Trapped by the Alpha

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Chapter 11

Alpha Kincade

I feel her loss as if it is my own. I know what I have to do, I also know I am in for a fight. I turn to Beta Hunter. “I want you to take care of the arrangements, the quicker the better. Send the bills to me.” I order, feeling my mates obvious disapproval.

“I can take care of it.” She says, standing up straight and turning towards me. Her eyes are challenging, reminding me of our earlier disagreement in her bedroom.

“You’ll be busy with your family.” I remind her, simply.

She shakes her head. “I wont let you rush me out of here. Not after this.”

I hear the slight desperation in her voice but keep my feelings and manners passive. “We leave the day after the funeral. Which can be done in…What three days?” I question, turning to Beta Hunter.

Knowing its not really a question he nods. “Three days should be enough time.”

I look down at my beautiful mate, seeing her icy look, feeling everything but cold at the moment. I can sense her awareness of my pleasure as I step closer to her. My pulse leaps just knowing she wont backdown. I should find her hardheaded nature annoying, but it does provoke something all together different, lust.

“I’m helping with the arrangements.” She states, firmly. She starts to move towards Beta Hunter who looks much too interested in our exchange. I put my arm on her waist stopping her from moving any further.

I glance at Beta Hunter, “Don’t you have work to do.” I remind him, wanting him away from me. Quickly. I listen to him walk away, fighting the urge to confront him. I can see the love in his eyes when he looks at Teegan, its plain to see. The simple fact that he can’t seem to hide it is the only reason he’s still alive.

I cant fault a man who didn’t know the woman he fell for was destined for another, and as far as I can tell nothing has happened between the two. Her wolf would’ve rejected any relationship with another. Although, I do want confirmation of my assumption, straight from my mate. I concentrate on her scent until I hear the door to Beta’s home open and close.

“Has anything happened between you and my Beta?”

She shakes her head, “No, why?”

I know she’s lying. She knows I know, she’s lying. “Don’t lie to me.” I warn.

Exhaling loudly I watch as her shoulders slump. “He didn’t mean to. He lost control.”

I feel my whole body tense up hearing those words. “He’s dead.” I state, turning towards my target.

Her arms go around my waist. “No, its not like that. Let me explain.” She begs.

I stand motionless, still feeling the vibrations of my wolf as I hold him back. “Quickly.” I tell her.

“My boss, who I went on a couple dates with came to the house, I had ended it with him long ago but he was persistent. Anyway, he asked me if his nephew and my brothers could get together for a play date. Only, it ended up just being a reason to see me outside of work. Beta Hunter warned him to stay away from me. They got into a little fight and he was lost, his wolf took over. Kind of like you are now. He didn’t change, but he wasn’t there anymore. He ended up kissing me and that’s when he found out about the mark.”

I feel my jaw clench tightly, I take a deep breath and it does nothing to ease my anger.

“Truly, he didn’t know what he was doing. Don’t hurt him. He’s a respectable Beta and has served you loyally.”

I grunt. “He conveniently left out the kiss in our conversation about the discovery of your mark.”

She smiles slowly, making my heart pound. “Can you blame him? He might not even remember.”

On its own provocation my hand reaches out to trace her lips, sending sparks throughout my body. “Oh, he remembers.” I reply, with certainly.

The door opens and my mates mom pokes her head out, “I made breakfast.” She states, looking tired.

“Mom, you shouldn’t have done that. I would’ve taken care of it.” Teegan scolds, gently as she walks towards the door. My hand drops and I follow her inside, the need to make her mine is a persistent humming through my veins.

The table is set, the boys are picking at their eggs and moving them around their plants uninterested in the meal. Cullen and Nick are eagerly eating. However, they stand when they see us enter the room. I wave them down and they continue eating. Mrs. Russell brings me a plate full of food and places it in front of an open seat.

I nod my thanks as I sit, watching my mate as she urges her mom to take the plate made for her. Apparently, her mother is the reason for her stubbornness. Interested in there exchange I see both are unaccustomed to losing. Teegan finally wins but doesn’t boost about it as her mom sits next to me and starts eating.

“I’m going to shower. I’ll be out in a minute.” My mate says, walking down the hall.

As soon as the shower turns on I glance at Mrs. Russell. “I’m sorry for your loss.”

She looks up surprised, yet thankful. “I appreciate that. Thank you, Alpha.”

“I do have some questions for you. When you’re ready, we need to sit down and discuss Teegan’s birthfather.”

She nods, in understanding. However, I see her body stiffen. “Teegan mentioned it’s a sensitive topic, but there are things that I need to know.”

“Lineage.” She states, knowingly.

“Yes, and also protection. If he’s an aggressive werewolf and happens to find you or your family it’d be wise to know the name of who we are dealing with.”

“You think he could find us?”

“If you’re his mate, I guarantee he can find you. I doubt he’s ever stopped looking.”

The stricken look that crosses her face has me regretting my loose tongue. Especially when I see my mate storming down the hall soaking wet in nothing but a towel covering her. My mouth waters as I take in every inch of exposed skin.

“What did I tell you? Don’t bring her into this.” She demands, hotly.

“Its okay, Teeg.” Mrs. Russell responds.

“Its not okay!” She shouts turning towards me, absolutely seething in rage. “She just lost her husband, you couldn’t ask for a worse time to grill someone on a part of their life they’d wish they could forget.”

“I asked her to come to me when she’s ready to discuss it. I wasn’t grilling her.” I correct.

She rolls her eyes, “That’s such bullsh-.”

“Its true. I was asking him questions. Not the other way around.” Mrs. Russell interrupts, calmly.

I see my mates anger dissipate but her protective instincts are firmly in place. She wont let me bully her mom into getting the answers that I want. That much is crystal clear.

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