Things Fall Apart

By yoongishoya All Rights Reserved ©

Romance / Drama

things fall apart

No one said loving someone would be easy.

But it’s easy for someone like Park Dae who has never had actual experience in long term relationships to think all you need is love for a relationship to work out.

Unfortunately, love isn’t the only thing that can keep a relationship together.

Now a college student, Park Dae is living the ideal life.

She has everything she could ever want. She has a stable home, steady relationship, steady friendships, and she has even started to gain population among the social scene— thanks to her boyfriend’s group going viral.

In a world where love is meant to be perfect and without complications haha just kidding this isn’t a utopia.

This is real life.

And real life is about to hit hard on Park Dae, as she struggles to balance both her college life and her relationship that now feels like is going up in flame.

Now, everything’s different. Park Dae now sees the dark side of a relationship and as more and more problems start to arise in the continuity of her relationship; she’ll have to make a choice.

Welcome to Things Fall Apart; the official sequel of How to Break a Boy’s Heart.

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