Trapped by the Alpha

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Chapter 6

Teegan Russell

He’s still not here. I feel relieved, yet I still can’t shake the edginess like he’s near. I get dressed and decide to go to the office to collect my belongings. That way I don’t have to see Wade ever agian. I don’t think I can answer the questions that he’d inevitably ask. I leave a note telling my mom where I had gone and noting that I’ll be back in half an hour. I leave the house with a sense of dread.

I start the car and drive through town. It isn’t a long commute, I park in my usual spot and take out the keys. Going to the door I unlock it and let myself into the dim waiting area. I make my way to my desk and pick up the photo frames, collapsing them and putting them into a stack. I don’t have much else, just little things. I place them with the photos, when I’m finished I pick it all up and carry it back to the front door and to my car. I toss it on the passenger side of the car and go to lock the office door.

Just as I turn back to my car I watch a black SUV pull up and park behind my car, blocking me in. I feel my heart race, knowing its my mate. I try to control my breathing but my wolf wants to run to him and I’m fighting an internal battle. He steps out of the car and his scent fills my lungs. Another wolf exits the vehicle and walks up to me earning a low warning from my mate.

He holds out his hands, I look up at him confused. “Keys.” He answers.

I bite my lip contemplating on refusing his request. I watch from of the corner of my eye as Alpha Kincade steps closer and the wolf in front of me grabs the keys from my hand. Dammit. Giving up, I walk towards the Black SUV noticing another wolf behind the wheel. I keep my eyes averted as Alpha Kincaid opens the door for me. I slide into the seat not saying a word.

I hear the door on the opposite side open and the driver asks, “Will you be able to control yourself?” I hear his concern laced with nervousness.

My mate doesn’t like this, as he settles in next to me and slams the door. “We’ll see.”

His voice sends shivers up and down my arms, so I try to concentrate. They must’ve gotten into town and just missed me before I left for the office to get my things. The note I left my mom told them where I was and they headed to retrieve me.

I watch the buildings and houses as we pass them, anxious to be home. I couldn’t be more grateful when we pull into my driveway. I open the car door and start to walk quickly to the front door. “Slower.” I hear from behind me. Knowing it was my mate, warning me.

I slowly make my way to the house looking at the ground the whole way. As soon as I get through the front door I bump into Beta Hunters back and apologize. “Sorry, Beta Hunter.” I walk around him and see my moms alarmed face. “I know. I should’ve told you.” I say, guiltily. She holds her arms open and I walk into them. “I didn’t want to leave.” I whisper to her.

She nods that she understands. “Let me help you pack.” She offers, sympathetically.

I nod and start to walk down that hall. As we pass Alpha Kincade I give him a wide berth, the last thing I want to do is touch him. Its hard enough being close to him, I can’t imagine what would happen if we made actual skin contact, I’d probably melt. His heavy foot steps follow us as we walk into my room. Another wolf I don’t know walks around me carrying a brown cardboard box full of my things.

“What the hell do you think you’re doing?” I ask, moving toward him.

I see his hesitation and take advantage of it by roughy pulling the box out of his large hands and putting it on my bed. I shove him out of my room and glare at his retreating back. I glance around noticing my things strewn about haphazardly and my temper rises. That asshole went through all my stuff. I see pictures and memorabilia from high school left on the dresser, knowing full well it was once in the closet. Hangers are empty and dresser drawers pulled out and from what I can tell riffled through. Who could possibly distinguish from what I want to take and what I’d want to leave, but me!

“I was just finishing up.” I hear the man say from down the hall, talking to Alpha Kincade no doubt.

“Good. Take what you packed so far to the car.” He orders.

My mother gives me a weak smile. “You can’t deny him. It will only hurt you.” She says, her accent more pronounced, telling me she’s upset.

I shake my head sadly. “I know.” I respond, the tears falling from my eyes.

“You’ll do fine and so will we.” She says, reassuringly.

“But daddy.” I reply, my heart breaking all over again. “And the boys!” I hug myself tightly, not wanting this to be goodbye. “I don’t want to go, mom.” She wraps her arms around me.

“Shhh, its going to be alright. This is your destiny and to deny it would be denying yourself.” She lifts my head from her shoulder, holding my face in her hands. “I love you, but its time you did something for yourself.”

“But I don’t want this.” I whine, begging for her to understand.

She nods. “Maybe not right now, but you will.”

I shake my head refusing to believe I’d ever be happy with Alpha Kincade. “What if I’m not? What if it doesn’t work out?” I ask, panicking. “What if I want to leave?” I hear the low growl coming from down the hall but ignore him.

“You’ll never know until you try, honey.”

I wipe my tear stained cheeks knowing I have little choice in the matter. I’m leaving with Alpha Kincade whether I like it or not. He’s here, he found me and now I have to full fill the roll of his mate.

Stepping past me I watch her leave the room and hear her timidly introduce herself to Alpha Kincade. He acknowledges her but I feel his impatience as if it were my own, but I’m too upset to care.

“Are you ready?” He inquires, from down the hall anxious to leave. I walk to the door and close it firmly.

How’s that for an answer? Sitting on my bed I pick up family photos and feel the sadness of leaving them overwhelm me. I hear Alpha ask about the human in the house, not bothering to hide his obvious distain. I roll my eyes, because werewolves are so much better than humans.

My door opens and Alpha fills the doorframe. “Its time.”

I reluctantly stand up. When he stays where he is blocking the doorway I ask, “Are you going to move?”

“Are you going to keep ignoring me?”

I look up at him. “Yup. That was the plan. However, I can’t exactly walk through you.” I point out, sarcastically.

He steps to the side with a smirk on his face.

I walk past him going to my parents bedroom. I open the door peeking inside. Dad’s ashen face greets me. Hospice has been to our house everyday this week helping, keeping him in a medical induced coma. I lift his cold hand in mine noticing the once big hand is feeling fragile and brittle.

“I have to leave, Daddy. I wanted to be here to say goodbye, but I can’t. I just wanted to tell you, you’re the best father I could’ve ever asked for. I’ll miss you every second of the day.” Not bothering to wipe my tears away I bend down and kiss his sunken cheek. “I love you so much.” I whisper to in his ear, hoping with a heavy heart he knows how much he means to me. After gently laying his hand back down on top of the white sheets I walk to the door. I notice Alpha just outside leaning against the wall. Without acknowledging him I make my way to the living room where I hear the boys playing xbox. This is going to kill me.

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