Welcome To Heartbreak

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Chapter 2

“Wake up, sunshine!” I heard a perky voice in the background, though I completely ignored it. I wanted to sleep. I was tired and felt my eyes puffy, probably from the hours I’d spent crying last night. “Come on, Eva! It’s past 7 Am, you have to wake up!”

“7 Am?” I started complaining, “That’s so early!”

“Well, it’s life.” Still, I didn’t get up. Since the woman - it was a female voice - finally understood I wouldn’t get up with words, she placed her hands on my arms and started shaking me.

I lost that battle the moment I felt everything in my head shake as well. “Fine, you won!” I told her, before she would go on cause permanent damage. Then, I lifted my torso, rubbed my puffy red eyes and got up gradually. “Happy?”

“Very much.” I tried hard to focus on the woman and after some seconds, I succeeded. She seemed pretty young, actually. She probably was just a few years older than me, though she was much prettier. She was beautiful. In fact, she was my exact opposite. She had straight blond hair from what I could see of her ponytail, but dark brown eyes that shimmered thanks to the sunlight that came from my balcony, a tanned complexion and natural red-ish lips. Although she was wearing the maid’s uniform, it didn’t hide her hourglass figure. When I thought about that, Brad and Adam, Mr. and Mrs. Cooper’s sons, appeared on my mind looking at the woman with hungry eyes.

“I’m Eva.”

“I know. I’m Rebecca, but you can call me Becca like all the world does.” So far, she seemed nice. As she pointed at my bed, she started saying, “I have your uniform here. I advise you to get dressed quickly, because we’re a little late and we still have to clean up the brothers’ rooms.”

Oh my god, I’m sure we’d both awaken now, and we had to start cleaning rooms already? Aren’t the brothers sleeping like all the world is, but the poor maids?

“And I also advise you to do something to your hair, because if Mrs. Cooper sees you working with all of that hair loose, she’ll have a heart attack. I suggest you do a braid or a ponytail.” Her eyes narrowed as she looked at my so-wild hair. “Maybe... in your case, you better do a braid. Your hair’s too wild for a ponytail.” She was right. A ponytail wouldn’t make such a different since my hair was long.

“Where’s the bathroom?”

She raised an eyebrow and pointed at her left. “You have a bathroom in your own room.” Oh! I almost forgot that little - and awesome - detail. “With the exception of the Coopers, you’re the only one who has a bathroom in her own room. Well, I should be going; I’ll be waiting for you downstairs.”

Before she turned around, I asked, “Where’s my aunt?”

“Deena went to do some shopping for the party. Don’t worry, you’re in good hands.” And then, she winked her dark brown eye at me, and left me alone.

Since she’d said we had a lot to do, I hurried to the bathroom. I didn’t take a bath - I was too late for it, I’d take one at night -, but I washed my face and brushed my teeth. Afterwards, I traded my clothes for that ugly uniform. It was literally ugly! It seemed Mrs. Cooper had seen a movie with old maids and picked their uniforms to be ours! At least, it fit me perfectly. Last but not least, I made a long braid with my thick and black hair, and put on some comfortable shoes.

I was officially ready to start working. Unfortunately.

I left my room and went downstairs where I found Becca taking orders from an older woman. “You can clean Brad’s room while Eva can clean Adam’s. His is the cleanest so it will be easier for her to get used to this, understood?”

“Yes, Glenda.”

“And after being finished with that, both of you will go straight to the kitchen to help the others carrying everything to the backyard.”

“Ok, and- oh, Eva, you’re here!” Becca nodded at me and I was caught. Damn. I didn’t want to face that woman. I didn’t like her bossy tone. Still, I came down the rest of the stairs and reached Becca, only to turn around to also face the elder. “This is Glenda, Mr. Cooper’s right hand, second in command.” I tried hard not to smile at Becca’s joke.

“Don’t act smart on me, Becca.” She reprehended the girl, and next, her dark brown eyes moved from her to me. “But yes, that’s a way of putting it. I am the one you will come to when you don’t have anything to do. I am the one who gives the orders around here, and I only answer to Mr. and Mrs. Cooper.” God, couldn’t she be any bossier?

In fact, every aspect in her made her look too dominant. Her short and grey hair - she must be around sixty years old -, her stocky small body, hardened complexion that not even offered me a welcoming smile, made her seem plain mean. Just like... Adam!

“Anyway,” Her eyes jumped toward Becca again, thank god. “You two have to clean the boys’ rooms, so off you go. After it, come to me, understood?”

“Yes.” Becca and I said at the same time. After Glenda turned around and left us alone, Becca hurried to say, “I have the things we need here so we can already go upstairs.”

I nodded and watched her turning around to grab everything a person could think of to clean a room. I sighed. Seven AM in the morning and here I was... ready to clean someone’s room.

Oh Mother... why did you leave me?

“You’ll be cleaning Adam’s room.” Becca told me when we reached the first floor, where the family and the guest rooms were. “Adam’s last room on the left corridor and Brad’s this side.” She pointed at each corridor. Why was Adam in a different corridor than his brother?

Becca threw me some products, and said, “Off you go, now! Clean the better and fastest you can, ok? We have a lot to do today.”

“Sure.” Since I’d heard Adam’s room was the cleanest, I hoped I’d be done with it in half an hour or so. What was there to clean in a spotless room? After receiving an encouraging smile from Becca, we both turned around and followed separate ways.

Last room on the left, I repeated for myself, I hope he’s not sleeping or something.

I walked silently throughout the corridor, afraid to wake up someone with my almost noiseless steps. I reached Adam’s room in a heartbeat, but didn’t do anything. I stood before the door and took a deep breath, remembering how arrogant Adam had seemed and acted when I saw him yesterday. Still, I had to do this.

I knocked on the door and waited. Nothing. Oh god, please don’t be sleeping! I don’t want to wake you up! Who would want to wake up such big and bad-looking humored guy? I knocked again, more heavily, and waited. Once more, nobody answered.

I lingered there for a moment, but finally arranged the guts to put my hand on the doorknob and walk in without his order. Holding my breath, I looked inside the room. The bed was across the door and the balcony. It was already made, for my content. But what made me grin was that there was no one in the room, thank god.

Since there was a wall one both sides of the door, I walked forward and then noticed the huge extension the room had. At the bed’s left side was the balcony, and since it was opened and the view was over the backyard, I decided to take a peak. I still hadn’t seen the backyard. When I lay my eyes on it, I immediately saw a bunch of maids placing all sort of things over tables that had been placed there to the party, I guessed.

I looked back at the room again. Back turned at the bed, all I could see was this empty space, which was only filled with desks, though every single one of them had stuff over it.

But what caught my attention were the tons of photos that were on the three walls. I approached one and gazed at them. The guy I’d seen yesterday, Adam, was not in most part of them. At first, I wondered why. After all, this was his room so why not have photos where he was featured? But I got my answer the moment I turned to another one of the three walls and sighted a professional camera over one of the tables. It seemed freaking expensive so I dared not to touch it unless needed. So if he was the one who took the pictures... then he was good at it, because they were all very well taken. Mostly, they all had people she’d never seen, but a small part of them feature horses and forests.

The tables belonging to the main wall was filled with pictures spread all over them. To tell the truth, that was the only mess I saw to clean. I placed the products on the floor and started to create stacks of photos over the place, and while I did it, I lay my eyes on them, and this time, they were mostly of horses. If he was the author, he surely had some kind of passion for these animals. Then again, they were indeed beautiful.

When I was done with that chore, I started cleaning the non-existent dust from the other places. I placed everything back on its place after doing it. Since the bed was already perfectly made and the gigantic, built in closet was fine as well, I moved on to his private bathroom.

It didn’t seem dirty as well, but bathrooms were always rooms that needed to be cleaned. I started my work while humming a song for myself. The more I cleaned, the more I thought this had an equal display of my own bathroom. I felt honored. Then again, I really hadn’t paid much attention to it, since I’d been in a hurry.

The moment I moved to the huge bathtub - it was practically a Jacuzzi - I heard the door opening, and then, two angry voices.

“You had no right!”

“Why? It’s just a party! Gabi and I wanted to congratulate you, Adam!” I recognized the serious, cultured voice as being Mr. Cooper’s. I’d only heard him once, but his voice had stuck.

So that meant the other voice was Adam’s. “I didn’t want any freaking party!” Adam yelled. I could hear his steps around the room. “If I’d wanted one, I’d have told you, dad!”

“Gabi invited all of your friends and-”

“This was all Gabi’s idea, wasn’t it?” He shouted again. “She loves parties, doesn’t it? I bet she loves spending your money on them as well!” Why was Adam calling Mrs. Cooper, Gabi? Wasn’t she is mother? This was just what I needed. My first day and I was already eavesdropping on Mr. Cooper and his oldest son.

“Don’t talk about Gabi like that, Adam!” Mr. Cooper reprehended him, now raising his tone of voice as well. “You know her since you were four years old. You should know better that she is not that type of woman! Maybe you’re watching too much movies!”

Oh great, where the hell had I gotten myself into? “Oh, shut up, dad! I’d already told you I didn’t want any graduation party!”

“I know, but we thought about surprising you and-”

"Gabi thought about surprising me!” Adam cut in, correcting his own father. Still, Mr. Cooper continued. This time, he didn’t yell anymore, though his tone wasn’t just serious. It was like he was threatening Adam.

“You will go to this party, Adam. The only thing you need to do is put on a suit, talk to people and let them congratulate you. After all, it’s not every day you graduate from med-school. Then, you can go back to your goddamn horses.”

This time, Adam didn’t fight back. Silence ruled his room for a couple of seconds, until I heard steps going back out of the room, and then, a door being slummed shut.

“Stupid ass.” I heard Adam complaining. Boy, I’d never confront my mother - or father - like that, no matter how pissed off I’d be. They’d done something nice for him. I really didn’t understand why he’d had that reaction. Maybe he was like those spoiled brats that wanted everything the way they wanted.

I tried to step out of the bathroom without him listening to my steps. He was so angry that was really afraid of being caught. This all looked like I’d been eavesdropping on them on purpose!

The moment my hands touched the door, I heard him, “Who the hell touched my photos?”

Busted. Oh well. He’d find out it had been me anyway, so might as well get over it. I really should have cleaned the other brother’s room. He’d looked much nicer than this one.

I walked out of the bathroom and stood up to him. “Guilty.”

Adam turned around and I froze again, as his icy blue eyes met mines. “Why the hell did you touch my photos?” He was completely furious. Didn’t he know I was the new maid? Couldn’t he give me a break just this time?

“I’m sorry.” That was the only thing I could say now. “Glenda told me to clean your room and I saw those photos spread all over the table so I thought-”

“You thought wrong!” He yelled at me. Boy, whoever was on the other side of the door could surely listen to his yells.

“I’m sorry.” I apologized again. “I didn’t know, I’m new and-”

“I don’t care! You’re warned! If you ever touch my photos again, I’ll make sure you’re fired!” I was too shocked to even defend myself. All that was left for him to do was hit me across the face or something. I watched him rubbing his face with both his hands, and closing his eyes for a moment. Then, calmer, he asked, “How did you get in? I didn’t hear you when my father left-”

“I... I was on the bathroom.”

His eyes widened straight away. “You were listening to the whole conversation?” He stepped toward me.

“No!” I said quickly.

“Then what the hell were you doing hidden in the bathroom?” He stepped toward me again and I started feeling threatened and little by all of his height and tamed body.

“I was cleaning up the bathroom when you arrived!” I started explaining, “If I’d gotten out of the bathroom and interrupted the conversation, you or your father would have probably shot me!”

The more he approached me, the meaner he seemed.

Finally, he stopped walking just when he was right in front of me. Looking into my dark blue eyes, Adam lowered his head to better take a look at my face. Leaning down on me, he said quietly, but with a threatening tone, “Get. Out. Of. My. Room.”

“Gladly!” Then, I turned around and walked out of his room, slamming shut the door, hoping Glenda would never tell me to clean that room ever again. God, he’d really been arrogant, stupid... spoiled brat! I didn’t mean to listen to their conversation and as for the photos, I thought I was supposed to organize them!

On my way downstairs, I found my aunt. She must have seen I was pissed off, because she hurried to ask, “Something happened, Eva?”

“No,” I lied.

She didn’t seem to believe much, but she didn’t ask me anything more, thank god. “Since you’re here, I suppose you’re finished with Adam’s room?”


“Good.” She reached for my arm and pulled me towards her. “It’s time for me to show you the house so that you won’t get lost. Then we’re supposed to help the other maids carrying everything to the backyard. The party starts around 2 PM and we have plenty to do.”

I said nothing and let her start walking, guiding me throughout the huge house. No, not the house, I corrected myself, throughout the huge mansion.

The tour around the house took almost two hours, because there were some rooms where my aunt would just start changing things. Well, that I could say of her, my aunt was a cleaning freak.

The mansion was actually bigger than I initially thought. It happened that this huge fortress had over thirty rooms! Thirty! Who the hell needed all of those bedrooms?! They also had two huge salons, which Mrs. Cooper used to throw parties. Of course, they had around four living rooms, four offices, two medium dining rooms - I’d seen one - and one really huge, where Mr. Cooper usually had business dinners, my aunt had explained. It was also worthless to say that they had a huge pool outside, as well as an amazing inner pool. Next to it, was a gym equipped with everything a sportsman could think of. My aunt had also said Brad loved tennis so a tennis court was outside. Then, there was something that I asked her. I remembered all of those photos with horses Adam had and I wondered if they had any actual horse. My aunt answered Adam loved horses, so on the south part of the property, she revealed he had six horses and took care of them himself.

Poor horses, I thought for myself. They’re stuck with an arrogant asshole.

After the tour, my aunt and I went to help the other maids. I helped Becca carrying stuff to the backyard, like chairs, small tables, dishes, food, drinks and a long paper with thick letters that said, “Congratulations, Adam!”

Congratulations my ass.

When everything was ready, it was almost two pm. The maids were all reunited in the kitchen, while the butlers were receiving the guests in the entrance and leading them to the backyard, where everything had been set for them. I’d been warned and forced to do a new braid, since Glenda had said we had to look pretty. Yes, she’d said it.

At least, thanks to the busy day, I hadn’t yet thought of my mother. It was good, because I wouldn’t start crying in the middle of a backyard filled with rich and spoiled people. But I knew better. When the night would come, the moment I’d lie on my bed, I’d start thinking about her and my heart would ache, like if a part of it was missing. And it was.

As I looked at the trays we’d have to carry, I bit my bottom-lip. I was one hell of a clumsy girl. I didn’t want to trip on my own two feet and break or slip something over some rich person. It would be humiliating!

I had both Becca and my aunt at my side when Glenda finally said, “Well, ladies, the guests are on the backyard and are waiting for us to serve them. Remember, keep your eyes open when carrying a tray, because people are unpredictable and that means someone might appear in front of you when you least expect. And we all know Mr. Cooper himself doesn’t want disasters, understood?”

“Yes.” They all replied in unison. Damn, Glenda was one hell of a strict commander.

“Now, the trays are all here. Each takes one and walks outside, graciously.” Glenda said like if this was some kind of pageant contest. All of the maids went to get a tray for themselves. Before I actually grabbed one myself, it took me about two to three minutes, until I finally got one with drinks.

“Be careful with that, Eva.” I heard my aunt’s voice behind me. I smiled. I wouldn’t ruin anything.

“Don’t worry, auntie.” I looked over my shoulder when I was about to pass through the kitchen’s door. “I’m careful enough to know this is my job and-”

Then, I saw her face changing. Her mouth was suddenly opened, shocked, and then yelling, “Look out!”

It was too late when I looked forward and saw Adam passing right in front of me. I couldn’t do anything when I crashed against him and the drinks were spilled over his shiny suit.

Silence. All the maids that were nearby were shocked and didn’t dare to say anything. Why the hell didn’t they come to help me?! Still, I hurried to say, “I am so sorry!”

Adam was equally shocked as he looked at his black jacket and buttoned shirt, all wet from the red wine. I closed my eyes when I saw him lifting his head.

I counted mentally. One, two... three!

“You again?”

I faced his cold blue eyes, “I’m sorry! I didn’t see you and-”

“The hell you didn’t!” He shouted. Thank god we were still getting out of the kitchen. None of the guests passed through here so... and what was he doing here anyway?


“Just shut up, will you?” He said to me, in the most arrogant way I’d ever seen someone talking to me. Then, he turned around and went, probably, to his room in order to change clothes.

I immediately turned to face my aunt, “I didn’t see him!”

It wasn’t my aunt’s voice I heard first, “You’re a disaster!” It was Glenda’s. “Look at what you did! You spilled a whole tray over Mr. Cooper’s older son! Mrs. Cooper surely didn’t evaluate you, otherwise you wouldn’t be here!”

I looked at my aunt, for some backup. But all I got was her closing her eyes and taking her hand to her forehead. “Foolish girl! Go to your room and change your uniform!” She practically yelled at me. “I’m sure your aunt has given you more than one!”

It was worthless to fight with Glenda while all the other maids just stood there watching. Besides, it had been my fault. I should’ve looked forward while walking with the tray.

Sighing, I just turned around and led myself to my room. God, I’d embarrassed myself in front of Glenda, my aunt and the other maids. Of course that spoiled brat named Adam didn’t make things easier for me by reacting that way. I was guilty for the little accident, but he didn’t need to overreact! I’m sure he had plenty of clothes to replace the dirty ones!

As soon as I got to my room, I took off the dirty uniform and swapped it by a new one.

I hate this! I hate everything! I felt tears on my eyes, but I wouldn’t let them fall. I wouldn’t cry over such stupid situation.

Minutes later, I was ready to crash against someone again. I closed the door of my room and went downstairs. When I got to the floor where the Coopers’ bedrooms were, I noticed Adam coming out of his room. He’d clearly changed clothes, though he looked just the same. Although he was kind of sexy with that suit, his sexiness really didn’t appeal to me when I reminded myself of how bad-humored he was. Not to mention he was actually older than me.

Yes, I kind of knew that because he’d graduated from med-school, and that meant he was about, four, five years older than me. Too old for me. Well, not that I wanted something with that arrogant ass.

Before he could see me, I hurried up my pace, thought it was too late to do anything, again.

"You, in my way, again?”

I turned around to face his frosty blue eyes, “Do you have any problem with it? As far as I know, I’m allowed to walk in the same places than you.” I bit my lip right away. I usually didn’t lose patience about anything, but the way he acted towards me annoyed me.

“Who are you anyway?” He asked me, though he really didn’t want to know.

“I’m the girl that was introduced to you yesterday when you arrived to have dinner.” I explained him, “Eva Hudson, Deena’s niece.”

“Oh,” He said. It was intentional, ”You. I remember you. What happened to your hair?” I rose my eyebrow, caught off guard with such question. “I remember you had this wild hair. Gabi obligated you to cut it?”

Rolling my eyes, I started walking, “No, I made a braid because of that same reason.”

“Hum.” His fake interest was suddenly gone when I noticed him hurrying and passing by me. The last thing he said before I lost track of him was, “Make sure you don’t do the same to other guests, kid.”

Kid? Kid?! He has got to be kidding me. Did I look like I had ten years old? I may be younger than him, but I’m old enough to not be called kid anymore! I shook my head. That guy was really stupid.

I sighed and made my way to the kitchen, where I found Glenda alone. I’m sure she was waiting for me. “You’ll not carry any trays.” She said as soon as she laid her dark eyes on me. Smartly, I didn’t protest. I didn’t want to do the same mistake again.

“What will I do, then?”

“You will grab this,” She threw me a garbage bag and continued, “And you’ll walk around the backyard, invisible, and you’ll pick up any garbage that’s on the floor. Mrs. Cooper hates to see her backyard so dirty when she’s throwing a party.”

Was she serious? “Is this a joke?” Was she really going to force me to walk around the backyard, catching the garbage from the floor?

“No, I’m not. Everyone has to start from the bottom.” Bottom?! This was below bottom! “Now go. I’m sure the grass is already filled with napkins and other things.”

I took a deep breath as I turned around and left the kitchen, trying to control the anger I felt for Glenda. I squeezed my hands and almost buried my own nails on the palm of my hands. What a bitch!

Trying to control the anger, I walked out of the house and stepped in the backyard, filled with people, mostly around their twenties, after all, this was Adam’s graduation party.

I went around the whole group and found a hidden spot near the buffet. I stayed there, watching all of those rich bastards that didn’t care about the poorest, me, for example. I sat on an empty seat. If my mother was alive... she’d never let me go through this.

“Having fun?” I heard behind me. I’d never heard the voice so I turned around and recognized the boy as being Brad, Adam’s younger brother.

“No.” I replied honestly as my dark blue eyes gazed at him. He was just wearing some jeans and a black blazer over a blue shirt, which made his blue eyes pop out of his beautiful face, though no more handsome than Adam’s. “I’m bored. I have to pick up the garbage and I don’t feel like lowering my body the whole time to pick up nasty stuff when I’m surrounded by people I’ve never seen in my life.”

Maybe I’d spoken too much. Still, Brad answered with a smile. “It sucks to leave your life to be a maid, right?” My eyes narrowed. How did he know that? Reading the question in my eyes, he explained, “My mother told me all she knew about you. So I know you came here because your mother died.”

I looked away. I tried to lock my mother away from my thoughts by thinking about other stuff, like.... for example... Think, Eva. Brad treated Mrs. Cooper by mother, and Adam didn’t. I wondered why.

“Relax, I won’t tell anyone. My father doesn’t care about the maids and Adam’s too egocentric for it anyway.” Wow, nice brother Adam had. Badmouthing. “So your secret’s safe with me.”

“How old are you?”

“Same as you.” Eighteen then. “Eva, right?”

“Yeah.” I got up to see him better.

He smiled at me, “I heard you spilled some wine over my older brother.” I blushed as he brought up the issue. “Oh, don’t worry. Adam deserved it. My mother spent this last week preparing everything for this party and when he found out, he practically told her to go to hell.”

“I know. He doesn’t look too happy from where I’m standing.” I commented as my eyes flew from Brad to Adam. He wasn’t that far from me and Brad so if we wanted, we could both listen to what he was saying to girl in front of him.

“That’s Rachel.” Brad revealed. “She’s his girlfriend.” Poor Rachel. Did she know he had an awful humor?

“How long?” I asked.

“One year.”

Ok, so... she probably knew about his bad humor.

I stared at her. She was gorgeous, actually. She had straight brown hair that fell on her back and shoulders without any flaw. She had a tanned complexion, great cheekbones and perfect lips, doll lips, actually. Her eyes were a mixture of green and brown, though they were browner. She was probably athletic because she was a bit skinny, but had enormous breasts. And the black dress she wore made all men eat her with their eyes.

“She’s very pretty.”

“I guess.” He shrugged. “For the ones who like the style of whore mixed with a model. I’m not saying I don’t like her, though. She’s really nice, actually. She’s just not my style.” Now he was badmouthing his brother’s girlfriend. Great start. I could actually tell his cynicism around us.

“What about you?” I asked. I was done talking about Adam. “You don’t have any girlfriend?”

“Nah.” He shook his head. “I prefer staying single. I prefer to live adventures.” In that very moment, only one word was one my mind. Playboy! I now felt like a dog ready to bark and bite him. I hated playboys! They were the shittiest scumbag on Earth! Ok, I seriously needed to calm down. He really wasn’t acting like a playboy since he wasn’t hitting on me. Playboys always hit on a girl whenever they could.

Calm down, I said to myself.

“Are you ok, Eva?” He placed his hand on my shoulder.

I immediately stepped backwards. “Yeah. Well, I better get started. I don’t want your mother to fire me.” I showed him the garbage bag and smiled nervously. I could act so stupidly sometimes.

Before he could say anything else, I turned around and dip myself into that young crowed, my head low so that no one would see my face, or how young I looked, so that they wouldn’t wonder why was I working as a maid.

I actually started picking up stuff from the floor. People could be so dirty when they were at someone else’s house...

I lost track of time when suddenly someone passed by me and made me lose my balance. Clumsy as I was, I fell. It’s not hard to guess I fell at his feet. I looked up and saw his already shocked and infuriated icy blue eyes. Sighing, I began, “I’m so sorry! I didn’t mean to-”

“Who is this?” I heard behind me.

I hurried to get up and turned around, only to face one of the most attractive men I’d ever seen. Oh, he was... an angel. His grey eyes combined with his black hair, tanned skin and delicious lips... not to mention his tall body, just like Adam’s, was perfectly tamed from what I could see from his tight clothes.

“Just a new maid.”

“Name, please.” He smiled at me.

“I don’t remember.” Adam said in the rear, with the most bored voice I’d ever heard from him.

I smiled like a girl with jumping and excited hormones and hurried to introduce myself, “I’m Eva.”

“Vince.” He reached for my hand and kissed it.

Then, I heard, once again behind me, though this time it was a female voice. “People can so see you’re not that rich, Vince.” She laughed. Her voice was king of... thick. “She’s a maid.”

“That doesn’t mean I can’t appreciate her beauty.” Vince said, looking at me with those colorless eyes. Me? Pretty? With this uniform and with my hair on a stupid braid? I don’t think so, Vince. “Her blue eyes are prettier than yours, Adam.”

“If you liked my eyes more than hers, I’d think you had a problem.” Adam said, completely disinterested in the conversation. “Let her go, Vince. She has work to do.”

“I understand.” He replied to me. “Well, I hope to see you often-”

“I don’t think you’ll be seeing her often. If she keeps acting clumsy, Gabi will probably fire her.”

I couldn’t help it. I turned around and tried my hard to not yell, “Look, I didn’t do it on purpose, ok? And I’m sorry I touched your photos! It won’t happen again!”

“I’m sure it won’t.” He said, not believing me at all and not even bothering to look me in the eyes.

My blood boiled. “I have to go.” I didn’t even looked one last time at Vince. “I have to clean the mess these pigs make.” And I surely didn’t care if Adam had heard what said.

Still, while I walked away, I could still hear them, “I know you’re kind of cold to everyone, but you’re angrier that the usual, aren’t you? I can feel it, babe.”

Those were the last words regarding Adam and his girlfriend, because afterwards, I spent the whole day doing my job and avoiding him.

The fewer waves I did around him, the less chances I’d have to get fired.

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