Welcome To Heartbreak

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Chapter 18


“Where do you think you’re going, Adam?”

As soon as his father’s severe voice was heard, Adam turned around, completely enraged. “I have to go after her. I-”

“You what?” His father’s eyes widened, completely shocked. “You will not go anywhere after the scandal you just caused with that maid!”

“You think you’re going to stop me?” Adam yelled, anger flooding his body.

He had to go after Eva. He just had to do it. He couldn’t let the pretty kid just run away from him after watching him proposing to Rachel. Because he knew that was the last thing Eva needed, Adam had to go after her, he had to talk to her, apologize to her, and beg for her forgiveness.

How could he be that stupid and think Eva would just stay in her place after listening to him proposing to Rachel, right in front of her eyes, after the night they’d had together?

“Adam.” It wasn’t his father’s voice that spoke after his uncontrolled shout. When he faced the other person, he saw Deena, calmer than he thought she would be. “You can’t go after her. You shouldn’t.”

“I have to do, Deena.” He wasn’t contradicting her, he was practically begging.

“Adam, it’s better if she’s left alone for the time being.” Deena actually approached him when she heard noises coming from behind her, who Adam was able to see they belonged to some guests that had been attracted to the hall by the shouting. “Look, I can only imagine what Eva’s feeling and suffering, right now. I’m sure the last thing she wants is to see you. It’s not worth to go after her for nothing. She won’t talk to you.”


“I know her better than you, Adam.” Deena cut him off, her eyes freezing him. “She’s my niece.” And Deena knew he’d just finished breaking her niece’s heart.

“Adam...” Another female voice called him. Thankfully, he recognized it as being Alexis’ voice. He looked at the direction from where the voice had come and watched his best friend approaching him and Deena. When she reached them, her hand touched his arm.

He shook her off, right away. “I don’t need you to say you warned me, Alexis.”

Alexis didn’t move. She knew Adam could lose control anytime soon, but she stayed there, her eyes piercing through his. “I was not going to say anything like that. I was just going to say it’s better if you talked in some other place, unless you want everyone to listen to you, if you think that little scene between you and Eva wasn’t enough.”

Automatically, Adam replayed Eva’s eyes filled with tears, gazing at him, shocked with what he’d done, after having spent the night with her. He couldn’t help but to go after her, knowing he’d made the biggest mistake of his life by breaking the kid’s heart.

His heart ached. He was so weak, so stupid. How could he just hurt Eva like that? He should’ve listened to Alexis!

Suddenly feeling unable to control himself, Adam stepped back. He faced everyone looking at him, including his father’s eyes, which had more in them than just anger and fury, though Adam couldn’t decode the rest. He had to get out of there. He wanted to hit something hard. He wanted to feel any other pain than the one that he felt inside.

“I have to go.” He stated, his eyes jumping from Deena to Alexis. “Don’t let Rachel come after me. Just... Don’t. I need to be alone.” He had to be left alone if he didn’t want to hurt anyone but himself.

So, after warning the two women, Adam just ran away. He didn’t follow Eva’s track. He went to a different place. A place he knew he’d calm down as soon as he put his hands on them. All he needed now was his horses.

He didn’t have his horses just because he liked them. He had them because the psychologist he’d had during his senior year in high school had mentioned that horses were good to people with the same mood disorders he had. So, he hadn’t gone to an institute with horses. He’d just decided to buy them for himself. He learned everything he needed to learn and now he simply couldn’t live without his six horses, especially his two favorites: the black stallion and the lusitano one, his oldest horse.

It took him less than five minutes to reach the stable behind his huge house, since he’d practically run to reach it. He spotted four of his horses outside, eating grass. Since none of them were his stallions, he went inside the stable.

However, before walking, Adam took a very deep breath. Yes, his horses would calm him down, but he just couldn’t rush himself till his stallions, otherwise he could possibly scare both horses inside the shelter he provided them.

So, he just tried to think about all of his six horses.

They all needed to do their periodical dental examination, just like three of them definitely had to have the veterinarian here so that he could give them some vaccines. He also had to order more hay... And send some men to clean up the stable, because some parts were just plain dirty. Not to mention he had to call the farrier again to trim their hoofs and replace their horseshoes.

Then, all they needed was Adam to groom them... While Eva would just fall asleep in the hay or anywhere else and he’d have to take her back to her room by carrying her on his arms.

There it was again, his heart aching. He’d been so stupid. So heartless.

Why hadn’t he been able to continue acting towards Eva the way he acted towards all the other maids? That way, none of this would have happened! He wouldn’t have ended up involved with Eva! He wouldn’t have broken her heart! Damn, he’d been such a bastard to various girls, and then she had to come and change everything!

Feeling the fury take care of him once more, Adam decided to enter the stable, nevertheless, spotting his two stallions straight away. He moved towards the black one. As soon as the animal heard him from behind, he turned to look at him, though he didn’t need to turn his head around too much.

Reaching for a dandy brush, Adam turned at his warm-blooded horse and started grooming. It immediately had an effect on him. He felt his heartbeat slowing down, just like he felt himself calming down. He could see it in his own slow motion movements while grooming the black stallion.

And there Adam stayed for two hours.

He wondered about everything he should and shouldn’t have done with Eva. And he faced one main should, and one main shouldn’t. The first – the should, he simply should have ignored Eva when she’d felt herself fascinated by him. He’d already had plenty of women fascinated by a man like him, Eva wouldn’t have been too hard to ignore... Then, the second – the shouldn’t, Adam had just been stupid to the point of deciding to sleep with the maid. He shouldn’t have done it, because now, he’d done everything worse. Much worse.

And Rachel... She wouldn’t be stupid to the point of not knowing, of not realizing he had something with Eva, a maid. He’d have to deal with her, talk to her, let her know she’s the one he knows better.

Oh, and his father... He’d always hated just the thought that any of his sons could fall for a maid. Adam had never guessed where all of that hate and cold distance toward the maids came, but there was definitely something behind his father’s feelings. Well, he didn’t care about it, anyway.

Deena, Eva’s aunt, now had the proof that something was going on between him and Eva, despite Eva’s efforts to hide it from her. Adam would have to talk to her, as well...

Then, most important of all... Eva. She deserved so much better than him.

All of a sudden, before he could actually think about what he was doing, Adam just let go of the brush and walked toward one of the wooden columns of the stable and just started punching it, kicking it. He couldn’t control himself.

Far away, in the background, he could listen to both of his horses stressing out with the way he was behaving.

He hated himself. He was just a violent scumbag that couldn’t control himself. No one actually really liked him. Who knew if Rachel was just with him because of his money? Who knew if his father actually loved him? He’d always acted with so much distance between the two... Then, his mother. He hadn’t even had the chance to know his beautiful mother. Maybe that was the source of all his problems: growing without a mother.

Finally, he felt a physical pain, but unfortunately, it didn’t match the one that shattered his heart.

“Adam? What...?” He recognized Alexis’ voice without even looking, yet he just wanted to feel more of that addicting physical pain, until it could finally contest the other pain, so he didn’t pay any attention to his best friend. “Adam! Stop! Look what you’re doing to yourself!”

“I’m doing what I deserve! I’m a son of a bitch that just exists to hurt everybody around him!” He shouted, not turning around.

“Stop, Adam! You’re bleeding already!” Alexis yelled at him, far away in the background, yet loud enough for Adam to listen to her. But what she said didn’t stop him from continuing with the violence, until she finally yelled, “The horses, you’re freaking them out!”

Suddenly, he slowed down, and visualized the place where he was. His gaze fell upon his hands and saw the wounded knuckles badly bleeding. He spun over his feet and leaned against the column. He let himself slid down until he was sat on the floor, staring at his hands.

He’d hurt so many just because he couldn’t control himself. High school friends, his father, his male best friend... Even Alexis. Yet, she was still his best girlfriend.

And she’d warned him about the mistake he was committing on making Eva go to bed with him.

Adam didn’t bother looking at his gorgeous friend when she knelt down and her hands grabbed his. “Adam...”

“I hate myself, Alexis.” He grumbled, his icy blue eyes visualizing his hands knocking out so many of his friends.

“Don’t say that, Adam.” Alexis said after reaching for a towel he usually had someone place there, wouldn’t he get dirty on his hands. She placed it around his wounded hands. “Did Eva have such an impact in you?”

He lowered his head, his jaw-length hair falling down. “I’ve broken her heart, Alexis. She didn’t deserve what I did to her. You warned me plenty of times, yet I let lust and desire take over me and her. Now, she’s all alone when she should just be with me. I’m such a bastard. I’ve done no good to everyone I know-”

“Don’t say that.” She cut him off. “Adam... You’re my best friend, I hate seeing you like this, so... Out of control.”

“I hurt her. Eva didn’t deserve it.” Adam started, “She’s such a kid, so sweet, so innocent in everything she does, so unprepared for the real world, so not ready to face people like me, you or my father... I want her.”

“I know you want her, Adam. But you can’t have both women. You have to choose. Either you have Rachel or either you have Eva.” Alexis stated, letting him know something he didn’t want to think about. Still, he just had to, if he wanted to get back some of the previous order he had on his useless life.

“I should’ve listened to you.”

“There’s no point on thinking about what you should have done.”

“Eva didn’t deserve to have her heart broken a third time.” First, that son of a bitch that had tried to have sex with her; secondly, her mother’s death; and now, thirdly, he’d make her fall for him and had broken her heart when he’d just proposed to another woman right in front of her eyes.

“You... Like her, don’t you?”

Adam lifted his head and faced Alexis. His blue eyes easily saw through her friend’s.

Realizing it now, he revealed to himself, “I love her.”

Alexis said nothing and just gazed at him. She wasn’t even shocked or surprised. Maybe she already knew what he felt and had warned him, because Eva felt the same and watching him asking Rachel if she wanted to marry him... It would wound a girl’s heart forever.

“What are you going to do now?”

Taking a deep breath, Adam actually asked her, “What’s a man to do when’s loving two, and he don’t want to lie, but he can’t tell the truth? What am I going to do, when my love has two different faces and can’t break ties because both look so right?”

Adam leaned his head back and closed her eyes, picturing both women in his mind. Both were perfect, both had their flaws and their qualities. They both liked him - Rachel loved him for sure. He deserved none of them.

“I don’t know, Adam. If knew, I’d most definitely tell you...”

Adam nodded, “I guess I have to find out by myself.” He wanted Rachel, he was supposed to have Rachel and claim her to him, but then, every time he pictured that petite black haired girl with such intense dark blue eyes... His heart longed for her, as well. “I’m so stupid.”

Alexis said nothing and stayed silent. She’d witnessed few of these crises that Adam had had along his life, but she knew it was just best to stop him from hurting himself more and then just let him reach some kind of conclusion all by himself. However, he simply didn’t know what to do.

Maybe he should have just died instead of his mother. Maybe everyone’s lives around him would be much better.

“You have to talk to your father, Adam.” Alexis suddenly warned him. “The guests are all gone; your father took care of that. You can go back, now.”

“What about Rachel?”

“Your father dismissed her as well.” Alexis revealed. Oh good. He didn’t want to face his fiancée when he just didn’t have anything to tell her about all of that scandal. “He told her it was better to come back after a day or two.”

Good. That would give him some time to think of an excuse to give her. But now, he knew he had to face two persons, whether he had, or not, explanations for them: Deena and his father.

First, it would be his father.

Then, it would be Deena, Eva’s aunt.

And because just running away from people wasn’t his thing, unless when he was out of control, Adam got up. Breathing deeply, he faced Alexis, “I’m going to talk to them and then... I’m going to give Eva a day to come back. If she doesn’t, I’m going to look for her and no one’s going to stop me.”

Alexis nodded, accepting his decision. Deena had been right. Adam was sure that the last thing Eva wanted now was to see him. So, he’d give her time enough for her to settle down whatever she wanted to decide, while he’d calm down during that period and face the ones that most wanted him now.

Before walking out of the stable, Adam petted both horses between their eyes and ears, knowing they liked that because it was sensitive part. How could he have forgotten his horses when he’d just freaked out?

Disappointed about himself, Adam just left the stable with Alexis.

Along with his best friend, Adam reached his house in minutes.

The first thing he did when he walked in was to treat the wounds on his hands, before he faced either his father or Deena. Alexis had forced him to take care of it first, otherwise he’d have ignored it, like always.

She was the one who treated his wounds. And while she did it, he remembered of that one dinner time when he’d freaked out and had crashed against Eva, making her fall over a broken bottle. She’d cut her hands and she’d been forced to work the day after, though. It was one of the few times that night when he’d apologized to someone on his own, without having Alexis behind him, saying he should apologize the person he’d hurt.

“We’re done.” Alexis said, getting up.

Adam did the same, “Thanks.”

“You’re welcome. Come on.” She pulled him towards the door, the way out, and said, “Go talk to your father for once and for all Adam. You should rest, then.”

“I still have to talk to Deena.”

“I know.” Alexis paused, but then added, “After that, promise me you’ll rest.” He nodded like her, silently promising, but deeply, he knew he wouldn’t be able to get any rest until Eva would be back.

His best friend opened the door and both of them walked out. They walked together to the stairs, the place where they should follow separate ways. “Good luck, Adam.”

“Thank you.” He repeated, and then, Alexis went away and Adam walked up to his father’s office, sure he would be there, along with his grandfather, colder than his own father.

He knocked on the door, not thinking twice. He was never a man of backing out. If he had to do it, he’d do it.

“Come in.” He heard the chilly tone of voice of his father.

Carefully placing one of his hands with the wounded knuckles, Adam opened the door silently, and sighted his blue eyed father sat behind his desk, while Eva’s aunt, Deena, stood at his side. She was just as serious as his father was, but her expression was more welcoming than his father’s. “Father, Deena.”

Closing the door behind him, Adam stepped towards the desk, but didn’t sit down. Dropping his gaze, he took a deep breath and said, “I’m sorry, dad.” It felt like swallowing his pride, but if he didn’t want to make things harder for Eva when she came back, he had to be careful in his reactions towards his father’s yet-to-come feedback. “I apologize for ruining your party and I’m sorry for causing all of that scandal. It wasn’t Eva’s fault, it was mine.”

Narrowing his ice-cold blue eyes, his father only questioned him, “Why do you say it wasn’t Eva’s fault?”

“Well, because I was the one who lured her to me.” He lied with all of his teeth. To tell the truth, Eva had been the one who’d lured him that strongly. If she’d been just like every other maid in the house, Adam would have easily avoided this entire situation, but no. Eva had been that addicting.

“Why do you lie, Adam?” His father took his hand to his forehead and closed his eyes for a moment. In that instant, Adam could suddenly see all the weariness in his aged face. “I’m well aware you’ve been pushing other women away from you because they’ve been nothing but boring to you. So, Eva must have done something different than them.”

“She did nothing but to be herself.” And that had been everything Eva had done to draw him to her. That and her childish curiosity for him had also been one of the motives that had pulled him towards her. “That was why I was so tempted to...” He trailed off, closing his eyes and picturing himself kissing the petite eighteen year old girl that worked for his family.

“You were so tempted to do what, Adam?” He listened to his father sharply asking him. Adam didn’t answer. He didn’t need to put it in words, because his father knew very well he’d been tempted to have her. And he did have. “You slept with her.” It wasn’t a question, it was a statement.

In that very instant, Adam looked at Deena and watched her shaking her head in a tiresome way. “I knew it. It happened last night, didn’t it? You both spent the night out and I was already suspicious about it... It was enough to look at Eva’s face, even though she was denying it throughout my efforts to know the truth.”

“I’m sorry, Deena, I-”

The maid shook her head faster, as if dismissing him, and actually laughed in a bitter way, “Apologies don’t do any good now. The damage’s done.”

His father rested his elbows on the desk as he leaned forward and complained, “A maid, Adam? After everything I’ve said and after all the time you’ve been able to repel every single one of them, this one appears and you find yourself cheating on Rachel with an eighteen year old maid?” The emphasis in the last word didn’t mean anything to Adam. For him, Eva was Eva, nothing else mattered.

“She may be a maid, Arthur,” Deena swiftly spoke with a razor-sharp tone of voice, “But Eva’s my niece. She’s not less of a girl just because she works as a maid.”

His father didn’t reply. In fact, that amazed Adam. It surprised him the fact that Deena had had the courage to just talk to him like if she was his equal, and the fact that his father had just stayed there, speechless to such disapproving words coming from a maid.

“I didn’t say that-”

“You meant it.” Deena’s eyes pierced through his father, as she kept on, “Don’t forget I know you for years, Arthur. I know what you think and what you want to say.” She paused, disgust in her words when she continued after throwing him a repugnant look, “Say it. Dare. You’ve become this cynical and hypocrite man over the past twenty-three years, I’m sure disapproving your son of something you’ve also went through won’t weight even a little on that stone-heart of yours.”

All of Deena’s short speech had suddenly gotten his attention stuck to his father’s reaction. He turned his head to fix his frosty eyes on the maid, but no words were heard. He noticed his father’s fists clenched and color draining out of his face.

What the hell had Deena meant with everything she’d said? Had his father...? No. It was impossible. His father hated maids and their approaches to his children, especially to Adam.

“That was different-”

“Don’t you dare lying to my face, Arthur!” Deena’s voice suddenly escalated and Adam was now caught in an argument that was none of his business. “It even happened when you shared the same age! She didn’t even need to do anything, just like-”

“That’s enough, Deena!” Out of the blood, his father punched the desk and rose from his chair. “I will not tolerate such comments coming from you, especially in front of Adam!”

Deena didn’t seem the least bit scared. Instead, Adam was almost sure she’d be capable of spitting on his father, right there. “You’ve changed so much, Arthur. You’ve turned yourself into your father and now you want the same to happen with Adam. You should just pity yourself, really. If it wasn’t for the promise I made her twenty-three years ago, I’d be long gone.”

It was with those words that Deena walked out of the office, head held up high, like if his father was nothing but a friend instead of her boss, and had just finished having a violent argument.

The moment she slammed shut the door, Adam’s attention was on his clearly disturbed father, whose eyes were looking at nothing in particular.

“What was that all about?” Adam asked, pointing back at the door through where Deena had left the office. “What did she mean with all of those things?”

“It has nothing to do with you, Adam.” His father took a deep breath and let it out slowly, as he allowed himself to fall back on the chair.

“How come you let her treat you that way? This was the first time I actually saw you shut up in front of a maid’s harsh words.” It’s not like he wished Deena any kind of harm, he didn’t, but he was just curious to know why his father hadn’t reacted like he always did, in order to establish that distance from every maid in the house.

“I know Deena since I was fifteen, Adam.” His father rubbed his eyes with the back of his hands, and continued, “She’s the same age I am. She came to work here because she needed the money. Your grandfather offered her the job, and since then, she’s been with me. We grew up together.”

Taking advantage of this sudden weakness from his father, Adam walked up to the desk, and sat down in front of the icy blue eyed man. “You’re not going to fire Eva, are you?”

“No, I’m not like my father...” It came out as whisper, and Adam probably wasn’t supposed to listen to it.


“No, she’s not fired.” He lifted his gaze and finally faced Adam since the very moment Deena had rushed out of his office. “But I will talk to her. And you will promise me that, nothing more will happen between you two, Adam.”

It hurt. It broke his heart. But it was the truth. Eva wasn’t the one Adam was supposed to end up with. And for how much it hurt to stab a knife in his own heart, Adam replied, “Nothing more will happen between me and Eva, I promise.”

And in that second, Adam caught a glimpse of pain in his father’s eyes, until he composed himself by getting up, and shaking his head at the same time, probably putting aside some specific thoughts. “Good. I’ve talked to everyone that was at the party, so you don’t need to worry. As for Rachel, you’ll have to deal with her.”

Adam nodded. “I know.” Still, he didn’t move.

“You can go now. I have nothing else to say to you, Adam.” He seemed so suddenly worn-out, as if Deena’s words had sunk far more than Adam had initially thought.

“I can keep you company.” He urged on his father, not really putting any thought to what he’d just said. His father had always been a man that liked to be left alone often. Just like Adam.

“No, it’s ok. I’m sure you... want to look for Eva.”

Adam’s eyes narrowed immediately, and he found himself growing suspicious.

That calm tone of voice, that couldn’t-care-less attitude about him going after Eva and the sudden worn-out look on his face, was everything he wasn’t used in seeing in his father. It was Deena’s fault. From the moment she opened her mouth to speak up to his father, she’d hit his father’s weak spot. Maybe... Maybe Deena could tell him more about their argument. Adam hadn’t really understood any of it. But, he was sure there was more to it than his father would be willing to let him know.

“Ok, then.” Adam got up, turned his back on his father, and left the office. The moment he closed the door, he headed towards Deena’s room, on the maids’ floor. She was surely there, worrying about her niece.

As soon as he got to her bedroom, he lifted his hand to knock, but the second he heard her voice, Adam stopped himself from interrupting the conversation. “I knew it was true. I knew Eva was lying to me this whole time. It was just a matter of time until me or Arthur discovered it.”

Could she be possibly talking to another maid about it? No, it couldn’t. Adam wasn’t listening to any other voice inside the bedroom but Deena’s. She was on the phone with someone. “I could have avoided it. If I’d had my eyes on Eva all the time, I’d have been able to stop her from being with Adam all of those times I know I’m not aware of. Yes, I know... I know this is something we can’t stop no matter what. I know it from your experience, really, but... I could have done something before they became interested in each other...”

Adam couldn’t think of any maid in the house to whom Deena could be possibly speaking to through the phone. They all lived here, they were all here today, so it really wasn’t a person he knew.

“I know he’s Arthur’s son. From all the things I’ve told you, from all the things you’ve been able to see and still maintain a long distance from them, you know Adam’s just like Arthur. They both might not be of the same opinion, but they are equal in so many aspects... Arthur was just like Adam when he was his age... I’m afraid he’ll turn into his father, Al. I really am.”

His right eyebrow rose as he was now curious about who was Deena talking to. Whoever it was, seemed to be acquainted of all the things that happened, since Deena didn’t seem to give the person a grand explanation about it. It looked like she was just... opening up with the person on the other side of the phone.

“I know how much you suffered with it. I know how much it broke your heart and how much it devastated your life. I don’t want that to happen to Eva, Al. I don’t. I’m going to do everything to stop Adam from being influenced by his father and I’m going to stop Eva from falling even more for Adam.”

In that very second, Adam knocked on the door, carefully and slowly, because of the wounds on his knuckles. “Who is it?” He immediately heard from the inside.


“I have to go, Al. Adam’s here. I’ll talk to you later.” And then, steps towards the door. Seconds later, Deena opened it and looked at him. “Adam.”

“Did you know,” He started, folding his arms over his chest, “I can listen to your every word outside your bedroom?”

Her eyes immediately darkened, but she retorted, “And did you know it’s ugly to listen to other people’s private talks, Adam?” Adam’s light blue eyes narrowed, but Deena kept going, “What do you want?”

“I want to apologize.” He paused, unfolding his arms and letting them fall to the sides, suddenly feeling guilty again for everything he’d done. “I didn’t think Eva and I would get this much involved, I... We didn’t expect this to happen.”

He listening to her deep breath, and then, she spoke, “With you, you either don’t do it, or you just do it. You never were a man to stay in between. I know it just happened, Adam, I’m well aware of it. Just like I know you’d never sleep with my niece, simply to... have sex.”

“I’d never do that to Eva, Deena.” He finally had the guts to lift his gaze and focus on the maid. “I actually tried to stop her from becoming even more curious, but when I tried to do it, I was the one who’d end up doing something for her to be with me.” Images and voices popped up on his mind, and he could visualize himself and Eva, all the times they weren’t supposed to be together, but ended up staying with each other. Something tightened in his heart. And it were all the feelings he held for Eva and all the guilt that was eating him up inside.

For seconds, Deena just stared at him, but unable to read anything from his blank expression, she just said, “Eva hasn’t said anything since she left.”

“I knew she’d do that. I’ll give her a day.” He revealed to Deena. “I’ll give her a day to come back to the house, and if she doesn’t... I’ll look for her, Deena, don’t worry.” The maid took her hands to her face and covered it. Adam could know see all of those years weighting on her, just like he’d previously seen on his father. However, he still asked, “Deena, I want to know something. What did you mean when you said all of those things to my father?”

Her hands fell and Adam watched her biting her bottom-lip and clenching her fists. “I said some things I wasn’t supposed to say, Adam, therefore, I am not going to explain any of it to you. What I said, was between me and your father.”

“You spoke of me in the conversation. You referred to someone my father had done-”

“Like every men, your father has made mistakes too.” She cut him off.

Adam eyed her carefully, thinking of what to say next. Choosing his words cautiously, he spoke, “For a moment there, I thought you were saying my father had done the same thing than I. I mean, getting involved with a maid.” He explained.

“What led you to that conclusion?”

“Various things you told him, ignoring me there.”

Resting both hands on her hips, Deena told him, “Adam, those are not things you should be asking me. Despite everything I’ve said in front of you, it doesn’t mean I should tell you what your father’s business is.”

For the first time since Eva had left him, the corned of his lips went up, forming a weak smile. “You shouldn’t tell it, but you want to do it. I can see it in your eyes.” When an abrupt thought crossed his mind, he paused, his eyes suddenly widening and this calm fury brushing his skin. “Did my father... cheat on my mother with a maid?”

No. His father wouldn’t have done that. He wouldn’t have cheated on his own mother. Adam didn’t even believe he’d cheated on Gabi, though he could clearly notice there wasn’t anything between the two of them. They didn’t have that fire; that spark, like Adam had with Rachel. No, not Rachel. He’d never been consumed with such smoldering fire when he’d made love with Rachel. Now Eva... lust, hunger and something more had taken over him to have Eva. At the time, Adam had already realized that with Eva... they shared that special fire. But... Eva was off limits, now. Now, and forever. For the sake of himself and his father, Adam had to marry Rachel, because she was the one.

It was Deena’s sudden laugh that brought him out of his inner reasoning. “Oh no, Adam. Your father never cheated on your mother. He loved her more than anything.” And suddenly, all of this sadness took over her eyes, as her weak smile vanished. “From everything that happened, I think he still loves her that much.”

Something had caught his attention. “From everything that happened? What do you mean?”

“Oh, Adam! I have already spoken too-”

“Deena, tell me what you mean!” His voice suddenly rose, “Nobody ever tells me something about my mother in this freaking house! For god’s sake! Tell me, at least, what you meant with that!”

She lifted her arm and shook her hand in front of Adam, like in a movement to make him step back. “Adam, don’t insist. That’s all I ask.”

Not even breathing, he caught himself shouting again, “How can I not possibly insist, when you seem to know something about my mother, and don’t tell me not even a little about it?” His wrath was now getting out of him, “You think it doesn’t hurt to look at my brother and see him with his mother? Do you think it doesn’t hurt when others talk about their mothers and I don’t even have something to say about her? Why is there so much mystery surrounding my dead mother? Why? She’s dead, for god’s sake! Dead!”

Deena knew everything about his problems. However, she was calm when her eyes met his furious ones, ready to get out of hand. Clearing up her throat, she told him, “I’m sorry, Adam. I really can’t be much of a help.”

His fists were clenched and he was so strongly tightening his grip, that for a moment, he hurt himself on the palm of his hands. Instead of standing there and keep arguing with the only maid that had seem to know more than she was willing to tell him, Adam just turned around and stormed off to his room.

Once more, he was ready to punch everything and everyone that might appear in front of him. Yet, he was able to reach his room, go to his bathroom and take some pills to calm down. Although he didn’t want it, he obligated himself to lie in bed after.

He wanted to scream, he wanted to hit something or someone, but while time passed, the pills did what they were supposed to do: calm him down.

Why? He thought. Why had this happened to him? Why had Eva decided to be that curious about him, when he was plain boring and dangerous when out of control? He had even been arrogant and heartless to her the few times they met in the beginning!

Unexpectedly, her image popped up on his mind.

She was beautiful. He didn’t care about what other people thought. Eva may be only eighteen and still a child, but she was beautiful, sweet and... Heartbroken, thanks to him.

He watched her in that dress, remembering the previous night, when he’d taken her to the hotel, and she’d known straight away what they were doing there. She immediately shrank back to her shell, just like a snail afraid of something.

But when she came out of the bathroom, wearing what Alexis’ had bought for her... She had been innocently seductive, luring him even more, without even acknowledging it. He remembered taking her to bed, and smoothly passing his fingers on her bare skin, while kissing her cold neck. His hands had explored her hourglass figure and had longed for more. He gave her something she had been so afraid of. And then... he watched the fear in her face when he decided to give the next step. Her dark blue eyes begged to not be hurt. It broke his heart to see her that wounded by a son of a bitch that didn’t deserve all the innocent goodness she had in her.

Suddenly, his cell phone rang, startling him. He immediately rummaged for it on his jeans’ pocket, but when he looked at it, he was disappointed to see it was just Rachel calling him.

He thought of not picking up the call, but then it would only be worse. Knowing Rachel as he did, Adam knew that if he wouldn’t say something to her soon, she’d come to his house and that was not good, because right now... facing Rachel was the last thing he wanted.


“Oh, Adam! I wanted to call you sooner, but you father strictly told me to call you much later!” Her voice was loud and worried, but once she kept going, Adam knew she was furious. “What the hell happened after you proposed? I mean, what was that all about, between you and the maid? I mean, everybody thinks something’s going on between you two! I don’t know what to think, I-”

“Rachel.” He cut her off, breathing slowly and deeply, in order to maintain the calm his pills had been able to give him. “Don’t worry-”

“What do you mean, don’t worry, Adam?” She interrupted him, shouting at him through the phone. “From everything I saw and was told, I can only think that you were cheating on me with that maid!”

“For god’s sake, Rachel, I’ve never cheated on you! Why would I do it now with a maid?” He lied, knowing that was so wrong. “Look, we’ll get together someday, and I’ll explain everything to you! Ok?” He just had to think of a great, and credible, excuse to tell his fiancée.

“And when do you intend on giving me that explanation?”

“In a couple of days.”

"A couple of days?” She emphasized every single word. “I deserve to have that explanation now!”

Adam didn’t answer right away. Rachel was right. A scene like the one he’d been caught up in, made Rachel deserve a darn good explanation. Problem was he didn’t have the patience to think of one now, especially when his greatest desire was to get up and go find Eva.

“Rachel. I’m not really in the mood to talk to anyone, really. Yes, even you. Look, I’ve proposed to you, didn’t I? What more can you possibly want? To have the certainty that I didn’t cheat on you with Eva? Well, I didn’t! I never cheated on you, so why I would I do it now, with a maid?” He looked like his father speaking, but to make sure Rachel would give him the space he needed and wanted, he had to be that convincing.

“Ok, then.” Her voice was once again calm, but Adam was sure she was forcing herself to not freak out. “When you feel ready to speak to me, call me, and I’ll go to your house to listen to your explanation.”


“Well... I love you.”

“Me too.” He said, so low, that for a moment, he thought Rachel wouldn’t hear it. “Bye.” Finally, he hung up. Letting his hand with the cell fall, Adam was glad Rachel had let him stay apart from her for a while, despite everything that had happened.

He’d never been a man to lie. He’d been heartless and arrogant enough to always tell the truth, no matter the impact it would have on the other person. But now... he’d lied. He needed to lie to Rachel. She didn’t deserve what he’d done, but neither did Eva.

Both had fallen for a scumbag.

He sighed heavily, wanting to hit himself for being so stupid.

But, he already had something that would serve has a punishment for being this stupid.

He’d have to wait for Eva. Time would seem like an eternity. But he wouldn’t be so hard on him, despite of the fact that he deserved it. He would only have to wait during one day.

Twenty four hours later, if Eva still hasn’t come back, he’ll look for her. And no matter how much hatred she might feel for him, Adam will force her to hear him.

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