Welcome To Heartbreak

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Chapter 6

Today was Saturday, it was about 5 PM and I’d finally finished cleaning my room. With my uniform all dirty, I looked around me, my hands resting on my hips. Everything was perfectly clean and in place. All I had to do now was to take a bath before going downstairs. Since I had Glenda’s permission for this, I wasn’t that worried with time.

It has passed four days since my day off. I thought a lot about my mother, but I’d learned to distract myself with work.

I hadn’t told anyone that I’d gone to my hometown with Adam or vice-versa. I’d heard Mrs. Cooper asking him once where he’d gone, and his answer had been, “It’s none of your business.”

My wounds were healing, which was good. My left hand still hurt when I pressed it against something, but it was nothing I couldn’t handle or that a pain killer couldn’t solve.

Around 6 PM, I was wearing a spotless uniform, and unfortunately, the braid. I walked out of my room and ran off downstairs, ready to be given a chore. Maybe I’d clean the terrace this weekend. I sighed. I still had that to clean.

When I arrived at the hall, I saw Adam opening the entrance door. I thought maids were the ones who did that. Or maybe... I just watched stupid movies with maids on it.

“Hey, dude!” I was able to see who it was. Vince.

“Come in, man.” Adam said, closing the door after Vince walked in, spreading his good humor all around the silent house. As for me, I started walking away from their path. “I have some things to tell you, but we’ll talk in my room.”

I made the mistake catching eyes with Adam, because when he noticed I was there, he pointed, “Could you bring us something to eat?”

“Oh, hello, Eva!” Vince greeted before I replied. Oh, he remembered my name!

“Hi.” I smiled nervously as those grey eyes looked at me, before I focused on Adam. “You want me to take it to your room?”

“That would be just fine.” He passed by me with Vince, but before he whispered, “Thanks, kid.”

Next they were off to Adam’s room and I was off to the kitchen. When I got there, I asked for some food for Adam and Vince. Since Glenda was there, I took advantage and asked, “Glenda, when’s my next day off?”

“I still haven’t prepared my list for next week.” She kept doing whatever she was doing while responding, “But I’ll tell you when I know. For now, just focus on serving the Coopers.”

“Of course.” I said with a false-nice smile. The moment I turned around, I made a face. She was arrogant as hell, worse than Adam! But not worse than Mr. Cooper. I could see where Adam had gotten his arrogance from. Not that I had any official reason to complain lately.

“Here, Eva!” It was the chef who spoke to me with his accent. “It’s ready.”

I took the tray from him, but before I left, I had to question Glenda about something I hadn’t had the chance to do so. “Glenda?”

“Yes?” She asked exasperated.

“I have a question.” Then, she looked at me with intolerant, but curious eyes. “How do we treat the brothers?”

Glenda’s eyebrow arched. “We treat Brad by his name, though he’s said we should start treating him by sir. As for Adam, only four of us treat him by his first name - and those maids are me, your aunt, and two more maids. The rest of you are obligated to treat him by sir or Mr. Cooper. After almost a week here, you should’ve already learned that.”

I just nodded and turned around, carrying the tray to Adam’s room. That must mean something, right? It meant he kind of liked me. Like in liking me because I was a childish maid he liked making fun of in a positive way. I chuckled. It would be weird to treat him in such a formal way anyway.

When I reached the door of his room, I tried to knock and open the door - once I had an answer - without letting the tray fall. Clumsy as I was that was easy to happen.

“Where should I put this?” I asked once I got in.

“There,” He pointed at one of his desks, and continued talking with Vince like if I wasn’t there, “But, of course, I said no. The point is, I’m not going to ask her to marry me because I don’t love her, but because I’m young, you know? I like Rachel - everyone knows that, but...” Adam lost track of words and shook his head in a helpless way.

Vince didn’t say anything. I didn’t really listen to his voice, so I supposed he’d shut up. I didn’t know why. Was he thinking? Then, I had my answer when Adam spoke again, “Oh, don’t worry about her. She knows all about this. It seems she has some kind of potential to be in the wrong places at the wrong times.”

“Oh, ok.” I looked at Vince and watched him relaxing. “Well, dude, I can understand what you mean when you say you’re too young, but I think your father’s kind of right. I mean, you’re young, rich and good-looking - pretend I didn’t say that last part. Besides, Rachel’s not going to wait much longer-”

“If she loves me, she’ll wait.”

“Adam, you know things like this are different when you’re rich. They marry young with young women that are just as rich as you are.” Well, I didn’t agree with his opinion, but that was me. Everyone, but Becca - and Adam, I suppose, shared a different outlook. “And I’m sure she’s anxious to have you as her husband. I can see she really likes you, man, and when we’re that rich, finding someone that actually loves you is kind of hard.”

I watched Adam sit at the edge of his bed, shaking his head, “I’m too young to get married.”

“Adam, you’re rich! You can have all the freedom you want anytime you want!” Then Vince walked towards me, smiling. After he grabbed a sandwich, he looked down at me, “What do you think about this, Eva?”

I fixed my dark blue eyes on Adam when I replied, “I think he’s too young to marry.”

Vince rolled his eyes, thought he kept smiling, “I think she’s the only one that has that opinion besides you.”

“She’s still a kid, she believes in true love.” Adam got up and came to me. “You think I shouldn’t marry her?”

“Of course she thinks that.” Vince said with his mouth full, before I could even say something. “She’s a maid! I bet every maid’s dream in this house is to get married to you or your brother!”

“I may be a maid,” I snarled at him, “But I do not think like that.”

“Oh really?” I could so notice the sarcasm in Vince’s voice.

“Yes, really. I think Adam shouldn’t marry her yet. They’re both young, they should live their lives first.” I told them, jumping from Vince to Adam, “And, if Rachel loves you that much, I’m sure she’ll wait for whenever you’re ready to take that step.”

“You’re a grownup kid, kid.” Despite the warm tone of voice, he didn’t smile.

“You asked my opinion and gave it to you.”

“You’re a maid, Eva. Maids’ opinions aren’t taken serious.” I turned my head at Vince, as I eyed him with fury. Suddenly, he didn’t look so attractive to me now. Did he have something against maids expressing their opinions? Adam had asked me what I thought of it so I gave him an answer!

Controlling my tempter, I said, “I better go.” And in that moment, someone knocked on the door.

Looking at me with thoughtful eyes, Adam raised his voice, “Come in!”

When the door was opened and Adam’s girlfriend walked in with a smile, we all heard, “Hello, baby! Oh. You’re with Vince and... A maid?”

Adam’s eyes jumped from her to me, though he explained, “Vince came to pay me a visit and she was just bringing us some food.” He walked towards her, hugged and kissed her.

“Was that the maid that cut her hands on Monday?” She asked when Adam freed her from his lips and she noticed who I actually was.

“Yes.” Adam’s bright blue eyes suddenly darkened.

“Oh, poor girl. I saw her hands and... It was horrible. You’re better now?”

I nodded. “Yes.”

“You’ll have to excuse Adam. He’s off our world once he’s pissed off.” Rachel’s eyes seemed to be telling the truth. Well, it was normal anyway. Who would give a damn about what was surrounding him while he’s pissed off?

I shrugged and revealed, “It’s ok, he apologized.”


No one’s eyes were on me any longer, except for Adam’s. Rachel was gazing at Adam with a not-so-appealing expression anymore. “You apologized to her?” Rachel asked him. Her face held on sympathetic smile now, only a frown. As for Vince, he seemed just as surprised as Rachel, though he had an amused and curious expression stamped on his no-longer-attractive face.

“Yes.” Why did everyone get so surprised every time I told them Adam had apologized to me?

“Ok, so let me get this straight...” Rachel stepped away from Adam’s grip and laughed in a sarcastic and angry way. “You didn’t apologize to my parents or me, but you said you were sorry to a maid?” Oh shit. I may have just spoken too much.

“I should go now. Glenda’s probably waiting for me.” I lied. I lowered my head, and without listening to whatever they said to me - if they actually said something - I just walked past Rachel and Adam, without daring to look at his enticing bright blue eyes. I’d caused this sudden fight, but I did not want to be caught in the middle of it. Coward, I know.

I made my way to the kitchen, and once I got there, I found Becca and my aunt Deena. I couldn’t help but to ask, “Can any of you tell me why the hell people are so amazed when I say Adam apologized to me when he did this,” I help my hands up, “on Monday?”

“He apologized?” Becca’s eyes widened in surprise and her jaw fell a little. Oh yeah, I hadn’t told her.

“Yeah,” I shrugged my shoulders and rubbed the back of my head.



“It doesn’t matter.” My aunt Deena cut in. Oh great. I didn’t want to tell Becca that Adam had gone to my room at midnight. However, that didn’t stop my aunt from eyeing me with serious eyes, “People are amazed when you say Adam apologized because, actually, Adam never apologizes for anything he does.” Oh... That explained a lot. It certainly explained the amazement stamped on peoples’ faces every time I said Adam had apologized.

“I wonder why Adam apologized...” Becca wondered as her eyes focused on a specific place.

“Maybe because he remembered that what happened to me was his fault.”

“Maybe.” My aunt said, just before she dismissed Becca, “Now, it’s time to go back to your chores, Becca.”

Without complaining, the blonde girl nodded and left me alone with my aunt. I thought she’d say something more, but no. “And Eva, there are some laundry to put in some rooms, so go back to your chores as well.” My aunt said. I wondered why she’d stiffened all of a sudden. I sighed. I really didn’t comprehend my aunt. It’s not like I’d done something wrong!

Oh well, I forgot all about it as I spent the rest of the afternoon distracted with the laundry. Today, I wasn’t called to serve the Coopers at dinner. Well, I didn’t want to, anyway. Rachel and Vince were having dinner here, and somehow, I knew they’d look at me with a face. So I just walked around the house cleaning what was needed.

At some point, Becca joined me in the hall and commented, “They’ve finally finished having dinner. It’s so boring to just stand there, see them eating and listening to those boring conversations... Anyway, I have my day off tomorrow!”

“Really? What do you plan on doing?”

She shrugged and smiled, “Spend the whole day reading, I guess. I’m a bookworm.”

“I like reading,” I revealed, “I have a couple of books, but I’m not such a bookworm.”

“Maybe we can lend each other some books.”

I looked at her green eyes and smiled, “Yeah, though I don’t have much time to read. But if you want any, you can just ask me and I’ll lend you some.”

“Thanks, Eva!” Becca said with a shining grin.

“You’re welcome.” I continued polishing whatever I had on my hand, but now that Becca was here with nobody else around us... I dared to ask her, “Becca... tell me something. What do you call Adam when you’re with him?”

Her light brown eyebrow arched in surprise. Maybe Adam had also told her she could call him Adam. Glenda wasn’t always with us to know for sure if every one of us treated him the way we were supposed to. Maybe Adam was like Brad, a playboy, but less show off... “By sir, why?”

I bit my lower lip. “Any of the maids treats him by Adam?”

Becca seemed thoughtful, “Hum... no. Only Glenda, Deena, Louise and Scarlet.” She revealed.

“Oh, ok. Thanks for clarifying me.” I laughed nervously, though I really had no idea why the hell I’d laughed. I shook my head in a helpless way.

I was such an idiot sometimes.


“Nothing.” I replied very quickly. “I was just... curious.” My lips curved into a faint smile. I shouldn’t have talked about this. Maybe Becca was sleeping with him without anyone knowing. No, you don’t really believe in what you’re thinking right now. Both Adam and Becca didn’t seem that type of person. Besides, Adam had a girlfriend, and from what I’d heard already, he didn’t cheat.

“You treat him by Adam, don’t you?” Becca pulled me back to reality with that question. Did I have a sign on my forehead saying that? How did she guess? I looked at her and she heard the unspoken question. “You have a pretty guilty look on your face, that’s how I guessed. I’m right, though, am I not?”

I just nodded.

“Oh my god, I wonder why he lets you treat him by Adam...” She giggled, like Linda had giggled once. “I can’t believe it! You know, Rita actually tries to call him Adam, but he always ends up correcting her. One time she actually crossed the limit, and Adam threatened to fire her.”

I immediately arranged an excuse for it, “Well, he does say I look like a kid, and actually calls me kid. Maybe that’s why he lets me-”

“He says you look like a kid?”

“Yeah,” I turned towards Becca, “He practically never says my name. He prefers calling me kid, because, from what he told me, I have a childish face, expression, voice... I really don’t know why he says that.” I rolled my eyes, but I noticed Becca was pretty amazed.

“He knows your name?”

“Yeah, doesn’t he know yours?”

“No... The only ones who know all of our names are Mr. and Mrs. Cooper.

And Glenda, of course. Brad knows a couple... Adam always arranges a way to call our attention without saying out names.”

Before I could ask her another question, I was once again caught in the wrong place, at the wrong time as soon as I recognized the voices yelling at each other, walking towards us.

“I can’t believe you... You’re so stupid, Adam!”

“You know me for over two years, you expected me do that?” Adam was behind Rachel, who seemed to be in a hurry to get out of this house. “And why did you suddenly get all pissy? You were fine when you arrived!”

“You know damn well why I’m pissed off! You want me to clear it out for you? Are you that blind?” She suddenly spun over her heels and stopped in front of Adam, before noticing Becca and I were there.

“Yes, I do want you to explain it, Rachel! You were godamned fine when you came!”

“That was until I found out you had apologized to a freaking maid instead of simply saying you were sorry to my parents or me! That’s insulting, Adam!” Oh my god... They were fighting because of me. I could so feel Becca’s eyes on me...

“She cut her hands because of me!”

“Yeah, that’s a really great excuse, Adam. Coming from a guy who does everything to anyone and never apologizes, no matter how wrong he is! She’s a freaking maid, Adam! She stands in the same foot than me and my parents?” Rachel pointed at herself, emphasizing her idea. “I am your girlfriend and you didn’t even say you were sorry to me! Not even now!”

Rachel turned around again, coming closer to the place where Becca and I stood motionless.

“You’re exaggerating, Rachel.”

“Don’t say that, Adam!” Then, she passed by the place where I was, and when she saw me from the corner of her eyes, she stopped again and pointed at me. “And she’s even here, probably laughing because of this!” Her look disgusted me. Nevertheless, Adam remained silent.

“I’m sorry,” I started, “I was just cleaning, I didn’t-”

“I don’t even want to hear anything from you, maid.” Oh, that poisoned emphasis on the maid word... “I’m leaving, Adam.”

She started walking again, looking at me one last time and making clear her aversion and repulsion for me by the look on her eyes. “Rachel.” Adam called. I lost her out of sight, but still saw Adam passing by me and Becca. He didn’t even look at me, even though he knew I was there. He just kept walking towards his girlfriend. Well, it wasn’t like I was waiting for him to say anything to me at the moment.

“Rachel, wait!”

“Goodbye, Adam.” I heard the door being opened, and then slammed shut. I didn’t listen to it opening again so I supposed Adam didn’t go after his girlfriend.

I heard his heavy steps coming back. This time, when his eyes gazed at me, he stopped. Not caring if Becca was beside me, he simply said,

“Always in my way, kid.”

Then, he went away again, leaving me and Becca too shocked to speak. Well, I was too shocked, to tell the truth. I didn’t know Adam hadn’t still apologized for what had happened on Monday to Rachel and her parents. If it was worth something, I thought he still shouldn’t apologize. It had been their fault. They were the ones who pressured him, along with Mr. and Mrs. Cooper. They should be the ones to apologize.

“Oh. My. God.” Becca started, “I cannot believe Adam and his girlfriend just had a fight because of you.”

“Me neither.” I was just as surprised as her.

“Adam doesn’t care about the maids. I have nothing against you, Eva, you know I like you, but I wonder why Adam distinguishes you from the rest of us.” I knew Becca didn’t mean anything wrong, she was just curious.

“I don’t know. But I think he shouldn’t apologize to Rachel and her parents, anyway.” I revealed my opinion. Becca just eyed me like if I’d turned into a monster. “You saw what happened at the dinner. They were all pressuring him about the marriage thing. If they hadn’t talked about it, I’m sure Adam wouldn’t have exploded.”

“If you put it that way, yes, you’re right. Still, that doesn’t explain why he apologized to you.”

I rolled my eyes and started to get the hell out of there. “As Adam himself said, I cut my hands because of him. I think whoever is guilty of doing something like that should apologize. Anyway, I’m off to my bedroom.”

“Running away, hum?”

“I’m not running away, Becca.” I said while I was on my way to the staircases with Becca following me. “I’m not afraid of talking to you about it. You know my opinion. I can’t change what you think of it, though.”

“Ok, I admit you’re right. But I’ve known Adam longer than you do, and I find all of this extremely weird. I mean, he never distinguished any of us, never was nice, let alone actually apologize to one of us. But you’re right. It was awful what he did to you, and he did well in saying he was sorry.” Just because I kind of told him to.

I started going upstairs. “Glad you think that way now. Anyway, goodnight, Becca.” I said so she could understand I was done with this conversation.

She stopped following me when she reached the second floor, “Goodnight, Eva.”

I was alone when I finally arrived at my bedroom.

As I took off my uniform to trade it for some comfortable shorts and a shirt, I undid the stupid braid, freeing my wild black hair, I thought, maybe I should talk to him about what happened. I mean, he’s surely pissed off at me. If I hadn’t opened my big mouth, he wouldn’t have argued with Rachel.

But at the same time... I didn’t want to face a probably-very-angry Adam. I was afraid of him. I’d seen him pretty angry and yes, he scared me. Besides, he wasn’t alone. He was with Vince since I hadn’t seen him leave the house.

I looked at my private terrace, and remembered the conversation I’d had with Becca about books. I hadn’t read in a while. Maybe I’d read now. I had nothing to do and I couldn’t sleep feeling this guilty. So I chose one that combined adventure, fantasy and romance. Those books which had those three qualities would definitely qualify to be bought by me.

As I shook off Adam from my mind, I went to the little terrace and sat there with a book on my hands. Time passed fast while I read. Maybe I’d buy more when the Coopers would give me my pay-check at the end of the month. After all, all the books I had have already been read more than once.

Having lost track of time, I suddenly heard a noise. It didn’t come from my room so I supposed it came from the backyard. When I got up from my chair and approached the edge, I leaned over. I waited a couple of seconds, and then I saw Adam. I didn’t need to follow him with my dark blue eyes to know where he was going.

And I didn’t think twice when I went back to my room, threw the book at my bed and slipped my feet into brown flip flops. I looked at my watch - half past midnight. Good, I was sure almost everyone was asleep.

I quietly got out of my room and slowly went downstairs. I didn’t want to make any noise, afraid someone might hear it. I hurried to the door that led me to the backyard, and hoped Glenda or Adam hadn’t locked it. Fortunately, none of them had. I quietly stepped out of the house and rushed towards the stable, after crossing half the backyard and the hidden path.

Finally, I actually started thinking, afraid what I was about to do. I mean, who knows, Adam could flip out if he saw me there again. And this time, it would be my fault he was angry.

I shook my head. It didn’t matter. I knew I’d go no matter what went through my mind right now. Curiosity drew me to him.

Adam was actually outside the stable when I arrived, which meant this time I wouldn’t surprise him. When his eyes caught mine, he didn’t speak, just fixed his icy gaze on me. He was silent and all I could hear was the horses and my heavy breath.

I was gasping for air, tired of running in order to reach and see him.

“I wonder why you followed me tonight.”

Now that he’d spoken, I walked up to him, but he just turned his back on me and got in the stable. This time, only one horse was there. The black one. I hadn’t even paid attention to the horses outside while I was on the terrace or on my way here. I could only think of Adam.

“I heard your argument with Rachel.”

“It doesn’t surprise me,” Adam shrugged while petting the huge animal.

“You weren’t the only one.”

I couldn’t help it, it was stronger than me, “I’m sorry.” I lowered my head, the guilt eating me up inside. “If I hadn’t said anything when she appeared in your room, nothing would have happened.”

“Let it go, kid. We’ve argued, there’s nothing else to say about it anymore.”

“I feel guilty.”

“You shouldn’t.”

“You know, I think Rachel overreacted.” There I was, talking too much. Adam looked at me with his icy blue eyes and waited for me to keep going. “I mean, I was there at the dinner, I have the conscious that if none of them had pressured you, what happened wouldn’t have happened. You understand what I’m saying, right?”

“Yes, I understand, kid.” He looked back at the horse. “You’re saying I shouldn’t apologize.”

I nodded, approaching Adam, “But maybe you could have said you were sorry to her parents. I mean, if you marry her, they’ll going to be a part of your family. You should leave a good impression.”

“I don’t care about impressions. Rachel’s the only one that matters.”

I shot him a question while I should have just stayed on my place. “Then why did you apologize to me, but didn’t to Rachel? She’s your girlfriend, and like she said, I’m just a maid.” I used the same emphasis Rachel had used on that word.

“You’re different.”

“I am?”

“You’re a kid.”

“I wonder if you know my name, treat me that way and let me call you by your first name, just because I look like a kid to you.” I had his full attention. “My aunt was completely stunned when I said you apologized and so was Becca when she realized I called you Adam because you’d given me permission to do so, when all of them, treat you by sir or Mr. Cooper.”


Then, with a sharp tone of voice, Adam cornered me, “You’re saying you don’t like me to distinguish you from all the others?”

“No, I didn’t say that, I-”

“Then just let it go, Eva.” Wow, he’d called my Eva! I just had to smile. “I sympathize with you. We can put it that way, although you’re always-”

"In your way.” I cut him off, knowing what he’d say. “Yeah, I know, though you didn’t seem to sympathize much with me the first times we met.”

“What did you expect? You were hiding in my bathroom while I was arguing with my father and on the same day, you spilled wine all over my clothes when I was going to my graduation party and you followed me here!”

“I was curious about where you were going!”

Adam just shook his head, smirked and raised his arm to pet me. “Oh, stop it.” I complained. “I’m not one of your horses, you know. I’m just your maid.” I made him a face, and then I looked at the horse. The animal was beautiful... and dangerously gigantic. “Can I touch him?” I dared to ask.

“He’s a violent one. I’m sure he wouldn’t like your touch.” Adam warned me.

I frowned and folded my arms over my chest. “Why wouldn’t he?”

“He likes warm hands and tends to flip out when cold hands touch him.” Adam revealed, not taking his eyes from his horse. My hands aren’t cold.

“My hands aren’t cold now. The bandages warm them.” I stretched my arm towards Adam. “Go on, touch them! To make sure they’re not cold. I don’t want the horse to freak out.”

Nodding, Adam’s fingers touched mine. By the slow way he moved, he seemed afraid of something. He advanced to the palm of my hands and carefully stroked the bandages. He looked at it during a couple of seconds, until he fully engulfed my hands with his, so softly so he wouldn’t hurt me. Damn, his hands were really warm compared to mine.

I lifted my head and caught him looking at me. “What?”


“Can I touch him?”

“Yeah.” He smirked, “You’re such a kid, you know?” I didn’t answer this time. Maybe he was right now. I’d never touched a horse. It was normal if I felt just as excited as a kid would.

Adam still didn’t let go of my hands. He simply guided me to the horse and set my hands down on the horse’s shining black fur. He was just as warm as Adam was. “I thought he’d do something.”

“He’s eaten so he’s almost sleeping. He’s calm, you don’t have to worry.” The moment his hands let go of mine, I pulled back immediately. I wasn’t expecting Adam would grab them again and place them on the horse once more. “You don’t need to be afraid, kid. He won’t do anything if my hands aren’t grabbing yours.”

Adam let go again. I didn’t feel secure without his hands over mine. I mean, the horse was huge! I had to fully stretch myself to even reach his back! Suddenly, the horse moved and scared me. I pulled back my hands, “We’ll do this some other day.”

“Other day?”

“Uh... yeah?” I didn’t know what I’d said wrong.

“You intend to follow me here in the near future?” Oh, so that was what he was talking about.

“Well... I didn’t plan on follow you anymore after that last time, but it was stronger than me.” I avoided looking at him and shrugged, “I know I’m probably boring you, but-”

“It’s ok, kid. I’m always alone when I come to visit them. I mostly come here at night, but I never bring anyone with me. I brought Rachel a couple of times, but she really doesn’t like to be here. Not because of the horses, but because she’s too much of rich girlie girl to be in such a dirty place.” Adam revealed to me, despite the fact that I hadn’t actually asked anything about it.

“I understand.” I’m sure that if Rachel wasn’t such a rich girlie girl, she wouldn’t mind coming here often to spend some time with Adam. “Are you mad because I came here, Adam? Do you like to be alone all the time? Do you want me to stop coming here? Not that I’ve come here a lot of times, but-”

“Eva, shut up.” He interrupted me and then sighed, “No, I’m not mad. I like to be alone, but I won’t mind if you come here. I know that even if I forbade you to come here, you’d come anyway. I can sense it.”

I smiled at him. He was right. I was too curious about whatever he’d do or how he’d feel in the future for me to not follow him.

I walked backwards and simply lay down on a bunch of hay. It was kind of fluffy, actually. It would do a good bed. As I thought about it, some of the stories I read came into my mind. I pictured my books, sleeping and making love, spending time together, getting over whatever they had suffered.

“Well, I’m going to groom my horse.”

“Okay.” I watched him pulling the horse to him with careful hands. I couldn’t help but to not take my eyes off him. He was beautiful - dangerously attractive and tempting. “This is like an escape to you, isn’t it? I mean, no one comes to a stable at midnight.”

“Yeah, it makes me relax when I take care of them.” Adam started grooming the horse’s back while talking to me, “And why did you follow me? Wait - let me rephrase this - why will you follow me here? I can see it in your eyes this won’t definitely be your last time.”

“I don’t know.” I shrugged, inhaling slowly, “The first time I was curious and this time... I didn’t think at all when I just took off from my room and came here, but I think it had something to do with the fact that I felt guilty about the fight you and Rachel had. I don’t know what will make me follow you in the near future, but yeah... I think I’ll come here often, more than we’re both ready to admit.”

I closed my eyes and let myself hear the relaxing noises the horses and other animals hidden between the grasses, did. I felt relaxed just by being there. I simply had to make sure I wouldn’t fall asleep and have another dream with Adam.

This time, I succeeded in it. I might be tired as hell, but I managed to stay awake and watch Adam taking care of his horses until it was half past 2 AM. We’d trade some words, but the time was mostly passed in silence.

When he took the shining black horse outside, he snapped his fingers when he came back and leaned over me. “It’s almost 3 AM, kid, let’s go.”

As I got up, I asked, “Do you stay here until this hour every time you come?”

“No, it mostly depends on my mood.” He explained, “Just like I don’t always come here every day, you know.” We walked out of the stable and Adam closed the huge wooden door.

As I looked forward, I realized the long way I had to walk before I reached my bed. I took a deep breath. “I really don’t feel like walking all this way.” I’d probably be already dragging myself in the next minutes.

“Tough luck. You chose to come, kid.” He started pushing me so that I’d be in front of him. “Walk faster, Eva. The faster you walk, the faster you’ll be in your bed.”

“Well, it doesn’t help to have little legs like mine, you know!” I shot him a deadly glance, “I’m sure you take less time than me to get to the house because of your long legs! The longer they are, the more they-”

“Walk, Eva.” Adam cut me off with a smirk.

I rolled my eyes and lowered my head, focusing on the earthy path.

I was so clumsy and so sleepy that, by the time I was so sick of looking at the floor, my eyes closed for a second, without me even realizing it. I simply tripped on my feet straight away. “Damn!” I cried in pain the moment I fell.

My hands had helped on the fall, and hence, it hurt like hell since they weren’t healed yet.

“I can’t believe you tripped on your feet...” Adam approached me and just with an arm, he pushed me up.

“Shut up, Adam! It’s dark!” I said annoyed. I was feeling tired, sleepy, I’d fallen, I’d hurt my hands, and he was making fun of it! God, what an ass!

“It’s not dark enough for me to trip on my own feet, Eva. Are you ok?” He made me turn around so that he could evaluate my state. Tears were threatening to fall, but I pushed them back. “You’re really tired, aren’t you?”

“Of course! I have to wake up early every day, remember? I’m not rich enough to not work as a maid! Besides, like you said plenty of times, I am a kid, I shouldn’t even be up at this hour of the night.” I folded my arms over my chest and sulked, watching Adam shake his head.

“You’re the one who decided to come.” He said with a calm voice. Then, all of a sudden, Adam turned his back on me, “Jump to my back.”

My eyebrow arched, “What?”

“Come on, kid. I’ll carry you on my back. You’re not heavy, it’s easy for the both of us, especially for you.” Well... this surely wasn’t the Adam I’d met on my first days here. I liked this Adam much, much more.

“Are you sure?”

“Yeah. Now jump.”

Oh well, I didn’t want to walk and since he was offering to carry me... I just jumped the highest I could and immediately wrapped my legs around his lean waist. Of course I didn’t need to worry about that because Adam placed his hands on my thighs, securing me. I didn’t say anything when his warm hands touched my bare tights. Like he said, I was a kid to him, he had a girlfriend and I was a maid. I’m sure he didn’t have second intentions. Last but not least, I wrapped my arms around his neck.

“I’m sorry I really can’t walk all the way back to the house.” I said right after I’d yawned.

“Don’t worry about it. I repeat - you’re not heavy, you’re easy to carry.” Adam started walking once I was settled on his back. I closed my eyes as I just felt my body moving, without making any effort. Then, I heard Adam, “You can lean your head on my shoulder, kid, though I don’t advise you to fall asleep, since I’m just grabbing your legs and that won’t stop you from falling behind.”

“Ok, sir.” I smiled to myself and leaned my head down on Adam’s right shoulder.

Then, I just let him quietly carry me back to the house.

Since I didn’t fall asleep - with great effort - I noticed he’d arrived at the backyard when he suddenly stopped and I heard a key’s noise. I opened my eyes a bit and saw him opening the door. He walked in with me on his back, and then locked the door again.

“Oh, I can almost hear my bed calling me...” I whispered and yawned right after again.

My eyes were now half closed, but I could see we’d arrived to the center of the main hall, where the stairs to the other floors were. I immediately felt Adam go upstairs, though I really wasn’t seeing anything now.

But then, when I supposed Adam was just about to go to the second floor, I heard behind us, “Adam? What... What are you doing?”

When I reasoned and recognized the voice as being Mr. Cooper’s, I knew... I was sure... I was more than screwed.

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