The Secret Babies

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Chapter Sixteen


One year later.

Today marks one month that Abigail gave birth to a baby girl. Luciana Elizabeth Williams. Her baby girl was named after Lucy and Anna and Abigail asked the both of them to be the godmother.

Lawrence and Lenora’s joy knew no bound when Abigail told them she was Pregnant and when Luciana was born, the twins were so possessive of her and want to play with her all the time.

Abigail couldn’t be happier with how her life turned out to be. She has the most amazing husband on earth. three wonderful children, Her friends and family are doing well and guess what Lucy just got pregnant with Michael’s baby. What more could Abigail ask for?

Abigail’s wedding is going to take place tomorrow, She’s finally going to be a certified Mrs Liam Williams. Abigail knows marriage is a great step to take and has a lot of challenges on its own but she was more than ready to face them for the ones she love.


This story has a Sequel Titled, “Nothing Like A Perfect Moment.” please check it out.

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