Trapped by the Alpha

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Chapter 2

Teegen Russell

I sit up in bed breathing hard and shaking uncontrollably. What the heck was that? He talked to me, he’s never done that before. I could listen to his voice for hours. His voice deep and gravelly making my blood heat from the sound. I feel the tingles all over my body just from remembering. I groan falling back onto my pillows. He’s even more perfect than I thought. His face looks like it was chiseled from granite, hard and simply unforgettable. His eyes were piercing, like he could look through me and see all my secrets.

Alpha Kincade, has definitely lived up to his reputation, very formidable and simply unmovable. I can’t let him find me, he wont understand or care about my family. I can feel what he is, and that single minded determination is going to be the end of me. He’ll stop at nothing. I have to be prepared. If he comes for me I know I’ll never be able to resist him. Even when I’m running from him my dormant wolf rises to the surface, begging for me to stop. Out of all the times he’s come into my dreams he chooses this night to talk and not hunt me down. I was shocked when he spoke to me.

I try and recall all I know of Alpha Xaden Kincade. I know he was twenty five when I turned eighteen and took over as Alpha close to three years ago. Pure-blood Lycian’s are the strongest of all shifter’s. They don’t just possess power and strength, they have abilities. Some abilities they’re born with and others they gain after being fully mated. The pure-bloods have ruled over the werewolf communities for centuries. Xaden Kincade’s line hasn’t yet died out, meaning he and his ancestors before him have never lost an Alpha challenge and more to the point, they always find their mates.

Since his reign he’s appointed Beta’s that have strong bloodlines, it is likely can be traced to his own. He trusts them to run each sector and report back to him on a weekly basis, but we all know who is really in charge. He makes his presence felt even if he’s thousands of miles away.

He’s certainly changed, which is more then a little alarming. He’s confident that he’ll find me and that has me worried. I wonder if that’s why he stopped chasing me? Does he have some kind of plan to locate me? Has he been searching for me? Is he getting close? What am I going to do when he does?

My father’s coughing starts and I hear my mom comforting him. He’s dying of lung cancer, he was diagnosed two years ago and he doesn’t have much time left. My mom won’t be able to take care of my two younger brothers by herself, they need me.

Mom’s a werewolf and my dad is human. He’s a construction worker, but he’s been out of work for the last six months. I landed a job as a receptionist at a local law firm almost a year ago and work to support our family. Meanwhile, Mom stays at home to take care my dad and brothers. I could tell this to Alpha Kincade, but would he help? I highly doubt it. All he wants is his mate, thats all he cares about. I’m the only one keeping food on the table and our bills paid.

I can’t risk telling him why I cant be with him, he would say anything to gain my trust. If I demand my family be allowed to come with me and later he refused, I would’ve failed my family. I won’t let that happen, no way.

Under normal circumstances when a pure blood turns 18 they can start looking for their mate, not all mates get a mark. A mark only appears with strong genetics like Beta’s, Enforcers and of course the Alpha. Which, makes it difficult for most werewolves to find their true mates. Not everyone searches for their destined mate, because the task is too daunting. You would literally have to search the world in some cases. There are the occasional pair that do get lucky, but its very rare.

It didn’t even occur to me I could possibly be mated to him until Beta Marx Hunter visited us on the morning of my birthday asking if a mark showed up somewhere on my body, he handed me a picture of the mark and I told him, no. I asked him why he was looking for a mark. I thought maybe he was looking for his own, or a fellow Beta, never once would I have thought of Alpha Kincade. I had heard of the Alpha’s upcoming mates birthday, but was convinced it wouldn’t be any concern of mine. Later that night while I was in the shower at exactly 8:22 p.m. the exact time I was born, I felt a stinging on my butt. I jumped out of shower and turned towards the full length mirror behind the bathroom door. I looked, stunned at what was branded on my left butt cheek, it was the same mark that was in the photo Beta Hunter showed me, a black wolf howling at a moon. I can’t tell you how embarrassing it was to see, let alone tell someone, so I kept it a secret. I told no one.

Lying to a Beta isn’t the smartest thing to do and keeping things from him is even worse. However, I’ve known Beta Warren Hunter since we were kids. If he found out I lied to him, he’d take it easy on me, he might even cover for me.

Needing sleep but knowing I’ll see him again, I do what I always do. I turn on the television. I won’t survive another encounter with the Alpha, two days in a row would be impossible. I feel the chills move up my arms thinking about it, and blood rushes to my face.

When his strong arms moved around me it felt perfect. The heat of his skin, his scent, all of it felt like home.

I wake up after drifting off into semi-consciousness. Looking at the clock I see that I have an hour until work starts. I reluctantly get out of bed and drag myself to the shower. I dress quickly in dark grey slacks and a light blue blouse. Then I go back to the bathroom to blow dry my hair and put on a little makeup. After that I slip on a pair of black flats and grab my purse.

In the kitchen I start cooking eggs, the boys walk in I greet them a smile. David is 6 and Colton is 8. They’re the two loves of my life, I don’t need a mate. I set fried eggs and toast in front of them and rub their heads. “Eat fast. We have to go soon.” I tell them.

“Wait! I need money for the field trip. Today is the last day to turn it in.” Colton states, panicked.

“I remember. I got it right here.” I assure him, going to the counter and digging through my purse. I take out the envelope containing the permission slip and the money. He happily takes it, his earlier panic forgotten. I start making lunches for the boys and myself.

After I’m done I put their empty plates in the sink and hand them each a brown bag. We walk out the door to my white pre-owned Honda Accord. Its not the most luxurious of cars, but its reliable and it runs. After getting rid of my mothers car because the payments were too high, Beta Hunter our neighbor, stepped in. He offered the car to me with low payments and we accepted it gratefully. I just finished paying him back last month, but we are still indebted to him and his generosity. We pile into the car and make our way to the nearby elementary school.

I pull up to the drop off point and barely have the car stopped before the boys jump out. “Bye, boys. Be good!” I yell, as I watch them run towards their friends. I smile as I think of how carefree and happy they still are. They’re losing their father yet they continue to be strong.

I leave the school and drive to the Law office of Blare and Wilkins and park the car. Walking into the somewhat stuffy office, that always smells like strong coffee and whatever food someone heated up last in the microwave. At my desk I quickly start my computer then walk to the coffee pot rinsing out the stale coffee and making a fresh pot. After its done brewing, I pour two cups and take them to the back offices. Bob Wilkins door is open so I walk in setting his coffee in front of him. “Thanks, Teegen.” He says, not looking up from his papers. I smile at his 50 year-old’s balding head.

“You’re welcome.” I reply, walking out into the hallway and to the door next to Bob’s office. I see the light on but the door is closed. I knock lightly.

“Come in.” Wade Blare responds and I open the door slightly, poking my head in.

“Coffee?” I ask.

“Yes, please. Thanks.” He responds, watching me as I walk to his desk.

“You’re welcome.” I reply, setting the hot mug on his desk.

“You look nice today. Any plans this weekend?” He asks, nicely. Still managing to make me feel awkward.

When I first started working here the building was, Wilkes and Williams, Attorney’s at law. However, Williams moved out of town leaving the practice and Wade Blare took his place. The awkward part was that I dated Wade a few times before he partnered with Bob Wilkes. Once he became my boss I told him I thought it was best that we stay friends. Wade wasn’t happy about my decision to stop seeing him, but he respected my choice.

“Just hanging out with my brothers.” I answer, truthfully and turn to leave.

“I have my nephew this weekend and I thought maybe we can get them all together?” He must see the skeptical look in my eyes because he continues to plead with me “Please, Tee? I don’t know what to do with him. He’ll be bored.”

I smirk, knowing how restless a young boy can get. “Alright. I’m sure they’ll have fun.” I agree, not seeing the harm in it.

“I’m sure they will. Do you mind if we come over early to pick you all up? We’ll go to breakfast, my treat.” He says, smiling.

“Sure, sounds good.” I agree, just wanting to leaving his office. I walk back to the coffee pot and pour myself a cup and take it to my desk. Wade is a great guy, he’s nice, outgoing, handsome. Yet I can’t fake interest in him anymore. Its not fair to him. I only started dating him because people started to notice my lack of boyfriends and I didn’t want the attention. Jada my best friend from high school who is currently dating Wade introduced us. However, It was a definite blessing when Wade agreed to partner with Bob Wilkins. I had run out of excuses about why I couldn’t go out with him. Thankfully, I didn’t have to kiss him again. I didn’t really hurt him, but he was disappointed. I vowed I’d never date anyone else. It’s wrong of me to lead anyone on and I’ll never forgive myself for hurting his feelings.

Beta Hunter tried to warn me away from him, but I didn’t listen. Beta Hunter like most Werewolves can’t stand humans. The only reason he tolerates my father on pack land is because he’s earned his trust. I’ve always wondered if I would’ve chose another werewolf it it wouldn’t have felt so wrong.

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