Trapped by the Alpha

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Chapter 9

Teegan Russell

I wake up to the sound of a deep voice, trying to whisper. I scoff, and sit up. His voice is deeper than the ocean, but I applaud the effort. I immediately notice Alpha Kincade on the phone by the window, he turns when he see’s me and ends the call as he walks towards the bed. I glance at the clock sitting on the bedside table reading that its 3 in the morning.

“I’m back home?” I ask, confused and disoriented.

“You were sick.”

I cover my head with my hands. “The heat? It got to me.” I say, remembering.

“You threw up all over me.” He states, sitting on the end of the bed.

I smirk. “You deserved it.”

He shrugs looking smug, “It was only water and you got yourself pretty good too.”

“Damn.” I reply, “What a waste of a good vomit.”

His eyes narrow but he doesn’t respond, he leans forward and I back away from him. His eyes flash but he doesn’t say anything, just reaches out bringing up the blanket that fell to my waist. I look down, noticing for the first time I am completely naked except for underwear I’m wearing. I snatch the covers from him and bring them tight against my chest.

I glare at him, knowing he was the one who undressed me. “Perv.”

“My apologies. I should’ve let you sleep in your clothes, covered is sweat and bile.” He states, tiredly.

However simple his response is, it still manages to make me feel chastised and defensive. He did want he should’ve done, I know I should thank him, but the words are somehow stuck in the back of my throat.

“You could’ve redressed me.” I mutter, shifting uncomfortably.

He grunts. “I did. It seems you didn’t like shirt I picked.” He replies, picking up a discarded t-shirt from the floor beside the bed.

I glance up at him and notice how exhausted he looks. “If you leave for a minute I can get dressed and give you the bed.” I offer as a truce.

He shakes his head no, but the way he looks at me so suspiciously has my back up. “I won’t leave, I’m already home.” I point out, irritated.

He continues to stare at me, I’m unsure if he’s contemplating my offer of the bed or waiting for me to say something else. After a minute passes he finally replies, “I’m not letting you out of my sight.”

“Great, sounds like we’ll have a very close relationship.” I say, sarcastically.

“Very.” He agrees.

I close my eyes, pushing back my annoyance with him. “We won’t have anything if we can’t trust each other.”

“I wasn’t the one trying to jump out of a moving vehicle.” He bites out.

“Well, that should tell you how badly I wanted to stay!” I snapback.

He takes a deep breath, “You belong with me.”

“I belong here with my family. My dad is dyi-”

“That is not your father.” He corrects.

“DNA doesn’t make you a father.” I challenge.

He shakes his head and rubs his eyes, looking ready to pass out. “Do you know who your real father is?”

“Yes, in that room.” I answer, stubbornly. Pointing across the hall.

He smirks and his eyes brighten. “Do you know who the sperm donor is, then?” He asks, amused.

“No, and I don’t care.” I reply, truthfully.

“He must be powerful.” He states, thinking to himself.

“He most certainly is not.” I refute, crossing my arms then remembering I don’t have a top on I scramble to keep the blanket up. I reach with one hand and pick up the shirt I discarded at one point during the night and carefully put it back on.

“Has your mother mentioned him at all?” He questions. Leaning forward he picks up a glass of water from the table and hands it to me. “Drink, you’re probably dehydrated.”

I take the glass and sigh, not wanting to talk about my biological, “Father.”

“Not really, but I know he was rough with her. She left because she feared for my life.”

“She left while she was pregnant?”

I nod. “Thats right and she met my dad and he is the most kind and caring person to ever live.”

“What about her family? She left them too, I’d imagine.” He ponders out loud.

I shrug. “She doesn’t like to talk about it. She gave up a lot for me, her family included.”

“Sweden, right?”

My eyes narrow suspiciously, “Why are you asking all these questions?”

“Lineage, its important to know where we both come from.” He answers.

“You need to make sure my blood is as red as yours?” I question, irritated.

“Hereditary is a big part of who we are as Lycan’s. You may not want to know the man who made you, but his bloodline needs to be traced. I’ll be speaking with your mom before we leave today.”

I shake my head. “Leave her out of it. You have all you need to know to look into my bloodline. Send out some inquires to the pack in Sweden, I’m sure with some digging they’ll find him.”

He looks thoughtful. “Was your father her mate?”

I growl low in my throat when I hear the word father. The smile that splits his face in response to my warning has me rolling my eyes. “I don’t know. We don’t talk about him. Like I said, she’s moved on and forgotten all about him.”

“Has she?” He asks, unsure.

His question indicates to me that I’m missing something. “What is it?” I inquire, wanting to know his thoughts.

“I think she left her mate.” He states, simply.

My mouth drops. “How could you possibly know that? You don’t know anything about her.”

“She left carrying you. Granted, she must’ve had a strong reason to leave. Only a very intense emotion would allow her to break that link. She didn’t seek out another of our species. Instead, she opted for a human.” He states, deep in thought.

He must be sleep deprive. “Whats your point? How does that explain anything?”

“She choose human because if she would’ve mated another werewolf, her wolf would’ve rejected him. More so if she was marked, does she have a one?”

My mom has never spoken about these things. I have no idea why she would choose a human, but what he’s saying does make sense. I’ve seen a mark on her upper right shoulder, but I don’t want him to make trouble for her, if mom left her mate thats her business not his.

“Like you said, she had to have a good reason for doing what she did. I don’t want to talk about this anymore. I’m getting tired again.” I say, not wanting to answer about the mark.

“What does her mark look like?” He questions, his eyes looking straight into mine. I feel the pull, and resent him for it. I can practically feel him kicking around in my head.

“I’ll never tell you.” I state, firmly.

He shrugs. “She will.” He replies, uncaring.

“Don’t stick your nose into this, its none of your concern. If you’re worried about my blood lineage and heredity we can end this right now.” I say, my anger intensifying. He might be my mate, but I’d give my life for my mom. “You’ve already received your new ability, no reason we can’t sever this horrible match.” I realize, what I’ve said and feel the heat in the room rise.

Never threaten an Alpha, it’s practically instilled in us from the time we’re pups. Yet something about him makes me want to challenge him. This is not me, I dont act like this. My wolf rises to the surface and I hold her back, hanging on by a thread. I take deep breaths through my nose and exhale out of my mouth, trying to reign myself in before I dig myself an even bigger hole and judging my the look on his face he’s close to snapping. I’m in trouble when he does.

I feel the intensity of my words as his eyes darken. What have I done? I just told not only my Alpha, but my mate that I would reject him, to his face, unmated in a room with nowhere to run. My stupidity hits me fully, when I see him stand up. The slow controlled movement has me close to panicking. Even if I were to say the words and outright deny him, I doubt I would leave this house alive, nor would the family I have living in it.

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