The Secret Babies

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Chapter Fifteen

Five Months Later.

Abigail’s POV.

I tell you, the past five months have been the best months of my life. Everything have been going on well and my relationship with Liam have been stronger.

He took me on so many date. I actually lost count after the fifth one. He asked me to be his girl friend three months ago and i said yes. He has been a really good boyfriend and a great father to the twins. He has always been there for us, even when we don’t need him.

Liam made sure he visits me and the twins at least five days a week. He also took the responsibility of picking up the kids from Pre school every Wednesdays and Fridays. I told him that won’t be necessary because Gabby, their Nanny would be able to do that. But he refused and said its fine by him. Lawrence and Lenora always look forward to Wednesdays and Fridays. When they know they get to spend time with their dad. Because after picking them from school, he takes them out to enjoy before bringing them home to me.

Liam made Lawrence and Lenora’s fourth year old birthday a memorable one. He threw a huge birthday party for them. I was happy the twins enjoyed themselves.

Bella got a job at Liam’s company. Liam appointed her as the head of Marketing department which Bella was very grateful for and i was happy for her Because she truly deserves it.

Bella actually has a crush on Emmanuel. Emmanuel is her colleague. Not her colleague per say. Emmanuel works in the marketing department also but Bella is his Boss so she believes she can’t have anything to do with him and fears for what people will say. I actually told her not to care about them, that people will always talk. To me, her happiness comes first and the rest is history. Emmanuel likes her too. I’ve spoken to him and he confessed to me.But neither of them have made a move yet. They are still secret lovers. So what’s your advice for Bella?

Anna and Damon are sweet hearts. Their wedding is coming up next month and I’m so happy for them. They are so cute together and will make adorable babies.

Robert and Rubi could not get enough of Lawrence and Lenora. They always want the twins to come over for the weekend to spend time with them. It was something Lawrence and Lenora looked forward to because they knew their grandparents will spoil them with everything they ask for.

So, whenever the twins are with their grandparents for the weekend, Liam forces me to spend the weekend with him also. Actually, it was something I became not only used to but looked forward to.

Well that was until Liam asked me and the twins to move in with him. Which we eventually agreed to last week. I thought we were moving in to his apartment but instead he bought a new house. He said an apartment is not ideal for a family home and besides he bought the house so the kids will have enough space to play in.

On my own opinion, the house is too big for a family of four. But Liam said he likes it and who knows, as time goes on, we might multiply.

As days passed by, Liam and i got to know Gabby better. [The twins Nanny]. She lost her parents when she was young and since then, she had been fending for herself. Liam and i decided to ask her to come live with us which she thankfully accepted and we also registered her for an online school which she was so grateful for. Of course she still receives her monthly salary for taking care of the twins. Shes now part of our family too.

My mom is also doing good. She still refuses to come stay with us in the city but she visits from time to time. She also came through for the Twins birthday.

Damon,Anna,Lucy,Michael,Bella,Liam and I have gotten closer than ever. We are so happy for the life we have now and we are all doing well in our field of endeavours. So we decided to give back to society and together we formed a non- governmental organisation called DALBALM FOUNDATION. [DALBALM symbolises our first names]. Through the establishment of that Foundation, Our mission is to go to each and every less privileged towns and look at what they are lacking so we will provide it for them free of cost. Our foundation has started work. We have started building free schools, health care and even provide clean water for towns that don’t have. We are really making progress and we thank God for that.

Well, concerning my job. I still work for Damon as his secretary.

Did i tell you Lucy and Michael are together? They are actually dating and i’m so happy for the both of them. We don’t even understand how it happened but it just happened.

We are currently at Lucy’s surprise birthday party which Michael organised at Lucy’s Apartment. We all knew about the party except Lucy. So we invited a lot of people and Since its a night party, We left the kids at home with Gabby.

“Happy Birthday Lucy.” I said while hugging her.

“Thanks Abby. you guys are going to make me cry. I never expected this.” Lucy said.

“Awwww don’t be a cry baby.” Bella said jokingly.

“You have such an amazing boyfriend so thank him later.” Anna said.

After our conversation, We all took our seat and we were later joined by our men. By our men i mean.... Damon, Liam, Michael and Emmanuel.

I asked Liam to invite Emmanuel because i knew Bella won’t even after she had promised to.

“Here, i brought you a drink.” Liam said as he stood before me with two glass of wine in his hand.

“Hmm no thanks. I can’t drink that. I will just have some Lemonade instead.” i replied.

“Are you sure you are okay?” Liam asked me.

“Yeah i’m fine. I just don’t feel like taking wine.” I replied while trying to sound convincing as possible.

“Okay, i will go get it for you.” Liam said then bent down a bit and gave me a kiss.

He pulled away from the kiss and gave me a weird look.

“Is anything the matter?” I asked looking at him curiously.

“Its just that your breath. It tastes so different.” Liam said.

“Its nothing, Can you please get me my lemonade.” I said with a pout.

“I will be back.” Liam said while kissing my forehead.

The party was going on well and everyone were having fun.

I took a seat on a chair in a very quite corner, looking at Lucy and Bella who were showing off their dance skills.

Suddenly the music stopped playing and i felt all eyes on me. “Is anything wrong with the way i look?” I asked myself and looked at myself to be sure i’m okay. Then i saw Bella who looked at me with a smile and pointed to something at my back.

I stood up from the chair and turned to look at what Bella was pointing at. I was speechless. i had to cover my mouth with my hand.

Liam was kneeling on one knee and holding a velvet box on his hand which contained a very beautiful ring.

“Abigail, Since the day i set my eyes on you, something in me told me you were the one for me. Even after many years we spent apart, life still decided to bring us together which I’m very grateful for. Every seconds that counts, my heart beats for you only. You brought joy to my life by giving me Lawrence and Lenora. I know I’m not good with words but i want to promise you one thing. I promise to always put a smile on that beautiful face of yours and be the best Father i can be to our children. Please Abigail Margret Delaney, Will you accept my proposal and make me the happiest man on heart by marrying me? Liam said.

I really tried not go get so emotional but i failed. Damn hormones.

“Yes Liam. I will marry you.” I said as a tear fell from my eyes.

Liam slid the ring into my finger before standing up to kiss me. Everyone around us cheered and started clapping.

“Hey, it’s not that I’m not happy about this, but you shouldn’t have done this here. It’s Lucy’s birthday and we stole her shine.” I said to him with a pout.

“Actually, Lucy knows and she gave me the go ahead.” He replied and I nodded.

“I love you baby.” Liam said.

I took his right hand and placed it on my still flat belly and said “We love you too Liam.”

Liam eyes widen in realization of what i just said and did.

“You are pregnant?...” Liam asked surprised.

I nodded.

He leaned his head on my forehead and i saw a tear slip down his eyes.

“Thank you Abby. You don’t know how happy you have made me today. Thank you so much. Thank you my love.” Liam said and sealed his appreciation with a kiss.

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