The Secret Babies

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Chapter Fourteen


“Mommy, Is Daddy on his way already?” Lawrence asked his mom as she was doing the finishing touches of her makeup.

“Yes dear. Daddy will be here any minute from now.” Abigail replied.

Immediately Lawrence and Lenora woke up earlier today, They began asking for their Daddy. Especially Lenora who threw a Tantrum as soon as she woke up and found out her Daddy was no longer with her as she remembered dozing off on his shoulders the previous night.

To calm the little Angel down, Abigail had to make a call to Liam which ended up being a video call as the Twins talked to their father for over an hour. Liam assured them that he would come over in the evening to come pick them up as they would be going to their Grandma’s place. The twins were so exited and they are now anxiously waiting for their Father.

Immediately Lawrence heard the sound of the door bell, he jumped off his mothers bed and ran to the living room as he kept on shouting, “My Daddy is here.”

He got to the living room and saw Lenora who was already in her fathers arms with her face buried in his chest.

“Daddy!” Lawrence said as he hugged Liam’s Leg.

Liam chuckled as he put Lenora down and embraced Lawrence.

“I missed you Daddy.” Lawrence said.

“Me too Daddy.” Lenora chipped in.

“I missed you too my loves.” Liam chuckled as he kissed them both on their fore head.

Bella just stood afar as she watched them adorably. She was the one who opened the door for Liam.

“Are you guys ready to go?” Liam asked his babies and just then, Abigail walked into the living room with Lawrence shoe on her right hand and Lenora’s shoe on her left hand.

Liam could not take his eyes off her. He stood up from where he was and walked towards her with a grin on his face.

“You look so beautiful my love.” He whispered and Abigail could not help with the blush that crept on her cheeks.

Liam chuckled when he noticed that. He moved closer to her and gave her a quick kiss on her cheeks which made Lawrence and Lenora giggle so loudly.

“If you guys want to meet up with the dinner, i guess you need to get going now.” Bella said with a grin.

“Aren’t you coming with us.” Liam asked her and she nodded negatively.

“Maybe another time. I really have somethings to sort out today.” She replied and Liam nodded.

“Come and put on your shoe guys.” Abigail said referring to Lawrence and Lenora and Liam decided to help out.

Abigail wore Lenora’s sandal for her while Liam wore Lawrence’s shoe for him.

With that, they were ready to go and they all said their goodbye to Bella.

The ride to The Williams Mansion was kind of noisy as Lenora and Lawrence kept on asking Liam series of question.

Abigail on the other hand was kind of nervous. She was going to face Liam’s parent after all these while and she prays everything goes well.

Soon enough, they got to the Mansion and Liam got out of the car first while Abigail followed suit as she helped herself out. Liam went to the backseat and helped the twins out.

Liam held Lenora while Abigail held Lawrence as they proceeded to the entrance of the mansion.

Before Liam raised his fist to knock, he sensed Abigail’s fear and gave her a comforting squeeze on her shoulder after which he knocked the door.

“Awwww My Babies are here.” Anna cooed as soon as she set her eyes on Lawrence and Lenora. They were so cute and adorable. She quickly walked towards them and crouched in front of them.

“Hi guys. I’m your Aunt Anna. Your Dad’s Sister. I’m so happy to meet you.” She said.

“Hello aunt Anna.” Lawrence said.

“You look pretty.” Lenora grinned which made Anna smile the more. She pulled the both of them into a hug after which she kissed their forehead.

She got up and embraced both Abigail and Lucy in a hug.

“Come in. We are all waiting for you guys.” Anna said as they all walked into the mansion.

Everyone was seated in the living room. Their attention was on the movie they were watching.

Liam’s parents were seating on a double seater couch. Opposite them was a brown Sofa where Micheal sat with Lucy’s head on his lap and Damon sat on the couch beside the Sofa. His attention was not even in the movie they were watching. He was typing away on his phone.

“Hello Everyone.” Liam said as he got everyone’s attention. While Lawrence and Lenora hid themselves behind Abigail which caused Anna to chuckle.

Abigail squatted towards the twins and encouraged them to go say hi to everyone. They nodded their heads and took slow steps towards where Robert and Rubi were seated. Liam had already told them about their grandparents and had even show them their pictures.

The twins got to the front of their grandparents and did not know what to say so they did what they were good at. They hugged their grandparents. Lenora hugged Rubi so tightly while Lawrence did the same to Robert.

Everyone awed and Liam felt so proud of his kids.

Robert lifted Lawrence and placed him on his lap and Rubi did the same with Lenora.

“I’m happy to meet you Grandma.” Lenora said in her cute little voice.

“I’m happy to meet you too Grandpa.” Lawrence said.

“We have been wanting to see you both my love. We love you so much.” Rubi replied with tears in her eyes.

Lenora noticed tears in Rubi’s eyes and said “Don’t cry Grandma. We are here now.”

Rubi could not help it as the tears rolled down her cheeks. Her grand daughter just called her grandma. The most amazing thing that have ever happened to her in a long time.

“I love you sweetheart.” Rubi said as she wiped her tears and pulled Lenora into a tight hug.

“I love you too Grandma.” She whispered.

The twins were later introduced to Damon, Lucy and Micheal. Abigail was able talk things out with Liam’s parents. They understood her and never judged her for anything.

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