Trapped by the Alpha

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Chapter 14

Alpha Xaden Kincade

I hate that she is constantly picking a fight with me. I smirk, lying to myself. I love every minute of her. Whether she’s arguing, fighting, sleeping or ignoring me. I take in every second like its the last drop of water for a thirsty man. I wait as her mother scolds her for referring to her father as a Sperm-Donor. Mrs. Russell looks my way and the smile leaves her face. “Alpha Liam Andersson. He’s Teegan father.” She states, her voiced pinched.

I’m surprised. I met Alpha Andersson, briefly before. Honestly, I figured her mate would’ve been an enforcer or maybe a Beta. Never, would I have thought she left an Alpha. He is said to be vicious when provoked but rules his pack justly and fairly. “You were marked?” I ask.

She nods. “Yes, still am.”

“Why did you leave?”

She looks into her coffee mug. “He killed my father.”

“I need to know more.” I tell her, wanting specifics.

She takes a deep breath before she continues. “I was young, he knew I was his mate months before my birthday. I don’t know how he knew, but he did. I was honored and happy that I was matched to such a strong Alpha. My father worked for him, everything seemed perfect. Until, a week before my birthday one day a group of rouges 2 males both in their 20′s and a 6 year old were found on our land. A young she-wolf was raped by one of the wolves, she identified the man who did it. My dad was the enforcer that was ordered to carry out the killing. However, he didn’t just order the rapist to be killed he demanded all three be executed.”

I watch as Teegan stops mixing her cookie batter and leans against the refrigerator, looking at the ceiling. “You’re father failed to acknowledge the order and refused to kill the rouges.” I finish, knowingly.

“Yes.” She answers, softly.

“Alpha Andersson killed him?”

“Yes, it was brutal. He was so angry.” She wipes at the tears that escape her eyes. “He killed him in front of my mom and I. He ended up killing both my parents.” She states, sadly.

“What do you mean?” I ask.

She shakes her head. “He left the house after he killed dad. Mom and I had to do what we needed to be done. We got shovels and buried my father in the backyard, knowing Alpha Andersson wouldn’t let him be buried in the cemetery.”

I nod, knowing that refusing to carry out orders from your alpha is not only a death sentence in most cases but also seen as disloyal and only loyal werewolf’s are buried within the pack.

“After we were done, my mom said she wanted to be left alone so I went inside. Later, when I walked outside to go check on her I realized her intent. She dug a second grave.” She sobs into her hands and I watch Teegan slide down the refrigerator and pull her legs to her chest, she wraps he arms around her knees. My need to go to her is strong and I try to calm my wolf down. Seeing her distressed is making him go crazy.

“And you left the country after that?” I question.

She nods. “We were together before I had gotten the mark. Like I said before, he knew we were mates and he wanted me. I couldn’t help myself. I wanted him too.”

“How did you get away?” I ask, curiously. I simply don’t understand how a wolf lets his mate break away from him. I stand up and walk to Teegan who is still huddled on the floor. I pick her up and walk with her in my arms back to the table and sit down.

“I had help. My uncle stashed a car at the end of his territory line. I took all the money in the house, my passport and ran all night to get there. I got in the car and drove to the airport, leaving for America on the first flight I could get.”

“You haven’t seen or spoken to him since?” I ask, stroking Teegan’s back as she cries into my chest.

She shakes her head. “No. I never want to see him again.”

I nod, trying to process the information and make sense of it. I still don’t understand how he could leave his mate and not hunt her down. He’s an Alpha, it’s instinctual. Was he wrong about her being his mate? Was their link not as strong because she didn’t receive his mark yet?

“How has he not tried to find you?” I question out loud. Trying to solve the biggest puzzle of all.

“I left him, I’m sure he doesn’t want to see me anymore than I want to see him.” She states, but I know she’s very wrong. I’m sure Alpha Andersson has yearned for his mate and as much as she says she doesn’t want to see him I notice the light in her eye, her wolf definitely wants a reunion.

“Did he receive his talent?” I think to ask.

She nods. “His movements, so quick you can barely see it. My father was dead before we even realized what we had seen.”

I nod, having heard this about the Alpha. His quickness is a skill matched only by his strength. “Did he know about Teegan?”

She shrugs. “He always knew everything. He was gifted with that as well.” She recalls, reminiscing.

“And you don’t think he knows where you are?” I question, seriously.

She tilts her head to the side. “I guess your right. He probably does know.” She states, terrified at the thought of it.

“He just doesn’t care.” Teegan says, unfolding herself from my lap, she stands up. She walks back into the kitchen and resumes her task of making cookies.

“Why wouldn’t he have tried to see Teegan?” She asks, as if dazed at the revelation that her mate has known where she has been.

“I can’t answer that.” I reply, hearing the door to the oven slam shut.

“It doesn’t matter.” Teegan says, setting a timer for the cookies rather aggressively. “He doesn’t want to see me and I don’t want to see him.”

Reading Teegan’s mood Mrs. Russell turns towards her daughter. “There is still the possibility he’s never located us.” She states, pointedly.

Teegan scoffs. “There’s no way an Alpha is going to let his mate walk away from him. Plus, you mated. That’s a link you can’t walk away from.”

I nod my head in agreement with my mate. “It would never happen. He knows where you are and all about Teegan. The question is why he hasn’t come here to claim you or his heir.” I say. Hating that my questions have been answered, only to leave me with more.

“Should I contact him? You can protect her from him, right?” Mrs. Russell asks, concerned for her only daughter.

“I’ll contact him. It would be considered disrespectful to mate an Alpha’s daughter without his blessing.” I reply, knowing Mrs. Russell has heard of this. Its wolf custom.

“You will not ask my deadbeat father for permission to mate with me.” Teegan states, horrified at the thought.

“Its just a formality. He really doesn’t have a say in that matter.” I explain.

“I still don’t want him involved in any aspect of my life.” She replies, as the timer rings and she opens the oven to take out a sheet of baked cookies and slide another pan in. She shuts the oven and repeats the timer.

“You won’t have to see him. Your mom is right. I can protect you.”

“Its not about being afraid of him. I’m not an Andersson, I’m a Russell. I am not his heir and I never will be.” She announces.

“You were a Russell. Now, you’re a Kincade.” I correct.

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