Trapped by the Alpha

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Chapter 7

Teegan Russle

Saying goodbye to my brothers was hands down the most excruciating thing to ever happen to me. I feel drained, exhausted, bitter and utterly lost. I can’t bring myself to even look at my mate, it only makes me want to cry.

I shouldn’t be here with him in this car, on our way to a plane. I need to be with the ones that actually love me. The family that cares about what I’m feeling. It’s obvious he doesn’t, he can feel all of what he is doing to me and he hasn’t even said, I’m sorry. Or shown any remorse whatsoever. I haven’t felt anything from him that besides perfectly content and arrogance. He’s happy with himself, he found me, that’s all he cares about. I don’t want him to be happy, I want him as unhappy as I am.

I eye the door handle for the tenth time. If I just fling myself out how far will I get?...Besides, hurt. Maybe I’ll have to go to the hospital. I might be able to stay for a couple more days. I’d get to see mom and the boys again. My hand reaches for the black handle and I feel myself lifted and set down hard against Alpha Kincade’s lap.

His huge arms go around me and he anchors my body to him. I scoff once and hold myself perfectly still. He’s warm, radiating heat like a furnace. I look at his arms and the muscles are tight and tense. I notice the veins in his forearms are lifted, making him look impossibly strong and ready for a fight.

He shouldn’t be touching me, I can feel his need for me. He’s not even trying to hide the fact hat he’s excited. I try to shift out of his arms and off his lap, but I can’t move an inch. His arms stop me effortlessly.

“Let go.” I demand.

“No, I know what you’re thinking.” He replies, simply.

“You know?” I ask, alarmed. If he knows what I’m thinking then he knows how much I despise him, how much I hate him.

“I won’t do it again.” I say, trying to ease his hold on me.

His breathing starts to quicken as I shift in his lap trying to get off his lap. I know what its doing to him but I can’t be touched by him, not right now.

“I know you won’t.” He states, smugly.

Realizing he won’t release me and my struggles are in vain, I elbow him one last time and say, “Fine, I hope it kills you.”

His arms tighten around me and I groan in frustration. I stop when I start to feel him shake, he brings his hands in front of us. I watch as he opens and closes them repeatedly. I notice that they are bright red and look painful.

“What’s happening?” I ask, breathlessly.

I hear one of the werewolves in the front seat yell out, “Alpha!” Trying to get his attention.

I turn to look up at him, but his eyes are rolled back into his head. He’s clearly fighting his wolf. His hands open again and I watch as a flame shoots up from both palms, shocking me. I jump back against his chest, scared of getting hurt. I try to pull my legs up away from his hands. He stops my movement with his palms as he caresses my legs. The flames are hot, but not hot enough to burn me, making me short of breath as I watch in stunned silence. I look up to an equally shocked face of the werewolf that called out, Alpha.

“Its not hurting you?” He asks, amazed.

I shake my head. “No, it hot. But its not burning hot. How is that possible?” I ask, thinking of the abilities that some shifters can possess. Judging from the looks on the two faces in front of me, this is the first time they are witnessing this.

Alarmed, he glances up into Alpha face. “He’s going to shift. Pull over.” He orders, and the driver does as he’s told. The car stops and I open the door, still struggling against his hold.

“Don’t pull away. Let him try and get control of himself.” The wolf in front passenger seat orders.

“And what if he goes up in flames?” I ask, scared shitless. I feel myself start to sweat from the heat of him, it feels like he’s on fire.

The idea of being consumed by a large fireball is forefront in my mind and absolutely terrifying. I lean against him, keeping absolutely still, I feel my lungs take in the warm air and try to control my own wolf who is going crazy.

I wait as long as I can, I don’t feel any change in him. “Its so hot.” I complain, wiping at my brow thats slick with sweat. At this point I’m drenched in sweat. My shirt is clinging to my body and my hair is becoming wet.

I’m handed a water which I take greedily. I down the whole bottle, feeling a little relief but not enough. I whimper, feeling sick. I look at the two in the front, needing help.

“What can I do?” I question, willing to do anything at this point.

They look worried, “Try talking to him, maybe?” The driver suggests and I roll my eyes.

“Look him in the eye. Tell him to calm down.” The passenger urges. I take a deep breath desperate for fresh cool air in my burning lungs. “We might have to pull her away from him.” He says, grimly. At least he’s realizing how desperate I am.

“He’ll kill us.” I hear the other respond.

I try to turn in his lap, but he wont let me. I try again, going slowly, working my way until I’m completely straddling his huge thighs. “Alpha.” I say, holding his head in my hands. My voice weak, feeling like I can’t catch my breath.

“Call him, Xaden. Mention the word, m-a-t-e.” One of them says.

“Xaden, mate. Uh, please stop with the fire.” Nothing happens, the heat just gets more intense. I lean against his chest, trying to keep myself from passing out, the warm air is making me dizzy. I stay like this for what feels like hours, but I know is merely minutes.

Gradually, the heat starts to dissipate. I feel the change but I can’t move, I’m exhausted. I try to open my eyes, but even thats too much as I let the darkness claim me.

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