MY Sexy Step-Brother is a werebear

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Chapter 16

“Good choice. These burgers are to die for,” Sam mumbled with a full mouth.

We all agreed on something simple, like burgers and fries for dinner. Neither one of us felt like eating out someplace fancy. The cute little diner along the edge of town was my favorite haunt just lately. From the outside it looked like an oversized silver trailer but on the inside it was as if the 1950′s had dropped a bomb and exploded.

Each one of the twelve booths were powder blue with faux red leather upholstered seats. The jukebox only played songs from that era. The framed records and pictures hanging along the walls were of singers and bands in their heyday.

Even the staff had 1950′s style uniform: a white and blue-collared pinafore dress for the girls and a plain white tee and blue and white, pinstripe slacks for the guys. All staff wore white, cotton hats, sensible black shoes and a name tag that had the diner logo printed onto it.

Emma swallowed what she was chewing before speaking. “I know right. We come here every other day. Helen can’t get enough of these burgers. She must’ve consumed her own body weight in patties by now,” Emma announced, mind blown.

My mouth stilled mid-chew, looking straight at Emma through narrowed eyes. As soon as I managed to force my food down my throat I jumped to my own defense.

“It's not my fault I’m hungry all the damn time. I’m growing twins for crying out loud,” I lowered my voice so that nobody around us would hear. Then snatched a handful of fries, dipped them in mayonnaise and crammed the lot into my mouth.

Me feeling hungry was an understatement. I was a curvy girl who loved her food. If a guy ordered a mixed grill, then I wasn’t just gonna sit there and pick at a salad, no, I would want a mixed grill, too...and I’d steal his fries if he wasn’t quick enough. This girl had a healthy appetite for sure, but this was something else. This pregnancy had turned me into an eating machine.

The more I tried to satisfy my hunger, the hungrier I became. If I went a while without eating, I’d be doubled over with the most awful stomach cramps. My appetite had skyrocketed. Not that I didn’t enjoy eating because I did...I sure as hell did. Mom suggested I carry snacks around with me to keep me going throughout the day. Mr. Hammond didn’t mind us eating during class, just as long as we cleaned up after ourselves.

Sam watched with intrigue, raising an eyebrow. “Hungry?” He pressed his lips together in an emphasized smile. He did pre-warn me that this would happen. I just didn’t think it would be to this extent.

“They’re hungry,” I corrected him, even though partly I enjoyed being such a pig. The pregnancy was my excuse and I was sticking to it. “What kind of mom would I be if I didn’t feed the children?” I retorted.

This momma in the making plowed her way through an XXL bacon, cheeseburger, fries, slaw, corn on the cob and a side order of Cajun onion rings.

We ate, we paid, then we left, feeling sustained and satisfied....for now.

The minute we stepped outside into the warm fresh air, I missed the scent of burgers being grilled. Fuck! I was doomed. I could visualize myself standing on a set of scales with the needle arm whirling round and round until it screamed 'get the fuck off me, you fat cow!'

“I’m gonna watch that movie with a Ben and Jerry's, whipped cream, nuts, and extra fudge sauce,” I muttered, already fantasizing about dessert.

Emma giggled. “Slow your greedy ass down. You’ll be in stretch leggings by the middle of next week.”

I rubbed my tiny baby bump, amazed by how quickly I’d started to show. “I’m hungry like, all the time,” I whined, hating the thought of all the excess weight I was likely to pile on through pregnancy and pigging out. “As the saying goes: a moment on the lips, a lifetime on the hips.”

“Well, just remember to eat little and often. Don’t go splurging out on an army-sized feast,” Emma advised, sensibly.

Sam was staying well out of it, walking with his hands tucked into the pockets of his jeans and sporting a relaxed smile on his face.

It wasn’t that far to walk from the restaurant to the movie theatre. The sun was still baking hot and we were making the most of the weather. If anything, I could walk off that burger and then make room for snacks.

I tried to drag my thoughts away from food, nudging my elbow against Emma’s arm as we walked. “I just thought of something sad,” I told her, watching for her to try and guess what it was.

Emma hated having to guess anything. “What’s that?” She was quick to ask.

“I’ll be spending Christmas in Bear Creek from now on. That means I can’t come with you to the markets this year. Our lifelong traditions have sadly come to an end,” I announced dramatically.

“They have fairly decent Christmas markets up in Forest Lake,” Sam spoke up, attempting to jump in with a compromise.

Emma’s gaze dropped to the floor as she walked, watching her shoes scrape along the pavement as she strolled, disappointed.

Usually, she would have a sly glance in every other store window to check her immaculate appearance in the reflection. I openly did it. In every single store window, I would spare a side glance, obsessively checking to see how fat I was getting.

I didn’t care about the perplexed looks I got back, mostly from employees dressing mannequins. They'd give me the raised eyebrow while I stopped at the odd one, turning from side to side and straining the material of my shirt over my abdomen. At this moment in time, I looked like a snake that had swallowed an egg. At least I could hide it underneath a floaty top for now.

Soon, I wouldn’t be able to fasten my jeans. Then people would know. I couldn’t hide my bump with baggy clothes. Not in this heat. Nope, the bears would be well and truly out of the bag. Hopefully, I would've graduated by then.

“I think my parents are planning to spend Christmas in the Hamptons,” Emma mentioned, trying to hide the hurt in her voice. “I mean, it's months off yet...and who knows? Maybe I’ll meet someone by then. At least I’ll have the condo all to myself.” She made herself sound more upbeat but she couldn’t fool me that easily.

Ever since Emma and I could remember, we always spent time together over the Christmas holidays. Her parents would take her to the markets to see Santa and my parents would take me to do the same. We always ran into each other there. Whether our parents planned it or not, it was the same year after year.

Our parents would insist we all went skating together and as soon as we were done, we’d all go for a hot chocolate and fudge cake to warm up. It was our thing. Our tradition. When my dad died, my mom still took me there. We still kept up the tradition. Although, the older I got, our routine changed somewhat. Instead of paying a visit to Santa, we would browse around the stalls, buying handmade trinkets and Christmassy things.

“There’s no way you’re spending Christmas alone,” I told her flatly. “Is there, Sam?” I turned to my husband, who also looked outraged at the idea.

“Absolutely not,” Sam added. “If you’d like to, you can spend the holidays at our place. There’s plenty of room,” he offered, his voice full of warm generosity.

“Really?” Emma asked, flattered. “You guys wouldn’t mind?”

“You’re coming to ours, and that’s that,” I insisted, not taking no for an answer.

Alright, maybe my meddling brain had already started plotting a way to bring Emma and a certain boy scout together. Both were incredibly lonely, never having found that special someone. I may or may not be barking up the wrong tree here but I could somehow feel it... or it maybe it was just indigestion from my cheeseburger. But I had this feeling in my gut that Luke and Emma would be perfect together. I just needed to recruit a few partners in crime in order to set the whole thing up.




We followed behind a group of college students through the open doors of the movie theatre. The scent of sweet popcorn hit me straight away and my stomach gave a loud growl. Emma stopped beside a cardboard cut out of the horror film we were going to see.

“Looks scary as fuck, doesn’t it?” Emma pointed towards it.

“I’ve watched the trailer on YouTube and it looks alright.” I shrugged. “Sometimes, all the best bits are in the trailers. The rest of the movie better not suck.”

Sam glanced up at the screen beside the ticket booth. “We better hurry if you want to catch the next showing. There aren’t many seats left.”

“You get the tickets, we'll get the food,” I compromised.

Sam joined the queue to pay for the tickets while Emma and I queued up for drinks and popcorn.

My eyes kept gravitating over to the ice-cream kiosk as the last of my willpower fizzled away. My eyes were having a big, mad love affair with the picture menus on the far wall behind the counter, causing my mouth to salivate at the thought of tasting all that chocolatey goodness.

“Just get one if you want one,” Emma muttered in an amused tone.

“Should I?” I asked a pointless question because I was getting one anyway, regardless of what anyone else said.

“You know you want to.” Emma grinned.

“I’ll get one if you get one,” I bargained, not wanting to look like a greedy pig all by myself.

“I don’t want one though,” Emma replied. She was finding it highly entertaining, watching me throwing longing looks at the array of flavors behind the glass counter.

I turned to give her the stink eye as a self-satisfied smirk curved her lips. “There’s no queue,” she spoke in a sing-song voice.

Not that I needed telling twice, I muttered, “Oh, I might as well.” Then trundled off in the direction of my version of sweet-toothed heaven. The delicious looking visuals on the menu had already caused my mouth to fill up like a reservoir.

I knew what I wanted in my mind's eye. Initially, I wasn’t gonna be greedy but now that I practically had my nose pressed up against the glass, I found myself torn in so many different directions.

“Cookie dough, caramel chew chew or double chocolate fudge...oh my God!” I had to swallow a copious amount of saliva, just so I could finish giving my order to the young guy behind the counter.

“I’ll have the three scoop tub please, one of each of those.” I pointed, watching him grab a tub from the shelf. “And I’ll have chopped nuts.”

I handed over the cash as he handed me the generously filled tub. That was a fair trade and I was looking forward to every lip-smacking morsel. “Thank you.” I took it gratefully. As Sam and I turned to go meet up with Emma, the guys in the queue eye fucked my ice cream tub with envy. I scooped the cherry off the top with my tongue, just to tease them. I’m guessing the ice cream guy was gonna be busy now that everybody liked the look of my tub.

Emma waited next to the popcorn counter, having not been able to carry everything by herself. Her eyes zoomed in on me shoveling a large dollop of chocolate ice cream, drizzled in fudge sauce into my mouth. “That does look nice,” she commented, staring at it.

I licked the small plastic spade clean before digging in again. “It's to die for. Should’ve got one, queues massive now.”

She flicked her eyes over to the kiosk and twitched her lips to the side. “Never mind.” She muttered. “Sam, can you grab those two Pepsis. Helen, you grab mine and I’ll carry the boxes of popcorn.” Emma instructed, gripping two boxes side by side and holding the other with the opposite hand.

Sam held the tickets between his teeth so that the attendant could just grab them as we passed.” Thanks, man,” Sam acknowledged before the guy hesitantly placed the stumps back into Sam's mouth.

We hadn’t thought this through, struggling to open the doors with our elbows. It wasn’t until someone sped up from behind and pulled it open for us, were we all able to pass through. Sam mumbled, "Thanks," with the ticket stumps still hanging from his mouth.

We were unable to decipher the words Sam was humming to us as we stood there, glancing up at the sea of faces. He ended up spitting out the stumps of paper. “Row F, seats twelve, thirteen and fourteen,” he spoke more clearly.

We ascended up the narrow, carpeted stairs that were lit by strip lights, all the way up to row F, mumbling as we went.

“Excuse me, thank you,” came from each of us as we shuffled past the seated people. They moved their feet back and picked up their belongings so that we were able to get to our seats.

I pulled down the cushioned seat of the folding chair and sat down between Emma and Sam. We placed our drinks in the cup holders and I held my popcorn between my knees as I scarfed down the rest of my melting ice cream.

The place started to fill up with the last remaining people and before long, the lights dimmed low, throwing a blanket of darkness across the entire room. Music blasted from the surrounding speakers as the adverts, followed by movie trailers, began playing on the gigantic screen.

“Ooh, that one looks good.” Emma nudged my arm. “We so have to go see that when it comes out.”

Sam laughed at a funny clip as the new Adam Sandler movie came up next. It was typical male slapstick humor. I didn’t mind a good comedy but I was more into scary shit. It just got my blood pumping. That’s what I liked. The adrenaline rush.

“Here it comes,” Emma quietly squealed beside me as the R rated age certificate displayed on the screen.

The room went pitch black, then the slight flicker of light from the screen grew so that it displayed a scene of a happy family, blissfully unaware that they had just purchased a house that was severely haunted by a demonic presence.

Within the first fifteen minutes, the fun began. Sam had shifted in his seat, his eyes as wide as saucers, partially hiding one side of his face, his elbow propped firmly on top of the armrest. His facial expression was fixed into a serious scowl. I definitely heard him mutter, “Fuck that,” under his breath a few times.

Emma jumped and shrieked, sending a tremor through the whole row of seats. She snuggled into my arm, practically sitting on my lap. Another unexpected jumpy part forced her to bury her face in her hands, splaying her fingers apart to peer through the gaps. “Oh shit, that was...oh my fucking God! Get out of the house!” She whimpered terrified.

I must’ve looked like a complete freak, giggling like a lunatic. Not at the movie but at the reactions of Sam and Emma. It was just a movie, with makeup and special effects. Nothing could jump out of the screen and hurt you.

Yeah, I say that now but later on when Sam and me were to venture out into the woodland around midnight, I knew I’d be singing a different tune.




I felt a little bad dropping Emma back at the dorm. We watched how she hurried across the parking lot, like she was being chased, and scrambled up the stone steps. She was throwing glances from left to right as if she was making sure nothing sinister was gonna jump out and snatch her from the bushes.

I know for definite that the lamp would be left on when Sam and I returned later. Emma assured me that she didn’t mind Sam staying over, just so long as he doesn’t snore. There was an unspoken rule about not having any hanky-panky in the room we shared. Not that either of us would. We were close but we didn’t need to get that close, if you know what I mean.

All of Sam’s money was invested in our guest house. I didn’t have much in regards to savings, so getting a hotel room was money we didn’t have to spend. Sam was way too proud to accept help from Jack, even though he was loaded. Sam wanted to get out there and earn his own. So that meant cutting back on the luxuries. I’m just glad that didn’t include food.

“Do you think she’s gonna be alright?” Sam voiced, while squinting at Emma through the windshield. He had the headlights on full beam to light the way for her.

“Yeah, she’ll stick a comedy on Netflix to take her mind off it. That generally works.” I rubbed my clammy palms along the fronts of my canvass shorts.

Sam reversed the car, swinging it around to avoid the few parked vehicles so that we could turn around. He remembered the way to the boating lake without having been reminded, pulling up into a loose gravel parking area that was hidden away by bushes and trees.

“Nobody is gonna see us here.” Sam sounded certain. He shut off the engine, unclipped his seat belt and twisted to face me. “You alright?” He asked, his face half hidden in the shadows.

I couldn’t tell where his beard ended and where it began. The moonlight shone through my window, illuminating one half of his face. His onyx black eye that was visible, shined like polished glass. A clear sign that his bear was right there at the surface. The only skin I could see was from his cheekbone upwards before it disappeared into his hair-line.

I unclipped my own belt. “Yeah,” I replied, searching his shrouded face.

Sam slid back his seat and reclined it all the way back. He pulled his t-shirt up and over his head. “Come kiss me,” his lust filled voice begged as he reached out for me.

I maneuvered myself over the gear stick and center console, straddling his thighs so that my palms were resting flat against his firm muscular chest. “Like this?” I asked, pressing a trail of kisses along his breastbone, up to his shoulder and along his neck. His breathing staggered in his throat.

“Yeah, just like that, love,” he breathed.

I knew full well he wanted my lips on his but I had wanted a moment like this for such a long time. I needed to taste him, savor him, drag it out some to prolong the pleasure. Because who knew when we would be given the opportunity like this again before I graduated.

Sam's hands slid beneath the cotton material of my top, traveling up along my body and traced his fingers over the lace of my bra. My engorged breasts were highly sensitive due to the pregnancy. Sam seemed to notice me wince as he applied a little more pressure. “Are they sore, love?” He asked, whispering against my covered shoulder.

I nodded, leaning up to pull my top off, discarding it onto my empty seat. Sam unclasped my bra single-handed. As my breasts burst free, squashing up against his firm, bronzed chest, my lips merged with his. After his tongue finished making love to my mouth, he pushed my shoulders back, taking both my breasts into his shovel-sized hands then covering them with a feather-light stroke. Pain versus pleasure. Sam running the pads of his thumbs in circles over my solid aching nipples, giving me that mixed sensation.

“Mmm,” I groaned, feeling more turned on by the second. He took the time to admire me in the dimly lit car. “Kiss me again,” he breathed in a desperate tone.

I lowered myself back down, stealing his breath with a slow passionate kiss. The temperature inside the car was hot and humid. Our bodies had already started to get clammy. Perspiration was visible, glistening wherever the moonlight touched our skin. The inside of the windows fogged over with condensation, allowing us privacy from whatever inhabited the woodland.

Sam’s lips trailed from mine, along my jaw, the curve of my throat, along my chest and through the valley of my breasts. His hot breath creating a heated sensation like dancing flames across my skin.

His tongue darted from his lips, curling moist circles around my nipples, sucking each stiffened peak in turn gently, sending sparks of pleasure straight to my throbbing pussy.

His solid organ strained against the denim, only this time, my fingers set to work unbuckling his belt and ripping open the buttons of his jeans impatiently, yanking them down over his hips. Desperate and hot. Breathing like we’d forgotten how. Sam lifted his hips to assist, helping by shimmying his boxers off along with his jeans. The second his huge cock sprung free I seized it, running my fingers up and down the iron hard shaft.

“Christ...” Sam let his head fall back as he enjoyed being stroked. My panties were soaked by this point. Sam’s expert fingers undid the button of my shorts, then the zipper. He tugged the loose material over my hips. Our kissing grew more urgent, mine especially as I felt Sam's fingers dip beneath the thin scrap of lace and part my folds.

“Ahh, Sam!” A high pitch moan tore through my throat, followed by a dragged out groan as one finger dipped inside my soaked channel, followed by two, then three, stretching me to take him after so much time apart. He circled my throbbing clit with the pad of his thumb, my legs shook with tremors. “Ahh, God! Sam!”

I ground against his hand, encouraging my pussy to flood with another warm gush of juice. “Ride me,” Sam managed to breathe between ravenous kisses.

We tore away the bottom half of our clothing leaving us both completely naked. If anyone were to stop by, be it the cops, late night strollers or teens wanting a secluded place to smoke weed, then it was tough. This was happening regardless of whether we had an audience or not. Folks would get a live sex show.

Sam gripped my hips as I hovered over him, guiding me towards his cock. My palms stilled on his sweat-coated shoulders, looking into two pitch black pools that shimmered in the moonlight. The bulbous head of his cock broke through my pussy entrance stretching me wider still, giving me the burning feeling of a stretched rubber band having not fucked in such a long time.

Sam thrust upward, filling me completely. “You’re so tight. You feel amazing,” he groaned, then snatched in a sharp breath as I began to rock my hips back and forth, his impressive length dragging through my soaked inner muscles. He gripped my hips firmly, reaching with his thumb to stroke my clit as I rode him.

“Yes, oh God, yes!” I cried out, squeezing Sam's shoulders.

Sam's strong hips circled beneath me, screwing his cock deeper and deeper, reaching my resistance so that I was fully impaled. My pussy fluttered helplessly around his girth, his thumb rubbed mercilessly, pushing me towards an earth-shattering climax. I bounced faster, moaning loud and frantic as I chased my release. Sam's body arched as he came with a roar, filling me with pulses upon pulses of hot, thick seed.

My stomach muscles tightened, I felt my inner walls constrict and pulse around Sam's jutting cock, lights flashed behind my closed lids. “Yes!” I screamed as I came, the scent of sex and sweat filled the vehicle. Our bodies shimmered with the efforts of our lovemaking, the moisture on the windows had run, each droplet forming their own unique jagged patterns.

Sam groaned, smiling. “You’re amazing.”

My breasts heaved with each ragged pant. “I... love... you,” I told him, gazing down at him with so much love I could burst. It confused me to see shock manifest across his face. “What’s wrong?” I asked, worried that I’d done something wrong.

“Helen, get dressed,” Sam demanded, lifting me off him abruptly. My ass hit the horn on the steering wheel, shattering the silence of the slumbering woodland park with a loud honk.

“Sam, what the hell?” I scrambled back to my seat in search of my shirt.

“Shit!” He winced at the sound. “Just put on some clothes and no matter what happens, stay inside the car. I mean it, Helen. The first sign of trouble, you take off.” Sam pulled on his boxers and bolted out of the driver's side door, slamming it shut behind him.

“Sam!” I whisper shouted, yanking my shirt over my head. It was too late, he was gone. My head throbbed with confused terror as to what or who he’d heard as I had heard nothing. The pounding noise in my ears rendered them useless, straining to listen through an orchestra of rhythmic pulses in my body, like a cardiac one-man band.

The silence was broken by raised, male voices, somewhere nearby. I almost jumped out of my skin, scrambling around to find the rest of my clothes. I quickly stepped through the leg holes of my panties, pulling them all the way up my hips. Then I strained to listen, my chest heaving with each shallow breath, inwardly cursing that I didn’t know how to work Sam's flashy car. My little Corsa was simple and straightforward, whereas Sam's car was practically a computer on wheels.

“Shit,” panic consumed me, not having a clue what was happening outside the car. Curiosity was getting the better of me, so I swiped my hand over the misted windshield, ridding the built up moisture on the inside of the glass.

My eyes strained to see in the dark, squinting through the gap I made through the fogged up glass to get a look at whoever it was. At first glance, all I could see were textured shadows until something caught my eye, struggling on the ground. Sam was fighting someone. The fear of him being tracked down by hunters had me shaking to the core.

Whoever it was managed to scramble free. When he yelled out, shouting insults and protests at Sam, I recognized the cocky, arrogant voice. It was Sean, one of the guys from college. “You crazy, fucking psycho!” He raised his voice in an aggressive tone. “Keep your hill billy hands off me, man! Rape! Help!” He yelled out, cupping his hands around his mouth to try and amplify his voice.

Sam let out a low chuckle, although there wasn’t a hint of humor, just a subtle warning. “I’ll ask you again. What the fuck were you doing listening in on me and my woman?”

“The fuck I was,” the cocky jerk spat back at Sam, running a hand through his tousled, dark hair nervously. His voice was laced with guilt, despite coming off as stubborn, desperately trying to spin the blame on Sam. “What’re you accusing me of exactly? I was minding my own business, taking a piss and you came out of the bushes and tackled me to the ground. I should call the cops. How do I know you got a woman in there? You could be a fucking rapist for all I know. I could’ve been fucked up the ass while taking a piss!” He accused, yelling louder as two more figures came running from the direction of the kiddie park. “Here they are, Chris, Brit! Call the cops! This guy just tried to butt fuck me in the bushes.”

I wiped the window, having just fogged them up again with all my panicked breathing. Butt fucked? My anger level had just reached supernova. It had gotten to the point where I was grinding my teeth and that was a sign that I had lost my shit.

“I’ll butt fuck you alright, you entitled little prick!” I seethed, glaring at him from the car and imagining wearing my pink shit kickers to launch him like a football.

“Seriously?” Sam snapped, losing his patience. “Don’t flatter yourself, you’re not my type.” He jabbed his finger at Sean, “You were jerking off to me and my woman having sex.” He thumbed over to the car. “I fuckin' saw you with my own eyes. You’re lucky you’re still walking, boy. Go ahead, call the cops. Ask them to send an ambulance for you while you’re at it.”

Chris, the blond jock I used to crush on, Brittany’s alleged baby daddy, stepped into my line of sight holding his hands out at his sides as if to reason with Sam. “Hey, look here, man. We don’t need to involve the police. My friend here’s had a smoke. He’s not thinking straight.” He sidestepped around Sam as if maneuvering around a dangerous animal. “You look like one of those mountain boys from the ridge. We aren’t looking for any trouble. Please accept my most sincere apology on behalf of my pal, we’re truly sorry. He didn’t mean to offend you, it's late and we just want to go home as I’m sure, you do too.”

The unmistakable spiteful voice, belonging to none other than Brittany spoke, stoking the fire of my anger. “Babe, that’s the lumberjack who’s dating that loser, Helen. She’s such a slut, fucking like an animal in the front seat of an Audi. Unless it’s not her and he’s decided to bang that bitch, Emma, instead.”

“Brit, shut the hell up. You want to get our asses kicked?” Chris hissed. “I said you could tag along just as long as you kept your annoying trap shut.”

“Sorry, babe,” Brittany replied in a superficial tone. “There’s no need to get all moody. You weren’t complaining earlier when we fooled around. One mention of that pathetic whore and you bite my head off.”

Who did they think they were, talking about us like that. I remembered what Sam said, about not leaving the car but I was pissed the fuck off and those weren’t hunters, they were just jerks from college.

I burst through the door, leaving it wide open. “The fuck you think you’re talking to?” I raged at all three of them. I scowled at Sean, disgusted that he was spying on us. “And you... you filthy little bastard!” I pointed. “Bend over and I’ll butt fuck you with this.” I clenched my hand into a fist.

Sean’s eyes widened at my threat. “I don’t think so.” He held up his palms.

“Why don’t you call off your hellhound,” Sean spoke with all the decorum of a spoiled, entitled brat. “Before he humps my leg.”

Sam stilled, his shoulders tensed, highly offended at being referred to as a dog. He flexed his fingers, clenching and unclenching them into fists.

“You need to watch yourself, boy.” Sam's expression darkened into something lethal. “You wanna talk to me, then you better come correct. If it's manners you’re lackin', then I’m more than happy to teach you some.” Sam lunged forward, unexpectedly, gripping Sean by the collar of his white polo shirt, lifting him effortlessly off the ground as if he weighed nothing whatsoever.

“Sam!” I called out, partly frightened that he was going to do something he couldn’t take back.

“Oh my God, the lumberjack is gonna kill Sean. Babe do something!” Brittany over-dramatized in a panicked voice.

“Let him go,” Chris bargained, “and we’ll forget this ever happened.”

A strange growl rumbled from within Sam's chest, his snarling face an inch from Sean's.

“Sam, no,” I repeated coming across stern. My own anger was doused now that I needed to control Sam from losing his cool. “Let him go, he’s not worth a night in the cells.”

What I said seemed to resonate with Sam. “You and I both got lucky tonight, punk,” he growled, dropping him to the ground. Sean scrambled to his feet and scurried away, fastening up his denim shorts that had been hanging loosely around his hips.

Brittany dragged her eyes from my head to my feet with a look of pure scrutiny. It made me painfully aware of how disheveled I must’ve looked. “Getting in plenty of practice for when you become a trailer park whore?” She chuckled.

“Those are your dirty little fantasies, not mine,” I retorted. My cotton top wouldn’t stretch past my hips as much as I tried to pull it down. There was no salvaging my modesty so instead, I nestled closer into Sam's side.

It wasn’t like her to go anywhere without her army of trolls. I couldn’t help but wonder what she was doing here alone with two guys. She had most probably fucked Chris over at the kiddie park but I wouldn’t have put it past her to have offered Sean seconds if we hadn’t been here tonight. Sure, she wasn’t to know that Sam was my husband but pot calling the kettle black much.

“See...” Chris gave an elaborate shrug. "No harm was done... now if you’ll excuse us, we’ll be on our way. You can’t be too careful. Apparently, there are bears in these parts.” He commented, directing his little speech at Sam in particular.

Something in the way Chris studied Sam with analyzing eyes made me uneasy. Like there was this huge question mark etched onto his face.

Sam’s arm snaked around my shoulders protectively. “C’mon, babe, let's get you home.” He directed me back to the car. We could hear Chris and Sean whispering as we left and Brittany giggling, trying her best to capture their attention.

“What do you think he meant by that?” I asked, paranoid. I climbed into the car as Sam closed my door and darted round to the driver's side.

He climbed in and shut the door, his expression tense and serious. “I don’t know. He seemed to know where I’m from and that isn’t a good sign.” His fingers gripped the wheel causing the leather to creak. “Nobody can find out about the twins,” he muttered, darkly.

The short journey home was silent. Sam was tense and agitated and I knew whenever he got like that it was best to let him calm down. When we arrived back at campus, we finished getting dressed in the car to avoid awkward questions from the security guard.

The subtle dim lighting that came on during the night lit the corridors. We crept past dorm after dorm as quiet as mice. I wasn’t the first girl to bring a guy back to my room, even though we weren’t supposed to. The security guy was cool as long as you supplied him with an abundance of cigarettes.

I opened the door painfully slow. Emma was sleeping soundly, her soft snores were a clear indication that she was out like a light.

Sam pulled his t-shirt over his head and tossed it over the chair next to my bed. I stripped down to nothing and grabbed a loose fitting night dress to wear while Sam shucked off his jeans. The loose change in his pockets jingled as he folded them up and placed them on the seat of the chair.

I pulled back the duvet, crawling over to the far side next to the wall. Sam turned off the lamp that Emma had left on and climbed in after me, wearing nothing but his boxers. His strong arm wrapped around my shoulders, providing me with that comforting feeling of safety.

“Helen,” Sam spoke in a hushed whisper.

My heart gave a small jolt, worried by the strange tone in his voice. It held caution, as if I may or may not like what he had to say. “Yes,” I answered weakly.

Sam breathed in the scent of my hair and pressed his lips to my head. “I think maybe it’d be best if I don’t visit again. It’s too risky.” Sadness filled his voice. My heart ached with a painful throb, knowing he was right.

“Okay,” I replied, feeling my eyes begin to burn with tears. I swallowed the fireball that formed in my throat.

“If anyone asks, say we broke up,” he whispered. “And only call me when you’re in your dorm, so that no one can hear.”

I nodded, unable to trust my own voice from giving away my emotions.

“Good night, babe. Sweet dreams,” he whispered with a saddened, fatigue roughened voice.

“Love you,” I replied weakly, resting my head on his chest.

We both fell sound asleep. Me listening to the steady rhythm of his heartbeat and him with his nose buried into my hair.

When I woke the following morning, Sam was gone. I sat bolt upright in bed, my eyes scanning the room for any sign of him, but there was nothing. The first thing I did when I darted out of bed, was check my phone. There was one message from Sam. My heart sank to the floor. This confirmed that he’d gone.

Emma rolled over in her bed, mumbling, “What’s the matter?” She rubbed the sleep from her eyes, cracking one puffy eye open.

“Did you hear Sam leave?” I asked, hoping she had.

She shook her head. “Nah, had a bad fucking nightmare, though. Don’t worry, he wouldn’t just go home without saying goodbye. Is there a note?”

“No, but he left a text,” I replied, dreading what he’d written.

“Well, what does it say?” Emma asked, waiting expectantly for an answer.

I opened the text and read the message.

“If you’re reading this text, wondering where I am, I’ve gone to fetch our twins breakfast. I bet you thought I’d just did, didn’t you?”

A relieved smile spread across my lips. “He’s getting breakfast.”

“Oh good,” she collapsed back down and curled up under her duvet. “Tell him to bring enough for me, too.”

My thumbs went to work texting back. “Better make that a shipping order.”

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