Trapped by the Alpha

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Chapter 12

Teegan Russell

I want to kill him. Who does he think he is grilling my mom mere hours after losing dad? I don’t care if she was asking questions, I know he brought it up. There’s no way mom would’ve mentioned her past, not with the boys sitting at the table too. I turn to go back to my room to change, still feeling my anger as hot as ever.

My bloodline, that’s the only thing he cares about, I feel like a blood-mare. I wonder what will happen when he finds out I have lesser blood. The way I see it my DNA isn’t as strong as he thinks, my pathetic excuse for a father was a weak wolf. Even if he was pure blooded and probably a Beta, Enforcer or maybe even an Alpha. However, strong a wolf he is, he still lost his mate. If my mom can break that bond, clearly he is the weak link.

What strength I do possess has been inherited from my mothers side of the family. Though, I’ve never met them or know much about my family line, I see the power in my mom, she is fierce.

Its not that I’ve never been curious or asked questions, growing up I would ask to meet my grandparents, or if I had aunts and uncles. Moms response was always the same, “The less you know, the better.” I would see the flash of pain enter her eyes momentarily, before being replaced by the warmth of her love for me. She has protected me all my life. She would never deny me my family without cause. I may not know the particulars of the separation, but I know now its important.

I finish dressing in black leggings and a sweater, I scowl in the mirror just thinking about Alpha making my mom tell him her life story. I brush my hair harder than is needed, all while listening for anymore tidbits of conversation involving my mom’s mate. All I hear is silence.

I could leave with my family and go on the run like my mom did. Start over fresh, mateless. I just wouldn’t know where to go. Overseas, would be the safest but not the smartest. Alpha Kincade is a major alli with most packs, I cant think of one that wouldn’t sniff me out and send me back to him if I were to run to them. The numbers are impressive, the size of his pack alone makes him an alli to keep happy. The extinction of a pack is well within the realm of possibilities Alpha Kincade is capable of.

Why him? Out of everyone, why did I have to get saddled with the only wolf I’m incapable of winning against. I have nowhere to go, nowhere to hide, I’m trapped.

I hear the door open revealing a tired Alpha. “You should sleep.” I say, pointing to the bed. I instantly hate myself for saying anything. It indicates that I’m worried about him, or have some responsibility towards him. I don’t care if he’s tired or not, let him sleep on the floor for all I care.

I put the hairbrush down on my dresser, ready to leave him alone in the room. I move towards the door but he moves to block my way.

“I feel your animosity.” He says, crossing his huge arms.

It takes everything in me not to roll my eyes. “I am positive the whole house feels my animosity.” I reply, sarcastically.

“I explained that I didn’t intend to question your mother tonight.” He states, pointedly.

I nod. “Yet, you did bring up the subject. In front of my brothers no less. If you had an ounce of decency you wouldn’t have said a word until after the funeral. But you didn’t do that did you?”

He shakes his head. “Thats not what happened.”

I scoff. “If you say so.” I respond, not believing him at all. “If you don’t want me to feel animosity towards you. You may want to try not talking to my family at all.”

“That can be arranged.” He states, simply. “Nick! Ready the plane we fly out within the hour.” He orders, watching my face. I stare back at him, unmoved. Why would I care if he leaves. Then sooner the better in my opinion.

I shrug. “Have a safe flight.”

He takes a step towards me and instinctively I take a step back. “Oh, mate. You’ll be coming with me.”

“The funeral.” I remind him, feeling my heart racing as my panic rises.

“We’ll send flowers.” He replies, callously.

I shake my head looking at the floor. “I wont say anything else. Just don’t make me miss the burial.” I plead, feeling weak as I bow my head in submission and expose my neck.

His hand cups my chin forcing my head up. I close my eyes, not wanting to look at him. Embarrassed that I bowed down to him. “Get in bed.” He orders.

“I’m not tired.”

I see the irritation in his eyes. I’ve provoked him for the last time, I can feel his patience wearing thin. I nod and walk towards the bed and lay down on my side facing the door. Seconds later the bed dips and I feel him slide in behind me, his arm rests over my waist. The last thought I recall running through my mind before I fall asleep is, trapped. I″m trapped by the Alpha.

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