Trapped by the Alpha

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Chapter 13

I wake up before Alpha Kincade, knowing its late in the day. I feel refreshed as crazy as that sounds. Its like I’ve never known sleep this deep before. I guess it makes sense. I’ve been avoiding sleeping because of him. Now that he has me there’s nothin left to fear. I slip out of bed and grab a hair tie off on my dresser, opening the door quietly, I tip toe down the hall to the living room. I notice mom at the table with Beta Hunter talking about caskets.

“I think he would like this one.” She says, pointing to a light natural looking oak one. Mom looks up to me, “What do you think?” She asks, showing me the picture. Hesitant to make a decision, fearing she’s wrong.

I nod, sadly. “Thats the one I would’ve picked.” I reply, noticing my voice is a little pinched. I don’t want to think about my father dead in a casket. I don’t want to think about the boys growing up without their father. As tears fill my eyes I walk past them and to the refrigerator for a glass of orange juice. I pick up a cup from the drying rack and pour, trying to calm myself down.

I clear my throat. “Where are the boys?” I ask, curiously.

They went fishing with Nick and Cullen.”

“Who?” I ask, confused.

“Alpha Kincade’s men.” Mom clarifies. Surprised to hear that the men I’ve come to despise would have anything to do with a couple of half bloods. Maybe I’ve judged them wrong, maybe Alpha Kincade is the only judgmental blood whore.

“If you’ve decided, I can make the arrangements.” Beta says, patiently.

She nods, closing the glossy pamphlet. “Thank you, Beta. For everything.” She states, wholeheartedly.

“Its the least I can do. Let me know if you need anything else.” Beta hunter replies, standing up.

“I will.” Mom says, standing as well and giving him a hug.

I follow Beta hunter out of the house, wanting to ask him something privately. “Beta, can you do me a favor?”

He turns to look at me, “Of course.”

“Can you make sure some of the flowers are Daisies. Its what he would always bring my mom every Friday after work.” I explain, but I see he’s already nodding.

“I remember. I already put in the order.”

I smile at his thoughtfulness. “Thank you.”

I hear the door open and I close my eyes, taking a deep breath. I open them to see Beta Hunter’s, questioning look. “Everything okay?” He asks, quietly.

I smile, sadly. “Yeah, just wanted the right flowers.” I reply, turning away from him and walking back to the house. I feel Alpha’s eyes, watching me like a wolf does its prey.

“Your men took my brothers fishing.” I say, when I’m standing in front of him on the porch steps. “Can they be trusted?” I ask.

“You’re questioning my judgment?” He asks, his voice low and powerful.

“I’m questioning whether or not they know how to keep two rambunctious young boys from getting hurt? So, yes. I suppose I am.” I state, not knowing his men or their background.

“They’ll be fine.” He replies, simply. “They wanted to keep them preoccupied while your mom discussed things with Beta Hunter.”

“Thats nice. I wouldn’t expect them to care.” I say, honestly.

His eyes narrow slightly. “Another insult?”

I shrug. “If my truthfulness is an insult.”

He steps closer so I back up, quickly. “Two boys just lost their father and you expect my men not to feel sorry for them? You think they want your brothers who are clearly suffering sitting around the house while their mother picks a box for their dad to be buried in? You think they’re that heartless? Or, is it just me you think that low of?”

I look at my socks, ashamed of my behavior. “Sorry. I don’t think that.” I say, felling awful about myself. “What the hell is wrong with me?” Why can’t I just keep my mouth shut? His men are doing something nice for my family and I call them heartless? “What do they like to eat?” I ask, thinking of the only thing I could do to say thank you to them for their help with the Colton and Dave.

When he doesn’t respond I look up at his amused face. “I have no idea.” He replies.

I nod, thinking how stupid a question that was to ask him. Why would he know his men’s culinary preferences? The thought is laughable. I smirk thinking about it. “Cookies it is, then.” I say. When he doesn’t move out of the way, I make a shooing motion with my arms. “Lets go. You’re blocking the way.”

He doesn’t move so I cross my arms and wait. “I’ll move.” He states.

“Today?” I question, sarcastically when he still doesn’t move.

He nods. “For a kiss.” He adds, his eyes on my mouth.

I drop my arms shocked. “No way.”

He shrugs, passively and leans against the door.

I would like to have the cookies baked before they get back, I roll my eyes. “Seriously? You’re such a brat.” I lean forward and jump up, kissing his stubble cheek. “Now, move.”

He shakes his head, slowly. “You missed.”

I glare at him. “You didn’t specify where. That’s your fault. You got your kiss, now move your ass.”

He sighs, quietly. “For future reference. Any time I ask for a kiss, I expect your mouth on mine.” He states, moving to the side and holding the door open for me.

“Just for future reference, I’m not that easily manipulated.” I reply, walking past him.

“Just for future reference, I don’t like this attitude.” He growls.

“For future reference. I don’t care.” I go to the kitchen passing mom who is still at the table with a cup of coffee, reading a message from her phone.

“The boys are heading back in an hour.” She announces, smiling slightly.

“I’m making Alpha Kincade’s men cookies as a way to thank them.” I tell her, taking the ingredients out of the cupboard and refrigerator.

“Thats nice. They’re good men to help us. What do they do for you?” She asks, Alpha.

“Cullen is my number two and Nick is one of my enforcers.” He answers, easily. “Since we have an hour, is now a good time to talk about Teegan father?”

I groan. “I thought we agreed on sperm-donor.” I grumble, not happy with him bring up the subject yet again.

“Sperm-donor! Teegan Marie!” She shouts, appalled yet trying not to laugh.

“Sorry, Mom.” I reply, smirking.

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