Welcome To Heartbreak

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Chapter 16

When we walked in the hotel, Adam didn’t go to the reception to check in, which made wonder if Alexis knew about this and hadn’t said a thing about it. And, while we walked to where we would be spending the night, I recognized the corridor and the door number. When Adam opened it, I knew for sure it was the room I’d previously been with his best friend.

I was the last one to walk in and therefore, I closed the door, silently. I didn’t feel brave enough to look at Adam’s eyes. Why did he come here? What did he have here for me?

I followed him to the room, and there were two notes on the bed. One had Adam’s name on it, and the other had mine. I looked up at Adam, and reading my unspoken question again, he said, “Go ahead, read yours.”

Mutely, I grabbed mine and read it.

Dear Eva, I’m sorry I didn’t tell you anything about this part of the surprise, but Adam really wanted to keep it a secret. I just wanted you to know that I enjoyed your company this afternoon, and though I knew you weren’t that comfortable, I still like you, so I hope everything goes well, tonight. In the bathroom, you have something there for you, something I bought right under your eyes. Wear it, use it, and take advantage of it. Don’t worry about anything tonight. Just focus on you and Adam. I’m sure you won’t forget this night. Love, Alexis.

Ok, so... she really wasn’t talking about... No. Adam wouldn’t do that. Adam wouldn’t plan such thing. No, he wouldn’t, really, not before he talked to me about it.

I came nearer him and stretched myself up to see what Alexis wrote on Adam’s note, but, unfortunately, he immediately hid it from me, putting it on his pocket. “It’s rude to read something that’s not meant for you, Eva.”

“I’m sorry.” I let my head fall. “I just... I... Forget it. I’m... going to the bathroom.” And that was exactly what I did, not having the guts to look at him, afraid I’d confirm my suspicions. Adam could have some other purpose to bring me here, other than that one.

I closed the door as soon as I stepped in, and noticed this bag over the bathroom sink right after. When I read the letters on it, I knew what it was. “Oh my god... she did not... How could she?”

I reached the bag, already knowing what was inside. This was what Alexis had bought in Victoria’s Secret. I thought it was for her, given that she hadn’t asked me anything, but... she was lying. She hid it from me. At any rate, I grabbed what was inside, and then faced the really short, see-through black baby doll lingerie, which I was supposed to wear tonight. She should’ve told me about this!

Then, out of the blue, I remembered to ask, “Hey, Adam, do you see anything there that’s mine?”

It took a while for him to answer so I guessed he was looking for it. “No, there’s nothing here, Eva!”

Not only did that annoy me, because now I’d have to wear that, but because tomorrow I’d have to wear the dress when we’d get back to the house! I started freaking out. I really started freaking out. I had to wear this dress tomorrow. I knew someone would see me. In addition to that, I had nothing to wear now, other than that horny lingerie! But, the worst of all was that I was stuck here with Adam! In a normal day, in his house, on my bedroom, I wouldn’t mind or even worry. But, a hotel? The whole night?

My hands unconsciously took off the dark pink dress while I thought about my problems. When I had nothing on me but my thong – I hadn’t needed to wear a bra with that dress; I put on that too-sexy lingerie and dared to look in the mirror.

My only reaction was to grumble, “My god, I am so going to kill her.”

The lingerie... ok, I admitted, I looked good on it, but for god’s sake, I was supposed to wear this, tonight? Why had they both planned this without me? Suddenly angry, I sat on the toilet and hid my face in my hands.

That was not happening to me. Adam... he really meant to spend the night here? He intended to sleep with me in that huge bed? He... he wanted more than just cuddling in that big bed? Did he want to... have sex with me? I mean, I was only eighteen! He called me a kid! How could he have sex with me when he always called me kid?

“Is everything ok, Eva?” Adam suddenly asked me.

“Hum, yeah, why? Why wouldn’t it be?” I replied nervously.

“You’ve been there for a while. Aren’t you coming out? Are you afraid of something?” Oh, god, he knew it! He knew how I felt! He knew he’d scared the hell out of me with this! With the hotel, with the lingerie, with these sudden thoughts about sex...

“No, I’m fine.” I lied, “Give me one more minute.”

“Take your time.” He said, always calm. I bet he thought I was like... preparing myself for it. Preparing myself to have sex for the first time ever.

I got up, trying to breathe evenly. I had to go through this. Adam was the perfect man. He just didn’t want to have sex with me. It was more than sex between us, wasn’t it? Besides, I had to get over that unique experience I’d had with Rick...

“Face it, Eva.” I told myself, “This is how life goes on, and Adam is the perfect man to make you move on.” It looked like a selfish thought, but maybe that was what gave the boost to leave the bathroom.

Having decided that, I walked up to the door and opened it. When I stepped out, I lowered my head, hiding my eyes and red cheeks from Adam, whom I was certain was looking at me. “Don’t laugh, Adam, please.”

“Why would I?” He asked me, and then I became aware he stood behind me, placing his warm hands on my bare shoulders, touching the thin black straps. “”You look... hot.”

“You’re embarrassing me, Adam.” I said, my face burning. “I can’t believe you and Alexis hid all of this from me.”

“I wanted to surprise you.” He told me, as I felt his breath getting closer to my shoulders. “I surprised you, didn’t I?”

“Adam...” I started, closing my eyes and feeling his lips on my neck, while his hands slid down my back... “Why are you doing this? What’s your goal? I mean, I-”

“You really don’t know what I want, kid?” He asked with a soothing voice, and slowly pushing me forward, towards the bed. “You’re not stupid, Eva. I’m sure you’ve figured it out, even if you keep denying it.”

When we reached the bed, I spun over my feet and faced him. “You want to have sex with me, don’t you? Last week I said I’d do it if we were in the right place, at the right time, but... Adam, I-”

“Are you saying you didn’t mean it?” He questioned, peering at me.

“Of course I d-did!” I quavered, as my eyes widened in surprise due to Adam thinking I hadn’t meant what I’d said. I’d really been honest! “You’re the only one I trust enough to... to have sex with me, but...”

“But what, Eva?” Then, one of his hands was on my chin, forcing me to look up. His expression told me he understood my distress. “You’re afraid, aren’t you?”

I tried to avoid his gaze, but I couldn’t. “Yes.”

“Don’t be. You know I’m not going to harm you. I’m not like that guy. I’m Adam and only Adam. And you’re the woman I want, right now. You’re the one I’ve been longing ever since you made me lose my mind. I want you, Eva. I need you.”

Yet, there was something he was ignoring, but I wasn’t. “What about Rachel?”

“Rachel doesn’t matter, now. Look at me, Eva.” His two hands now framed my face and there was no way I could escape his stare. “She doesn’t matter. She doesn’t exist, right now.”

“What about tomorrow? I know she’ll exist tomorrow!” I think I was panicking. Yes, I definitely was.

He sighed, suddenly exhausted. “Eva, right now... I want to focus on you. Not only have I wanted to do this because I haven’t been able to think about something else, but because you need to get over this. You need to get over this fear of sex and men. And... I know you want me as bad as I want you, Eva.”

Like always, he was right, and I knew it. “Ok, you’re... you’re right.”

“I know I am.” He smiled sweetly, and god, he had me right there. He pulled me to him and leaned in to kiss me for just some seconds, until he took me in his arms and placed me in bed. “Don’t lay, Eva. Just... sit.”

“Why?” I asked him, while he came to sit behind me. His legs were torn, with me in the middle, and he got closer to me. I could feel his naked and warm chest on my back as my shaking hands touched his legs.

“You’ll know why.” He whispered in my ear, beginning to kiss my bare shoulder once again, at the same time his hands slid under the short lingerie, softly moving over my hips... I couldn’t help but to grab his hands.

“I... Wait.” He stopped, obeying the fear in my voice, and the way my hands shook. I knew I had nowhere to go. I knew I had to get over this. And, I knew Adam was the perfect man for it and the one I wanted to do this, just because... I wanted him that bad. “Go slow, Adam.”

“I will.” He pressed his naked chest against my back and I felt his heartbeat. Unlike mine, it was calm. “Relax, Eva... feel my touch. I’m going to prepare you.”

“For what?”

“For what comes after this.”

His hands were on my thong now, moving it down, leaving me with no other thing to cover my intimate parts. He continued kissing my neck, my shoulders, thought he wasn’t able to distract me from his hands that were there, touching me, caressing me, trying to arouse me.

I caught myself breathing quickly after just some moments. I couldn’t help but to respond to Adam’s touch there.

Soon, I reached a point where my hips shifted on their own. Or maybe it was me, but I wasn’t thinking about moving them. Perhaps it was some kind of response to what Adam was doing to me. I leaned my head backwards and I was able to have Adam kiss me on my cheek, licking my ear, moving towards my mouth and kissing me for short seconds.

He began stroking harder than in the beginning, as if feeling this sudden new need I caught myself feeling now. Although they were hard strokes, he was doing it slow, instead of fast. He was making my blood boil.

Unexpectedly, my hips rocked forward.

“Eva...” He muttered my name in my ear, as my hand unconsciously met his, moving, caressing.

All of a sudden, I felt something inside me, entering my wet inside and more than ever now, I felt ready to do and feel whatever Adam wanted me to. His finger thrust just a tad bit deeper, but he didn’t push it. I just knew it felt good.

“Adam...” I tried to say, my voice just as husky as his seemed. I wanted more, I knew I could feel more and reach... my suddenly new needs. As if reading my mind, Adam fastened his movements, and I suddenly began listening to his quick breath and feeling his hard length pressing on my back.

I felt hot. I was sweating; even though I wasn’t doing anything at all, other than involuntarily move my hips towards his hand and his finger, yearning for more. I was more than ready to explode for the first time. Then, I heard that soothing, but sensual voice. “Come, Eva... let it come.”

I couldn’t stop the sudden hot wave and this stimulating feeling that took over me - my body, my mind and my heart, making me unconsciously arch backwards, gasping, and begging for air. My hips rocked forward over and over again, in unison with Adam’s hand while I climaxed for the first time. It felt so damned good. It was the best thing I’d ever experienced.

But then, when it was over, I felt weak, empty and tired. Both relief and exhaustion took over me as I totally leaned on Adam, feeling him pulling his hand away.

I had strength enough to look at him. He smiled, and then kissed me. Even then, his hands didn’t stop exploring my body, moving under the black see-through lingerie Alexis had bought for me. “Adam...”

“Don’t say anything yet, Eva.” He said, as he drew back, and helped me lay down as if I couldn’t do it. His smile was luring and sweet. “This isn’t over yet. Like I said, I was preparing you for what comes now. That was just an example of what foreplay is.”

I nodded nervously, accepting his orders. I then watched him reaching out for something on the floor, while I stared at his sculpted body, with just some shorts on. After, when he held the thing he’d caught from the floor in front of me, I knew what it was – a condom.

Fear took over me, again, and Adam saw it coming.

“Relax, Eva.” He tried to appease me, crawling towards me and hiding the condom from my eyes. His lips parted when he came near my sweated face, and I allowed him to explore my mouth once more, letting him calm me down, though it really wasn’t working, since I could only think about what I’d seen. However, Adam did distract me for some moments, building up this hot dire inside me. “You don’t want to do this?”

I gazed into his blue eyes before answering. I knew that deep inside me I wanted this. I knew Adam was the one. I trusted him. I desired him, and right now, he was the only man on Earth I felt capable of offering myself to.

“Yes, I want to do this with you.” I stated, giving him permission to completely have me.

“You don’t have to worry about anything. You know I won’t hurt you.” With that said, Adam just kissed me, licked and caressed me, making me feel more than I ever thought I could. His hands gripped my lingerie and when he broke the kiss, he rushed to take it off, and was finally given a view over my naked body for the first time.

I avoided his gaze, blushing. Then, I heard his soothing voice, as if he’d been hypnotized. “I cannot believe you’ve never... You don’t really know how appealing and alluring you can be, just by being there...”

I closed my eyes. “Don’t embarrass me, Adam, please.”

He smiled, “I’d never embarrass you, Eva.”

After saying that, Adam moved away from me, and when I had the audacity to look at him again, I regretted it straight away, because I had a glimpse of him taking off his boxers to put on the condom.

I looked the opposite way, closing my eyes again. This wasn’t a mistake. I was sure of it, because I was just afraid. Otherwise I wouldn’t feel this need to be with Adam, and to give myself to him. I could be nervous and terrified, but I’d yearned for this longer than I could admit. If I knew Adam would’ve made me feel what I felt moments ago... who knows if I wouldn’t have given in earlier?

At last, Adam approached me and positioned himself between my legs, obligating them to follow separate ways. I bit my lower lip again, feeling him there, pressing hard against me.

“This is it, Eva.” I heard him whispering. “You said that if we were in the right place, at the right time, you’d do it with me. So... here we are.” Adam waited for me to say something, as some sort of permission, but the only thing I was capable of doing was a faint smile. I wanted to speak, but the words just wouldn’t come out of my mouth. I was drunk on Adam, already.

With that, Adam softly caressed my cheek, at the same time he forced me to look at him. Then, the moment his lips ran over mine, I felt him, trying cut through me, and though it he was trying to be gentle... it hurt more than I thought it would.

The first stroke felt like someone was stabbing me. I cried out in pain. “Adam...”

“It’ll pass,” He muttered, trying to make me feel good, trying to distract me from the pain. “Just... give it some time. It’s normal.” I knew it was normal, I knew this happened in a girl’s first time, but... it still hurt!

Adam stroked me and I cried out again, feeling him trying to go deeper into me. He kept whispering soothing words in my ear, trying to make me feel secure, distracting me from the pain I felt, but all I could think of was this painful fire inside me.

The third time, slower, didn’t hurt as much as I expected. I finally opened my eyes and sighted Adam staring at me... watching me. He lunged forward again. I cried out. This time, it was not only pain that I felt.

The look in his eyes was something I’d never seen until now. They shone, but they’d darkened. I also felt his hand slightly shaking, as if he was afraid to break me. One was on my face and the other on my thigh, pushing it apart, even more. He breathed over my lips as he stroked me over and over again, until I felt nothing but pleasure, every time he tried to dug deeper.

He fastened his moves a little bit at some point, and thrust harder, now.

Moans escaped from my mouth and I didn’t recognize myself when I thought I wanted more than this. Adam was glued to me. I was already feeling hot, but with him on top of me, my blood was boiling, again. Boiling with this good and hot pressure I was feeling growing inside and out of me.

“Better... now?”

“Much... better.” I tried to say, though I had the idea that I hadn’t really spoken those words. Still, I knew Adam could read the expression on my face.

He muttered something under his heavy breath, which I didn’t understand, at the same time my hands slithered to his back and stayed there, trying to pull him closer to me, even if I knew more was impossible. He just couldn’t get any closer than what he already was.

Out of the blue, Adam smashed his lips against mine and took my breath away. He’d never kissed me with such passion and intensity or for so long. I felt I was going insane. I was about to go crazy... My heart seemed ready to explode now, as Adam made it work more than it had ever had.

How could someone feel this ecstatic just by having sex? How could I have missed this? I’m eighteen, for god’s sake! I could’ve started my sex life earlier! How could that bastard named Rick made me fear this so much, when, really, it was something so pleasurable?

Unexpectedly, Adam slowed down and I heard him gasping for air, while he settled down his face right next to mine. God, no, he couldn’t stop now! Not when I felt nothing more than just pleasure!

“Adam...” I tried to speak up, “Don’t... stop, now.” I didn’t recognize my husky and needy voice, begging for Adam’s fast thrusts.

“Eva... don’t make me go faster than this.” He pleaded. I wanted to look at his eyes, but I couldn’t, because he was hiding away from me!

“Why? Is something wrong?” I questioned him, while he was still stroking me slowly, gently.

“If I do this faster, I’ll... I’ll climax. I’ll have an orgasm.”

“Already?” Oh, shoot! I wasn’t supposed to say that out loud! Ok, maybe it was normal. I mean, we were already doing this for quite a while, weren’t we? And, by the way Adam was moving and talking and kissing, yes, he was probably too close to having an orgasm... I guess.

“It’s not my fault you drive me crazy!” He suddenly lifted his head and looked at me. “I’ve been playing this scene on my mind ever since you said you’d do it, Eva. I can’t... I can’t stop myself. I’m sorry.”

Drops of sweat slid down his forehead, but what caught my attention was the expression on his face. He was begging for forgiveness and understanding. “Ok, well... we’ll do it slower. Just like in the beginning.”

I smiled at him, waiting for him to start moving, while I yearned for more than what he was giving me now. After that little pause, Adam resumed his movements.

There, I could feel the excitement growing inside me, again. Even slower... It felt damned good. Too good, honestly. The slower he did it, the more I craved for, the more he aroused me, the hotter I felt. And I knew Adam was trying not to cross that line.

I buried my nails in the sheets as Adam suddenly stroked me harder. I wasn’t expecting it, but it provoked me so much. I wanted more. More. If faster was worse for Adam, I think slower drove me close to that edge, because it made long for more, it made my hips move, finding this rhythm alongside Adam’s.

It was freaking good.

“Adam...” I called him. He looked at me, leaning his forehead on mine. He kept moving while his icy eyes locked mine. “I can’t... take it anymore. I... I want it faster. I don’t care if you’ll have your orgasm, but... oh, god, just do it.”

“Are you sure?”

“Do it.”

After those little two words were out of my mouth, Adam thrust faster, harder, leading me to my own limit as he tried not to look away from me. I grabbed his face and forced him to kiss me. I wanted to feel him as much as I could at the same time this abrupt scorching wave began taking over me, controlling me.

Still, Adam was the first one. “Eva... I can’t... I...” He trailed off before he could tell me what it was, even though I’d already acknowledged what was about to come. Kissing me fervently, Adam stroked me hard and fast, digging deeper and deeper inside me. He gasped for air, and few cries escaped from his mouth.

And then, right when Adam was having his orgasm, my turn came, and it just took my breath away. Everything in my mind vanished. I gasped for air, trying to arch backwards. I clenched my fists, burying my nails in my own hands as Adam broke me, making me climax for the second time that night.

For seconds there, I thought I’d had a glimpse of something Beautiful. Paradise? Probably. In those few seconds, I felt I was in paradise, experiencing one of the best things life had to offer.

But then, it all vanished. Adam stopped moving, struggling for breath, just like me, at the same time he fell by my side.

Silence followed next to the frenzied scene.

I didn’t know how much time we just lay there, next to each other, resting our bodies and minds. The fact that I’d lost my virginity wasn’t even in my mind. I felt so worn-out that, if it hadn’t been for Adam, I would’ve fallen asleep in the time we did nothing but lay at each other’s side. He got up and said nothing when he went to the bathroom, probably to dispose of the condom or something. Thank God he’d used one, because I wasn’t on the pill.

Anyway, I remained there until Adam returned from the bathroom, abruptly stopping to stare at me. I was still naked, but this time, he wasn’t looking at me with hunger on his eyes. Something was wrong. “What?”

“You bled.” When his words hit me, I freaked out right away. I got up, dragging a sheet with me. Just because he’d seen me naked and had had sex with me, it didn’t mean I wouldn’t feel embarrassed anymore. When I was up, I looked at the bed and saw the blood stain. We both knew what it was.

I didn’t know what to say. I just let my head fall, blushing.

“Don’t worry about it, kid. Just go to the bathroom and clean yourself while I call someone to exchange the sheets.” Adam told me. I was feeling so bad and humiliated that I didn’t even say anything. I just locked myself up in the bathroom again, listening to Adam working to resolve our problem.

Inside the bathroom, I let go of the sheet and looked at the mirror. I felt different. I felt good, even if I was still feeling humiliated by my blood on the white sheet. Still, I checked myself. Nothing was wrong. Nothing hurt. Yes, I’d bled, but that was normal on a girl’s first time. Just because I was eighteen and had never had sex in my life – until now, I knew I could bleed. So, I really didn’t fret about it.

I just remained in the bathroom, until Adam had our problem worked out. I just wanted to go to bed with him. Not to have sex, but... to just rest and be next to him. Nothing more, although I did want to repeat it all over again. Not now, someday later. I’d like it that much. Adam had been perfect, the sex had been perfect. What I felt in the end was worth the pain I felt in the beginning and more. Oh, and now I wouldn’t feel any pain anymore. I’d be in heaven every time I’d do it with Adam. I knew he wouldn’t be capable of turning my offer down.

Finally, after a while, Adam approached the bathroom and said, “You can come, now.” Unlike me, he already had his boxers on, while I was just naked. Well, I didn’t care. I had the sheet to cover my body.

I walked out of the bathroom and hurried to the bed, with those fresh sheets waiting for me. I threw the one I had away, and went to bed quickly, before he could stare at me, again.

Adam joined me in bed, immediately. He lay down next to me and pulled me close to him. This time, I wasn’t afraid of leaning on him, or placing my leg or arm over his body. I wasn’t afraid of touching him in any way.

“Thank you, Adam.” I found myself saying when he turned off the light beside him. I didn’t know what time it was, but I knew I was tired and wanted to sleep.

“Don’t thank me, kid. I did it because we both wanted... and needed it.” Unconsciously, his fingers started to move over my bare shoulder, right when he asked, “You liked it?”

I looked up at him, being able to distinguish the icy blue color on his eyes, thanks to the moonlight coming from the glass wall on our right side. “Of course. You did it perfectly. I couldn’t have asked for anyone better than you, and that’s why I’m thankful, Adam. You didn’t hurt me, and I know you won’t just... trick me or betray me the way Rick did the next day.”

“Hum.” He grumbled, turning his head to the other side, so that I wouldn’t see his eyes.

“Something’s wrong?” I asked him, since he really hadn’t said anything in response to what I’d told him.

“Everything’s ok, kid.” He reassured me, not stopping the caresses on my bare shoulder. “I’m just tired, that’s all.”

“Oh, ok...” I lowered my head again and closed my eyes, trying not to care about the sudden change in Adam’s mood. Well, maybe he was like this after having sex... I didn’t know. But I did know he was always this quiet whenever he cheated on Rachel somehow. For example, like when we kissed and got slightly more involved. Maybe he was thinking about what he’d done with me behind his girlfriend’s back.

Still, I tried to stop thinking about it and allowed myself to fall asleep, while holding onto Adam.


When I slowly opened my eyes, it looked as if I was in my bedroom, as the sunlight completely lit up the whole room. However, I was able to notice that I was not in my bedroom, when I remembered where I was.

In a five start hotel... with Adam.

Lazily pushing myself up on my elbows, I heard a noise in the bathroom. Right after, Adam was opening the door and coming out, fully dressed in last night’s clothes. I smiled at him in a childish way. God, I really could be a kid, sometimes.

But, Adam didn’t smile back. He just looked at me, and disclosed, “It’s almost 2 PM, kid.”

My heart skipped a beat in that exact moment. “You’re kidding me, right?”

“No, I’m not.”

I immediately got up, worried to death about the time. “Why didn’t you wake me up, Adam? I have to go to work! Glenda’s going to kill me! For god’s sake, it’s your father’s birthday! Why are we still here? You should’ve-”

“Eva, calm down, ok?” Adam was suddenly in front of me. “You have this day off. Didn’t Glenda tell you that?”

“Another day off?” My jaw fell open and my eyes widened in sheer shock. “No, she didn’t tell me that! I... You did this, didn’t you? It’s your father’s birthday, Adam! I’m sure Glenda is so going to treat me bad after this! I... I was even supposed to work the whole day, today! Oh my god...”

“Eva-” Adam said my name, placing his hands on my cold shoulders. “Nothing is going to happen to you. Glenda is not going to do anything to you, and even if she did, she’d have to deal with me. It was all my idea. Don’t fret about anything, ok?”

“How could you do this without making her tell your father? I’m a maid, for god’s sake! Everyone will know about this! What... what am I supposed to do while you’re at your father’s party?” I was seriously freaking out, right now. I mean, having another day off was good, but... right on Mr. Cooper’s birthday? What if he noticed me there, walking around as if I was some kind of guest?

“I did this, because you deserve it. Besides, you can somehow enjoy my father’s birthday party.” He told me, and I forced myself to smirk in a sarcastic way. He really didn’t believe that, did he? I mean, I didn’t know anyone! And the ones I knew would recognize me as their maid! “Look, I’m sure you... wouldn’t feel like going back to work after what happened, so... I did this. I gave you a day off to... I don’t know, Eva. Don’t be so hard on me.”

Adam unexpectedly turned around, sighing. Confused, I said, “I didn’t do anything!”

“Yeah, I know you didn’t.” He said, still not turning around. “Look, just get dressed, ok? We need to get back at the house. Rachel will be there anytime soon.” Somehow, I sensed as if Adam felt bad about something. Maybe... about last night? I mean, he wasn’t even capable of looking straight into my eyes! He hadn’t even smiled at me, like he’d done, last night!

“Yeah, right.” I rolled my eyes, “I’m sure you don’t want her to see us together, or something. Just like I’m sure you feel really bad for what you did with me last night.”

Having said that, I didn’t give him any chance to say anything at all. I just passed by him and dashed to the bathroom, where my dress still was. It was then when I noticed that I’d been talking to Adam completely... naked.

Anyway, I let go of that thought and sat on the toilet with the dress on my hands. God, I’d been so freaking stupid. Adam felt bad because he’d had sex with me. It was written all over his face. If he wasn’t, then what was it? Why did he seem so bothered? Hadn’t he enjoyed last night, as much as I had?

I made an effort to blink back the tears. I’m sure I was getting it all wrong. Adam liked me; he’d made love with me. Yeah, maybe he felt a little guilty. I understood him. That was why he was acting this... Yeah, that was it.

Embracing my conclusion, I got up from the toilet seat and started putting on the same dress I’d worn last night. Then, I looked at the mirror, washed my face and tried to brush my teeth somehow. When I was over, I tried to comb my hair with my fingers, but it didn’t do much. Luckily, Alexis had been so good with my hair that some of my curls still shone like last night.

I took a deep breath when I walked out of the bathroom and felt I was missing something on me. I looked around and when I saw Adam with something on his hand, I knew what it was. “Looking for this?” My mouth remained shut as I walked up to him and grabbed my thong. I put it back on and then, I heard him. “Ready?”

“Hum, where’s the lingerie?”

“Everything’s on a bag, by the door. Put your heels and let’s go, kid.” He commanded. Feeling like the maid I was, I did what I was told without complaining. I slipped my feet into the heels and followed him to the door, grabbing the bag from Victoria’s Secret right before we got out.

Afterwards, I followed him to the reception of the hotel, where he officially checked out. After that, we both went to his car and got it. He then started the car, and I think he was more than happy to be driving, since that way he couldn’t really look at me. However, I just had to speak.

“Do you feel guilty about last night, Adam?”

Sighing, the handsome man was honest. “No, kid, I don’t. Unfortunately, I don’t feel guilty for having cheated on my girlfriend.”

I understood his unfortunately. He’d been dating Rachel for quite a while, and now that he’d cheated on her, he didn’t even feel guilty. I comprehended him, but I still wanted to be sure. “You like it, then?”

At last, his lips curved in a faint smile. “I loved it, kid.”

Now that made me smile as well. “Me too.”

Ok, I admitted I felt a lot better, now, just by trading a few words with him. I mean, he’d liked it! He didn’t even feel guilty for what he’d done! I somehow felt ecstatic, and Adam was aware of it.

He was driving the slowest he was allowed to, unlike the other times I’d seen him driving. Maybe he didn’t want to go to his father’s party, or perhaps he didn’t want to face or be with Rachel after what he’d done behind her back. As for me, I comfortably leaned back and thought about last night. The way he’d me feel so comfortable when I was just ready to freak out... He’d been good to me. He’d prepared me, and then... well, it had been amazing. It couldn’t have been any better than that, honestly.

I kept replaying last night on my mind, over and over again, until we finally arrived at his mansion, which was already congested with cars and people walking around with fancy dresses and suits. I knew the party would start early.

Before we got out of his car, Adam placed his hand on my leg, making me look at him. He had no smile, again. “I want you to know that... I really liked last night, kid. It was great.”

“I know you like it, Adam.” He’d already told me that.

“And... hum, I did it to make you happy, as well, because you needed it.” He said, almost as if pleading for something.

“I believe you.” He knew I needed that to get over that fear I had, thanks to Rick.

“Good.” He still wouldn’t smile and I wondered why he was saying all of this, now. “We should go. I hope you enjoy the party. I hope you have fun while you’re in my world for a while, though I must warn you that can bore you.”

“Don’t worry about me. Just make sure no one gets suspicious about us.” I paused, and gazed into his icy blue eyes. I couldn’t read his expression, but Adam looked as if he was about to have a heartbreak. I immediately shook that thought away from mind, and added, “Thank you... for the dinner and for... you know. It was... more than I could’ve ever had from you.”

I had nothing more to say to him. It was better if I didn’t say anything else, anyway. I just got out of the car and walked inside the Coopers’ property, while Adam waited for me to be far away from his car and himself, so that no one would think we’d walked in together.

I sighed. I felt sad, but I knew why.

After last night, today was going to be equal to any other day, even if I wouldn’t have to work. After all, Adam wouldn’t be with me. He’d have to keep hiding our relationship from everyone else, and act as if everything was ok, which judging by the look on his face... wasn’t.

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