Rainy Days

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Chapter 2

When we walked home from school the next day, or perhaps the day after, another storm was rolling in. We were going to her house after school to study for the big vocabulary test the next day.

"We better cancel," Brygitta said. "It looks like it's going to rain." She blushed.

"Nah, we really need to study."

"You know why we can't," Brygitta said. "You know my mom will…"

I grinned at her. "Well, maybe that's not so bad."

She looked at me like I was crazy. Perhaps I was. "You want my mom to spank you?"

"No." My butt tingled painfully at the thought. "But last time you let me…"

"Oh. Yeah." She was still blushing, but she grinned.

My hope was, if last time she would let me touch her bare bottom and then we snuggled through the storm, perhaps this time we could do a little more. Not too much more, but a little.

"I'll take a spanking anytime if I get to cuddle with you afterward."

But when we got to her place, we found that both her aunt and mother were out on an errand, leaving only her grandmother in the house since her father was at work. As soon as we came in, her grandmother began speaking rapidly. Brygitta responded in the same language, sounding regretful, but her grandmother reached out and spanked her thigh sharply, then gestured upstairs.

Brygitta looked at me, tears in her eyes, but her expression oddly… anticipatory.

"Is that it?" I asked, trying not to sound disappointed.

She shook her head. "Grandma is too weak to give out four spankings. But we still have to be spanked and sent to bed."

"So…" I was confused.

She took my hand and let me upstairs. Brygitta and her family lived in the apartment above the shoe shop they owned. The second floor of the building was the kitchen and living room. The third floor was the two bedrooms shared by her parents and her aunt and grandmother. The tiny attic above the third floor was Brygitta's room which she shared with her little sisters and a bunk bed.

It was there we found little Alenka and Domka. They looked at us with big sad eyes.

"So," Brygitta said, "We'll have to spank the girls and then…" she blushed. "Then we'll have to go back down and she'll spank us together. Grandma says if we don't, we'll all get double later."

"Wait, what?"

Brygitta was already sitting on the edge of the bed, coaxing Alenka across her lap. I still didn't know what to do. I watched Alenka, already crying, crawl over Brygitta's lap. Domka had climbed out of bed and was looking at me with her large, dark eyes.

"Are you going to spank me now, Jenny?"

"Gosh," I said, not having anything better. So I sat on the short stool and Domka clambered over my lap.

I looked at Brygitta, who had obviously done this before. She pulled Alenak's skirt up to reveal white panties, then she pulled the panties down. I looked down at Domka's little bottom, not sure I should do the same.

"Go ahead," Brygitta said.

So I likewise bared Domka's bottom. I'd received my fair share of bottom barings, but I'd never done it myself.

"On three?" Brygitta asked, steeling herself.

I nodded. "On three."

"One… Two… Three…"

Domka squealed loudly as I spanked her. I jumped and nearly dumped her to the floor. It had just been one smack, but she cried and bucked like I was taking the belt to her. Brygitta was still spanking Alenka, so I put my hand on Domka's waist to keep her on my lap and continued. I tried to go easy on the kid, but a spanking is a spanking, and her bottom was soon hot and red under my hand. When Brygitta stopped spanking Alenka, I stopped spanking Domka.

We tucked the girls into bed just as it began raining, the drumming on the room a pleasant sound. Though they were still crying as we left the room, they seemed comfortable and sleepy.

Back down in the main room, just above the shoe shop, Grandma was ready with a wooden spoon. She gave an order. Brygitta bit her lip nervously.

"She told us to bare our… uh… bottoms and bend over the couch arm."

Grandma slapped the spoon against her hand impatiently. Brygitta flipped up her skirt in back to tug down her panties. She was in position before I was, but I joined her quickly, following her lead, reaching under my skirt to pull my panties down in back.

I tried to focus on the fact that my bare hip was touching Brygitta's bare hip, that I could feel her breathing heavily next to me, that she grabbed my hand and held on tight. I tried not to let my anxiety about a second bare bottom spanking in as many days was about to turn my butt bright red make me cry prematurely.

Brygitta got it first. The spoon smacked into her bottom with a sharp sound, a sound different than a hand against a bottom. It came again and again and again, and next to me, Brygitta cried and wiggled and I could feel myself growing warm and damp. I was glad that I'd only pulled my panties down in back.

The odd sort of pleasure of hearing Brygitta getting spanked was suddenly dispelled when it was my turn. Each smack of that spoon on my unprotected backside stung like a fire. Brygitta's grandma was quick and relentless, covering my naked bottom with fiery ovals quicker than I would have thought possible. When it stopped, the relief was immense and I was ready to hop up, but suddenly Brygitta squeezed my hand hard as her grandma started in on her again. I groaned and slumped against the couch arm, certain that I was to receive a second dose shortly. When Brygitta's second ended, I tensed and soon it was my turn to have my already battered backside spanked again.

After this second round, our spanking was suddenly interrupted by the arrival of Brygitta's mom. I looked up through teary eyes to see the stern matriarch examining us with approval. She spoke with her mother quickly, nodding a lot. Then she marched right over to us, put her hand on my back and spanked me quick and hard, five times. I shouted and cried as she leaned over me to deliver the same to Brygitta. Then she said something sternly and Brygitta hopped up, grabbed my hand and led me stumbling up the stairs.

Once we had climbed up into Brygitta's bunk, her little sisters already sound asleep thanks to hot, sore bottoms and steadily pounding rain, Brygitta lay on her tummy, flipped up her skirt and rubbed like mad. I, however, lay propped on my side so that I could watch her. My skirt had fallen back down on the mad dash upstairs and it brushed against my fiery bottom in a way that was both painful and oddly pleasant. My panties, on the other hand, were now bunched around my thighs. I blinked away tears as I watched her.

The wind picked up and the room suddenly turned chilly. Brygitta reached to the foot of the bunk and pulled a thick quilt over us both as she turned onto her side. Surreptitiously as I could, I pulled my skirt up so that her hot, bare bottom tucked right up against my warm dampness. I shivered at the contact.

We huddled under the quilt, and I put my hand casually on her bare hip, my fingers tracing the waist of her panties which were now at her thighs just as mine were.

"We're supposed to be studying," Brygitta whispered breathily under the howling, pounding, thundering storm.

"Okay," I said, my hand resting lightly on her thigh. "Flammable."

"Flammable, uh, easily set on fire."


"Um…" Brygitta hesitated long enough I knew she didn't know. I patted her bottom gently. Nothing like a spanking, but just enough to make her wiggle against me, taking us ever closer to that line we had so thoroughly blurred already.

"It means active at night," I said.

"Oh. Right."

"How about… infallible?"

In that way I helped her study for the vocab test tomorrow, swatting her gently when she got it wrong, until we both fell asleep.

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