Trapped by the Alpha

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Chapter 3

Alpha Kincade

I held her in my arms moments before she left me. Her velvety skin and her sweet scent, I’ll never get it out of my head. Just those few seconds of contact have my wolf pacing anxiously to find her. I’m scheduled to leave tomorrow to visit sectors in the mid-west, I have a vague idea what she looks like. I seen half her face in the moonlight, Plus, I am certain I could find her by smell alone, if I tried.

My need to see her, touch her, hold her is overwhelming. I pace the floor and look at the clock for the millionth time today. Its only 5:00 p.m. I have at least four more hours until I’ll be able to see her again. I have it all planned.

A knock on my office door interrupts my thoughts. “What?” I ask, casually.

Sandra my secretary, peeks her head in. I motion her to come in and she brings me more reports, she keeps her eyes averted as she puts my them on my desk. I read through them quickly, its all the same boring stuff. I sit down in my chair forcing myself to consecrate on payroll and make my monthly calls to various Beta’s.

By the time I leave my office I’m ready to sleep and more then prepared to meet her again. Another night to try to get more information from her. I need her trust, thats the key in finding her. Being around her will cause her dormant wolf to rise, a part of her will screaming to come to me. I just have to be patient, because the opposite will be happening after I wake up. I will be hunting with every intention of not stopping until I find her.

Slipping into her dream easily, I smile at the strength of our connection. I see her as I always do standing with her back to me looking up at the moon. What is it about this night? Why is she always here?

She turns to me not at all surprised to see me. “Are you searching for me?” She questions, her tone demanding and not at all happy.

I nod, “Of course, I told you I was.”

I feel her frustration. “Give me 3 more years and I’ll come willingly.” She say’s, I hear it in her voice, she’s close to begging. She must have be afraid that I’m getting close.

“Why three years?” I ask, not that I’m agreeing. She wouldn’t get a day, not even a second if it were up to me.

She looks at the ground and kicks it with her foot. “Family issues.” She answers, sadly. As she responds I move towards her, slowly.

I sense she has an irrational fear for her family. As if she thinks I would hurt them, or will hurt them. “You’ve been listening to stories about me haven’t you?” She bites her lips hard, indicating to me I hit the nail on the head. “I’m not all bad.” I state, stepping even closer to her. I lean down anxious to kiss those lips she’s been punishing.

My lips in line with hers as I wait for a sign that she wants me to kiss her. My need is overpowering and my lust for her becoming painful.

A loud knock wakes me up and I sit up in bed frustrated by the wake up call. “What?” I yell, close to snarling.

“Alpha, everything is ready.”

Leaping out of bed I pick up my duffle bag ready to have my mate in my arms and in my bed. “It couldn’t have waited twenty more minutes.” I complain, jerking the door open. Then add, “Family issues. Thats why shes not coming forward. April 5, 1994, Long blonde hair, light colored eyes, currently going through a family crisis. Send it out to all Betas, this has to trigger a response.”

Teegan Russell

I wake up at 8:30 a.m. I throw on a pair of skinny jeans and a white lightweight zip up hoodie and head to the bathroom. I brush my teeth and can hear movement from across the hall. The boys are already up and if the sounds are any indication they’re wrestling, I hear their laughter and smile. I look at myself in the mirror, my eyes look tired from the lack of sleep I’ve been getting. Last night definitely was worth the missing z’s, except the part where he left suddenly. He must have been woken up, I pity the person that interrupted us.

He knows where I am or he’s closing in. It won’t be long until he shows up. Maybe tomorrow or the next day, but he will be here. I feel the impending doom to come, but the other half of me is excited.

Walking out of the bathroom and into the boys room I break up the wrestling match. “Get down stairs and wait for Wade and his nephew.” I order and move to our parents room. I open the door silently and notice my mom is reading while my dad rests. I take in the pill bottles and the oxygen tank, it makes me feel how it always does, completely utterly helpless. Its depressing and heartbreaking to see someone you love dying. I look at my mother who inspires me everyday. Not once has she broken down, never once has she complained. I asked her recently, ”How can you remain so strong when dealing with something so hopeless?” and she told me. “Teegen, there’s always hope. You just have to be strong enough to believe it.”

“I’m taking the boys out for breakfast with Wade and his nephew. We’ll probably be back around 10:30. Do you need anything?” I ask her.

“No, have fun. Its good that you’re giving him another chance, I liked him.” She says, smiling.

I don’t want to explain to her this is a play-date and that my mate will show up in a few days, so I nod and shut the door. As I walk down the stairs I hear the door bell, I sign, resigned to the fact it’s going to be a long day.

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