MY Sexy Step-Brother is a werebear

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Chapter 12

Sam escorted me towards the front door, placing a protective hand on the small of my back.

Ever since he discovered I was pregnant, his whole demeanor had changed towards me. It was as if I was made of China and could easily break. He worshipped me as if I was the most important thing in his life.

I honestly didn’t mind, I enjoyed his attention. He wasn’t controlling by any means. He said he just wanted to look after me the best way he knew how, which would mean he’d bring me food, occasionally feed me by hand, bathe me and dry me and lay me across his chest when I slept. I had always craved a boyfriend like him, his attentiveness was something that I had always wanted.

Just as we got to the door he held out his hand to stop me, fumbling to put the key in the lock then turned it.

“I made you a promise.” He scooped me up bridal-style in his big strong arms and carried me over the threshold.

“I could get used to this,” I told him, giving him a quick peck on the lips.

He placed me down into the entrance hall, his face filling with pride as he watched my eyes dance around the place in amazement.

“Let me give you the grand tour,” he led me by the hand.

The strong scent of timber filled my nostrils as soon as we’d stepped inside. It reminded me of when I was little, when my parents had taken me to a log cabin style Santa’s grotto. For some reason, ever since then I’d associated this scent with Christmas.

“It’s so homely. This place looks fantastic! Did you choose the décor yourself?” I asked. I could tell the furniture was handcrafted like the stuff in Mom and Jack’s cabin. I could easily spot Jack’s handy work a mile away. I bet this was one of their many father and son projects.

“Yeah, I put this together myself. When I’m working, I stay up at the Ranger’s lodge and when I visit Dad, I have my own room there. This place I built especially for when, you know.” He shrugged, seeming shy. “For when I met my mate.”

I gave him a quick peck on the lips for being so darn cute. “It’s gorgeous, Sam.” My comment made him blush.

The soft furnishings weren’t as feminine like the ones in Mom and Jack’s cabin. Sam had opted for a more masculine, red and black checkered material. The place screamed mountain man meets modern day bachelor. He had a flat screen television and a sound system. I rolled my eyes at his PlayStation 4. Sam noticed and stuffed his hands in his jean pockets, bunching his shoulders, sheepishly.

I could see myself snuggling up on the chunky, cushioned-backed sofa with him while watching TV. I sat down and did a little bounce test, just to see how comfortable it was.

My ass sank into the plush, cushioned seat and I relaxed back, feeling swaddled in comfort. “Ah, I could easily see myself falling asleep, right here.” I sighed, utterly contented.

“You like it so far?” Sam asked, cocking a brow and looking pleased with himself. He knew he didn’t need to ask for reassurance from me. The approval was written all over my face.

“Are you kidding? This place is awesome,” I replied, awestruck.

Sam ushered me from room to room, pointing out each feature and explaining every detail. From open-log fireplaces to the under-floor heating, the to-die-for kitchen and the hot spring dip-pool out back. I was impressed to say the least. There were four bedrooms upstairs. Only the master room had an en-suite bathroom. There was a large family-sized bathroom that looked as if it had never been used. The tub was big enough for me to get in and bath the kids.

I just couldn’t believe that this was a bachelor pad, yet it looked as if the place had never been lived in. One of the first things I noticed as I was snooping around the kitchen, was that the dishwasher had never been used. The oven still had the cellophane on the door and there wasn’t a thing out of place. As far as I was aware, we were out in the sticks. I doubted very much that he could get take-out delivered all the way out here.

It was only when he showed me around outside, that I saw the barbecue on the patio. It was one of those large, six ring burners that had a hot plate at the side of it. I had a sly look under the hood and saw that it had been well used. That answered the question as to how he cooked his food.

I had to admit, I had visions of him down by the lake, catching fish and eating them raw whilst in bear form.

His steely, grey eyes creased as he smiled and I wasn’t sure if he could tell what I was thinking or not. I hoped not. He looked up at the impressive, wooden structure.

“In our community, our income comes from the construction industry. We build cabins and retreats out here in Forest Lake. It’s become quite a trend for the wolves to have holiday homes in Hawcroft. They’re loaded and they’ll pay anything. It’s one big status symbol for them, having more than one property,” Sam explained.

“Oh, so does that mean there are lots of empty properties in Hawcroft?” I asked, feeling that it was such a waste.

“Usually, they rent them out to tourists. In the summer, I’ll rent us a houseboat and we can take a tour through Forest Lake. We could visit Stonevale, but I’d have to get permission from the Alpha wolf, first. He can get a bit cranky if you just turn up in his territory. Rumour has it, that he’s a few gumballs short of a packet or so I’ve heard.” He moved his forefinger around alongside his temple in a circular motion, insinuating that the Alpha wolf was crazy.

“You think everyone’s crazy.” I rolled my eyes.

“I’m crazy about you.” He grinned at his own cheesy line.

I couldn’t help but laugh, shaking my head at him. He was a goofball, but he was mine. I walked around the garden area, admiring the shrubs and flowers that he had planted along the patio in half barrels. It was simple and effective and probably cost nothing to make.

“I didn’t know you were an avid gardener. I could never get anything to grow like this, as much as I try, everything just seems to die.” I bent down and touched the lavender plant then brought my hand to my nose. The scent was so potent. It made me want to cut off a sprig and keep it under my pillow. Mom used to do that to help me sleep after Dad died.

“It’s the soil here. Everything is so much more fertile. Even the crops are prolific. There’s never a shortage of produce,” Sam explained in a matter of fact way. I wondered if he was just referring to the soil or was he also referring to the inhabitants.

We stayed here for the remainder of spring break. There were days where we took walks through the woods and there were days where we spent our time in bed. We made every second count. I couldn’t bear to think about going back to the dorm. The thought hung over me like a dark cloud. Every time I allowed my thoughts to drift there, Sam would pick up on my mood and ask, “Penny for your thoughts?” And each time I’d brush it off as nothing.

I’d just finished cleaning up after lunch, putting away all the washed and dried plates in the cupboards and hanging the mugs back on the stand along the counter. Once I wiped over the surfaces with a cloth, I was satisfied the place looked pristine again. I would never grow tired of cleaning here. I grew to love this cabin. Sam built this with his bare hands, what was not to love about that?

A week ago this place was predominantly an all-male bachelor pad, only now there were hints of feminine touches everywhere. I had soon littered the place with freshly cut flowers, using empty jam jars, bottles and whatever I could find as make-shift vases. I’d made a mental note to bring some Yankee candles with me when I came back.

I was one of those nut-jobs who collected them but never lit them. Every now and then I’d take the lid off and smell them. I’m weird, I know. There was no point in them sitting on a shelf gathering dust when I could light them and fill the air with my favorite spiced apple scent or my second favorite, cappuccino truffle. Sam didn’t believe me that there was one called crackling fire; he accused me of making that one up.

I found myself pottering about with nothing to do. Sam was busy talking on the phone with Luke. The thought crossed my mind about taking a dip in the pool. The sunken pool that was heated by a hot spring. Sam assured me that I’d find nothing living or slimy at the bottom. Occasionally, the odd bird would be spotted bathing in it but that was about it, thankfully.

The sun felt hot on my face as I stepped onto the patio. I narrowed my eyes to squint, feeling the heated rays lick my skin. The thought hadn’t occurred to me to pack a bikini. I didn’t think I’d be needing one way up here in the mountains.

I certainly didn’t think I’d be going back to college, having gotten married after a whirlwind romance, and I certainly didn’t anticipate getting pregnant. So there you go. It just goes to show, you never know what’s waiting around the corner.

I stripped off to my bare skin and left all my clothes at the side of the pool. The water was warm, not too hot. I knew that there was a risk of getting into hot tubs when pregnant, but this was as good as soaking in a warm bath. The heat relaxed every aching muscle in my body and I let out a pleasurable groan.

“This feels so good,” I spoke out loud.

I was in heaven with peace and tranquility surrounding me and nothing but the wind rustling through the trees and the harmonious sound of birdsong. Who would’ve thought a city girl like me could adapt to country life so easily, seduced by the beauty of simplicity such as this. I’d not checked my emails once, in all the time I’d been here. My mobile phone had died days ago and I hadn't even bothered to charge it. I hadn’t watched any of my shows, not even the news.

I had no idea what was going on in the world, outside of my little bubble, and do you know what? I didn’t care. Ignorance was bliss. For once, I felt complete. Leaning back, stretching out my legs in front of me, closing my eyes and floating weightlessly as if way up high on a cloud.

Then the sun must have gone behind cloud cover because it suddenly went dark. I cracked an eye open, only to see Sam standing beside the pool, butt naked. My God, he was magnificent. With his head right in the way of the sun, giving the impression he had a glowing halo, like an angel sent here from heaven.

“You look so beautiful.” Sam cocked his head to the side, observing me lustfully.

“Are you gonna just stand there, or are you getting in?” My eyes trailed all the way down his body, down past his v-line, to where he was evidently aroused.

A naked Sam was always a sight to behold. My breath always seemed to stick in my throat, weakening me. His steely grey eyes pinning me to the spot, like a predator stalking its prey. He stepped into the pool, pulling me close. He trailed kisses along the nape of my neck and nipped and sucked the claiming mark he made. I felt myself going limp and boneless in his arms. The heat of his mouth along my damp skin sending pleasurable tremors all the way down my body and ending at the valley between my legs.

I wished I could place a claiming mark of my own on his skin to let other women know he was mine and that he belonged to me, and me alone. This was an insecurity that seemed alien to me, but now very much at the foremost top of my thoughts.

He trailed soft kisses back up along my jaw, passionately claiming my mouth and massaging his tongue against mine. Every nerve in my body was now awakened with desire. I wanted him. It was our last night together until who knew when.

With my own urgency winning over, I reached below the surface of the water and grabbed his solid cock. It felt like silk around steel as I coaxed low groans out of him with slow strokes. My hands explored every inch of his anatomy, traversing the sack which seemed to tighten in response to my touch.

With one swift motion, he gripped me by the waist and pressed his cock against my center, my soft lips giving way as he parted between them. Swallowing my surprised gasp as his mouth, he claimed mine in another heated kiss. I wrapped my legs around his waist and drove my fingers into his hair.

He controlled each movement, rolling his hips into me, his huge length filled and stretching my walls with each firm stroke. As his movements became more urgent, my hands found his shoulders and clung to him, pressing my breasts against his solid muscular chest. His muscles tensed and flexed, coated with droplets of spring water merged with sweat.

I cried out as waves of my own pleasure washed over me, the crescendo of our pleasure was soon to build, Sam’s breaths became more ragged. His features contorting with a look of intense erotic bliss.

The pressure at the bottom of my stomach began to reach its peak. Every muscle in my body tensed as my pussy spasmed around him, clenching him, “So tight...I’m gonna, oh God, Helen!” He grunted breathlessly.

My channel flooded with the warm gush of my pleasure, rearing my head back and seeing stars, “Ahh, Sam!”

​As he began to reach his climax, his strokes became harder, more desperate as he chased his release, getting better and better by the second. When finally he climaxed inside me, Sam cried out again. The sound rose up from his chest in a raw guttural groan as he clutched me, his face disappearing against my neck as my walls clamped down milking his length until there was nothing left.

Now, it was my turn to hold him as he turned boneless. The kind of moment I loved, where we could snatch kisses between ragged breaths. I wrapped my limbs around him. Sam’s energy was drained, completely spent, his breathing shallow, his length still deep inside of me. Those were the moments of the purest kind of bliss, a simple and exquisite joy overcoming me every time we had such a pleasure. So much so, I never wanted it to end.

“Penny for them?” He asked, his forehead creased with concern.

“I’m fine.” I forced a weak smile and settled myself alongside him. My gaze drifted off as I became lost in thought, taking me to some distant part of my subconscious.

I had to snap out of it, this was our last night together for a while. Did I really want to spend the rest of the day moping around, or did I want to take away with me a memory that’d keep me sated for the next three months?

I’d see him in between his ranger duties every other weekend, depending on whether or not he was called to patrol more. I knew there was every chance I’d only get to see him once, maybe twice if we were lucky. Three months seemed like an eternity.

Refusing to let my mind drift to my impending departure tomorrow evening, I kept distracting myself with memories of the past two weeks. It was such a short time and it flew by so quickly, that I almost felt it had been stolen from me.

I didn’t want to think about what would happen after tomorrow. I felt as if I was leaving a part of myself behind here in Bear Creek and I’d cry if I wasn’t careful.

We stayed in the dip pool for a little longer, enjoying the closeness. Sam resting his head against mine silently, while stroking the strands of wet hair from my face and me left wondering what he was thinking about.

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