Trapped by the Alpha

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Chapter 5

Alpha Kincade

Sitting in the car riding to the second sector of the day and I couldn’t be more restless. No one has responded to the email and its nearing 24 hours. The first den I knew right away she wasn’t there, I was sure of if before I even exited the car.

I want to sleep to see her again, maybe talk some sense into her. I mentally scoff at the idea, my mate is very stubborn. A trait I hope I don’t have to see very often.

Once we get close enough to the next den I start making plans for tomorrow. Looking at different sector locations, trying to get a read on where she could be. I feel no pull towards one location or another. Putting the map down I decide I need to see her more than I need to guess her whereabouts. Closing my eyes, I find sleep quickly.

I see her weeping, with her head down against her knees and she sits on the Forrest floor. Her sadness and helplessness slam into me immediately. “Why are you crying?” I ask, but she ignores me. “I asked you a question.” I say, a little too forcefully than I intended.

She looks up at me and wipes her tear stained cheeks. “I don’t want you to take me away. I know you’re coming and there is nothing I can do.”

My jaw clenches at her statement, this again! “You’re my mate.” I respond calmly, feeling anything but.

“I know! It doesn’t make it any easier. Don’t blame Beta Hunter for anything. I kept it from him.” He confession has me rattled.

“Beta Hunter?”

She nods, then realizes I didn’t know her Beta’s name. “He didn’t tell you yet?” She asks, conflicted.

I feel the tension grip me and I so badly want to know more. “Tell me where you are and I’ll show him leniency.” I encourage. I don’t care about anything but getting to her, although Beta Hunter will pay for his indiscretion.

“Michigan, Gr-”

I am woken up, I blink and my anger reaches new heights, I grab Cullen by his throat, his hands claw at me and I open the car door.

The car starts to pull over and slow down, when I hear Nick explain, “Alpha. We got a lead. Beta Hunter says, Teegan Russell is the one we’re looking for, she’s your mate.” I release Cullen’s neck and turn to Nick, instantly alert.

“Where?” I ask, my wolf getting excited.

“Grosse Pointe Farms, Michigan.”

“Ready the plane.” I order, “We leave as soon as possible and get me Beta Hunter on the phone.”

The phone is handed to me and Beta Hunter answers. “Alpha.”

“You have my mate?”

“Yes, Alpha. Her name is, Teegan Russell. She lives next door to me.” He answers, readily.

“What took you so long to come forward?” I question, suspiciously.

“I haven’t been home, problem with human trespassers. I was out scout-.”

“Lie to me again and rip your throat out.” I growl, exiting the car. I can’t be trusted right now. My wolf is causing me to shake.

“I told her that I’d give her until tonight to come to terms with it and tell her family.” He confesses, nervously.

“Did you see my mark?” His hesitation has me on edge of going full wolf. “Tell me!” I order.

“Yes, I saw it.”

“Today?” I question.

“Yes.” He replies.

“She showed you?”

“Yes.” Another lie, but not completely deceptive. Beta Hunter is hiding something.

“Where is the mark?” I ask, but feel as though I already know.

“It-Its on her-uh, her backside.” He stammers.

I feel my lungs constrict. “Under what circumstances would you be looking at my mates ass!” I shout, visually loosing control of my wolf as my teeth start to sharpen and elongate.

“She admitted you were her mate and the mark became red and swollen, almost like she was rebranded. It was very painful and looked burned. She was trying to get relief, thats the only way I can describe it. Thats when I saw it.” He explains, frightened.

I take control of my wolf pushing him down as much as possible. “Why didn’t she come to you when she got the mark?” I ask, waiting to know the answer to this above all else. Why is my mate running from me?

“Her stepdad is human he was diagnosed with cancer 3 years ago. She takes care of the bills at the house and her two younger brothers.” He explains.

“What about her mother?”

“She takes care of the stepfather at home. Truthfully, it will be any day now, I can smell it. He’ll pass within the week.”

“Who’s her real father?” I question.

“I haven’t heard her talk about him. As far as I know he left her mother before she was born. She moved here from Sweden while she was pregnant and met her human husband. I allowed them into the sector seven years ago because he was never kept in the dark about his wife. He knows she is Lycan and it never became an issue. He’s a decent man.”

“She won’t run?” I ask, needing the reassurance.

“No, Alpha. She would never leave her family to be...” He starts to say, but stops. Clearly, thinking better of what he’s about to disclose.

“To be what?”

“Punished by you.” He finishes, nervously.

“Is that what she fears?”

“As far as I know.”

“Did her mother have any involvement in the concealment of my mark?” I question.

“No, Alpha. She didn’t tell anyone.”

“You didn’t detect that she was lying to you when you asked her if she was marked?” I ask, curiously.

“When I questioned her, she was truthful. She didn’t get the mark until later on that night. I never asked her again after that. I didn’t think I needed to.” He’s being truthful, but I still want to hurt him. I could’ve had her by now if he would’ve done his job, efficiently.

“I’m on my way now. Meet us at the airstrip. I’ll text you what time.” I order, hanging up the phone.

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