Trapped by the Alpha

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Chapter 10

Teegan Russell

The knock on the door makes me jump and I backup against the headboard. Alpha Kincade doesn’t move or react to the knock. I hear my brain screaming at myself to say something, anything, to pacify the rage I feel saturating the room.

I take a deep breath as the knock echos through the room yet again. Then I smell it, death. I push back the blankets and climb off the bed in a daze. Unconcerned with the situation with my mate, I feel the tears falling freely as I reach for the door, knowing what awaits me. I open it wide seeing my thin, fragile mother standing before me, her eyes hold mine telling me without words her pain and I reach for her, wrapping my arms around her.

“Gone.” She says, against my ear. “He’s gone.” She repeats, her voice breaking.

“I know.” I reply, overwhelmed and shaken. I dont know what to say or do. I just continue to hold her. I hear the sound of another door opening slowly. I lift my head, turning to see Colton and David’s worried eyes.

I bite my lip to keep from from crying out, I pull away from mom as she turns towards the boys, wiping at her tear streaked face.

David puts his arm around Colton, their faces tell me they know exactly what has happened and my heart drops. Mom walks towards them and bends down, opening her arms wide they go to her seeking comfort. I look away unable to take the torture of seeing my brothers hurting. My eyes go to the bed in my parents room. I see the still form of my father and turn around, its too soon or maybe I’m just weak. I can’t face this loss, right now.

Knowing I need to call someone I walk into my room and sit on my bed to compose myself before I dial the phone. I vaguely hear Alpha Kincade talking but I can’t seem to concentrate on what is being sad. One thing at a time. I take a cleansing breath and immediately regret it as the smell turns my stomach and I feel the walls starting to close in. Needing fresh air I stand up and walk out into the hallway. David reaches for me and I pick him up as I pass, calling out behind me, “I need air.”

I cradle David’s head as I walk to the front door. I see one of the wolves from earlier blocking the door. My eyes narrow on his, he’s not going to let me pass. I notice him look just over my shoulder and feel Alpha’s presence. Alpha comes up behind me and the wolf in front of me turn to face the door, putting his back to us. I glance behind me to see a pair of black pants in Alpha Kincade’s hands. I nod, knowing I need to get dressed and pass David to him to hold as I take the leggings from him and pull them on.

I carefully take David out of his arms and continue to the front door. The wolf blocking the door moves away hesitantly and I brush past him to open the screen door.

I make my way down the steps of the porch, when we get to the bottom I sit on the last step and hug David to me and kiss his head. “You can’t go too.” He whispers, lifting his head off of my shoulder.

“I have to.” I say, quietly. Not wanting to show him how badly I wish I didn’t have to leave him.

The door is pushed open and a solemn Colton comes down the steps to sit next to us. “Tell Teeg not to go.” David, orders Colton.

Colton looks at me. “Do you really have to?”

I nod, knowing mom explained to them I had to leave. “Yes.”

“You don’t even like him. Why is he making you go?” Colton asks, angrily.

I smile sadly. “There are things in life that we can’t control, this is one of those things.” I answer. I put my arm around David. “You have to help mom. She’d going to need both of you.”

“I’ll take care of them.” Colton replies, nodding. I smile at his tone, he’s always been such a serious little boy, my smile falls, I just hope this loss doesn’t take away what little playfulness he has left.

“I know you will.” I tell him. Rubbing his head. “You need to take care of yourself too.” I remind him.

I see and hear movement from next door and look across the yard to see Beta Hunter, he notices us just as paramedics and a cop car pull up to the property. I stand up, still holding David as Alpha Kincade comes down the porch with a blanket in his hand. He stops in front of me and unfolds the blanket, then puts it over Davids shoulders. He then steps behind me, his hand pulls at my shirt until I stand against his chest.

I feel my cheeks burn from the contact and listen intently as Beta Hunter answers questions from the officer and paramedics. Mom comes out smiling weakly at the boys before disappearing through the door followed by the two EMT’s. What feels like seconds later mom is taking David from me as we watch a gurney converged by a white sheet carrying our fathers body being loaded into the back of the Ambulance.

I wipe at the tears as I watch them leave, feeling drained and emotionally raw. Strong arms wrap around my waist and I lean into Alphas hard chest.

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