MY Sexy Step-Brother is a werebear

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Chapter 2

"So, when do I get to meet Jack?" I asked, looking over the rim of my glass.

"He will be back tonight around ten." Mom bit her lip as she swirled the remaining contents in her own glass.

She looked over as if waiting for me to say something else. I could tell she was thinking of a way to rationalize her actions. I don't know why she felt the need to tiptoe around me. We were both grown women. What she chose to do with her life had nothing to do with me. If she was happy, then I was happy. Unless her acting this way was a sign that she felt like she had rushed things by jumping in with both feet, then that was an entirely different matter.

"Do you love him?" I questioned directly, placing my glass down onto the table so that I could pour myself another drink.

I wasn't exactly shy with my measures, adding equal parts of both Vodka and Coke into the tall glass.

"I do, Helen, I really do." Mom was smiling dreamily, so I knew that she was head over heels for the guy.

"Well, then nothing else matters." I flashed her a chaste smile. "I'm really happy for you, Mom," I replied earnestly.

We shared a teary-eyed moment, where actions spoke a lot louder than words. She meant to reassure me that this new guy wasn't an asshole and I wanted to let her know that I trusted that. I didn't want to have to introduce him to Doc and Martin, and give a demonstration of how they got the name 'shit kickers'.

We were too busy knocking back the drinks and reminiscing about the good old days, that we didn't notice the front door open and close. Mom jumped up to greet the enormous guy that appeared in the kitchen doorway. His gaze landed on the empty vodka bottle and his lips pulled into a side smirk.

"Helen, this is Jack. Jack, this is my baby, Helen." Mom gestured with her hand moving back and forth between us. My jaw dropped with shock and I realized that I was staring at the big hulking guy that was my new stepdad.

Not in a creepy way...that would be gross. I mean ew! The guy literally fucks my mother. So that makes him a motherfucker. Good for her. And...I'm still staring.

The guy was a tall, dark, Daddy of an Adonis. His silvery-grey eyes creased as he gave me a welcoming smile. He had a scattering of grey at his temples and looked like he worked out regularly. I could see why my mom was so taken by him, and why she was so quick to put a ring on it. My inner voice was screaming, 'Go, Mom!' And why the hell not? She was a hot mom and he was lucky to have her too.

"Baby," I rolled my eyes at her comment. "I'm twenty-one."

Jack chuckled. "Well, my twenty-two-year-old baby will be here by tomorrow morning."

Mom turned to me with excitement glistening in her eyes. "Oh, I can't wait until you guys meet. Maybe Sam can take you on a hike through the forest and the two of you could go visit the lake. That's where all the local kids hang out," she chirped happily whilst wrapping a hand round Jack's arm.

"All the local kids, huh?" I cringed, wishing that she wouldn't keep referring to me as a child.

I internally groaned whilst keeping a smile on my face, forcing it to stay there. My cheeks were fucking burning. Jack noticed. The amusement was evident on his handsome face. He nodded to himself, most probably he thought of something amusing about me, scrambling around in the forest and hating it. Was I really that obvious?

Shit! I forgot to pack insect repellent.

Mom and Jack showed me around the cabin. That was my opportunity to ask him lots of questions about it, to which he seemed rather impressed by my enthusiasm. As it turned out, he did build the cabin himself with the help of his son, Sam. I spluttered out words of amazement, complimenting him on having such a beautiful home. I wasn't a suck ass, I was genuinely in awe of the place. It exceeded all of my expectations.

My initial observation of Jack was that he seemed like a really nice, down to earth guy. A gentle giant. I was made to feel welcome and that was something that I was frightened about before I came: the feeling of being treated as an outsider and not as part of the family. I started to relax here, which surprised me because there seemed like sweet fuck all to do in means of entertainment. Me and the great outdoors went together as well as oil and water. It was going to take a miracle to change that.

It was getting late, so Mom showed me to my room. Jack had gone all out for me, decorating it in a more feminine style. It had a homely feel. The oak furniture was beautiful and everything was handcrafted. Jack had made everything himself and Mom had picked out all of the soft furnishings, choosing a country rose style that she knew I would like. There was no television set in the room, but at least there was WIFI. It meant that I could watch Netflix from my laptop and listen to my playlist.

Before I settled down for the night, I remembered that I had promised to send Emma a text. I typed a quick message to say that it was cool here and that my new stepdad was a total hottie. Then I flicked off the nightlight and snuggled into the soft, featherdown bedding.

I can't remember falling asleep, I was in an alcoholic stupor and the mattress was as soft as a cloud. The regrets were real as soon as the sound of my phone alarm impersonated a jack hammer in my temples, ripping me out of a steamy dream. I squinted at the screen. It was eight thirty in the morning. I opened my messages to see that Emma had replied to my late night text with a simple 'Lol.' My mouth was as dry as the bottom of a birdcage, so I decided to haul my ass up to go in search of some coffee.

Still dressed in my oversized nightshirt and nothing else, I padded down the stairs with my hair resembling a bird's nest. Hindsight is a bitch. I sauntered into the kitchen to flick the coffee machine on, then dragged a cup down from the cupboard and went in search of a spoon. As I was playing the game of 'Guess which drawer the cutlery is kept in' I noticed a notepad on top the counter with a scribbled message from Mom. I scanned my eyes across her looped writing 'Helen, we have gone into town for groceries, please make yourself at home until we get back. Love Mom'.

I tossed the notepad back down and caught sight of an old radio. After fiddling around with the dials, I managed to pick up a descent station. A song came on that wasn't exactly my favorite but it was tolerable. I continued to make my coffee while dancing about, singing along to the lyrics of the song. I often sang in the shower like most people. I'm not saying that I could win X-Factor because there would be no way in hell. I could do a great strangled cat impersonation, meaning I don't sound very all. And I'm completely comfortable with that.

After flinging the teaspoon into the sink in an awesome three point shot, I turned with my coffee mug in my hand, mid-dance. My heart felt as if it had plummeted straight through my asshole and landed with a splat on the floor tiles, because I wasn't alone. I felt myself blanche with shock.

The doorway was occupied by what I could only describe as any red blooded female's walking fantasy. And I'm not kidding, his shoulder's stretched from doorframe to doorframe. The part in-between didn't disappoint, either. Mr. tall, dark and handsome was staring straight at me as if I was a fresh cream cake and he hadn't eaten in days. His eyes were dancing all over my body like a starving man, his gaze traveling all the way down my full, scantily clad figure then back up again with approval.

He was a younger, and much sexier, version of Jack. So I could only assume that he was Sam. His sun-bronzed skin, dark hair and piercing grey eyes were the epitome of all things Adonis. His muscles strained under his tight, grey t-shirt, like rocks in a pair of stockings. Holy mother of God! I needed a fire hose full of holy water to put out the blaze in my lady garden.

"Are you Sam?" I asked the obvious question. One that I needed a slap upside my head with a bible, because I was admiring the view.

Well, in my head it sounded innocent but my voice came out more like a late night chat operator. Sue me, I was a thirsty girl and Mr. Muscles here had me tripping over my God damned tongue.

His face warmed with a slightly lopsided smile as he replied, "You must be Helen."

He stepped closer to me then stopped dead. Those steely eyes set hard as if he realised something. I swear, his pupils expanded so wide that they filled his eyes black as he sniffed the air.

There was no prior warning, no small talk about the weather, nothing. I suddenly found myself pressed against the counter, sandwiched between it and rock hard abs. It was difficult to tell which was most solid. The granite counter or Sam.

"Hello there," I chuckled, welcoming the invasion of personal space the best way that I could...with humour.

I mean, I was shocked but I certainly wasn't blind. Only a fool would spurn his advances. Sam had put his hands on my hips and was leaning into me inhaling deeply. Shit! I hadn't showered. Now I was all body conscious that I smelled bad.

"Helen," his deep, scratchy voice creamed me on the spot as he spoke my name.

Fuck! Why did he have to say it like that?

The guy was barely holding back as if he was drowning in desire. This isn't real. I must be dreaming. I'm a curvy girl and guys like him don't go for girls like me. They go for twig thin Victoria's Secret models, not broke-ass art students. I wouldn't say I was plus-size but my ass could fill out a pair of wranglers and my double-D boobs were a great counterbalance.

I shook my head to rid myself of the cobwebs. Yeah, I had some of those in the downstairs department too. It had been so damn long since I had been near a man that I could pass myself off as a born again virgin. But as much as I wanted this...this was wrong. Embarrassment flushed through my face, probably turning my cheeks apple red.

"Sam, it's nice to meet you," I offered him my hand to shake and he glanced down at it.

His Adam's apple bobbed as he swallowed and his chest rose and fell with each ragged breath.

"Do you want some coffee? I was just making some," I offered, going for the element of distraction, instead.

Yeah...that wasn't working.

"I want you," he replied, a hint of a growl was present in his voice.

His scent filled my lungs, fogging my brain with sex-crazed images. Honey and citrus, a heavenly combination of deliciousness. Wait! We can't do this. He's Jack's son, my mom's stepbrother!

What the fuck was I thinking?

"You want me?" My surprised question sounded so pathetic that I could have kicked my own ass. "But our parents are married."

My brain and my pussy needed to have a good old chat about who was in charge because neither one could seem to make up their mind.

"I don't care," he answered, "We're both adults, and you're the most beautiful woman that I have ever laid eyes on."

I don't know what came over me at that moment and I'm probably going to go straight to hell, but I had the sudden urge to lean forward. Lord have mercy. He did too. Our lips were like magnets, crashing together in a burst of sparks. He swallowed my gasp and smiled into the kiss. One moment of hesitancy left me second guessing, but as his tongue ran along the seam of my lips, demanding entrance, all logic and reason flew out of the window along with that flying pig. I honestly thought that there was more chance of seeing a pig fly than me getting a chance with hot guy like Sam.

Sorry, Mom, but this time I'm definitely not sorry.

My mind was settled the moment that I opened up and granted him entrance. His large, calloused hands trailed beneath the hem of my t-shirt, exploring my naked flesh. Oh, he had worker's hands, rough from manual labour. They found my ample globes and cupped them, testing the weight. Sam growled, tongue fucking my mouth. I couldn't believe this was happening. I melted in his arms, giving in to temptation like taking a big bite out of the forbidden fruit. I had known him for less than five minutes and what we were doing had the potential to destroy everything.

I smiled against his mouth, which made him pull back for a second to fully observe me. He cocked his head to the side, his strange, onyx eyes silently asking for permission. It should have terrified me but It didn't. It turned me on so much that my juices were soaking my inner thighs. I felt his cock bulge as he ground himself against me, giving me clear insight as to what affect this was having on him. I wanted to seize it in my hand, but I didn't dare push in case I crossed the line.

He was waiting for consent to proceed. My heart fluttered with desire. I nodded and pulled his face down to kiss me again. He grabbed my ass, lifting me up and I wrapped my legs around his waist. He carried me out of the kitchen, not breaking our kiss and I knew...the moment that I heard his boot tap on the first step, I knew we were headed for the bedroom.

And the excitement of doing something wrong felt euphoric.

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