Welcome To Heartbreak

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Chapter 3

Finally, my day was over. Finally.

It was a quarter past midnight now, and I was starting to go upstairs, towards my still not dirt-free bedroom. I didn’t care. I was too tired to do something about it. In fact, I was sick of cleaning. The other maids and I had spent about four hours cleaning up the entire backyard in order to be perfect for a yet-to-come morning, like Mrs. Cooper had said.

By now, she was probably getting her beauty sleep, while us - her slaves, had to clean up the mess her guests left. Oh well, at least it was all over now. I was so sick of doing that stupid chore Glenda gave me. It had literally killed my back and it had been embarrassing. Some of Adam’s friends even made fun of me. Nevertheless, I couldn’t do anything about it.

Most of the maids were already in their rooms, but because of what I’d done to Adam, Glenda had obligated me to clean some extra things in the kitchen. Bitch.

By the time I got to the first floor, the family floor, I heard his voice, “Yes, it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be.” They were in the first room near the stairs, Mr. Cooper’s office.

“I’m glad you think that way now. Gabi spent most of her time taking care of it without your knowledge.” It was Mr. Cooper’s voice. I thought they were all in bed by now. They’d seemed pretty tired when the party ended.

“Was this why you called me? You wanted me to tell you I enjoyed the party?” There he was, talking with that frustrated and angry tone at his father.

And what the hell was I doing here? Listening to others’ conversations!

“No,” I heard Mr. Cooper again. “You have finished med-school, and like you said you would, you’re going to start working on your own clinic in September, right?”

Adam didn’t look like a doctor. He had the look of a rich lawyer or model, angry at life. Still, he could always be a doctor pissed off at life. Well, that was the impression I got from him anyway. Still, despite only having talked to him just a few times and just by looking at his face... something wasn’t right... right?

“Yes.” I should be in my room already! “Go straight to the point, dad.”

“Well... I was wondering when do you intend on getting married.”

What? ”What?!" Both Adam and I had had the same reaction. “You have got to be kidding me, right?” He was so young! Why was Mr. Cooper saying that?

“Do you see me laughing, Adam?” His son didn’t answer. I could picture him in my head, staring at Mr. Cooper with those icy blue eyes. “You’re rich - a billionaire, Adam. Don’t you think you should choose a proper woman, instead of walking around with a different woman every week? Every night?”

Wait a minute... Adam cheated on Rachel?

“You talk as if I’m Brad, and that’s insulting. You know I don’t do that.” He spoke in his defense. Ok, so he wasn’t like Brad. I was so into the conversation by now that I’d sat down on a step, close to the room.

“I know, but it’s never too late to warn you. What I’m trying to say, Adam, is that I think you should ask Rachel to marry you.”

I gasped. If this was a famous family, I could so sell this to the press! Now that was the mean part of me thinking. I’d never do something like that. Not because I’d be mean, but because I really didn’t have the courage. Still, I now wondered why they were so rich.

“That’s a joke, right? We’ve only been dating for a year!”

“I know, but she’s prefect for you. I like her, Gabi likes her. I can see in her eyes that she truly loves you. I now she doesn’t want to marry you for the money, since she also comes from a wealthy family. It’s the perfect choice, Adam. If you take long to decide, she’ll escape right between your fingers.”

Seriously... they were both young! Nowadays no one married this young!

“Let me get this straight, you’re saying I should ask her to marry me, because you think she truly loves me and because she doesn’t want our money? But you don’t even bother to ask if I love her as much she loves me?” Nice perspective, Adam, I thought to myself. Still, if he’d been dating her for over a year, I’d think he should he loved her, right?

“I know you love her, Adam.” I was sincerely shocked with this. I didn’t know about any drama in this family, but I’m sure this was about to become one.

Oh god, Eva, you look like those old women that gossip all the time!

“You’re asking me to do something I’m not ready to do.” His deep voice was more controlled than when I’d first heard him this morning.

Anyway, I got up. I shouldn’t listen to any more of this. I wasn’t even one of those girls that gossiped around so what the hell was I still doing here? They didn’t matter to me. I didn’t care about them, and vice-versa.

I started walking towards my floor. I didn’t care about how that conversation would end, though it seemed to have ended faster than I thought. I’d reached the last floor and was closing my door when I heard another one opening, and Adam yelling, “You can’t force me to do it! That’s my decision and nobody else’s!”

“Where are you going, Adam? Come here! Don’t turn your back on me!” Mr. Cooper yelled as well, though it was worthless. I could easily hear Adam’s heavy steps going downstairs. Then, I heard a door opening and being slammed shut the second after. I suppose it was Adam. Then, I couldn’t care less about Mr. Cooper. There was something about him that I didn’t like...

Oh well, as long as he paid me at the end of the month...

I closed the door to my bedroom as slow as possible, so that Mr. Cooper or anyone else wouldn’t be able to hear me.

Finally, I was free of that atmosphere and stood now in my safe place. Yes, my safe place. I’m sure this would be the last place where anyone would come to annoy me, unless my aunt, of course, but she was different.

After exchanging my uniform for some shorts and t-shirt, and freeing my hair from the braid, I went to the bathroom. While I brushed my teeth, I started thinking; my aunt, Deena, had mentioned something about a day off I had every week. I wondered when I’d have it. I wanted to visit my friends... and my mother’s grave. I missed her. But at least I’d been able to push back my tears every time they’d threatened to fall.

Sighing, I walked out of the bathroom and looked at the terrace I had just for myself. I slid the glass door to one side and stepped out of the room. It wasn’t big, but for me, it was enough.

Walking to the edge, I leaned over and noticed I had the whole backyard and a huge piece of the property as a view and... Was I seeing horses?!

My eyes widened as I counted six. They were Adam’s horses! I’d never noticed the horses when I’d been in the backyard! Well, that could be explained... I’d spent most of time with my head down.

Suddenly, I heard a noise coming from the backyard, right beneath me.

I couldn’t see anything, but I suppose it was someone getting out of the house by the door that led to the backyard.

Then, I saw him.

Adam was crossing the backyard and walking towards the horses, through a path in a hidden corner. I hadn’t seen any path there, and I’d been there, picking up pieces of broken glass!

My dark blue eyes jumped from the place to Adam again.

I seriously stopped to think about the idea that was running through my mind, but in that exact moment, I saw Adam follow the path that started on the hidden corner, and ended on a medium sized stable.

Oh well, he’d probably kill me if he found me, but I’d like to see those horses. And honestly... I knew I was curious to check on Adam. Besides, I suddenly didn’t feel like going to bed, only to spend the rest of the night crying. So, since it was summer, early July, I just needed to put some shoes on.

I went back into the room, closed the glass door that led to the terrace, and got out of my room silently. I hoped everyone was asleep because I didn’t feel like being extra extra careful.

I went downstairs without making any noise. When I passed through the corridor - which only maids used frequently from what I’d seen (and that was why I’d been so surprise when I’d crashed against Adam) - and the kitchen, I was glad I’d managed to pass by Glenda who’d been in the kitchen, talking. Then, I walked through the door and found myself in the backyard.

I visualized the hidden corner on my mind and managed to find it easily. I had to be quick, since I could be caught by Glenda if she happened to come outside.

I wonder if she knows Adam left the house.

When I stood before the hidden corner, I realized why I’d have never thought there was a passage for the other side of the property. It was covered with a considerable amount of bushes you had to push away to get through. When I got to the path Adam used, all I had to do was follow the worn-out trail.

Time passed and I found myself starting to feel tired since no matter how much of the trail I’d cover, the stable still appeared to be miles away from me. I could still see the horses, though now there was only three. Maybe the other three were in the stable, and Adam was taking care of them. My aunt had said he did that.

As my mind wondered about all sorts of things, I began to lose track of time. I didn’t notice I’d reached the stable until I stood before it. It had looked smaller from my balcony, but in front of me... it was kind of big.

The huge wooden door was open, but before I actually walked in, I just gazed at the stable. Although the Coopers’ mansion was modern, the stable looked... old. Really old. Maybe the stable had already been there before they lived here. Or maybe, they built the house there and decided to keep the stable. Whichever it was, I stopped thinking about it, as there were numerous possibilities about the existence of an old stable on this property.

Shaking my head, I stepped towards the entrance and took a peek inside it. There were lights, and thanks to them, I could see the three horses that were missing outside.

I walked inside. The horses turned to stare at me immediately me.

One of them, a shining black one, started to neigh. He must have caught Adam’s attention, because right then I heard him behind me, “What are you doing here?”

He startled me, but I wouldn’t give him that. I turned around to face him, and like any other time, he had a pretty mad expression. I just stared into his icy blue eyes. “Didn’t you listen to me? Why the hell are you here?”

“I... I saw you, and...” Oh, now that I was face to face with him, coming here seemed such a bad idea, “I thought about following you, and-”

“Why would you do that?” He stepped towards, “You should be in bed! Maids wake up early, what the hell are you doing here? If my father or Gabi took knowledge of this, you will be fired!”

I dared to grin, “They’ll only know if you tell them.”

His face remained unbreakable and mean. “Why did you follow me?”

“Pure curiosity!” I said, trying to seem as relaxed as possible. “I’m sure you’ve had plenty of girls curious about you, one more won’t make a difference.” It might look like I was hitting on him, but I really wasn’t. I’m sure it was just the plain truth.

“Curiosity, hum? Yes, I’ve had my share of curious girls, though none of them was curious enough to follow me...” He gave a big step in my direction, “...in the middle of the night...”

My eyes narrowed. Was he trying to scare me?

Another step, “...to a place where no one can hear her...”

“You don’t scare me.” I declared, suppressing my breath.

He finally reached me. “Are you sure?” And then, I noticed the most random thing. I was right, my head reached his chest. God, I was small.

“Yes.” I then replied. I wasn’t nervous at all. Those blue eyes and manly voice didn’t scare me. “But if you try to do anything, I can just kick you between your legs.”

Shaking his head helplessly, he sighed, “Great. This was just what I needed, an eighteen year old girl following me in the middle of the night.” He seemed to be talking to himself. Still, how did he know my age? I hadn’t told him! Maybe his parents or Brad had told him during the party. Brad seemed to know my whole story so Adam could know my age. Not that a maid’s age was important to him.

“I’m sorry.” When I spoke, I sounded like a child.

He looked at me again, and asked impatiently, “Do you know how many times you’ve said you’re sorry to me?” No, I actually didn’t know. But I’d probably said it a considerable amount of times.

“Hum... six? Seven?”

“It was rhetoric question!” God, he really didn’t have any patience.


“That makes it eight, hum?” He shook his head while I tossed my long black hair back. Noticing it, he commented, “I can see your hair now.”

My eyebrow automatically rose, “So what? Do you have something against it?”

“No.” He replied, his eyes on me again, “What made me remember you were that new maid was your hair, though you used it differently, today.”

“I usually don’t do anything to my hair, but since everyone advised me to do something because of Mrs. Cooper, I did. ” I wouldn’t let her order me to cut my hair. I loved my hair, no matter how it pissed me off sometimes, like for example, to comb it in the morning. “Why? Do you have something against my hair?”

“No, I don’t. I thought you looked ugly with that braid.” Geez, thanks for the honestly. “I like it loose.” Oh, that one I wasn’t expecting. He was being nice!

“I’ll be sure to take that in account later. Or, you could just talk to Mrs. Cooper and she’d take your opinion in account and would let me wear it loose!” I gave him the biggest smile I could.

“Keep dreaming.”

I folded my arms at my chest, “You’re really arrogant, aren’t you?”

“If I were you, I’d keep that sharp tongue in my mouth.” My eyes narrowed at his warning. “If you don’t want to get fired, I suggest you keep what you think of me inside your head.” There it was the rich taking advantage of his wealth. Stupid ass.

“Why? You don’t like hearing what people think of you?” Maybe, I should really keep my sharp tongue in my mouth. I was messing with the oldest brother, the one who seemed much worse.

“You better go home, kid.”

There he was, calling me something I wasn’t. “I’m eighteen so could you please not call me that?” It was insulting! Some of my mother’s friends used to call me that when I was younger, and even then I hated it.

“You’re a kid to me so, no, I won’t stop calling you that.” He passed by me, “Not that I intend to talk to you a lot. I don’t even intend to talk to you from this day forward.” His hands rested on the black horse that seemed to have calmed down.

“Oh, really? Why?”

“Can’t you guess?” I shook my head. “Hum, I guess you’re dumb. Because you’re a maid, kid! I don’t waste my time with maids! They’re boring, stupid and dumb!”

“Hey!” I calling him out on what he was saying, “My aunt Deena isn’t stupid!”

He petted the animal, “Oh yeah, there are a couple of maids that aren’t either dumb or stupid, and Deena’s a rare example. As for you, I can’t say the same. I guess you are dumb.” He started laughing, as if mocking me. “Why would you be here anyway? Only dumb girls end up working as a maid at someone else’s house. And you’re still so young...”

It was like a knife stabbing my heart deeply.

I couldn’t - and didn’t want - to control myself when I walk towards him and point my finger at his tamed chest. “I’m not stupid or dumb, you idiot! I had to come here, because my mother died and I had no other place to stay, as well as no job to support myself or to even go to college!”


He stared at me for some moments with unemotional eyes, until he finally said, “You don’t need to yell. You’re going to scare the horses.” His reaction annoyed me far more than I was willing to let him know. Maybe he was far more stupid and heartless than I thought he was!

I turned around straight away. Tears were already filling my eyes. Damn it! All it took was for me to say a word about my mother, and my eyes would immediately be fill with tears. God, this was embarrassing and painful.

I should have never come here. If I’d stayed in my bed, I’d have thought about my mother and would have probably started crying, yes, but at least I wouldn’t have had to put up with a jerk saying those things to my face when he didn’t even know the story.

Robotically, I hurried to get out of that stable. All I had in my mind now was my mother and my bedroom.

“I’m sorry, kid!” I suddenly heard him behind me. He then added, with a lower tone of voice. “I didn’t know.”

Even with him apologizing, I kept walking, never stopping. I didn’t look back so that he wouldn’t see my tears and my watery dark blue eyes. I was sure he didn’t feel as guilty as his voice had made him seem.

I started running away and I was glad he hadn’t even tried to follow me. Not that I didn’t know he wouldn’t follow me. Men like him didn’t need to worry about hurting a maid’s feelings. God, I wished one of my friends were here, since my mother can’t anymore. I knew I couldn’t count on my aunt to talk about these sort of things...

Since I was running, it took me half the time to get back to the backyard and when I put my hand on the doorknob, I was meet with an unpleasant surprise.

The door leading to the inside of the house was locked.

This cannot be happening to me... Why the hell had they closed it? The house seemed pretty secure to me! Did they think someone would enter the house through the backyard? The only thing that existed near that area was just a huge piece of land with horses, and even that belonged to the Coopers themselves!

Oh god, I could not believe I was going to have to wait for someone to open the stupid door. Did that mean I’d have to wait until morning? Oh man... I so wanted my bed now... No one can possibly imagine how much I regret following that heartless bastard.

Seeing a chair near the place where the buffet had been, I walked over to it and sat down. At least, I could wait for someone while sitting. But the problem that tonight the weather seemed to be cooling down, and although it was summer, I was starting to feel a little chilly.

Stupid, stupid, stupid! Why did I follow him?

I closed my eyes and wiped off the last tears that fell from my eyes.

I was probably the most miserable person in this unfair world right now. And... I was tired and desperately in need of a bed.

As the tiredness started to take over my weak body and I cuddled myself on the chair, I began losing track of time and drifting off to sleep, dreaming...

And then, I heard his voice, far away, in the background. “Hmm, I guess no one told you the door that leads to the backyard is always locked up at night.”


Then I felt a hand on my shoulder, “Wake up, kid. I have the key, you can go to your bed.”

“Let me sleep...” I muttered under my heavy breath. I was too tired to get up and too sleepy to walk... Besides, this was probably just a dream. So I just turned my head to the other side of what it seemed a very fluffy chair.

“You have got to be kidding me. Get up! I have the key!”

“Will you shut up?” Since it was a dream, I could just tell him to shut up. In fact, I could just tell him everything. “Leave me alone, idiot.”

“Do you know with whom you are talking to?”

“Adam Cooper, the most arrogant and heartless person in this house.” I replied to myself. I didn’t need to open my eyes to know it was him. Since he’d ruined my day, it was normal if I dreamed about him tonight.

“Eva, get up!” He seemed to be closer to me, like he’d leaned down on me to say it in my ear. “I have the key! You can go to bed!” He repeated as I felt his hot breath on my neck. Yup, he was definitely close to me.

“I don’t want to get up! Leave me alone!” All of a sudden, I felt his hands finding a way towards my waist. “What the hell are you doing?”

I opened my eyes and tried to pull him away. Well, aside from being big, he was strong. “I’m trying to take you to the house, to your bed; otherwise you’ll get a cold. I’m not arrogant enough to leave a kid freezing in a middle of a night that’s cooling down.” He told me. I could see him, but his voice seemed so far away...

Since his hands were wrapped around my waistline, he managed to pull me up, and for a few seconds, I felt I was flying, only to feel Adam’s chest next. I realized I was in his arms. Oh well, if this was a dream, I might as well take advantage of it, and that meant closing my eyes again and cuddling against his chest.

“Don’t push it, kid.”

“The name is Eva.” I said, yawning. Was it so hard to call me Eva instead of kid?! It was freaking annoying!

“Whatever.” I felt him start walking, only to stop seconds later. I opened my eyes to see what he was up to, in this dream of mine. He was actually trying to open the door of the backyard with me in his arms. If this was a dream, he’d succeed in it.

And he did. He opened the door, walked in, and locked it again, just like it was before we both got in. Then, we walked for a long time, probably going upstairs because before we stopped, I felt him begin lifting me.

Pausing, he asked, “Which one is your room?”

“What floor are you on?”

“The maids’ floor.”

“I’m on the last floor of all, the one that only has one room.” I replied, yawning again. I waited for him to move, but he didn’t. I opened my dark blue eyes again and caught him looking at me. “Are you tired of carrying me?”

Of course he wasn’t. In my dream he’d never get tired. “No, I... was just thinking.” It was the first time, even in a dream that, Adam seemed speechless. Oh well, I’ve only known him for a day and a half days so it was normal if I saw him doing things I’d never seen.

Adam started walking again, towards the last floor of his big mansion. “Who put you in that room?”

“Your mother,” I answered.

“My mother?” There was a rather surprised tone in his voice.

“Mrs. Cooper.” Duh.


I started babbling about the room, “My aunt told me there was no more rooms available in the maids’ floor so unless I wanted to share a room with another maid, I’d stay on this floor. I’m glad she put me there. I like having my own space. Not to mention the room is huge and I have a terrace and a bathroom for myself! The only disadvantage is that it’s really, really dirty.”

“You talk a lot when you’re sleeping.”

“When I’m dreaming, you mean.” I corrected him, not bothering to open my eyes.

“You’re not dreaming.”

“Yes, I am.”

“No, you’re not.” Adam insisted, with a worn-out tone of voice.

“Yes, I am.” I repeated. “Otherwise how would you explain the fact that you’re carrying a maid in your arms to her room?”

“Is it so hard to believe? Do you think I’m that arrogant, kid?”

“Yes.” I replied. “I think you’re too much of a stuck up to do it.” Even if he was actually doing it now, but since it was my dream... well, of course it didn’t count to real life.

“Maybe.” I heard him. “But I’m not bad enough to leave a kid freezing outside at night, because she followed an older person when she could’ve simply just stayed in bed.”

“Maybe that kid followed you because she was curious and wanted to see where you were going in the middle of the night. Besides, she also wanted to see the horses.”

He didn’t answer. I just felt him opening a door and I realized we’d just reached my room. He walked in with me in his arms and closed the door carefully. I looked up at his icy blue eyes. He was looking around the room, as if it was something he’d never seen.

“You can put me in bed.” I said. It was my dream so he could carry me anywhere I wanted! If I wanted him to take me to bed, he would! Just like a baby. Oh, I was so enjoying this dream.

“Sure. I’m a bit tired of holding you, kid.” He walked until my bed, and finally, laid me down. “At least I just need to take your shoes off.” That would be nice. In fact, he was being nice.

After that, I didn’t even pay attention to him anymore. I just cuddled in my bed as I felt his cold hands grabbing my legs and taking off my shoes, throwing them towards something.

“Well, I’m off to my own bedroom now.”

I just grumbled. “Uh-uh.”

“Good night, kid.”

I couldn’t help but to comment, “I don’t know why you call me kid...” I yawned, and then added, “You’re just a few years older than me.”

“I’m four years older than you. I’m old enough to have the privilege of calling you a kid.” I was too tired to do the math. “Besides, you don’t even look eighteen.”

“Whatever,” Was my only response to his comments. I was sure I looked older than a kid. He could just call me by Eva in my own dream! Anyway, I was too tired to put any thoughts on it, “Good night, Adam.”

“Good night, kid.” Afterwards, I heard his steps towards the exit and walking out of my room, leaving me alone when he closed the door quietly so that he wouldn’t wake up anyone.

As for me... I simply drifted off to sleep in my own dream.

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