The Secret Babies

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Chapter Ten

Abigail could not believe Liam was standing before her. The guy whom she had never stopped loving and thinking about . The father of her wonderful babies. Seeing him standing in front of her with his office clothes. He looked so.....different and even more handsome.

Liam could not help but notice Abigail too. Standing in front of him with her office clothes and her hair in a messy bun, She looked very matured. He noticed her breast were bigger and even her curves were now obvious and in the right places. Making her look so hot and sexy. She has truly changed. She was no longer the Abigail he knew five years ago.

They stared at each other for what felt like hours before Liam finally broke their staring contest.

“Hi Abigail”. Liam said

Abigail shivered at the mention of her name. No doubt he still has a great effect on her but she is not ready to give into that. She refuse to be the weak girl she used to be.

Abigail refused to reply Liam’s greeting. She just folded her arms below her breast and gave Liam that “i don’t know what you are doing here look”.

“Abigail please i need to speak to you, can i at least come in?” Liam asked again.

“No.” Abigail replied sternly. shaking her head in a negative way.

Liam exhaled and ran his right hand over his head. “I’m totally in for it today.” He muttered to himself.

“There’s nothing to talk about?” Abigail finally said.

“Abby, you have every right to be angry with me but can you please hear me out. i promise not to take too much of your time.” Liam said.

Abigail kept staring at Liam, deciding on whether to hear him out or not.

“Please”. Liam Whispered hopefully.

“Fine”. Abigail answered reluctantly. “But not here, Let me get my jacket and we will find somewhere to talk”. She replied Liam.

After Abigail had grabbed her jacket from her room, She was about closing her room door when Bella appeared in front of her.

“Please try and settle things with him and tell him about the twins. He deserves to know”. Bella said with pleading eyes.”

Abigail just exhaled and shook her head. No doubt her best friend have been eavesdropping.

“I will try”. Abigail said and Bella gave her a good luck hug.

Soon enough, Liam and Abigail saw themselves walking towards the park. They were walking in silence, side by side. Though the distance between them was very obvious.

Liam was thinking about how to start the conversation when they get to the park and Abigail was still contemplating if she should tell him about the twins or not.

They got to the park and took their seat on a bench. They both faced each other, waiting for the first person to start the conversation. Which Liam did.

“Abigail i know what i did five years ago was truly unforgivable. I’m so sorry.” Liam said.

“Are you truly sorry or you are just doing this because Lucy talked you into it?” She asked.

Liam chuckled. Abigail was really angry and he couldn’t blame her because she had the right to.

“No. I’m really sorry for all i did to you. I was very childish. Trust me,If i could turn back time to make amends. i would.” Liam said.

“You see, when you first started working for us at the mansion, i was very much attracted to you. I tried to ignore my feelings and believe me, it was very hard for me. With you, i felt what I’ve never felt for anyone before. After the wonderful night we spent together, I felt guilty, I felt I took advantage of you as a maid and I regretted my actions. I had no idea if you felt the same way I did or its just only me. I was in conflict with myself and I dont really know why I wrote that damn letter. Trust me Abigail, I did not mean each and every word i wrote there.” Liam completed.

“And you want me to believe that? Abigail questioned.

“You have no idea how that letter shattered me Liam and even when i tried to talk to you about it. You ignored me. You banned me from coming anywhere near you. Do you know how painful that was?” Abigail spoke.

“I admit i was a coward and i should never have done that. But i did it probably because everything was new to me. the feeling. All of that. I thought maybe i needed space to think. That’s why i went for my masters.” Liam said.

“Oh cut that crap Liam. You went for your masters or you intentionally ran away to avoid facing me. You could have even acted a little bit sensible and talked to me. Tell me you needed time, i would have understood. But instead, I just woke up one morning and was told by Anna that you had left. And now you want me to believe you are sorry?” Abigail challenged.

“I swear to you Abigail. you have to believe me. i’m truly sorry. During my masters, i talked to Damon and he made me see the probability that i may be in love with you. He advised me to face my fears and not to run away from them. I was excited to come back home and apologise to you. But it was too late. You had left. Anna even kept malice with me because of what i did. I looked for you. We tried calling your cell, Damon and i even went to the address you put as your home address but found out it was the wrong one. I was miserable for months. I don’t know how i actually survived but i did when Lucy came to my life. And now i just found out i’m losing her and my baby too.” Liam said trying to hold back tears after completing the last sentence.

“Lucy is a good person. She cares so much for you Liam, She went all the way to hire a private investigator and even approached me. She’s such a gem. She really wants you to be happy not caring about what might happen in the future, if she lives or not.” Abigail said.

“Everything is just complicated.” Liam whispered.

“How do you feel about the probability of loosing your baby?” Abigail asked.

“Guilty, sad, i feel like an irresponsible father, knowing that my child would probably die and i can’t do anything to save him or her. i feel empty and i know Lucy feels the same too. I just pray for the strength to cope with whatever happens.”

“Why did you quit working for us? Was it because of me? Liam asked Abigail looking guilty.

“Not really, I had to go because my mom was sick and i had to take care of her.” Abigail said.

“My mom said so. She told me she had a feeling you were lying and that was not the main reason you left. She felt you were hiding something.” Liam said.

“Yeah she’s right.” Abigail clarified.

“You left because of me isn’t it?” Liam said and she sighed.

“I left because i found out i was pregnant.” She said while looking everywhere else except Liam.

Liam could not believe his hears.

“ were pregnant?” Liam asked surprised.

“With your baby.” Abigail confirmed.

They were both silent for a while. Abigail was nervous because Liam had not said anything.

A lot of ‘what if’s’ were going through Liam’s mind. ” Abigail said she was pregnant when she left. Did she abort the child? What if the child is dead already?” Liam thought to himself. He prays the baby is still alive.

“My baby?” Liam finally Whispered.

“Yes your babies.” Abigail confirmed looking him in the eye.

“Babies?” Liam replied in shock. His eyes as wide as saucers.

“Twins. A boy and a girl.” Abigail said.

Liam was still in shock but he managed to ask the first question that came to his mind.

“How are they?” Liam asked.

“They are Fine. ” Abigail answered firmly and Liam exhaled a sigh of relief.

“Was this one of the main reason Lucy and Damon wants him to talk to Abigail?” Liam asked himself. No doubt he should be given an Emmy for the worst father ever. Not only has he maltreated Abigail. But also abandoned his children for good four years. He still found it hard to believe that he was already a father of two. He also cannot blame Abigail for not telling him about his children. He had caused it all. His stupidity five years ago went a long way in affecting his whole life.

Abigail just sat there watching Liam fighting with his internal thoughts, She knew everything seems to be a surprise for him, so she decided not to talk any further and give him some minutes to absolve the news.

Liam removed his face from his palm and faced Abigail. He was about to say something but was cut off by his phone which was ringing.

Liam picked his phone out from his pocket and answered the call.

“Hello.” He said to the other side.

Abigail wondered who had called Liam because when he picked the call, he stood up and was pacing up and down, listening to what the other person was saying and his face full with worry.

“Is anything the problem?” Abigail asked immediately Liam ended the call. Worry, evident in her voice.

" Lucy...., She’s bleeding...............” Liam said.

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