”

My eyes widened in sheer shock and surprise. I couldn’t believe it. Why had Adam told her? Why? Why was she smiling at me when she knew her best friend was miserable, cheating on his girlfriend with a maid? Or had he hid that part from her? The part where we’d kissed more than once? Did he trust Alexis that much? I went crazy with all of the questions that desperately needed an answer.

Reading those questions in my dark blue eyes, Alexis smiled and enlightened me. “And when I say everything, I really mean everything.”

“I... Adam... Why?” Why the hell couldn’t I form the freaking questions? Why the hell was Adam doing this? Why had he told her?

“I wouldn’t know. He just confessed everything to me and wanted help to prepare you for a nice dinner out with him, tonight. He talked to Glenda about dismissing you, and working for him, Glenda did what she was told. Don’t worry, she won’t tell anyone about it. You won’t be in trouble, Adam made sure of that.”

“Where is he, then?”

“In his bedroom waiting for Rachel.” Alexis revealed, always smiling. “Yeah, that’s pretty hypocrite from him. I’m sure he’s thinking about you and the dinner. Anyway, it’s not my mission to gossip. My mission is to go shopping and prepare you for tonight.”

At last, everything began settling down. Adam had prepared all of this, because he wanted to dinner out with me. He’d talked to Glenda, ordering her to dismiss me. He’d talked to his best friend, Alexis, which had the mission to prepare me for tonight. What annoyed me the most was that Adam hadn’t even mentioned anything to me¸ the heart of the plan!

“Come on, Eva, we have a lot of dresses to see.” And then she started dragging me towards her car, at the same time she rummaged for something in her pocket. When she showed me a shining black card, I knew what it was before she said it. “And we have Adam’s credit card to pay for everything, so you don’t need to worry about anything. You’ll just need to stay with me, try everything I’ll think it’ll be hot, and you’ll be just fine. Now, do you have questions?”

Lots of them, but only Adam can answer. I didn’t say anything to her. Alexis seemed to really be in a hurry, even if she had that patient smile.

“Good. Now, get in the car. We only have a few hours. The dinner’s at 8 PM.”

With that said, I opened the door of her car and got in. When she started the car, I thought she’d follow the same road Adam did whenever I was with him, but she followed the opposite direction. “Where are we going?”

“To the crowded streets of my city, which are filled with good quality stores, where we’ll find you a dress and heels.” Alexis replied, her eyes on the road, now.

The silence that followed next was disconcerting. I couldn’t think of anything to say. I mean, this was Alexis, a rich and beautiful girl that had the mission to change me tonight. What the hell would I say to her? And god, why the hell had Adam thought about doing something like this? We could’ve waited for my day off, and I didn’t need Alexis! Besides, what will everyone think when they find out I’ve been dismissed and still kept my day off on Thursday? What if Mr. Cooper heard the gossips about it? What if he’d fire me, because of Adam’s stupid surprise?

“So,” I suddenly heard Alexis’ voice. “How did you end up attracting Adam? He’s a pretty difficult man to get, you know.”

“Yeah, I know. And no, I have no idea how I attracted him.” I answered, not even looking at her. I knew she had her eyes on the road, but, she still scared me. Alexis looked nice, she probably was nice, but at the same time... she intimidated me. She appeared to be one of those women that were used to have everything they wanted by just a snap of their fingers. “I just... always seemed to be in the same place he was, and then... I decided to follow him one night to his stable and after that... I don’t know. Adam just walked in my life like that.” I didn’t even know why I’d just said that.

“You two began a relation and you’re not even aware of it. I can’t see how you made Adam... feel something for you. Don’t get me wrong, Eva, you’re pretty, but Rachel’s by far, prettier than you.” Yeah, I knew that. Adam had already said something like that. “I’m not saying you’re not good to him, though. I don’t even know you well to say that. The only thing I know about you is the fact that you managed to attract a man like Adam and you don’t even know how. You’re really a kid, aren’t you? Adam says you’re just as innocent as you seem to be, not to mention you’re too petite for him.”

Did Alexis mean to say how good I wasn’t for Adam, while she drove? Because if those were her intentions, I was ready to jump out of the car and ruin the night Adam had worked for. “What do you want me to say, really?”

“I want to know something.” She suddenly started, “I asked Adam if he was sure you really liked him or if you were like those women who just hunt men to get knocked up or rich. He told me he was sure you liked him, but I think he’s too much into you to think clearly. I want an honest answer, Eva. I don’t want my best friend’s life ruined because of a maid.”

My jaw fell open when I heard those provocative words. Was she serious? Did she really think of me as one of those women? “Even if I had other intentions, you really think I’d reveal them? Anyway, that’s not the point. I don’t want to ruin Adam’s life, Alexis. I... I really like him.”

“Then, you want him to be happy?” For the first time since she’d been driving, she glanced at me.

“Of course.” No matter what, Eva? I asked myself, but didn’t answer.

“Even if it meant you would have to walk away from him?”

“I guess...” It was a tricky question, I knew it, but the thought of not seeing Adam anymore, seemed so... unreal. I mean, I hadn’t planned for my life to include him from that point forward, but now I wanted to be with him. I wanted him to be there!

“You do know Rachel’s waiting for him to ask her to marry him soon, right? What will you do when that happens?” God, she was worse than Adam! She was asking me what I was avoiding answering!

“I’ll do what Adam wants.” I swallowed dryly. “If he wants me to stay away from him... I’ll stay away.”

“Will you?”

I just nodded instead of saying the words. If Adam wanted that... I guess I had to.

“And,” There she was again, ready to question me once more. “What if Adam asked Rachel to marry him, but still wanted you there? You wouldn’t mind of being the other? Would you stay with him, when Rachel was the one who really had him?”

“I wouldn’t stay by his side.” I hurried to say. I’d said that to Adam, once. “I wouldn’t want to be that person, because-”

“Yet, that wasn’t what you meant when you said you’d do what Adam wanted.” She cut me off, glancing at me again. I had to admit she’d caught me.

Sighing, I said all I could think of. “Look, I didn’t choose to fall for Adam, ok? I didn’t want things to reach this point! I didn’t want to like him, I know things between a girl like me and a man like Adam can never work out! Do you think I feel good when I think of Adam and remember he has a woman he’ll marry very soon? You think I don’t care about that? The moment Adam asks her to marry, I’ll walk away. I know that’s what he’ll want, anyway! And, even if it wasn’t, I’d walk away as being my decision! Adam doesn’t deserve to be torn between me and Rachel if Rachel’s the one he really loves!”


“Besides... it already hurts too much to be with him and know he won’t end up with me.” This time, I avoided her blue-green eyes and looked outside. I watched everything passing by us, just as fast as I knew Adam would walk away from me, after asking Rachel the question.

Out of the blue, Alexis laughed out aloud. “I cannot believe you two fell for each other! I cannot believe Adam allowed a maid to get too close to him, and I can’t believe he fell for you... Oh well, I’ll be there to clean up the mess, as always.”

I lowered my head. I really hadn’t chosen to fall for Adam. It had just... happened! There wasn’t really anything I could tell myself or Alexis!

My mouth remained shut as she drove the rest of the way. I didn’t want to talk about this. She couldn’t seem to understand the way I feel or that I’d been sincere with her. Well, I didn’t bother to explain anymore, anyway. She wasn’t the one who had to know the way I felt regarding all of this. The person who had to understand me was Adam.

The city we reached soon after was much closer to Adam’s house than my hometown. It had only taken us slightly more than forty minutes to get there. Honestly, I didn’t like it one bit. It was really crowded, the traffic was awful, people ran around... God. Fortunately, we didn’t stay in that part of the city, since Alexis kept driving. Ten minutes later, she finally parked the car in a rather calm street; where mostly there were women walking around, carrying shopping bags.

I got out of Alexis’ car, and before I knew it, she was already by my side, placing her arm over my shoulders. “Well, let’s buy you a sexy dress to wear, kid.”

Then, she just started pulling me in the direction she wanted to go, while I thought of her calling me kid. I’m sure Adam had told how I acted like a kid and that I hated that. I bet he’d also mentioned I hated when he called me and I had corrected him. Well, now, I didn’t correct him, anymore. It was something I used to be called only by him.

We didn’t talk about Adam like we’d talked while we were on our way here. Alexis was just too busy taking me from one store to another, and kept babbling about dresses and which ones would be good on me. I had to admit that, when she wasn’t questioning me about Adam, Alexis seemed pretty nice. It looked as if she’d totally forgotten the conversation we’d had in the car.

After walking in and out of two stores, the third one seemed very appealing to me, thanks to the black and pink dresses I saw. However, Alexis mentioned those were too formal, so she dragged me out of that and into another.

“We have to find you the perfect dress, Eva! You shouldn’t like the first ones you see! Imagine you buy that one and then you happen to find a much prettier one? You have to think that way! Well, not that Adam would mind us spending his money, anyway. He’s filthy rich, so I’m sure five thousand dollars or more wouldn’t make a difference to him.” Five thousand dollars? My god...

Still, after two hours, we hadn’t yet found the perfect dress Alexis had talked about, and after walking in and out of countless stores, I was getting sick of it, and my mood wasn’t even the better to be shopping thanks to this little surprise Adam had prepared. In addition to that, Alexis had spent an eternity on Victoria’s Secret, choosing some kind of lingerie for her, while I just stood by her side dying of boredom.

However, things changed when we walked in a Versace store, another hour later. Oh, my prayers were heard. Both Alexis and I sighted this beautiful dress as soon as we’d walked in. It was perfect - neither too formal nor too casual. Just the right amount of both.

“You have to try that one.” Alexis said as I just stared at the dress, dreaming of it on me, what Adam would think once he saw me wearing it. I heard Alexis calling someone to give me the dress in the right size, and then, dragging me to a fitting room. When I was given the dressed to try it out, I kept listening to Alexis outside, “Are you dressed, already?”

“Of course not! Calm down, Alexis!” I yelled at her, while I put on the dark pink dress on my petite body. Then, I straightened myself, and looked at the mirror. Listening to nothing but silence, Alexis walked in without asking for permission and her jaw fell open when saw stared at me through the mirror. I only asked her one thing. “You think Adam will like it?”

“I think he’ll say it’s perfect, Eva.” She said, staring at me and the dress we’d both seen. “Come on, let’s go. We still have to buy some heels and take care of your makeup and hair.” Alexis smiled in a caring way, and I couldn’t help but to smile back this time. Then, she left me alone again, and I took off the dress so that she’d pay for it.

I felt really bad when Alexis gave Adam’s credit card to the woman. I mean, the dress was really expensive and never in my life did I think about buying a dress like that. If my mother was alive, she’d kill herself if I bought a dress worth all of that money.

At any rate, with the dark pink dress on a shopping bag, we started hunting down for heels. Those were easy. Besides, I’m sure Adam wouldn’t pay much attention to my feet. He’d focus on my face and body.

“We’re done!” Alexis finally said when walked out of the store where we’d just bought my heels. “Now, we’re going to a hotel-”

“A hotel?” I interrupted her, not waiting for that one.

“Of course! Where do you think you’d get ready? In my car?” Smirking, Alexis placed her arm over my shoulders again, and walked down the street by my side. “We’re going to a hotel, sweetie. You’re going to have a nice hot bath, then you’re going to get dressed and I’ll do you hair and makeup next. I’m good at it, so you don’t need to worry. I’d have taken you to a professional hairstylist and makeup artist, but that just takes too long, so I decided I’d do it myself.”

I remained silent. Just because it took so long, she wasn’t going to take me to professionals. Just because it took so long? What about the money spent on it? Didn’t she think about it? God, being so rich was a whole different thing.

“And in case you’re wondering,” She started, unlocking her grey Mercedes, “It’s a five start hotel.” Of course it was, I thought for myself. It had to be a five star hotel for her.

Anyway, we got in and Alexis took us to the five start hotel she’d mentioned. Since I’d get ready there, I supposed the restaurant Adam wanted to go would be there, too. Oh well, I’d worry about that later. Now, I had to focus on me. I had to be perfect for Adam.

When we got there, we checked in, and I managed to know the room Alexis and I would be staying for just a couple of hours. It was on the last floor. Weren’t the rooms from the last floors more expensive than the others? Oh well, I wasn’t the one paying, so I guess I shouldn’t be fretting about it.

As soon as we got to the room, which was... pure lust, I heard Alexis straight away, “Now, go to the bathroom and take a nice and hot shower. You’ll need to relax for a while, ok, Eva?”

“Ah, sure...” Confused, I turned around and searched for the bathroom. That room was more than a room. It had a freaking living room and such! Damned these rich people. I walked in the master bedroom, and noticed the huge bed, with pricey sheets on it, as well as the glass wall that allowed me to take a peak outside. At any rate, I used that bathroom, which was much bigger than the one I had in my room.

I closed the door and started taking off my clothes while I let the warm water run down. When I had nothing on, I slipped in the huge bathtub - more of a Jacuzzi, and simply relaxed while I thought about Adam and the reason he had to do this all for me. I mean, we’d had dinner together, but nothing this extravagant. I hadn’t taken advantage of his credit card and Alexis to help me buy some fancy dress and heels. Not to mention I didn’t even need to relax before the big evening with Adam.

I didn’t know how much time I spent alone in the bathroom until Alexis finally called me. The only thing I knew was that I’d spent the whole time thinking about Adam’s reasons to do this. Maybe he hadn’t mentioned anything about this, because of the last time we went out together and he lost his self-control when I’d innocently provoked him, and had told him I’d make love to him, if we were in the right place, at the right time. God. This was so wrong.

When I got out of the bathroom and into the room with a towel around my body, I sighted Alexis sat at the edge of the bed, with makeup around her, as well as a blow drier and such for the hair. In front of her was a chair. Pointing at it with a grin, she commanded, “Ok, now that you’re all cleaned up, let’s get you ready. I can see that hair of yours is going to take a while... a big while.”

“What are you going to do?”

“Nothing you wouldn’t like, Eva, so don’t worry.” She reassured me when I approached the chair and sat down, not looking at her anymore, now that she was behind me. “I’m going to make you look perfect, though you’re still going to be the same. Adam told me he liked your hair loose, so you’re not about to go through any huge makeover. Now, just stay still and let me to my job.”

“Yes, ma’am.” So, I shut my eyes and allowed Alexis, a woman I really didn’t know, work with my hair and face while I tried not to think about the result. And when I talked about the result, I talked about the hair, makeup, dress, heels... all put together. God helped me; I needed luck to walk out of there like the woman Adam deserved.


“Well, Eva, I’m proud to say you’re more than ready and perfect!” Alexis finally said, at a quarter to eight, fifteen minutes before I met Adam.

I didn’t know how I looked. She’d make me wait until I was all ready, before looking at the mirror. Now, I was more than nervous about standing in front of a mirror, worried about the fact that I could possibly be not as good as I wanted. I was sure Adam was used to having dinner with Rachel who always seemed perfect.

“You can look, Eva. Open your eyes!” Alexis told me, touching my chin and making me lift my head at the same time I opened my dark blue eyes and stared at the woman in the mirror.

I didn’t know her. I didn’t know that face. I could barely recognize my dark blue eyes, with grey and dark shadows, making my dark blue color stand out, while the mascara and the eyeliner made my eyes look bigger. In addition to that, my lips were now of a pink-ish color, shining, and my cheeks looked as if I’d just blushed. Oh, and my hair... She’d said she’d keep it loose, but I didn’t expect it to be this... perfect. I mean, I could barely comb my hair and put it the way I wanted it, but Alexis had really tamed it. My long hair with its black curls shone in the light and framed my face, falling down my shoulders and back.

I didn’t recognize my body in that dress now that I was really paying attention to it and wasn’t being forced to take if off. That shade of pink, dark, went perfectly with my dark skin. The baby doll dress had this pleated charmeuse bodice that flattered my chest above a bead-encrusted mesh inset, with this beautiful and flowing chiffon skirt. I loved the deep neckline. I didn’t have big breasts, but the dress... well, it flattered them.

“You’re perfect, Eva. Adam will love it.”

“I hope so.” I replied, though my attention was still on the woman in the mirror. “I really hope so, Alexis.”

“Don’t worry about it, now.” She placed her hands on my bare shoulders, and then I felt her pushing me. “We should go. I still have to take you to the restaurant, Eva.”

I walked with her to the door and noticed she didn’t carry anything but her car keys and the room’s. “Are we coming back? You’re going to leave my things here?”

“No, we’re not coming back, Eva.” Alexis opened the door and avoided my eyes. “I mean, I am. I’m not going to leave our things here! But now, we need to take you to Adam. Don’t worry about your things or the room, ok?”

I nodded, and didn’t ask any more questions. We then hurried to Alexis’ car and she took me to the restaurant I was supposed to have dinner with Adam. At that point, all I could think about was his reaction to my change. I’d been too spoiled. I bet that if I told this to my friends, none would believe.

“We’re here.” Alexis said when she suddenly parked the car, pointing at my right side. I looked through my window and saw the restaurant and a huge line forming outside it. Alexis noticed my alarmed look and revealed, “Don’t worry, he has reservations. Now, go out, Eva. He’s outside, I’ve already seen him and he’s seen us, too.”

I swallowed dryly. However, before I stepped out of the car, I gazed at Alexis. “Thank you for doing this. Thank you for helping me, Alexis.”

She smiled sweetly. “It was a pleasure, Eva. I hope you and Adam sort out everything tonight, really. Now, get the hell out of here! I still have to get back to the hotel, remember?”

Offering her one last smile, I turned and got out of the car. The one thing I didn’t notice was that Adam already stood in front of me, his lips opening in a faint smile, his icy blue eyes piercing through me, cutting through my skin ever-so easily. “Eva...”

“Hi, Adam.” I said, evidently embarrassed.

“You’re... beautiful.” He managed to say, while his eyes roamed throughout my whole body and face.

“Thanks.” I said, smiling back at him, and trying to loosen up, since he wouldn’t stop staring at me. “Alexis’ a pro.”

“I know she is. That’s why I wanted her to do what she did.” He suddenly stretched out his arm, offering me his hand. I took it, feeling the warmth right after. “The dress fits you perfectly. And your hair...”

“Oh, stop, Adam!” I glanced at him while we both turned and walked in the restaurant, passing by the couples who were waiting for a table. “You’re embarrassing me!”

“I think you really don’t have the conscious of how good-looking you are, kid, really.” We approached the man who stood in front of the line, and he looked at us. “Good Evening.”

“Good evening, Mr. Cooper. Your table is ready. Follow me, please.” The old man with grey moustache nicely guided us to our table, which was on the right side of the restaurant, next to a window. The restaurant was full, with couples just like Adam and I, well-dressed and smiling passionately, and rich families with their young sons and daughters. Like the hotel, I guessed this restaurant was a five-star one if it could be rated.

When Adam sat down, the nice old man helped me sitting down, like a gentleman. I smiled at him, and he then gave us the menus for the night. “The waiter shall be here soon to take your orders.”

Next, he walked away and I was alone with Adam. “You’ve been here, haven’t you? He recognized you right away.”

“Yeah, I come here with Alexis, sometimes. This is our favorite restaurant.” He revealed as he focused his blue eyes on the menu. However, he still said, “I’m sure you have questions to ask me.”

“Indeed, I have.” I placed down the menu, since I intended to order the same Adam would. “Why did you decide to do this, Adam? I mean... you haven’t talked to me that much for the last days, and then... you suddenly decide to take me out to dinner with you in a fancy restaurant?”

“I know I haven’t been much of a company when I’m with you, but I have had a lot on my mind, kid.” He glanced at me for a second. “Just... random stuff, mostly about my father’s party, that’s all.” I hadn’t even asked what he’d been thinking about. Oh well, he knew I would answer, anyway.

“Is everything ok?”

“Yeah, you don’t need to worry about me, kid.” He placed down the menu and I finally had his attention. “Anyway, I think we needed to do this. We’ve never done anything like this before-”

“Because I don’t have enough money to prepare myself for dinners like these? Or maybe because I practically work every day of the week?” I actually laughed, “I still cannot believe you talked to Glenda! You should’ve seen her face when she dismissed me today... It seemed she was, like, doing this huge effort to say the words.”

“Well, you should’ve seen her face when I talked to her. She was so surprised and pale that I thought she’d have some heart attack. She just wouldn’t say a word.” He disclosed as I leaned towards him, not being able to look at someone else.

Adam was just as well-dressed as I was. He was wearing this black suit, which was perfect on his athletic body, and under was a white shirt that he was now showing off, since he’d taken off the black jacket.

“Are you sure she’s not going to tell your father? I can be fired because of this, Adam.”

“Don’t worry, kid, she won’t tell anyone about this. And, if they ask you or her any questions at all, she’ll scare the hell out of them like she always does. Although she seems pretty arrogant and follows my dad’s rules carefully, Glenda likes me. I’m her favorite; she’ll do whatever the hell I want.” I was sure he was everyone’s favorite, honestly. Well, maybe if they knew the Adam under the arrogant and heartless mask he wore. He was everything but my favorite when I’d first met him. I could still hear his arrogant voice saying, damn, kid, always in my way! “What’s on your mind?”

I was about to answer when the waiter approached our table to take our orders. I asked the same than Adam. I wasn’t picky with food, so... Besides, I was sure the food from this restaurant would be good. It was Adam’s favorite, after all.

“Is there anything more I can do for you, sir?” He asked Adam, avoiding looking at me.

“No, we’re ok for now.” Adam answered, and so the man turned and walked away. Gazing at me, he repeated his question. “What were you thinking about?”

I shrugged a shoulder. “Nothing interesting, really. I was just thinking about the way I thought of you, in the beginning.”

“Oh, I see. We didn’t like each other that much, did we?” My eyes widened in surprise with his statement. “What?”

“Adam! You didn’t like me in the beginning? I thought...”

His eyebrow quirked up, and then he answered, “I’m going to be straight with you, kid. I didn’t like you when you came. I mean, first of all, when I saw you for the second time, you were hiding in my bathroom, listening to me and my father arguing; the third time, you spilled wine over me, just before I walked outside, to my part. Then, you followed me to the stable and pissed me off!”

“Oh, please, I might have been in your way a couple of times, but you were really arrogant! I mean, you treated as if I didn’t even exist, so-”

“To me, you really didn’t exist, kid; you or any of the others.” He cut me off, making me feel angrier. Watching me fuming, he quickly added, “Of course that changed, otherwise we wouldn’t be here.”

I sighed, “I was really just a maid for you, wasn’t I?”

He rolled his eyes in an impatient way. “You’re not going to sulk because of it, are you? That was in the beginning, Eva! When I didn’t know you! Before you went to the stable and I carried you to your room, before you attracted me to your bed, before you even realized you liked me and I liked you... Now, you know very well you mean so much more. You’re not just a maid, anymore.”

“Unfortunately. Right?”

Taking a deep breath, he said, “I’m going to say unfortunately, kid... I like being with you, and you know it. I like that feeling when I’m near you... You turned my life upside down.”

I remained silent and just stared into his eyes. He’d also turned my life upside down, but in a good way, I guess. I was broken hearted when I’d first arrived, but Adam helped me get over it. I didn’t feel as alone as I felt in the beginning. Still, I said, “I’m sorry for that.”

“There you are again!” He suddenly snapped, “Saying you’re sorry for something that’s not your fault. I’m the one to blame! I was the one who let you get too close to me, when I should’ve just walked away before everything became too serious.” He seemed sincere and I agreed, but I was aware that I shared some of that responsibility. I also should’ve walked away when we got too close. Nothing would ever happen between us, and I knew that in the very beginning.

“After all, I’m a maid, and he’s the boss’ son...”


I looked at him, while my black eyebrow rose. “What?”

“What did you just say?”

“Nothing.” I replied, confused.

“Yes, you did.” He insisted, his blue eyes locking mine. “You said something about a maid and a boss’ son...”

“Oh! That...” I bit my lip, and avoided his gaze. “I didn’t realize I’d said that... I was just thinking Adam.”

At first, he said nothing, as if he was trying to decipher what I’d said. But then, it hit him unexpectedly, and he said, “Oh, I get it... You were thinking about a maid and boss’ son - you being the maid and I the boss’ son. That’s got to be it. What were you thinking when you said that out loud?”

God, I hated that he knew he could see through me. “Adam... it’s nothing. Forget it.”

“Say it, Eva.”



“You don’t need to know my every thought.” I grumbled, trying to avoid his face, though he seemed to lure me that easily. Sadly, I then revealed it. “I was thinking about us, as always. How nothing can never really happen between us, because I work for you as a maid and because you are your father’s son. This is no movie; we’re no fictional characters on a book, either. This is real life, and I know nothing of what I’ve dreamt of so far will ever happen. I may be a kid like you say I am, but... I know I’m just fooling myself by being with you like this. I know you don’t love me, Adam. I know you don’t feel the same way I feel about you.”

“Why would you say that?”

“Because you once said that if you loved me, you wouldn’t care about me being a maid. You said nothing else would matter, and I believed you.” I hadn’t forgotten those words so far. Adam seemed always so honest with me, that I believed he’d told me truth. In addition to that, he didn’t seem the type to play with someone... especially me, I hoped. “If you loved me... nothing else would matter, right, Adam?”

Unlike me, Adam just gazed into my eyes, intensely. I wanted to look away, but I couldn’t. He looked as if he was deep in thought about something. Still, he said, “Yes, nothing would matter if I loved you...”

We both just stared into each other’s eyes and stayed silent for a while, and during that time, Adam’s hand slithered towards me and grabbed mine. I was once again in contact with the heat that his body emanated, warming my cool hand. Oh, I loved the shock of our temperatures when we both touched each other.

At last, the food came. Now that we were about to eat the delicious food in front of us, I heard my stomach complaining. I just hoped Adam - or anyone else - hadn’t heard it. The last thing I’d eaten had been lunch, since Alexis hadn’t taken a break from our shopping to eat something. She probably was dining at the hotel, seeing that she’d gone back to pick up our stuff.

Out of the blue, Adam asked me, “How did you feel when you first met me?”

“Hum, sad, bad, furious?” I replied, caught in surprise. “Adam, my mother had just died.”

“Oh, yeah, I forgot about it. Never mind it, kid.”

“Still...” I mightn’t have such a good and long answer as he wanted, but I gave him one that could suit him. “I was caught in surprise when you walked in the dining room. When I turned around... well, I knew I was looking at the most beautiful man I’d ever seen in my life, but I also knew you were arrogant right away. I mean, you had it stamped on your face when your stepmother introduced you to me and you said nothing. You made me feel even more unwelcome, really.”

“Like I said, you and all the others didn’t exist to me. The fact that a new maid had been hired meant nothing to me, but... that changed.” He poured some water to one of his glasses - I’d imitated him on the glasses’ thing, since I had no idea where to pour what - and drank some. Then, he glanced at me, and said, “Tell me something about you that I don’t know, kid.”

“Ah... I don’t know, Adam. You practically know everything about me.” I actually blushed and I really didn’t know why. Adam was just asking me a simple question. “You even know what happened between me and Rick...”

“I said something I don’t know about you. For example... what did you want to do after you graduated from high school? I’m pretty sure working as a maid didn’t even cross your mind.” Oh, of course it didn’t cross my mind! Just like my mother’s death seemed something impossible, leaving me all alone in the world! Well, maybe I was exaggerating a little bit, now. I didn’t feel as alone as I’d felt in the beginning... I had Adam, now.

“Well, I thought about being a med-student, though I really don’t know what specialty I wanted to focus on after...” I knew he’d graduated from med-school, and from what I’d heard he’d been a resident, already, but we’d never spoke about me. “Ok, well, I feel attracted for Neurology.”

“Are you serious?” His eyed had widened in surprise. I guess he was not waiting for this one. He had always thought of me as a kid.

“Yeah, why? You think I can’t handle it? I-”

“Calm down, Eva!” He cut me off, laughing. “I didn’t say that! I’m just surprised, that’s all. I wouldn’t imagine you as a neurologist. I mean, you seem... I don’t know. You definitely don’t look like one.”

“That’s because you have this idea stuck on your head that I’m a kid.” I scowled at him. In every aspect, I looked and was a kid for Adam, unfortunately. Well, none of it mattered, anyway. I’d never have the chance Adam had to pursue the career I wanted.

“Tell me more about you.”

I slow shook my head. “I don’t know what else to say! I’m just a normal tee- I mean, a normal eighteen year old girl. My favorite color is this one,” I pointed at my dark pink dress, and continued, “My favorite movie is The Notebook, I cried like a baby at the end. It’s the best romantic movie ever made. I like to read, though I don’t have the time for it, now. Hum... I was supposed to be named Eve, but mother decided to name me Eva-”


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