Welcome To Heartbreak

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Chapter 23

I couldn’t stop staring at my aunt as her last words still hung in my mind.

Allison was alive. Allison was alive!

Adam’s mother was alive and he didn’t know about it! How... how could Mr. Cooper hide this from his own son? How...?

“You’re joking, right?” I asked my aunt, a part of me still sceptic. “I mean... come on! Allison can’t-”

“But she is, Eva.” My aunt assured me, never avoiding my eyes this time. “All of what you heard about her... all of what Adam told you about her death – if he even told you something – it’s a lie.”

My hand was still covering my mouth as astonishment and incredibility were still imprinted on my face.

I mean... Adam’s mother was alive and he didn’t know about it! I still couldn’t believe I’d found out about all of this because of all the rules Adam and I broke! All the rules his father and mother once broke!

Not being capable of holding myself, I just got up and started pacing back and forth, biting my nails, something I never did. I wanted to say other things, I wanted to ask a bulk load of questions, but I didn’t know what to ask or say first! I was still too busy processing that specific information!

“I cannot believe this...” I muttered under my breath. Then, I looked at my aunt, and she still sat still, like if what she’d told me was something ordinary to her. And maybe it was. After all, she’d known Allison was alive all this time, unlike Adam!

Even if I couldn’t imagine what it was like to be in Adam’s place in case he found out... I already felt outraged by the fact that they hid this from him his whole life. How had Allison even allowed this?

The moment I thought about that, one question occurred to me.

I wasted no time in thinking about it, and just spoke what was on my mind. “Why did... why did Allison leave Adam? She’s his mother! Who the hell abandons a child?”

I was touched with Allison’s love story and all, but now that I thought of it... It was revolting. Adam spent his whole life without his mother, thinking she was dead when she wasn’t!

“It’s a... knotty part of the story.”

“I’m all ears, aunt.” I said, getting back to my chair, and ignoring the burning sensation on my cheek where the wound was located.

“This is not the right time-”

“There’ll never be a right time.” I said, cutting her off. This was a subject which would never have its right moment to be told.

Like Mr. Cooper had done earlier that morning, my aunt massaged her temples and sighed, probably thinking if she’d do any good in telling me that precise part of the story. I honestly didn’t care about the outcome of this in me – if I’d end up hating Allison or not. I just wanted to know. I was tired of being kept in the dark.

I wanted to get to the bottom of this... for Adam. I would get to the bottom of it all.

“This is very hard for me to talk about, since it’s not my story, but-”

My aunt was suddenly interrupted by someone knocking on the door. Damn. Who the hell was about to disturb this conversation?

“Who is it?” My aunt asked, not bothering to look towards the door.


Shit. Why did he have to show up now? Couldn’t Mr. Cooper or his grandfather stop him from coming here? They’d stopped him many times from being with me. Why not now?

Before me or my aunt answered, Adam just barged in.

My aunt was the first to get up and face the chilly handsome man. When she spoke, her tone was an apprehensive one. “Were you listening to our conversation?”


The change in my aunt was too evident. Even Adam noticed she’d relaxed. “Did I interrupt something?”



I stared over at my aunt, eyes narrowed, fuming. She knew damn well I wanted to talk to her! Why was she saying he hadn’t interrupted anything, when in fact, he had?

“Why are you here, Adam?” Aunt Deena asked, stepping forward.

“Do I really need to answer that question, Deena?” The glacial way Adam replied meant he was still out of control. I knew him that well now. As for my aunt, I knew she’d noticed the same. At any rate, Adam didn’t let any of us say anything else, because he rushed to add, “I want to know who hit Eva.”

I’d make a fool out of myself if I thought Adam would let that little detail go away. “Adam, I’ve told you, no one hit me, I just-”

“You don’t really expect me to believe you hit a door or something, do you?” He cut me off in a hostile way. To be honest, no, I didn’t expect he’d accept my pathetic excuse. But it’s not like I could disclose what had really happened.

“It was what happened, Adam!”

“If you’re just going to keep lying, I’ll just discover for myself who hit you!” He threatened me, though I wasn’t afraid. There was no way he’d able to find out his grandfather had been the one that had hit me.

“Go ahead, then.” I incited him, knowing he’d achieve nothing.

“That’s enough, kids.” My aunt raised her tone of voice, so that Adam and I would pay attention to her. Seriously, the last thing I wanted now was to argue with Adam about this, when all I could think of was about the last question I’d asked my aunt before he’d shown up.

“But Deena, you-”

“Eva’s telling you the truth, Adam.” My aunt said, finally supporting me. About time!

Adam shook his head, refusing to believe me, and clearly stunned because my aunt believed me. Well, she hadn’t when I’d told her the same story, but now that she knew who’d hit me, it was better to keep saying I’d hit a door or something. “Come on, Deena, you can’t possible believe she just... hit a door! It’s obvious someone smacked her!”

None of us said anything. It wasn’t really worth, because we both knew Adam wouldn’t give up that idea. He was right, yes, someone had hit me, but he couldn’t know who’d done that!

At the lack of a reply from any of us, Adam actually dared to ask, “Was it my father?”

“What?” Both of us asked at the same time. However, my aunt Deena continued, “How dare you thinking your father was the one who hit Eva?”

“He hates her!” Adam blurted out, pointing directly at me.

“He does not!” My aunt yelled back. Frankly, I now actually thought Mr. Cooper really didn’t hold a grudge against me, or didn’t hate me as much as I thought he did. I guess I just made him remember what he went through with Allison... “And even if your father did hate her, you think he’d be capable of hurting her?”

“Yes, I do think he’d be capable of hurting her!” Adam retorted, not even thinking about what he was saying about his own father.

My aunt was so surprised about his answer that, it took her quite a while to say something back. Taking a deep breath and slightly shaking her head, she said, “Then you don’t know him at all.”

“Well, he hasn’t given me much chance to know him, has he?” Adam fired, with an even more angry tone. Now this was something that had nothing to do with me. It came from Adam’s past, before I even arrived here. Nevertheless, I had to admit I’d noticed the distance between Adam and his father.

“I’m sure he thinks just the same.” Aunt Deena stated. I looked at Adam again, and saw he was lacking a reply. I guess my aunt Deena was right this time.

I could sense the anger growing to fury, driving him crazy. He looked more than frustrated, and this time, I could do nothing to help him. In fact, I could do nothing from now on, if I wanted to keep my job. The only thing I longed for in that exact moment... was an answer to a question my aunt seemed rather refused to give me.

“So, that’s it?” I suddenly heard Adam, gazing at me with such cold fury in his eyes. “You’re just going to hide it from me?”

I found myself biting my lower lip, regretting straight away because of the wound. I hated when he talked to me in such a harsh way. Controlling my urge to just cling to him and plead him to get back to normal, I said tiredly, “Adam, I’m not hiding anything from you-”

“Yes, you are.” He cut me off, before I could even finish talking. “But you know what? That’s ok. I’m used to people hiding stuff from me.”

Oh, that had been a nasty one to say. I tasted blood in my mouth. “Adam-”

“Really, that’s fine, kid.” He said bitterly and sarcastically, already turning around to leave. “You’re not the first, and I’m damned sure you’re not going to the last.” And before I knew it, Adam darted out of the room, slumming shut the door behind me.

Too stunned to say anything, I just stared at my aunt.

All she said was, “You’re lucky he didn’t insist. In fact, you’re lucky he didn’t get too out of control.”

I knew that. I was well aware of how things could have gone, but that didn’t make me feel better. I felt worse, frankly. Now Adam thought that I was like everyone else – who hid things from him – when I really just wanted him to know everything.

“You should go and take a bath. Glenda will be all over us both if we don’t get back to work.”

I reacted straight away. “Oh, no! You are not getting out of here without talking to me first!”

“I know you’re eager to know what I have to tell you, but let’s leave that to later.” My aunt smiled, though in a puzzling way. Was she hiding something again? Or was she up to something?

Either way, I tried again, “But I want to know now!”

My aunt ignored me, and just walked up to the door, opening it very quietly. “Nothing you’ll say will make me change my mind, Eva. Besides, believe me. If you give me time, I’ll make sure tonight I’ll give you want you want.”

What the hell...? She was really setting up something! Why the hell did she need time? She already knew the answer for what I’d asked her! Avoiding replying would only make me grew more edgy to the point I couldn’t stand anymore! Even now, I just felt like yelling at her, although I knew that would get me nothing but some frowns.

I sighed, deciding it was better to wait, I guess. “Fine.” I prompted. “I’ll go to you tonight, and you’ll give me my answer. If don’t... I’ll tell Adam his mother is alive.”

The horrific shock on my aunt’s eyes pleasured me, just because she was making me wait. But I couldn’t care any less. However, to be honest, I wouldn’t tell Adam in such light-hearted way, even though I was determined to do so. It would be a huge shock for him, and I wanted to tell him the best way possible.

Well, it didn’t matter. One way or another, I’d tell Adam. I wouldn’t be like everyone else around him who hid everything from him, just like he’d said. I refused to be long to that selfish group.

With my mind made up, I darted through the door, leaving my aunt alone, still astonished with my threat. That just meant she’d taken me serious, which was good. It guaranteed me she’d give me the answer tonight.

When I arrived at my room, I immediately took off the soaked uniform, and hurried to take a quick shower. While at it, I also cleaned the cuts Rita had done on my cheek and arms, while I’d had my hands on her neck. When she came to my mind, I wondered how she was now. Hum, probably bad-mouthing me near the other maids, saying I’d wanted to suffocate her. Well, she’d wanted to do the same to me, hadn’t she? And she’d almost done it, if Becca hadn’t fetched me some help.

It was all her fault. If she hadn’t started provoking me regarding Adam... and my mother, I wouldn’t have forgotten how to be civilized. God, what a bitch. Even now I felt that same impulse to have my hands on her neck once more. But, I had to behave. I’d already caused too much chaos since I’d first arrived here.

After I was all washed up, I put on a new uniform and did the stupid braid again. Before I left, I looked at the time. It was almost 10 AM already. Time had passed quickly since the moment Glenda and my aunt noticed the wound on my lip. I only wished time could go on this fast throughout the rest of the day.

After I headed for the kitchen, I found Glenda there. She didn’t ask me anything about what had happened inside Mr. Cooper’s office. Instead, she just acted like nothing had happened at all. She gave me chores, and then dismissed in a second. Well, maybe it because more maids were on the kitchen, or maybe Glenda just didn’t want to show she actually could be nice and protective.

As soon as I was given the chores, I just hoped time would go on quickly, and that the end of the day would arrive soon, so that I could just go to my room and hide from all the eyes that were on me once again.

Seriously, what had I done to deserve such attention? What had I done to deserve everything that had happened so far?

However, as I did all the chores Glenda asked of me to do, all I could think of was what I’d found out.

Allison was alive. Adam’s mother was alive and he didn’t know. I couldn’t stop wondering about her motive to leave Adam behind with Mr. Cooper. Who knew if Adam had turned into such a bitter and cold man because of his mother’s absence? Who knows if Adam’s problems about controlling himself wouldn’t even exist if Allison had been a part of his life ever since?

It enraged me the fact that Allison had deserted her own son. How could someone live her life, knowing she’d left her son?

I wanted to talk to my aunt. And maybe... maybe this time I’d ask her if I could... meet Allison. She was alive, and if my aunt talked to her often, then Allison probably knew everything about me and Adam. She probably felt curious to meet me as well, right? If I were in her place, I’d certainly feel curious.

Besides... I could do that. I could ask my aunt to arrange a meeting with Allison.

Suddenly drowned in questions I could ask Adam’s mother, imagining Allison in front of me, I didn’t notice how swiftly time passed after that decision. All I knew was that, at 3 PM, after I’d had lunch and had been given additional chores, I was in the maids’ floor cleaning when I heard an unfamiliar voice behind me.

“So... Eva.” I immediately turned around, only to be so surprised that my jaw ended up falling. Adam’s girlfriend was right in front of me. “How have you been, after all the days you had to rest when you ran away, leaving Adam so busy he wouldn’t even want to talk to me?”

Oh, great. Like if the argument I’d had with Rita hadn’t been enough, Rachel had to come and attack me. Well... deep inside me, I knew this would eventually happen. Rachel seemed the type of girl that wouldn’t let anything slip through her fingers.


“You don’t need to come up with lies. I already know why you ran.”

“You do?” I asked, eyes wide-open. Adam had told her everything?

“Oh, yes.” She said, laughing and approaching me. “I know you’re madly in love with him.” Well, that wasn’t anything surprising. Everyone in this house already knew that.

“Adam said that?”

“He didn’t say it directly, but I understood what he was trying to say.” She revealed, looking around us, now. “He told me all about you and him. He told me about the childishly way you wanted him, to be near you, and how you needed his attention to go through your day. Unfortunately, my fiancé was too weak, and got too close to you. The enough for you to fall for him, I guess.”

I hadn’t been the only one that had fallen! Adam had, too! He’d even admitted he loved me! “What else did he tell you?”

“He said he didn’t want you to get hurt, since he loved me, not you, so he kindly asked of you to walk away, though you decided otherwise.”

“What?” What the hell? “Adam said nothing like that!” What had he told his own girlfriend? A bunch of lies?

“He told me you just wanted to make a fuss out of it during his father’s birthday, so that I’d think he was cheating on me with you, a maid." She shook her head, her grin never lessening. “But you know what? You didn’t manage to do it, because I know Adam loves me too much to cheat on me. And I know he hates the maids so bad, that he’d never fall for one. He just let you get too close to him, because you’re just a kid who lost her mother, and feels all alone, now.”

When she stopped her speech, I was too astonished and shocked to even say something. I just could not believe about all the lies Adam had told his girlfriend, so that she wouldn’t break off their engagement. I felt... I felt angry. More than angry. He was making a fool out of me in the middle of all of this mess! Hell, I could be just a maid, but I wasn’t someone he could just use and throw away! I knew he’d chosen Rachel, but he didn’t need to make up all of those lies, no matter what explanations Rachel had asked of him!

“What Adam said is a lie.” I had the guts to say, my fists clenched now, hurting my own palms. “Everything is a lie.”

“I knew you’d try to say that. Maids are such liars.” And so she laughed, like if what she’d said was something funny. “Seriously, I really can’t believe this. How could you dare trying to make Adam fall for you?”

Rachel approached me the enough to look down at me, since she was also taller. The look on her eyes disgusted me, and it just made me feel like slapping her, thanks to that stupid grin she had on her face. Little did she know all of what Adam had told her was just a dirty bunch of lies.

“I didn’t-”

“Don’t you dare saying you didn’t!” Rachel suddenly yelled, all the beauty in her face fading away. She just looked like a wicked woman. “I know it all! And don’t forget my words, maid. If I find out you tried to make a move on Adam after this, I will-”

“You won’t do anything.” Another – this time familiar - voice was suddenly heard behind Rachel. I tried to look over Rachel’s shoulder, but all I saw was the top of a blonde head. Connecting that to the familiar voice, I realized Alexis, Adam’s best friend, had just come to help me. Or so I hoped.

Rachel quickly turned around and faced the attractive woman. “Alexis? I thought you’d be with Adam, right now.”

“And I was, but Adam wasn’t the reason why I decided to come here.” I heard her steps coming towards us. Rachel moved away, and I finally saw the gorgeous woman. “I wanted to talk with Eva.”

“With this w-”

“Now, now, Rachel. That doesn’t even sound like the sweet woman I know.” Alexis smiled, looking at me, now. “Hello, Eva.”

I didn’t smile, but I did speak. “Hey.”

However, when Alexis spoke again, it wasn’t for me. “Now, you came here to be with Adam, so go to him and leave Eva alone, Rachel. You don’t want to unleash Adam’s wrath, do you? Even if he told you what happened between him and Eva, it doesn’t mean he gave you permission to put your nose in his business.”

Ouch. That even hurt me. Rachel just folded her arms over her voluptuous chest, and said, “You’re defending the maid?”

“I’m not defending anyone, here. I’m just saying terrorizing younger people isn’t your thing. So just go away, and leave her alone. Like I said,” Alexis walked a little more, until she was just a few inches away from Rachel. “You don’t want to unleash Adam’s wrath. He might love you, but when out of his mind, he doesn’t really know what he’s doing.”

I moved a little to my left side, so that I’d see the look on Rachel’s face. All I saw was anger. However, unlike Adam, Rachel managed to control herself. “Do whatever you want.” She said to Alexis, but before she walked away, she stared down at me, and snarled, “If you ever get near Adam again, I’ll make you regret it.”

And then, she finally left us.

Both Alexis and I watched Rachel walk away, and when she was finally out of sight, I turned to Alexis, and finally released my fury, “When she’s out of here, I’m going to kill Adam!”

“No, you’re not, Eva. You know why he said all of those lies.”

“You knew about it?”

“Yes, I agreed with him when he told me he would lie to Rachel. If he’d told her the truth, she’d have freaked out and broken off their engagement.” And that was something I wouldn’t mind assisting.

“But Adam had no right, Alexis! He had no right to make a fool out of me. I mean... the way he told her what happened... It seems I’m the one to blame here! I mean, he was the one who wanted me with him! He was the one who wanted to sleep with me! He said he loved me! How can he just say-”

“Calm down, Eva.” Alexis said with a very soothing tone, placing her hands my shoulders, and looking down at me with caring eyes. “Why don’t you unleash your wrath in your room, since we don’t want anyone to know about out little chitchat?”

“I can’t.” I told her, avoiding her blue-green eyes. “I’ll get into trouble if Glenda or any other maid notices my absence.”

I felt Alexis’ finger touch my chin and lifting my head to face her, again. “If someone asks anything, I’ll just say I wanted to talk to you. What can they say or do? Nothing, Eva, so come on. We have a lot to talk about.”

And before I could say something, Alexis took hold of my arm and dragged me until the last floor of the mansion, where my room was. Without asking, Alexis just stormed in and I followed. Then, she shut the door, and looked at me, always with a smile.

I wondered. I knew that all of what had happened to between me and Adam was none of her business, but how could she smile like if everything was ok? It wasn’t even a reassuring smile. It seemed forced, like if she was smiling to hide what was beneath.

Those thoughts completely disappeared when Alexis sat in my bed and snapped her fingers, pulling me back to reality. “I wanted to visit you sooner, Eva, but I couldn’t. Nevertheless, I am here now, and I want you to tell me everything exactly the way it happened after Adam’s father’s birthday party.”

Oh no... Not that. All I wanted was to forget, and she was asking me to remember? I shook my head. “Alexis, I can’t, I just want to put that behind my back... Why do you even want to know?”

“To assess both of your and Adam’s situation.” She revealed, never avoiding my eyes.

“Why do you want to do that?” I asked, not getting her motive at all, if there was one. “I mean... Adam and I have decided it was better to just forget-”

“But both of you won’t forget.”

“Yes, we can. We just need time-”

“Time will you prove you wrong and me right.” Alexis said, cutting me off a second time. I doubted, but whatever. “Now, don’t delay this, Eva. Tell me everything.”

Sighing, I began telling her everything that had happened after I’d run away from this very house, during Mr. Cooper’s birthday party. I told her I’d spent those days alone, feeling miserable, and the moment Adam had actually found me, he’d rescued me from drunken guys. After that, Adam had taken me back to the hotel where we’d stayed nights before. I told Alexis the conversation we’d had, and that Adam had admitted he loved me. I also revealed we’d made love again, and the argument we had after. Concluding, I told her everything that had happened until today, including the meeting I’d had with him last night.

“There you have it.” I said in the end, feeling not only worn-out, but broken-hearted.

Alexis just gazed at me, with thoughtful eyes, no longer smiling. Then, she opened her mouth, and I heard, “You know Adam really loves you, don’t you?”

I went to sit beside her and bury my head on my hands. “Yes, but its worthless to know that. I’d rather not know, honestly. Can you imagine what it feels like to know the man you want loves you as well, but it’s torn between you and another woman? And will only marry that woman for her sake and his father’s? Who the hell does that? Adam, only.”

Alexis didn’t comment any of what I said, and just told me, “You also do know that whenever you try to make a move on him, you’ll succeed, right?” When she said that, I lifted my head and stared at her, taken by surprise. Laughing, Alexis said, “You’re like his weakness, Eva. No matter what Adam says to you, he’ll always end up desiring you, wanting you, even if he has Rachel.”

“Then why won’t he just leave her?” I shouted out of anger, getting up again. “I know he loves her as well, but if he cheats on her with me whenever I want it, like you say, why won’t he just leave her and be with me?”

Tiredly, Alexis ran a hand through her shining blonde hair, and just said, “I guess it has to do with his father, not to mention Adam’s probably trying to convince himself that he loves Rachel more than he loves you.”

My hate for him grew stronger after Alexis said that. Why couldn’t he just leave Rachel and stop worrying about his father, if he’s reached the point where he knows he loves me more than Rachel? God, I just wanted to hit him hard in the face for everything I was going through because of him!

“I hate him so much.” I whispered, closing my eyes.

Alexis stayed put, not saying anything at all while all type of thoughts about Adam and I ran through my mind. In that moment, not only did I want to hit him hard in that perfect face of his, but I also wanted to make him see he loved me more than he loved Rachel. I wanted him to realize there was nothing he could do to stop that swirl of feelings inside him, telling him he loved me more than Rachel.

I knew I was having selfish thoughts, screw it.

Drowned in my thoughts, Alexis once again pulled me back to reality by saying, “Oh, by the way... Like you found out when Rachel was with us, I was with Adam before I came to see you, so I know all about the situation that happened early in the morning.”

“Do you want me to tell you about that as well?” I said, frowning.

Alexis shook her head, “No, Adam has already enlightened me on that. However, I want to know something. Even if Adam hadn’t told me, I’d have noticed it anyway, since it’s pretty clear, but... someone hit you, right?”

Wonderful. That was just what I needed. Another one to convince that no one had hit me. “Look, I-”

“Eva, you can trust me.” Alexis said, trying to reach out for me, though I moved away from her grip. “I’m your friend, now. I want to know who hit you, because I also don’t believe that story about you hitting a door.” No one really believed it, but I didn’t want any problems with Cooper Senior, in case I told someone.

“You’ll tell Adam.”

“Just because I’m his best friend, it doesn’t mean I can’t keep secrets from him, regarding you.”

“Then why do you want to know?”

“Wouldn’t you want to know who hit your friend, even if you couldn’t do anything about it?” Honest answer, I thought, and yes, I would like to know if something like this happened to any of my friends. Anyway, if I didn’t tell it to Adam, I wouldn’t reveal it to anyone else. I’d made my decision. His words still rung in my mind, regarding me lying to him – ”You’re not the first, and I’m damned sure you’re not going to the last.”

“Yes, but... I can’t tell you, Alexis.” I let my head drop, feeling too exhausted, already. However, I thought Alexis would insist more on this matter, but she didn’t.

“That’s fine. It’s your decision. But... if you ever need to talk... call me, ok?” And just like that, Adam’s best friend stretched out her hand, offering me a piece of paper. Without thinking at all, I took it, and smiled.


“You’re welcome.” And then, the attractive woman got up and walked past me in route for the door. Before she left the room, and I could get back to work, I watched her turning around, and gazing at me with a pensive expression. Then, slowly, Alexis started saying, “You know... Why won’t you prove him wrong? Why don’t you try and make him see... you’re probably the ones he loves more?”

Taken by surprise, I even stuttered, “W-what?”

“Why don’t you provoke him to the limit, to make sure Rachel’s not the one he really wants to spend the rest of his life with?” Was Alexis really saying that?

“I don’t think I can do that,” I replied, not feeling confident at all. “Every time we ended up kissing or... you know, Adam has always ended up choosing Rachel.” Feeling the sadness and the frustration inside me, I looked away from Alexis blue-green eyes.

“I think you can. I think you should try. I think it would be worth.” Alexis told me, trying to induce me to do it. Still, because I was so mad at Adam, the last thing I wanted to do was to get involved with him again, and not having any guarantees at all.

“Right now, the only thing I think its worth of doing, is slapping Adam right in the face for making up all of those lies.” Oh, and I would slap him when I’d catch him alone. I would... because he had no right to lie that way, like if I was the only guilty one.

Alexis shrugged, her gaze locking my eyes. “It’s your choice, Eva. Anyway, remember I’m Adam’s best friend. I’m the one who knows every dirty secret he has, and I’m the one who knows him better than anyone here. If I’m telling you this, it’s because I think its worth.”

I remained silent. I honestly didn’t know what to say or to do. Even if Alexis wasn’t sure that Adam loved me more than Rachel, she seemed pretty convinced I could make him see I was the one for him. However, as much as I found it appealing and enticing, I didn’t want to do it... at least right now, when I was so furious. Besides, Alexis couldn’t guarantee me she was right... and I didn’t want to get even more hurt.

“Well, I should go. Rachel probably has already told Adam I came here to speak with you, and I’m sure she’s trying to turn him against me.” Alexis smiled again, like if everything had gotten back to normal. “She’s actually a nice girl, you know? Once you get to know her and all... Well, I doubt you’d like her, anyway, when knowing Adam’s torn between her and you. At any rate, don’t forget to call me if you need anything.” After saying all of that, Alexis turned and left me alone, at last.

Instead of sinking my head on my hands again or sit down on my bed like before, I waited for Alexis to go downstairs. Then, I walked out of my room, not allowing myself to think about what had just happened.

I didn’t – couldn’t – care about what Alexis had said. If I ended up trying to prove Adam was wrong, I’d probably hurt myself even more. And I think I passed that.

However, when I would catch Adam alone, again... Oh, he will hear me out, because he had no right to make a fool out of me, when he’s the one to blame as well.

Adding what I’d just discussed with Alexis to all the arguments I’d gone throughout the day, to the discovery of Adam’s mother being alive, and wanting to know why she’d abandoned Adam, I had enough on my mind to think, and so the rest of day went by without me even noticing it. I had too much on my mind, and I couldn’t think straight by the time it was 10 PM.

Glenda must have noticed how exhausted I was, because when she caught me alone in the kitchen with her, she said, “Child, you’re dismissed. You can go and rest, already.”

With starry eyes and hopeful smile, I stared at her, “Seriously?” Glenda nodded. “Thank you so much, Glenda! I just want to go to bed and rest.” I sighed.

“Yes, but before you do, make sure you go to your aunt’s bedroom.” When she saw the question in my eyes, she added, “She has something to tell you.” Could it be the answer to what I’d asked her earlier in the morning, regarding the reason Allison had deserted her own son?

“Do you know what she wants to tell me?” I asked, not giving anything away, though.

Glenda avoided my eyes and went back to her work. However, she said, “I’m sure you’ll be pleased to hear what she has to say. Now go, child.”

With that dismissal, I dashed out of the kitchen and walked at a quick pace towards my aunt’s room on the maids’ floor. On my way, I found Becca. I immediately slowed down when I reached the door. With a smile on my face, the first thing I said was, “Thanks for helping me with Rita.”

When Becca heard my voice, she almost jumped two feet away. “Eva, you startled me!” She said, taking her hand to her chest.


“It’s ok, it’s ok.” She said, trying to catch her breath. I gave her the time she needed, and then allowed her to speak first. Looking at me with her usual nice expression, Becca said, “I didn’t do anything important. I just called the others. I wish I could have done more, though. That bitch deserved much more.” Wow. I’d never seen Becca talk like that about anyone.

“I know, but calling the others was what I needed, so thank you. If you hadn’t, Rita would have been able to drown me, I guess.” When I thought about that, I actually shuddered. Thank god Becca had been there.

“You’re welcome, Eva, really. I think people are being unfair with you. I mean, I don’t know the whole story between you and Adam, but... I don’t get why people only seem to blame you.” That was why I liked Becca so much. “Anyway, I’m sorry I didn’t get to talk to you earlier, but Glenda forced us all to be busy. I think she didn’t want us to speak with you. By the way, did Mr. Cooper punish you or something?”

I immediately shook my head, “Oh, no. Mr. Cooper was pretty nice, actually. He understood Rita was the one who started all, so he didn’t lecture me or something. However, I don’t know if he’ll fire Rita or not. I don’t know why, but he looks like he’s changed.”

“You know what, I totally agree with you.” When Becca said that, I looked at her with eyes wide-open.

“Why do you say that?”

“Ever since you ran away and came back... Mr. Cooper looked like he’d been struck by something.” Becca explained, tucking her blonde hair behind her ear. “He’s been nice, and... I don’t know, soft-hearted?”

As I reasoned, I came to the conclusion that I knew why that had happened. Now that he saw Allison in me and, and himself in Adam, he probably knew what we were going through and acting like his father wouldn’t resolve anything. In fact... I still wanted to know what part Cooper Senior had played in Allison and Mr. Cooper’s story.

“Yeah, I agree with you. Maybe something happened while I wasn’t here.” I said, wanting to keep my reason hid from everyone, even Adam. In that moment, I reached the maids’ floor. Since my aunt’s room came first than Becca, I said, “Well, I’m going to my aunt’s room, so we’ll talk tomorrow or something.”

“Sure.” Becca smiled, and I found myself thinking she’d been the only one that had been by my side, even if she didn’t know everything. Maybe... maybe one day I’d tell her. She deserved to know my story. “If you need anything, just tell me, Eva.”

“I will. Have a goodnight.”

“You too.” She blinked one of her green eyes at me, and then continued her way to her room. As for me, I drew near of a specific door, and knocked.


“It’s me, Eva.” I replied.

“Oh, come in!” My aunt said from the inside. With her permission, I opened the door and walked. The first I did was to look out for my aunt. I found her coming out of the bathroom, in a nightdress. Then, I focused my attention on her room, for some seconds. The display was equal to mine, though she didn’t have a balcony like mine.

“I thought maids didn’t have bathrooms in her rooms.” I commented.

“And they don’t. I’m an exception. Just like Glenda and two more maids. And you, I guess.” My aunt approached her bed and sit down, smiling. Something had changed, because she didn’t look that perky in the morning.

“Glenda told me you had something to tell me...?”

“You just came here for that?”

I shook my head, “No. I would’ve come here anyway, since I still want an answer for what I asked you.” I folded my arms over my chest and waited for my aunt to start talking.

However, she just gazed at me with that annoying perky smile of hers. How could she smile when everything was wrong? Maybe something good had happened to her. Anyway, I didn’t care. I was too furious about everything that had occurred today to care about minor things, like the reason my aunt had to smile like that.

“I’ve spoken to Allison.” She suddenly said, catching me off guard. My jaw fell open as I just stared at her. I still couldn’t believe Allison was alive and it seemed weird when my aunt said that.

“You have?”

“Yes,” My aunt replied, never taking her eyes off me. “And she said-”

“What?” I cut her off, too anxious, now.

“Calm down, Eva.” My aunt said, slightly shaking her head in a disapproving way. “You’ll have your answers very soon.”

“Soon?” What the hell? I wanted my answers now! And what the hell had she talked about with Allison? Why had she even mentioned it if she wouldn’t say what they’d talked about? I seriously needed to relax. I was feeling too edgy and furious.

“Yes, soon, like... in a week.”

I immediately burst out laughing. My aunt could only be joking. “You’re kidding, right? That isn’t funny, aunt.”

“No, I’m not fooling you, Eva.” My aunt said, smiling again. “Allison has agreed in letting you know everything you want.”

“Allison agreed? Why would she agree? You were going to tell me everything tonight!” I complained like a baby, utterly ignoring the fact that this was Allison’s story.

“Well, not only this is about her, but she also decided she wants to tell you all about it herself.”

In that moment, the world stopped moving. “What?” I asked, incredulous. “Are you... Are you serious?” Had my aunt really said that?

“Why would I lie about this?” Yes, why would my aunt deceive me that way? “I’m serious, Eva. Allison has agreed to meet you next week, and she’ll tell you herself all you want to know.”

Thunderstruck, I realized that all I’d gone through ever since I’d come back to the Coopers was maybe, just maybe paying off. “Are you saying... are you saying I’ll meet Allison?”

My aunt nodded, “Yes, you are, Eva.”

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