Trapped by the Alpha

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Chapter 8

Alpha Kincade

I feel the tension coming from Teegan, she despises me. I watch as she eyes the door handle yet again, setting my teeth on edge. I feel that she is deliberately trying to provoke me. She wants me mad, she wants me to hate her. I watch as one of her small hands reaches out slowly and I lift her out of her seat bringing her against me. As soon as I touch her I feel our connection intensify. I feel my response course through my veins.

“Let go.” She demands, fighting my hold. Not giving an inch, I secure her in my arms, knowing she is aware of my need for her and it’s causing a slight panic.

“No, I know what you’re thinking.” I tell her.

“You know?” She questions, hesitantly. “I won’t do it again.” She promises, wanting out of my arms.

“I know you won’t.” I’ll be holding her, no way will I let her get away from me.

“Fine, I hope it kills you.” She states, meaning every word.

I feel something inside me snap, a rage I’ve never felt before causing me to burn from the inside out. I vaguely hear her talking over the loud whooshing sound echoing in my ears, but I’m focused on putting out the fire she started. I don’t want to shift in the car and I don’t want to hurt her. I try and channel my anger and this uncontrollable flame that I feel. I open my hands trying to release some of the burn. I hold it in my hands as I feel the flames intensify and I instinctively know I have to let it burn itself out.

I concentrate on her touch and breathe in her scent and little by little by little I calm myself down and gain control my wolf. I open my eyes to see her head against my chest, her legs straddling my thighs, soaking wet.

“What the hell happened?” I ask, confused.

I feel her start to shake and she vomits all over herself and me. I stroke her back as she dry heaves a few more times. Then I help her settle back down against my chest. I look at Cullen and Nick. “Explain.” I order, wanting to know what happened to Teegan.

“You’re hands caught on fire. We thought you were going to shift, but there were flames, flames coming from your hands.” He states, his eyes round with shock. “You didn’t burn her, but you wouldn’t let her go and she said you felt hot, she tried to calm you down. Nothing would work. I think she’s just overheated.” Cullen states, I hear the excitement in his voice.

Nick sighs. “Well, I guess we know what ability you now possess.”

“They haven’t even mated yet.” Cullen replies, in awe.

I listen as they speak, tightening my arms around her. She’s shaking controllably. “Drive us back to her mom’s house.” I say, not wanting to do it, but with her like this we don’t have many options. I need to make sure she’s okay, before I take her on a airplane back home.

Nick starts the car and we make a u-turn back the way we came. I mentally prepare myself for another long and drawn out series of goodbyes she’s sure to have again tomorrow. I grimace thinking of how she’s going to feel leaving them for a second time. I will have to shoulder another onslaught of blame and hatred coming from her. Maybe she’ll refrain from pissing me off a second time. I’ve never felt so much red hot intense frustration with anyone, like I have her.

Outside of the Russell home I open the door and carry her to the door. Beta Hunter comes out of his house when he see’s us.

“Problem?” He asks, coming closer.

“Nothing to concern you.” I tell him, opening the front door and going inside.

Her mother comes out of the back room that contains the sick human. “There was an incident. She’s likely dehydrated and exhausted. We’re staying here for the night.” I tell her, walking past to get to Teegan’s room.

I open the door and shut it behind me. I don’t want anyone caring for her but me. She’s mine now. My responsibility, my mate. I lay her gently on the bed and strip her down to her underwear and force myself to remain in control. I go to her dresser and find a large shirt, I slip off her bra and slide the shirt over her. Next, I find her new underwear and slide the wet ones off. I feel my hands shake the entire time.

When I’m done I pick her back up and place her under the blankets. I leave the room and lean against the door, taking a deep breath. I open my eyes to see nick coming down the hallway.

“I need my bag.” I tell him.

“Its on the plane. I’ll get you something from Beta Hunter.” He states, walking away.

I wait for him, feeling as through I’m guarding the door when I see her mother and brothers keep peeking down the hall towards me. Finally, Nick comes back with a change of clothes and I ask her mother for a towel. When she brings it to me I say, “You can go see her. Just make sure you’re all out of the room by the time I’m done.”

“Yes, Alpha.” She replies, gratefully.

I go to the bathroom turning on the shower. I undress and get under the spray washing away the vomit and sweat that covers me. I try to wait longer, letting her mother and siblings have time with her, but I can’t. I shut off the water and wrap the towel around myself before opening the door. I watch the three of them rush past me as I turn to go back to her room. I shut the door and dress myself.

Teegan hasn’t moved, she has more color in her cheeks, but still looks worn out. I open the door again, knowing Nick will be there. “Get me a glass of water, incase she wakes up.” He nods and leaves.

He brings back the glass and I close the door. I go to the window, passing time returning calls until she wakes up. I’m tired as well, but I don’t trust myself sharing her bed. Just the thought has my blood pumping. I grit my teeth and pull up an email the needs a response, blocking out the perfect creature laying on a perfectly good bed.

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