Trapped by the Alpha

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Chapter 4

Alpha Kincade

I pace the floor of my office waiting for a response from my Beta’s. Yet, theres nothing. Not one response in regards to my mate. “How can this be? It doesn’t make any sense.”

“Rouge?” Cullen asks, spitballing.

I glare at him, she is not a rouge. Rouges are considered mentally ill. “She is not a rouge.”

“Already mated?” Without thinking my arm connects with Nick chest, sending him across the polished wood floors. Nick gets up slowly holding his side. “Sorry.” He says, shaking off the pain.

“Someone is covering for her. We need to find out who.” I say, seething. “Ready the car, I’m not waiting any longer.”

Teegan Russell

I answer the door to find its Beta Hunter. I dip my head down and to the side, showing my exposed neck as a sign of respect. “Beta Hunter, what can I do for you?”

“Tell me you didn’t lie. Tell me you don’t belong to Alpha Kincade.” He orders, I don’t know what to say. He grabs my arm forcing me to follow him. We go into his home and he hands me a sheet of paper

April 5, 1994, Long blonde hair, light colored eyes, currently going through a family crisis. Send names of all She-wolves fitting this description.

I feel my breath being sucked out of my lungs looking at the paper. I should’ve never have talked to Alpha Kincade. What was I thinking? I feel the tears starting to form. “Is he on his way?” I ask, falling into a nearby chair.

“He will be when I contact him.” He replies, crossing his thick muscled arms.

I look down at my lap. “I’m sorry I lied.” I apologize, sadly.

“Then why did you?”

“I don’t want to leave them.” I answer, gesturing to my house next door.

“How’s your stepdad?” He asks, knowing the prognosis. He was there with us at the time, he was the one who help bring him home from the hospital so he could die under his own roof, peacefully.

I shake my head, not trusting myself not to completely breakdown. He can smell his impending death just as well as I can.“What do you want me to do Tee?” He asks, coming to crouch in front of me. I look up, feeling helpless.

“What can you do?” I question, knowing he has no choice but to tell Alpha Kincade where I am. If he doesn’t he can lose everything, his house, his position in the pack and potentially his life.

He nods, “I have to tell him.”

“I know.” I reply, helpless. I’m not angry with him, I know I’ve already made him look bad.

He stands up suddenly on alert. “What the hell is that human doing here? I thought you got rid of him?”

“I did, its just a play date with his nephew and the boys.” I explain.

He growls low in his throat. “Really? Because he came alone.” He states, watching out the window.

I stand up to join him. Sure enough, I see only Wade. “I swear it was.” I say, hoping that he believes me.

He warned me about Wade. He told me not to bring him around or he’d have to step in. Its not that I can’t choose to be with a human, but Beta Hunter regulates this land. If he says, not to bring humans onto his land for the purpose of dating. That’s exactly what he expects done.

He walks to the front door and stalks to my house. His demeanor on edge, I can see it in the set of his shoulders. I follow him closely, hoping and praying he doesn’t kill Wade. Wade, must notice our presence from the house because he walks out to meet us. Beta Hunter doesn’t stop until he’s toe to toe with Wade, leaning down until he’s face to face with the much shorter man.

“I’m going to make myself real clear. Don’t come here again unless you want to be beat within an inch of your life.” He threatens.

“What does it matter to you?” Wade stammers.

“She mine. Get in your car and leave, now.” He orders.

“Wade, where’s your nephew?” I ask, hoping he didn’t use this as a ruse to see me.

He glances to me, “He got sick.” I can hear the lie as well as Beta Hunter.

“You have three seconds to get in your car before I start swinging.” He states, his whole body tense. I can see he’s trying to hold back his wolf and succeeding, barely.

Wade doesn’t move and I can’t tell if he’s in shock or just stupid. I place my hand on Beta Hunters arm, knowing without a doubt he’s close to snapping. “Wade, leave.” I urge, begging with my eyes.

Beta Hunter pushes him with the arm I’m not holding, sending him flying backward. “Warren!” I scream, moving to block his pursuit of Wade. I push on his chest, begging. “Please, don’t! He’s leaving. Just let him get up.” I say, panicked.

I see his wolf has surfaced, his eyes are completely dilated. “Warren.” I state, calmly. I grab his face to focus him on me and not Wade. His face moves to mine, but his eyes are still looking past me. “Warren.” I repeat. Putting my face in front blocking his view. His breathing starts to change and his arms lock around my waist drawing me against him roughly. “Breath.” I order.

A split second later his mouth is on mine, shocking me more than anything. I hear Wade’s car start and try to lean away from the kiss. He follows, deepening the kiss as I try to scramble out of his arms. I finally manage to turn my head breaking the kiss. His arms refuse to release me, even as I push on his chest. “Mine.” He growls, kissing my exposed neck.

“I’m Alpha Kincade’s.” I clarify, hoping that he snaps out of this trance like state. He brings his head up blinking rapidly. I feel the burn of the mark on my butt becoming more pronounced. “Shit!” I shout, starting to hop foot to foot. “Fuck! It burns!” I yell, holding my butt.

He finally releases me and I try to block out the pain. “What is it?” He asks, clearly himself again.

I shake my head and turn to lift up the waist of my jeans and underwear to see what’s going on with my mark. I look at my branded skin, red and slightly swollen noticing the lines of the mark look thicker, more bold. But that could be because of the swelling.

“Interesting placement.” He comments, teasingly.

I let go of my jeans and look up at him. “Well, now you know the second reason why I never wanted to tell you.” I say, blushing.

“You shouldn’t of lied.” He states, irritated and stepping closer.

“When you asked about the mark I hadn’t gotten it yet. When I did, it was beyond embarrassing. Then I realized I could hide it and stay with my family.” I admit, feeling somewhat ashamed.

“That explains why I didn’t detect the lie. I thought for a second you made me soft.” He says, scratching the stubble on his cheek.

“What do you mean?”

“I was thinking I ignored the lie because I didn’t want to know you’d had been marked. I wanted you for myself. I had already considered you mine. I was just waiting for the right time.” He explains.

“Oh.” I respond, shocked. Not knowing what else to say, it’s flattering but I’ve never throught of him in that way.

“I don’t want to do this. I don’t want to tell him.” He states, his eyes holding mine.

“He’ll find me.” I reply, knowingly.

He nods. “And kill me.” He takes a deep breath, “He’ll be here soon. Are you ready?”

I choke back a sob, feeling the walls closing in. “No.”

He reaches for me but thinks better of it and lets his arms fall. “I’ll wait until tonight to call. It will give you a little more time.”

I nod, thankful. “Thank you.”

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