Trapped by the Alpha

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Chapter 15

“I need to go shopping for the boys. They’ll need some new clothes for the funeral.” Ma says, quietly. Coming to stand by me. We watch the boys sitting at the table eating cookies and talking to their new friends.

“I’ll go with you.” I reply, knowing I’ll need to get something too. “Looks like we have babysitters, anyway.” I smirk, winking at mom.

“You better talk to Alpha Kincade about it.” She reminds me. I roll my eyes knowing he will take issue with me leaving the house, more specifically his line of sight. Even as we stand talking I am aware that his eyes are on me.

“Why should I even bother? He wont let me leave.” I grumble, unhappily.

Ma shrugs. “It won’t hurt to ask.” She says, trying to sound encouraging.

I look over to the sofa where he’s sitting and my eyes meet his. He raises an eyebrow and I know he heard the whole conversation. I walk over to him. “I’ll be back. I’m going shopping with my mom.” I state.

“You call that, asking?” He smirks.

My eyes narrow. “Can I go shopping with my mom?” I bite out, even though it kills me to ask.

He nods. “I’m coming with you.”

“No! Come on.” I argue, close to stomping my feet out of frustration.

He stand up and takes my hand walking us towards the front door. “Its nonnegotiable.”

“Having a mate is such a pain in the ass.” I mutter, letting him drag me. Mom is waiting patiently for us. I hear her telling the boys to behave and that we’ll be back soon but my mind is focused on Alpha Kincade’s hand. Its warm, almost hot next to mine.

“It feels like your hand is on fire.” I tell him. “Are they always this warm?”

He looks at our joined hands and shrugs. “I have no idea.”

I realize he doesn’t know how to control his new talent. There is no flame, but I’ve see that change in a matter of seconds. “You’re not going to catch on fire again are you?” I ask, watching him suspiciously. “Because, I don’t want to be anywhere near you if you are.”

“You survived it last time.” He reminds me as we walk outside to the car.

I huff at his response. “Barely.” I mutter, as he opens the back door of his black SUV. I slide in and watch as he hands my mom the keys and pushes me over to the next seat. He climbs in beside me and I pretend to not be irritated that he wont trust me not to jump out of the car.

Alpha Kincade

After a battle with Teegan about using the fitting rooms alone, I sit a chair just outside of them and wait. Judging by the choices she took in with her, its going to be a while. I text my security team at headquarters and order them to get me Alpha Andersson’s phone number. Its a phone call I’m not particularly looking forward to making. I am sure Teegan’s estranged father has been keeping himself up to date with his daughter, but it doesn’t make the conversation any less awkward. That is nothing compared to what is going to happen to my ears when I tell Teegan that I have talked to him. I know she doesn’t want anything to do with him and I respect her decision. However, precedent dictates that I follow Lycan customs and that means talking to her father before our mating. Alpha Andersson will not be a problem, I’m sure he will give us his best. Its just a tradition that has been done through the ages and one that I will honor and so will he.

There is still the unlikely possibility that Alpha Andersson hasn’t looked for his mate and child. Although, I personally believe it impossible I don’t know him enough to say for sure what kind of werewolf he is. Maybe he could give them up. Killing his mates father right in front of her, that is unusual. He would’ve felt her pain, her hatred for him, everything. Was that enough to keep him from going after her? Or letting her leave him?

My phone vibrates and I look at the message, a number for Alpha Andersson crosses the screen. I look at the opening for the fitting rooms and stand up, moving away but still able to see the exit. I hit call and the phone rings.

I hear, “Alpha Andersson.” Answer, in a strong Swedish accent.

“Alpha Andersson, this is Alpha Kincade from the Northern Nations. I would like to speak to you if you and a moment.”

I hear a slight pause, “Of course, I was expecting your call.” He replies.

I nod, knowingly. “You know I am your daughter Teegan’s mate?”

“Yes.” The simple reply has me interested in just how he found out.

“How did you come to know of this?” I ask, curiously.

“A gift, some would call it. I, however call it my curse.”

I take a moment to think of his gift. He didn’t need to follow his mate to keep tabs on her. He seen everything. “I think I would agree with you.” I tell him, truthfully. Ignorance would be bliss when it comes down to your mate living a life without you.

“My daughter, she doesn’t like this match?” He questions, sounding like he already knows the answer.

“She doesn’t want to leave her mom and brothers.” I explain, maybe a little defensively.

I hear his disapproving growl. “Half blood brothers.” He corrects.

I nod, responding. “Yes, but they are close.”

“She’ll come to accept you, if you’re patient. If not, she’ll be lost to you.” He warns.

“Thank you.” I reply, honestly. Planning on using the information.

“I would like to see her.” He states.

“I’m surprised you haven’t yet.” I tell him, confused by the whole situation.

“If I would’ve came to see her, I would’ve left with them both. My mate was happy, my daughter was happy. That’s all that mattered.” He states, with conviction.

I watch Teegan exit the dressing room and move close. “How could you let her be happy with another?” I ask, completely, perplexed. There is no way in hell I would let anyone else make my mate happy. Teegan sees me and walks closer, I notice she has narrowed it down to one simple black dress.

“What I did to my mate was unforgivable. I can’t make up for what I did, there is no apology to make it right. I had no choice but to accept my fate.” He replies, solemnly.

“Ready?” I ask, softly to Teegan.

“Yeah, I just have to find mom.” She replies, looking around.

“She’s over there.” I say, pointing to the shoe area.

“Is that my daughter?” I hear Alpha Andersson ask.

“Yes.” I reply, following Teegan.

“I’d like to meet her soon.” He states, again apprehensively.

“I’ll see what I can do. I’ll be in touch.” I tell him, knowing better than to make any promises.

I hear him sigh, knowingly. “Many blessings to you and Teegan.”

“Thank you.” I reply, ending the call.

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